Sunday, August 06, 2006

Work at Burger King or Run for City Council?

From Sunday's North Count Times front page story: To conduct the city's business, each council member earns a monthly paycheck of $898. That pencils out to $10,776 a year, a sum that falls well below poverty levels. If City Council service were a full-time job, as some council members say it is, the hourly pay would amount to $5.18.

read the full story here.

So, what's a better deal? Working at Burger King or running for Encinitas city council?


  1. Interesting that the "juice" is in the board assignments. Now it makes sense to me why Bossypants has straight armed Maggie in favor of her cronies.

  2. Lemon juice-board positions pay 100. a meeting if your lucky. Nobody is getting rich as a council member so if your running it better be because it's a labor of love.

  3. P.S. The total yearly package Not counting money from various board assignments is 23,335. That is the 10,775 in pay and the 12,580 in benefits, health, and W/C.

    Nothing to write home to mom about.

    Every current council member has $ coming in from some other area, either a job or some retirement or benefit package from previous employment.

    If you think the council members take $ under the table, prove it and back the allegation up with fact.

    If you believe the water district is being raided, again, give us factual proof. If you believe there is corruption show us the beef.

    Phil Cotton was appointed as an alternate, if the question had been put before the council they very likely would have approved the appointment.

    Only 10 more shopping days till the deadline for those running for council. Hope you folks aren't spending so much time blogging this site that no one else files.

    Sad state of affairs.

  4. Its a slow day when Gil posts twice in a row.

  5. Must be like watching plants grow. can you do that?

  6. Not the boss of meAugust 06, 2006 9:45 PM

    James Bond ($56,597); Maggie Houlihan ($31,194); Christy Guerin ($39,400); Jerome Stocks ($35,403); and Dan Dalager ($31,748).

    That's from the article, counting benefits, Council pay, expense account, and various board stipends. It doesn't count Christy Guerin's $2,000 monthly disability retirement pay, either, on taxpayer expense.

    Yeah, it does have to be a labor of love. We still think Bossy should no longer be mayor.

    If Cotton was "likely" to be ratified, then why couldn't it go to public hearing with a vote of Council? Gil, thanks for fighting for the porta potties, but you have no idea how vindictive and what a scam artist Ms. Guerin is. She needs to let someone else be mayor so she doesn't make any more lame duck appointments by "fiat." She is calling Maggie ugly and petty, not the other way round, Gil. She is the name-caller, per the NCT in its article, "Guerin defends appointment to water board." on Friday, 8/4/06.

    Bossypants Guerin is not the boss of me.

    Gil, people are going to file, or not. Get off our case on that. So far, anyone would be better than the incumbents. Candidates have until August 16, since Guerin decided she can't afford to keep pulling her scam, on so many fronts, and is not running again.

    We do like Teresa Barth. She's a good lady. We'll decide on the second non-incumbent after August 16. Anyone who can think for herself or himself, who has integrity and courage, would be wonderful.

  7. I can't hire a decent damn secretary for 35k / year. Jesus, you people are completely out of touch with reality if you actually think this is serious coin.
    JP runs this blog and his wife is an architect. Does she work for 35,000 per year? Hell no! And she shouldn't.
    In fact, I think an arguement can be made that if we would pay them 150,000 per year each, we might get better Council Members!
    $150,000 x 5 = $750,000 out of a multi-million dollar budget... CHUMP CHANGE!
    Let's get some real talent by paying some real money!!!

  8. I read the article. Bob Bonde is just an angry old coot.

  9. The pay is less than they should get. We should pay them more.

    Maybe some of the pay for the boards is too much because some of them do nothing on them other than show up sometimes.

    The lifetime health insurance? Now that is a waste of taxpayer's money.

  10. We are in the 4th quarterAugust 07, 2006 9:09 AM

    We should step up or shut up. I guess we'll see if the people writing to this blog can make a difference in November. If Danny and Ron win, the answer is this blog makes no difference. Hopefully, Teresa and someone like JP will step up and run for council. Otherwise business as normal, and we can continue to whine about it because we can't do shit and the majority of Encinitas residents support status quo.

  11. J.P.
    They are fencing off the railroad tracks south of El Portal!! Whaaaauupp???

  12. Integrity is the issue, not payAugust 07, 2006 9:38 AM

    This blog does make a difference. It is one of the big reasons Guerin decided not to run again.

    Being on Council is a labor of love. If you don't have time and love your community, don't do it!

    I think all the people who are saying that the Council members should be paid more are on Council, Staff, or relatives. You can pump your comments in here all you want. We all serve in different ways. JP's wife is probably not running for Council. So her pay is irrelevant. We don't need overpaid executives sitting on our Council.

    As was said, before, everyone has outside money coming in, too, who sits on Council. This is a part time job, guys. Most weeks, they don't have Council Meetings, lately.

    And you know what? I'm so glad Bob Bonde had the guts to get the figures so we could see. This is a matter of public disclosure. I don't see Bob as angry at anything but the lack of public disclosure, and many of us are very disturbed by this.

    It's way easier to stick it to Bob Bonde and complain that not enough candidates are running, than to actually try to make some changes in this City.

    We all have different talents and can contribute in different ways. JP doesn't get paid anything to administer this blog, but he's doing a great job.

    Architects usually make pretty minimal money when they are first starting out. I am sure they don't get a lifetime benefit package like our Council. That's what makes the job worth it, the benefits, the public acclaim.

    Public servants, traditionally, did not make the same kind of pay as private sector administrators. Bob Bonde is a great guy, if any of you had worked with him to help this city incorporate, to begin with, you'd know this.

    We know that Christy Guerin, and others on Council do not like Bob Bonde, or Donna Westbrook because they question Council's decisions, made behind closed doors, without our participation.

    And as far as the water district or sanitation district funds being misdirected, Gil, you know what? The city of SD is going through similar problems. This is because water and sewer are the only funds that can be raised, through bonds, or increased fees, without a public vote, or supermajority of Council, according to Prop 218 from 96. This is part of our Calif. Constitution, now. It is extremely difficult to prove anything without outside, independent audits, Gil, you can figure that out.

    So if you live in the Cardiff Sanitation district, you know your fees have gone up, enormously. SDWD fees are going up 8 or 9% a year for five years, we believe, starting in January, after the elections! We will be billed monthly instead of every other month.

    And Gil, no one said anything about "money under the table." We all know that Guerin and Dalager received money from Flower Pac, aka the Eckes. Dan's "leftovers" went to the people who support sports parks for the Hall Property. Christy says she is giving her money back.

    I would say, $2000 a month retirement disability for Christy Guerin is a scam, pure and simple. That was published in NCT.

  13. JP, that singing Burger King dude is too funny!


  14. Gil,

    Did the city attorney give you Jennifer Smith's resume?

  15. Is gil implying JP is a "kept boy"? What does his wife's salary have to do with anything. ( I wonder who supported him while she was finishing up her 8 years in school?)

    OK kids, let's have everyone look up the word irony or ironic. Then reread the orginal post. Do you get that reading in to that that anyone is saying the council is making the big bucks is missing the IRONY.

  16. I used to do a lot of ironing, but now I just grab the clothes fresh out of the drier.

  17. Hey, free market, I'll work for $35,000 per year as your damn secretary.

    Or was that just speculation? Lots of decent secretaries make under $17.50 per hour; look in the want ads. And many of these "pink collar workers" have excellent skills.

  18. Whats it going to be Boys- Yes or NoAugust 07, 2006 9:42 PM

    The new council will be at best 3 status quo idiots and 2 quality of life councilmembers (Maggie and Teresa) with our current candidates. At worst, it will remain a 4-1 council. Thanks Maggie for hanging in there. Let see- Only 9 days left for someone to become a candidate and possibly change the current direction of Encinitas. If we had Maggie, Teresa and a 3rd Quality of Life councilmember Stock and Bond would be bitch slapped and things would change for the better. They might even resign once the dirt swepted under the carpet begins to air? What about the current issues like a missing $1,000,000 from Cardiff Sani District? Isn't that question going to be answered? Whose pocket did the $1 million land in? Enquiring minds want to know. Some body step up, our family will contribute to Teresa and another worthy candidate campaign. Afterall, its for the good of Encinitas!

  19. RSPB getting a girlfriendAugust 07, 2006 9:46 PM

    Decent- I dont know how you can afford to live in Encinitas? I hope you have a sugardaddy, or you'll soon be RSPB, main squeeze!

  20. What happened to previous candidates?August 07, 2006 9:59 PM

    I don't know how anyone without a sugardaddy or sugarmama can afford to live and work in Encinitas with the rising water, trash, sewer and other fees, not to mention that the pay is lower here than in San Diego.

    What about Bruce Elhers or Rob Wilder, from last election? Won't they please run?

  21. Ageism is live and well on this blog.

    What is a coot?

    3. Informal An eccentric or crotchety person, especially an eccentric old man.

    Ok, eccentric is fine, in my book, older is also okay, too, if the person in question still honest, sincere, coherrent, and has integrity, which Bob Bonde definitely is, and does.

    "Crotchety," means grumpy, to me. Bob Bonde is not a grumpy guy. He is concerned and expresses his concern over excessive fees and taxes, not raised by the books, and subsequent to open hearings and full disclosure.

    No one who is corrupt and cheating likes whistleblowers. Instead of listening to and investigating the message, those who have been corrupted by their "authority," simply try to discredit the messenger. Hey, Aceti, or Guerin, we think you are being devious, and are acting desperate.

    That's obvious.

  22. Stocks wants to reinvent himself as a good person I just know it. I see the battle between good and evil in his eyes.

  23. Stocks wants to reinvent himself?
    Stocks wants to cover his ---.

  24. has anyone heard the buzz going around that the firefighters and a trucking company are thinking of suing the city over the Santa Fe roundabout because it is too small and too dangerous for trucks ?

  25. I guess they dont work for us?August 08, 2006 10:59 AM

    Thats classic!

    If the firefighters sue, fire 3/4 of staff and lets contract with a EMT service. We only need a core group to fight fires and we can get a voluntary force like Elfin Forest.

    We definately do not need the hook and ladder.

  26. Put all firefighters on 40 hour weeks with 8 hour days where we can get them to work a whole shift without sleeping, lifting weights, shopping, watching plasma TV, cooking, etc. Let them come into the real world.

    The only fire truck that may not be able to negotiate the roundabout is the hook and ladder. Why do we have a 100 foot aerial ladder when the tallest building in Encinitas is suppose to be 26 feet.

    Of course the hospital is trying to go way above that height limit. So station the aerial ladder at the hospital property since that is the only place it will be used to fight a fire.

  27. What is the building height limitation in Encinitas? It's not 30 feet as stated in the general plan. Commercial buildings in the Encinitas ranch specific plan can go up to 45 feet. The Leucadia specific plan allows buildings higher than 30 feet.
    What is the building height limitation in the downtown Encinitas specific plan?

  28. What is the building height limitation in Encinitas? It's not 30 feet as stated in the general plan. Commercial buildings in the Encinitas ranch specific plan can go up to 45 feet. The Leucadia specific plan allows buildings higher than 30 feet.
    What is the building height limitation in the downtown Encinitas specific plan?

  29. Downtown Specific PlanAugust 09, 2006 10:58 AM

    All properties in the downtown Encinitas specific plan are limited to two stories or thirty ft.

    On the mixed use and residential zones, the rule is:

    30ft or two stories which ever is less. Except that if a development project includes one or more dwelling units guaranteed affordable to low or very low income housholds as defined in the Encinitas Housing Element, the maximum building height is 33 ft or three stories, which ever is less.

    Thats the facts. I think it's a great specific plan and prevents us from having massive condo towers or looking like miami beach.

    I love the development that is happening in downtown Encinitas, Chalies (under construction), Encinitas forighn Auto, the Wealth preservation center, and others are all very nicely done and make downtown Encinitas awesome.

  30. So how did the city push through higher building heights on the Leucadia and Encinitas Ranch specific plans?

  31. Why did the Encinitas downtown specific plan allow a higher building limit of 33 feet, if the general plan only allows 30 feet? Specific plans should follow the requirements in the general plan, not create new allowances.

  32. Downtown Specific Plan saidAugust 09, 2006 1:01 PM

    first anonymous,
    I don't know about the encinitas Ranch Plan but I I am pretty sure the North Hwy 101 Specific plan mirrors the downtown regarding hight limits.

    This is also pretty consitant up and down the coast with exception of o-side

    Second anonymous,

    Just the opposite is true, Specific plans address specific concerns and areas with different rules, sometimes more strict, sometimes more lieniant per the specific situation.

    For example the downtown plan is different in that it allows and encoredges retail right up to the sidewalk on 101. the rest of Encintias requires a setback.

    Right up to the sidewalk is more pedestrian friendly than parking lots in front and is specific for downtown since most ofthe buildings were build prior to 1960 and the domination of the automobile.

    Also, mixed use is allowed in dowentown specific plan where it is is not say alog the El Camino real. This encoredges the owner/employee to live above the shop.

    As far as the extra three ft. Most of the blame (if there is to blame) goes to state as the state mandates affordable units and all plans have to comply. To accomodate that the three story or 33 ft. rule is in place.

    So I pose a guestion to the blog?

    What should the hight limit be?

  33. Downtown Specific Plan saidAugust 09, 2006 1:03 PM

    Pardon the massive amount of spelling errors. Fast fingers and bad typing don't mix well :)

  34. Affordable housing has nothing to do with violating the general plan building height limit of 30 feet. When the specific plans were approved, the city knew the specific plans violated the general plan building height limit. A specific is written to follow the general plan. The specific plan may be stricter, but certainly not less requirements than the general plan. Why even have a general plan if it is not going to be followed?

  35. Downtown Specific Plan said...August 09, 2006 2:17 PM


    you must be in a frenzy of anti city hatrid. I suppose you think there are evil developers that conspired to set these incredibly towering standards of 30 ft and 33ft with affordable housing.

    Your contention that affordable housing has nothing to do with "violating" the height limit is so so wrong on its face and in fact.

    It is in Fact the only way you get to go to a max 33 ft. per the specific plan therefore it is directly tied to and has everything to do with the difference.

    No Affordable housing, the rule is 30 ft and two stories period.

    And to reveal myself a little. I am a builder, a small builder of one or two projects a year.

    flame away anti builders!!!

    but remember, their is most likely a roof of some sort over your head (RSPB exempt) and that roof was most likely built by a builder.

  36. Does 33 feet height get an extra story or is just for cathedral ceilings? Anger sure boils up when a question is asked on why the city violated the general plan height limit.

    Affordable housing can be build at the building height of 30 feet.

    Builders build the affordable housing in Encinitas and then convert them to condos.

  37. Downtown Specific Plan said...August 09, 2006 3:19 PM

    No anger anonymous,

    yes with affordable housing it is 33ft or three stories.

    This is directly for m the specific plan:
    30ft or two stories which ever is less. Except that if a development project includes one or more dwelling units guaranteed affordable to low or very low income housholds as defined in the Encinitas Housing Element, the maximum building height is 33 ft or three stories, which ever is less.

    For the record I would fight like crazy if anyone propossed to increase the height.

    I think 30 ft is right on for the coastal areas, and the 33ft and 3 stories with affordable housing is also tolerable if well designed.

    That's where the focus should be. Well designed buildings that are unique distinct and not the generic low cost crap that unfortunatly gets built a lot of the time.

    That is why in my first post I referred to some great structures.

    signing off on this issue.

    great blog J.P.

  38. Three stories is more mass on a small lot, higher density, and less parking spaces for building one or two affordable units. Great trade off for the builder, but increased impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

  39. I think anything over 30 ft starts to get out of human scale for small towns.

  40. Check it while we can.August 09, 2006 10:32 PM

    What is with the Firefighters schedule. 3 shifts at 8 Hrs. equals 24 hrs. Why is the public paying them to sleep and work out. Let have them code enforcing and doinng Public Works clean up jobs. No wonder there a million people waiting for a firefighter job. Its cake. You dont see the kind of list of resumes for police jobs or other public jobs. Fire Union has gotten way to powerful.

  41. We will very soon have a test of the 33' or three srory limit when the Encinitas Artist's Loft project is heard by the planning commission. This flat topped aircraft carrier will be docked on the entire northwest corner of Encinitas Blvd. and 101. It takes up the entire block. Three stories over 1 story of parking. Flat roof with roof decks on top.

    Can you say "supersize"

  42. The Nimitz del Norte


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