Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Candidate Forum Sept. 21

click photo to enlarge and read the notice.


  1. I'm going! I hope they allow open questions from the audience as they did in Cardiff!

    Last time, in Leucadia, only we only got to write down our questions on notecards. Only some of the questions were asked. Of course some of the more uncomfortable issues, the "hard questions" were never addressed.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, JP, the day after tomorrow (Peace Day) at 7:00 P.M. at Paul Ecke Central School, across the tracks, across Vulcan, from Lou's Records!

    Hope to see lots of people there! I'm thinking of some hard questions for Dan Dalager.

    I'm going to the Council Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday night, at 6:00 P.M., too! Gotta love our ability to speak out. That's what patriotism is, to us.

  3. The way that notice is nailed to and damaging public property is shameful!
    No decent orgaization would support their temporary notice being nailed into the wood like that.
    It's painful for me to view!

  4. This is my first time in your blog, so I dont know where exactly to post my comments in regards to keep leucadia and Encinitas free of corrupted future citty council allies, I read a lot of interesting discussion re: Prop C but still want to add my two cents:

    How comes that nobody is asking the right questions?
    The issue is not where Mr. Aceti lives, but who is he working for?
    Mr. Aceti lives in Carlsbad (1258 Plumb Tree Road), a 5 bedrooms BIG A.. house overlooking the ocean paid by all kinds of misused money. I just went to drop off some papers to his "Home-office"

    Do you know that a big chunk of the donation that you deposit every Sunday in SRF basket goes directly to his pocket? Yes, Mr. Aceti not only makes money as a consultant for the city but he actually is and has been full time employee of the Self realization Fellowship Church for more than 8 years. That’s why Calcoast is located at 1133 Second Street, Ste G, building owned by SRF. Check your public records and internet info.

    The church hired him to get an edge over other coastal property owners!
    While everybody has the need to protect their property front from the erosion, SRF has gone to the extreme of illegally hiring Mr. Aceti as a lawyer to do whatever legal or illegal maneuvers needs to be done to reinforce and maintain the sea wall/ revetment at the bottom of the cliff, to protect the temple at any expense, Who cares!!
    Oh, …..The experts sayd that there is not a better way to protect the property but to put a bunch of sand in front of it, no matter if this causes erosion to the neighbors, is screwing up the surf, or kills a bunch of fishes on the reefs. Who cares!!

    Oh, but…. there is a little problem. Sand is expensive, so go ahead Mr. Aceti, please have this suckers of Encinitas to pay for it.
    - Actually, have all the suckers that visit Encinitas to pay for it.
    And there he goes and passes prop 16 (TOT) increasing overnight occupancy taxes to pay for putting more sand on the beach…. in front of the church please…. .

    I can believe it work, So why not?... lets hit this suckers again, now with prop C.
    I disbelieve the church will do things like this.
    Perhaps just a couple rotten apples from within got greedy and decided to sell out to the dark side.

    I can’t believe they would even bother to hire a real lawyer. Mr. Aceti is not even licensed to practice law in CA. I did a search in the CA Bar and he is not listed, he is listed in New York.

    Are you volunteering for SRF While Mr. Aceti is making over 50,000 dlls a year, ON TOP of his six figure income as a Consultant and Executive Director of Cal coast.
    -I want my volunteering time back!

    Conflict of interest? Illegal? Sure, but nobody is asking the right questions..

    So here is the first question:
    Who should be the one putting money on the basket?

  5. SRF this towns enemy? get real! Aceti is President of DEMA. These are the people that want to change our community. They want to redevelop and, with the help of Aceti, are trying to give our community to developers like Ecke.

    As long as DEMA keeps Steve Aceti none of the members will get my business. SRF on the other hand has done nothing to hurt our community.

    Swami's is an icon. Sand on the beach who want that?

  6. Thanks for alerting us to Aceti's associations, previous anonymous. Unlike last anonymous, I don't get that you are saying, in any way, that Self Realization Fellowship is our enemy.

    As you suggest, a few bad apples can certainly deceive and spoil a whole bushel.

    So it sounds as though Aceti is president of DEMA, consultant and executive director of Cal Coast, and also gets money from various entities such as SRF on the side? Wow, no wonder he pushed so hard for C, which was wiped out, before.

    We do have excessive sand on our beaches now. Those of us who go there, who see the whole bottom flight of stairs at Stonesteps covered, know this.

    This "overdone" program is set up to benefit biz owners, including development companies, at the expense of long term residents. Some years we have needed sand, but this needs to be monitored, closely, not just to protect our unstable bluffs. Nature will eventually prevail, no matter what we do. Particularly with global warming. We saw "An Inconvenient Truth" at La Paloma. Good flick.

  7. Corruption, Ignorance, Cover-upSeptember 20, 2006 2:18 PM

    Check out page D-8, Letters to the Editor in today's (9/20/06) NCT:

    "Encinitas needs an elected mayor

    Never let it be said that the rotating position of mayor in Encinitas is a largely ceremonial role. Over the past year Encinitas has seen its government driven underground and public input and access to taxpayer-funded initiatives virtually eliminated.

    The current mayor, Christy Guerin, has seen fit to exert such extremes of control over a subservient City Council and a compliant city manager that we have seen a potentially excellent sister city program become her personal sandbox, the 20th anniversary of this city amount to no more than a picnic in a park, flourishing committees like cultural tourism driven into the ground, a rush to rename streets and the hasty appointment of a new city manager so that Ms. Guerin can still exert a level of control over this community even after her departure.

    What Encinitas needs is an elected mayor who is accountable to the voters.

    The gang of four, Christy Guerin, Dan Dalager, Jerome Stocks and James Bond, have shown through their performance and community engagement that they are woefully short of the tools necessary to provide the vision and leadership necessary to ensure that Encinitas realizes its potential as one of the great beach cities of Southern California.

    Ian Thompson

    Bravo, Ian. And no Council member has been more subservient than our Gomer, dufas Dan Dalager, whom we hope will also be outgoing with Bossy Guerin.

    We have been very concerned about Christy Guerin's influence and affect on us all, even after she leaves, through her new "man," Phil Cotton. He was trained in the military, and we believe he could play more of the same "game" orchestrated under Guerin's "reign" of corrupt influence.

    She and her husband, Alfred Guerin, do appear to have a conflict of interest over the new COPPs contract, many are discovering. Check out previous comments in JP's last blog post, here, re Attorney General's website and Section 1090.

  8. Yes, Mayor is conflictedSeptember 20, 2006 2:40 PM

    Yes, Christy Guerin has negotiated contracts pertaining to an agency with which Alfred Guerin, her husband, and a Commander with the County Sheriff, has a direct "employment relationship." While Christy Guerin has been in office, many more officers, both uniformed and plain clothes have been “stacked” in the audience at Council Meetings and other functions, than previously. This is also due to Ms. Guerin’s “pull” with the Sheriff’s Dept., being an ex deputy, herself, and another potential conflict.

  9. http://www.citizensforqualityoflife.org/quality.htm

  10. Re: previous blogs.Asceti is the insider guy, and definetly East coast.Encinitas is in need of a charter change from the present "open law"city to a charter city. Elect council members by district to represent each district like ok lets end all the firewalling and buck passing.Guerin and the rest of these civil service bums and these clueless council people would be held accountable.

  11. Yes, Jerome Stocks, at last night's Council Meeting, started to say that Encinitas is a Charter City, but then corrected himself and admitted we are a "General Law," city. A charter would be like a Constitution, to protect us. The California Constitution and the Federal Constitutions include Bills of Rights, for individual guarantees.

    Jerome Stocks boldly admitted that our City Attorneys represent Council and staff, not the citizens. He stated that citizens can get their own lawyers, or public defenders. Unfortunately, in civil cases, public defenders are not assigned, even if there is financial need.

    Our City has a General Plan, which has been changed many, many times. We would hope that someday we could have a Charter, with individual rights included, as well as an elected mayor and an elected City Attorney, like Mike Aguirre.

  12. Hoping for reversalSeptember 21, 2006 2:44 PM

    Thanks for the link to Citizens for Quality of Life. They were fortunate to have Annello as their judge. Judge Nugent made a four sentence, nonsensical ruling re the LeucadiaCares writ of mandate. We hope they can afford to appeal.

    Judge Nugent quotes Zoning Definitions, Section 30.04 of Encinitas Municipal Code, in a sentence with no verb in his ruling. This section has the opposite effect of the Judge's bad ruling. It says the building height should be measured from the finished pad elevation or the original natural grade, WHICHEVER IS LOWER. Judge Nugent took two weeks to come up with the WRONG answer, unsupported by the law or the facts. Also, the slope was incorrectly calculated, and the excessive pad height was NOT required for sewer flow.

    None of these issures were addressed in the incomplete, unfair, and shortsighted opinion released by Judge Thomas Nugent. Again, we are disappointed in him and hope he is reversed upon appeal.

  13. I just got home from the Candidate Forum...had to leave early, but not before I actually heard Dan Dalager speak favorably in regards to Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

    Does anyone now doubt that Dan is a total IDIOT?!!? He might as well say, "Well, Hitler at least built a lot of nice roads in Germany".

    Please everyone, vote that a-hole out of office!!!

  14. Throw Doug Long into the A-hole category.

  15. Dan Dalager is in favor of --

    Tattoo parlors
    More liquor sold on Hwy 101
    Taking away taxpayers right to vote on city debt


  17. If Encinitas were to elect a Mayor at large, would it be proper and in the best interest of the little guys for the Mayor have veto power as well? Politically I just don't know but I am sure the charter should be changed now. Elect a councilman who lives in each district voted in citywide but who can be responsible to this district. such as Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Long Beach,Newport Beach, etc.Some democratic BALANCE could be achieved

  18. The question is, who gets to be the mayor.

    Four four years you would have to live with someone like Christy or Danny as mayor in the worst case senario.

  19. We could have our own City Attorney that had to answer to the people and the law. Oceanside has this, and it works better than our system. It is not much more expensive than what we have. Glenn Sabine, our infamous contracted City Attorney, only answers to the Council and City Manager who have already proven to either not be listening to Glenn's words; don't care about the law; or Sabine is giving them bad legal advice so that he can get richer. Sabine's billings to the City are enormous, and he NEVER bills for a paralegal, which would be cheaper. No attorney I know ever does all of the work by him or herself, and uses paralegals frequently. If Glenn is using them, he is billing HIS regular rate, not a paralegal rate, which would be less expensive. I have a great deal of facts and figures to support this. However, I am saving them for the right time and place to use what I have. Adam Kaye at the NCTimes is not at all interested in taking this on. As far as Gil, I guess he has bailed on us. Supposedly, he was meeting with Sabine to get some more information. Either he didn't do it, or he won't share it with some of us who are working to get rid of Sabine. So Gil, I guess you are choosing not to post anymore, for whatever reason. Too bad. THE CITIZENS OF ENCINITAS COULD USE YOUR EXPERTISE.


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