Monday, August 14, 2006

Whatever Happened to No Outlet?

Or , Not A Through Street? Man, Dead End is harsh.


  1. Poor Basil has no future.

  2. I miss Gordon Smith, that was the chef at the restaurant, Basil's, before Calypso.

    Wednesday is almost here. Is there a Council meeting?

  3. Dead end better describes the Encinitas engineering department.

  4. "Not a through street" doesn't work. I think more people understand DEAD END.

  5. No Outlet would be the best sign. Watch out for J.P. and his camera.

  6. The Council on vacation is the best thing that can happen in this City. Their blunder rate is just so high.

    Those signs went up because they know people would be looking 4 new cut through spots after they put up the no right turn signs on 101.

    When they put those signs up they didn't even see how that would affect the Pannikan. Isn't it obvious? The Pannikan's owner had to come down and complain. Was that an example of staff and council competence?

  7. Speaking of the Pannikan there should be no left turn coming out of there. T-Bone city.


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