Saturday, September 23, 2006

Altar of the Leucadia Flood God

If you want to ask the Spirit of the Leucadia Flooding God a question you must bring him a sacrifice of a large tortilla soup from La Especial, a Ravi Shankar 8 track, a lock of Jerome Stock's hair and a Lou's Records bumpersticker.


  1. tortilla flats in da houseSeptember 23, 2006 8:37 PM

    too bad that doesnt' look like Jesus, you coulda sold tickets to that pothole on ebay.
    cool shots though.
    i think that is the god neptune who is upset that the street named after him has turned into a bastion of yuppy twats.
    He is soon to shake the bluff and eradicate all souless bastards from the bluff.
    Kit's house will be one of the islands remaining.

  2. Lock of Jerome Stocks hairSeptember 24, 2006 1:01 AM

    I think it does look like the Shroud.

    Jerome Stocks mislead at last Wednesday's Council Meeting. He said that all of those applying for jobs on the various commissions had to be heard at a regular Council Meeting, each applicant speaking. This has never been true in the past. Only the vote was taken in public, before. Hearing so many candidates speak is a PR moment for Council, and is unnecessary, as the public has no say in the appointments!

    Also, Jerome said Phil Cotton was not picked in closed session, "according to form." He was. Council merely ratified the amount of his salary at the meeting on Wednesday. It was a done deal, had been placed, by Mayor Guerin, on the consent calendar. It was "pulled," and Maggie Houlihan, and one public speaker, warned against Council's lack of transparency, Maggie, via the telephone, but she caved, and the vote was unanimous.

    Council could have and should have waited until the new Council is seated, after the elections, after Christy Guerin is out. They could have chosen an interim manager, for now. But Christy has to have her bossypants club in the fire. Also, Council does not want fresh eyes who might well discover million dollar discrepancies.

    Council craves the reassurance of having Attorney Glenn Sabine constantly covering their tracks, and Phil Cotton who knows what Yes, Sir, No Sir, whatever you say, Sir, means. What is Cotton's master's degree in, again? Parks and Recreation was his original field of expertise. I hope he shows gumption and courage and is brave enough to do some shaking up. Miracles happen!

    Jerome Stocks mis-stated that the city attorney does not represent the citizens, but only Council and Staff, the "City." This does not have to be true, and isn't the case in Oceanside or San Diego. Council and staff should look to the citizens for authority, for direction. When Dalager was asked about an elected City Attorney at the candiate's forum, he ignored Michael Aguirre efforts to uncover corruption and said, "we don't want a Tony Quinn." We, the citizens, don't want Sabine, either, Dan Dalager. What favors has he done for you, personally?

    Jerome Stocks also said that citizens could get public defenders or hire attorneys. Public defenders or Court Appointed attorneys, subject to reimbursement, are only granted in criminal cases. Encinitas only sues, civilly, although Glenn Sabine is not "civil." He is sneaky and underhanded and charges his personally contracted "rate of pay" for all of his "underlings" who are not directly contracted by the City. But the taxpayers pay and pay and pay. This seems fraudulent, to us.

    Gil, what's up? Dr. Lorri and we all want to know what happened at your meeting.

  3. There is none so blind as she who will not see.

  4. Thank you Gil. First time I've known you to publish anonymously. Sorry it has come to that for you. You must know a great deal. And you must be gaining from it. Good for you. The flood God is happy.


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