Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weekend Update

Recent news items:

Encinitas abandons plan to rename B Street story

The city bails on changing B St to Amakusa Way. Dalagher scolded me for "scaring myself to death" because no such plan existed and then he takes credit for my idea to name the Moonlight park after our Japanese counterparts. Thanks bro!

Landmark restaurant shut; abrupt move by Hershel's owner surprises many story

It's tough to be Jewish these days. First Dalagher changes the name of the holiday parade back to Christmas parade, alienating the local Jewish community and now this deli closes down. Oh yeah, that whole mess with Israel and Lebanon too.

City takes on $20 million debt for multiple projects SDUT story

Dude I can't be broke, I still have checks left.

Proposition 218 mean what it says link

The importance of this ruling cannot be overstated. Water rates, sewer rates and other property related fees are now subject to Proposition 218's "cost of service" requirements. What that means is that the hundreds of millions of dollars transferred to cities' general funds from enterprise funds is now illegal. Let the games begin.

Anger rises as school in doubt, Homeowners taxed for it, but board says it's not needed now link

I've said before and I'll say it again, Mello-Roos SUCK and are a giant SCAM.

Council votes for landlord permit, Renters blamed for noise, vandalism link

Good for Stocks for voting no. This $150 permit is a band aid. I say short term rentals should follow the same rules as a bed&breakfast.


  1. Dear city, please use that 20 million wisely.

  2. 3 fancy new fire stations at over 15 million is not wise. but at least the Fire Department Personal will get to watch first class TVs on nice lounges. I bet they have first class BBQ kitchens as well.

  3. Dalager will get his dream of a plaque with his name on it at the Hall regional park. That is if he is in office after November. I sure hope not.

  4. The firepersons will each get a viking refrigerator to call their own. Three to a new fiemansion.

    After all they need someoplace to put the food purchased while they are on-duty. How else can they cook thier meals while they are on-duty. Then they need their lazy boy recliners to watch their 62 inch plasma TVs while they are on-duty. All that makes for a nice sleep while they are on-duty.

    The citizens of this town are ripped off once again by their city council.


  5. Loved the update of misc. and important "in the news" articles. Keep it up. You are helping all of us stay on our toes.

  6. In the S.D. Union article you posted "City takes on $20 million debt," Finance Mgr, Jay Lembach said the city will pay the interest & principal ($4,150,000 annually) from various funds - not from additional taxes or assessments. Why did no one ask Jay "what funds" have the taxpayers contributed to and are just sitting around that can throw off this kind of money each and every year!!!!

  7. I like permiting the short term rentals. Hopefully we can control the situation before we become Mission Beach. Let promote cool family beach community. Not bum and drug laced party towns.

  8. Dear Anonymous Jackoff;
    For much of the history of this city it didn't have enough money to wipe its own nose.
    The Leucadia programs, Cardiff Programs, and Downtown programs ALL use city tax dollars. The economic engine of this entire city is the very same New Encinitas that you disparage.

    New Encinitas provides the sales and property tax money, as well as many of the people that support your boutique attitude, asshole.

    Learn to show some respect before New Encinitas decides to shine you on and let your events whither.

  9. "Dalagher scolded me for "scaring myself to death" because no such plan existed and then he takes credit for my idea to name the Moonlight park after our Japanese counterparts. Thanks bro!"

    This gave me a hearty laugh...and I have to say that I saw it coming through postings on this very blog last month! Go JP!

  10. Wow, it's so hard to fight a steamroller. We were out of town for a week, and come back to hear so much bad news.

    We were so sorry to have missed the Council Meetings where the new bond was voted upon, and the $150.00 annual permit fee for vacation rentals. We are for less government intrusion into our private lives. Short term rentals are different than bed & breakfasts, or hotels and motels. For those that are rented out for a majority of the year, different regulations could certainly be in order. Under Bossy Guerin's lead, Council went too far. Police can handle noise complaints. The record doesn't show that the vacation rentals are a source of problem. Many of the complaints for the condos are for owner occupied homes, not rentals. Other complaints were re longterm renters, not short term.

    We are glad to catch up on some of what we missed through J.P.'s Blog.

    Here's our comments: We do know Dr. Lorri, appreciate her as a compassionate person, an involved community member, and a friend.

    We appreciate that Jerome Stocks voted against the new annual permitting fee. A reoccurring fee such as this, which is based upon property rental should have to go by the rules of Prop. 218 and the Coastal Commission, as we understand this. Someone who might rent out a room once or twice a year might not do so if he or she is going to have to pay $150.00 annually. This will further limit affordable rentals. The motels and hotels with high vacancy are probably higher cost rentals. The new Japanese owned condo and hotel development company, KSL that also owns La Costa Spa, will be charging about $400 plus per night at the beach site near Ponto.

    We are sick about the new bond that was voted for unanimously. Why was Dalager absent for these important votes? He should be accountable to the voters, come November. The new library has to factor in the cost of the new public works yard. Nobody answered why the appraised value was $8.5 million and the selling price was $9.5 million. And by selling a Lease Revenue Bond through the library is an obvious ploy to raise taxpayer's obligations to repay debt with interest, and not allow us a vote as required by Prop. 13 and Prop 218. I hope this is challenged.

    Thank God for Teresa Barth! We really don't like a bunch of lame ducks such as Guerin and Bond voting to increase our debt payments long after they are to be out of office.

    We should each have freedom to our own pursuits of happiness as long as we don't abridge the rights of others. We do not need Big Brother and Big Sister breathing down our backs. Perhaps we should install City cameras on ever public corner to make sure that no one jay walks?

    Our City Council went right ahead and did what Matt Walker and many others had asked them over and over not to do. They voted to sell out future generations by increasing public debt.


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