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Dalagher, Jews, Japs and Skateboaders

Some Jewish residents pan Encinitas for scheduling of event on Rosh Hashana

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

-- Some Jewish residents criticized Encinitas officials Tuesday for scheduling and promoting a regional event on Rosh Hashana, one of the holiest days of the year for Jewish people.

The event, Operation Homecoming at Encinitas, is a stop on a national reading tour that is scheduled to visit more than 30 cities.

The visit to Encinitas by editor Andrew Carroll and contributors to a just-published collection of war stories is expected to draw 1,000 guests to the Encinitas Community and Senior Center on Sept. 22.

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, begins at sundown that day.

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It would be easy to milk the Dalagher/Jew thing for comedy but I'm going to cut Dalagher some slack. Between changing the name of the Holiday parade to Christmas parade and now scheduling an important event on a major Jewish holiday, Dan Dalagher isn't winning any Jewish votes in November. But I don't think Dalagher is some sort of Jew hater, I think he is just a goofy Gomer Pyle kind of guy who keeps having Seinfeld/Larry David type moments (ironically, both are Jewish) where he just keeps digging himself a hole by being sort of oblivious to the world around him. Dalagher is kind of like our very own Forrest Gump who has accidentally found himself as a city councilman and has to pee.

From the article
: Dalager said Tuesday that the choice of dates for Operation Homecoming at Encinitas was not his.

"They gave us a choice of three dates, and we grabbed the one that the community center was open," he said. "Where else are we going to have it? In a parking lot somewhere?"

For Jewish people, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur on Oct. 1 are known as High Holy Days. Great numbers of worshippers attend synagogue on those days, Rabbi David Frank of Temple Solel in Encinitas wrote Tuesday in an e-mail to the North County Times.

Okay, fine. But you know what? If I was on the city council I wouldn't be scheduling events around people's superstitious beliefs, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or whatever either. That parking lot quote is hilarious by the way. Normally I would think a quote like that is political suicide but our president says stupid shit like that all day long and he got another term.

Slalom skateboarding coming to Encinitas this weekend

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

---- A two-day skateboarding event is scheduled in Encinitas this weekend, and it will close a segment of Saxony Road and take some participants back to the days of their childhood.

The Encinitas Open is expected to attract 100 competitors and 500 spectators to watch skaters carve through the cones at speeds of up to 30 mph, organizers say.

The course begins along a stretch of Saxony just north of Quail Hollow Drive. From that point north, Saxony will be closed to traffic from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

read the rest of the story here.

This event almost didn't happen but when Dalagher saw a photo of local skater/surfer Josh E. he recognized him as a local kid who used to hang out at his house with his sons and encouraged the event to go ahead. There was confusion about the name of the racing club, The La Costa Boys, because it was assumed they were from Carlsbad. All of the La Costa Boys are from Leucadia/Encinitas and it's a good soulful local event.
Josh, who has worked with me at my family shop for years and years now, is not going to compete in the event because he is a new father and his wife won't let him race but he will down there helping out. It's a good thing Josh isn't Jewish eh?

Clouds of anger billow over city's anniversary fete
By Angela Lau

September 15, 2006

Tears of frustration flowed and harsh words spewed from a critic who told City Council members to take a hike over what was supposed to a joyous celebration of the city's 20th anniversary.

The flap at Wednesday night's City Council meeting stemmed from a five-day visit to Encinitas later this month by delegates from the sister city of Amakusa, Japan. The Japanese visitors have been invited to celebrate the city's 20th anniversary of incorporation.

The anger was a culmination of past frustration over the sister-city program, which critics call a taxpayer-subsidized activity that rewards council members and city officials with trips to Amakusa but excludes the public.

This time, critics accused the city of orchestrating a celebration that revolves around the sister-city visit and not the significance of Encinitas' first day as a city on Oct. 1, 1986.

Moreover, critics said, the city is spending roughly $10,000 of the $30,000 earmarked for anniversary celebrations to entertain the Japanese guests. The remaining $20,000 will be used for a community picnic scheduled Oct. 1 at Cottonwood Creek Park, city officials have said.

read the rest of story here.

Look, I love the Japanese. The local surf industry has been bringing Japanese tourism to Encinitas since the 70's. Last Tuesday my brother-in-law hired a limo to entertain his Japanese clients and drove them up to the Surfer Poll Awards in Anaheim. My Dad is a cult hero in Japanese surf culture, Cardiff pro surfer Rob Machado is a downright demi-god in Japan as is Joel Tudor. Leucadia shaper Mike Slingerland has been bringing free spending Japanese surfers here for over 20 years. So I'm down with the Japanese, I get the Japanese, I love the Japanese (and this is coming from a guy whose grandfather was a pilot who fought in the Battle of Midway).

So yeah, it would great if our sister city was a town with surf (Flower Capital-Surf Center, remember?). But whatever, it's not that big of a deal. But comon' you guys. $10,000 to impress your Japanese friends? Does that include booze and strippers? Can I come along?


  1. Oh yeah, and "Clouds of anger billow over city's anniversary fete" is a pretty funny headline. Nice work UT.

  2. "10,000 to impress your Japanese friends"

    What do the people of Encinitas get out of the $10,000?

    I thought the warm fuzzies were pulled out of the budget when Prop C was buzz sawed (see ).

    Then again, they told us the lights were going to go out if we didn't vote for the new lighting tax.

  3. Volunteers SnubbedSeptember 16, 2006 9:27 PM

    Many are outraged not only at the excessive spending on the Japanese delegation of the newly renamed Japanese City. (For all these years, our sister city has been Hondo.)

    Rick Shea, a past mayor, has some friends in Japan. He initiated the sister city deal. Jerome Stock spoke up at last Wednesday's Council meeting and stated when his family went to Japan, they went on his dime, spending $10,000, not on the taxpayer's dime. Good for him. This was not the case this year for outgoing Christy Guerin or James Bond, or our now retired fire-chief. These were perks, taxpayer financed "junkets" pure and simple.

    But the important point, to us, is that those who worked hard to supposedly get more local control, to stop spot zoning and upzoning, the North Coast Coalition to Incorporate Encinitas, have not only been ignored, but have been basically shunned under Mayor Christy Guerin's manipulative direction.

    Bob Bonde announced that there will be a privately sponsored event for those of us who helped incorporate the city. We volunteers are invited to attend a celebration at the Cardiff Library on 9/26 at 4:00 P.M.

  4. Bad PR moment for DalgerSeptember 16, 2006 9:51 PM

    Dan Dalager may mean well, but he keeps screwing up, in our opinion.

    He is weak; he has not had the courage, or the desire, to stand up to Christy Guerin, ever, since Jim Bond lost his own ability to do so.

    Dan Dalager may be a decent guy; he is not, and has not been a good Council Member. When he is sitting there with that goofy grin on his face, or, more often, that bewildered look, he is not doing a good job of representing the citizens.

    Also, he willingly put a wedge through the community with his decision to rename the Holiday Parade when the biz owners who had started the parade had not asked him to, and now, his oblivious decision to hold a public event on a sacred Jewish Holiday.

    As Dr. Greene suggested, such an event would not have been held on Good Friday, or some Christian day of celebration, we're sure.

    We are boycotting too! And we are not Jews, either, just concerned citizens who support our troops, but not the war, and definitely not Dalager.

  5. Out with Dufas DalagerSeptember 16, 2006 10:00 PM

    We think the "Operation Homecoming" is really a way to promote Dalager and glorify the current war through the arts. Doesn't China do this? We want our soldiers to be able to come home as much or more than anyone.

    Glorifying the current administration, using "patriotism" or love of the arts to exclude those that don't agree with Bush or Dalager, or to exclude a huge part of our Judeo Christian heritage is not in our best interests. We do support the arts and our troops, but not this attempt to turn our concern about bringing our soldiers home into a PR event for Dan Dalager.

    We will be boycotting this event, and will be boycotting Dan Dalager come November by voting against him and against his buddy, Doug Long who hopes to replace Bossy Guerin. Yes, the business owners who originally initiated the parade didn't ask for it to be changed back to the Christmas Parade. They do not want to offend, and want to serve all of us.

    Dalager will definitely lose votes on this issue, because he has again divided our community, when no one had publically come forward and objected, before, to the Holiday Parade designation. His story, at the forum, about his now deceased friend made no sense, and is blatant hyperbole.

  6. Hyperbole means exaggeration. We think Dalager is guilty of fallacious "appeal to emotions," which is trying to prove an illogical argument by playing on people's emotions, including bias and prejudice.

  7. Dan Dalager doesn't have much in the smarts area to encourage votes. The next best thing for him is to appeal to national pride. When the operation homecoming book reading was first annnounced by the NEA, only three cities, NY, Washington DC, and Encinitas were listed. This would have been a coup for Dalager with national pride put forth just before his election day. NEA has increased the city tours to 30? The listing is for San Diego in bold print with Encinitas in regular type.

    Dan must have been in a tizzy to learn that instead of third on the short list, Encinitas was sixth on a very long list.

    Listen to the counci meetings. Dalager doesn't care about your thoughts, doesn't care about the rules, and doesn't care about Encinitas. The only important person to him is himself.

  8. The booze is being provided by Jim Bond. That way he can probably take home all the open bottles.

    Is Christy's husband over the ASTREA sheriff's helicopters? Gee, is that why the sheriff's helicopter will be used to ferry the Japanese from the sheriff's shooting range in Miramar to Moonlight beach?

  9. JP said, "Can I come along?"

    Isn't that the problem? Unless you're a friend (or better yet a political patron) of Mayor Bossypants, you're not invited. Nice, we pay for it and and she hands them out as perks to her political cronies. When was she promoted to queen?

  10. Every taxpayer in the county should be incensed that the Sheriff's helicopter is going to be used for a political junket. It will take more than one helicopter to fit them all in. You should all write, email or call the board of supervisors and insist that the cost of that helicopter ride be paid by the Sheriff out of his personal money. The taxpayers of this county should not be paying for this excess. Guerin could hire a helicopter on her own if it so important. Of course it wouldn't be able to land at Marine Corps air station Miramar where the sheriff's ranges are located I'm told. How are these Japanese citizens getting onto one of highly sensitive military bases. Maybe the marines don't need the space and we can move the airport there.

    A helicopter ride ride costs about 3,000+ dollars an hour complete with two deputy sheriff pilots, fuel, liability insurance, (the county is self insured so if there is an accident we are all going to pay) etc. That time includes the time the aircraft and pilots are waiting on the ground.

    While that helicopter is sitting around giving a tour for these political junkies they are not patroling and keeping us safe. This is an outrage. Write your supervisors today. Write the base commander at Miramar and ask why they are being allowed on the base.

  11. Dan Dalager knows just about everyone in town. People trust and vote for those they know even it they don't always agree with him. I predict he will be back and receive a record number of votes. People like the idea of having a councilperson someone who has deep roots in the City rather than some newby that has formed an alliance with a special group in the City. This is just the way it is as a long time resident sees it. Good luck to the others.

  12. Dalager could be busy answering questions on using his political influence.

    The slalom skateboard organization was denied a city permit. According to a Coast News article, the organizers were told by city staff that the event's impact on the community would be too great.

    So Dalager hears about the denied permit and uses his influence to get the permit approved?

    Did the council vote on appointing Dalager as their spokesperson?

  13. Deep roots in the community might make Dalager a good lawnmower man; they have not added up to his being a good Council member, nor a good mayor, which he had before publicly stated he did not want to be.

    It's nice he got the skateboard contest in. Doug Long was talking about some skateboarder robbing someone in downtown Encinitas, and asking why the cops DEMA was helping to pay for were not yet on patrol downtown. A few skateboarders can give the others, probably mostly nice guys, a bad name.

    We wonder if Dalager would have pushed a skateboard contest that would have cut off his own street? Maybe he would have, but this political favor does not make up for all the times he has not done the right thing. He used to follow Jim Bonds lead, then when JB lost his will to fight Bossy, Dalager just went along with Guerin, every time, including dissing the Coastal Commission.

    Dalager is weak. Anonymous, you are wrong about Dalager, just like Dalager was wrong about Prop A, Prop C, and the Lighting and Landscaping ballot. Dalager is not the only candidate with roots in the community, either!

    Theresa Barth and Tom Brown have deep roots, too. Most of the people voting probably won't have lived here as long as some of us who are posting have.

    One of the big reasons Dalager got elected is because he was supported by David Myers and the Eckes, the big developer interests. More lawnmowers to sharpen. Dalager and his cohart, Doug Long, are more worried about a regional sports parks with huge lights, drawing in worse traffic than ever, than they are about the financial well being and sustainability of our City.

  14. The name is david meyer. Husband of liz ecke.

  15. In response to Long's comments during the council meetings oral communications, Mayor Guerin decided to give information on the lack of sheriff's staff for the COPS program. Isn't Mayor Guerin, an ex-deputy sheriff, married to the deputy sheriff in charge of the COPS program?

    Isn't there a prohibition on a city official being involved in an issue that may have a financial outcome for them?

  16. I'm confused. What info did Bossypants give about the COPS program and how was that information a financial gain for Bossypants. I want to believe that she again has some kind of conflict but I can't figure your post out.

  17. Did the Mayor vote on something that would affect her husband's salary or benefits or something like that? Doesn't sound like it.

    No COI here.

  18. From the State Attorney General's website.

    Ethics Orientation for State Officials
    presented by
    The California Attorney General's Office and the Fair Political Practices Commission

    Table of Contents

    4. All Contractual Conflicts

    4.1 What Does Government Code Section 1090 Prohibit?

    Government Code section 1090 provides that an officer or employee may not make a contract in which he or she is financially interested. Any participation by an officer or an employee in the process by which such a contract is developed, negotiated and executed is a violation of section 1090. If the governmental decision in question does not involve a contract, or if a contract in which an officer or employee has a financial interest is not ultimately executed, no violation exists.

    4.2 Contract Requirement

    For the prohibition of section 1090 to apply, there must be a contract. Section 1090 does not apply to other types of governmental action such as adopting regulations, issuing permits or licenses, conducting investigations, issuing reports etc.

    Section 1090 applies not only to written state contracts, it also applies to oral contracts and purchases made outside of the formal contract process. Grants generally qualify as contracts for purposes of section 1090.

    Here's Jessica Carrington speaking with Dennis Lowery, the ethics officer for her agency. Follow along to learn more about Government Code section 1090.

    Jessica: "Hi Dennis, as the ethics officer for our department, I have a question for you. Although the Political Reform Act covers a lot of ground, apparently, it is not the only conflict of interest law in this state. I've heard something about Government Code section 1090. What does it cover?"

    Dennis: "Well Jessica, Government Code section 1090 deals specifically with conflicts of interest in the contracting-making process. It does not supplant the Political Reform Act, but acts in tandem with it. Here's what it does. It provides that an officer or employee may not make a contract in which he or she is financially interested."

    Jessica: "Does that mean a public official cannot be involved in with such a contract process at all?"

    Dennis: "That's right. Any participation by an officer or an employee in the process by which such a contract is developed, negotiated and executed is a violation of section 1090. Also, there are situations where a board member's participation is attributed even where the board member does not actually participate."

    Jessica: "Now let me make sure that I am following you. Did you say that section 1090 applies only to contracts or does it apply to other types of governmental action?"

    Dennis: "For the prohibition of section 1090 to apply, there must be a contract. Section 1090 does not apply to other types of governmental action such as adopting regulations, issuing permits or licenses, conducting investigations or issuing reports."

    Jessica: "Does Government Code section 1090 apply only to written contracts?"

    Dennis: "No. In addition to written contracts, Government Code section 1090 applies to all contracts, including oral contracts and purchases made outside the formal contract process."

    Follow along as Jessica and Dennis continue their conversation about Government Code section 1090

    Jessica: "What about grants? Are grants considered separately from contracts?"

    Dennis: "No. Jessica, grants generally qualify as contracts for purposes of section 1090."

    Jessica: "What happens if I discover that I have a conflict of interest under section 1090 at some point in the contract-making process."

    Dennis: "You'd want to discontinue the contract process at once. Fortunately, if a contract in which an officer or employee has a financial interest is not ultimately executed, no violation exists."

    Jessica: "Thank you, Dennis, for helping me understand a little bit about Government Code section 1090."

    Let's Review

    The Department of Technology is considering adopting regulations which would regulate access to the Internet, and thereby adversely affect stocks owned by the director. Does section 1090 apply? Answer yes or no.


    No is correct, because section 1090 does not apply to the making of regulations.

    4.3 Most Officials Covered

    The prohibition of section 1090 applies to virtually all state and local officers, employees and multimember bodies, such as boards or commissions, whether elected or appointed, at both the state and local levels.

    4.4 Participation in the Making of a Contract

    4.4.1 General Rule

    An official participates in the making of a contract if the official is involved with its preparation at any stage in the process. The contract making process begins at the time the idea for the contract is conceived and continues through the actual execution of the contract. That means that planning, determining the scope of the contract, drafting plans and specifications, setting contract terms, evaluating applicants, and negotiating are all included. Under the general rule, officials may avoid a violation of section 1090 by disqualifying themselves from participation in the making of the contract whenever they have a financial interest in the contract. There are limited exceptions to the general rule which are strictly interpreted.

    4.4.2 The Rule As Applied To Multimember Bodies

    Members of bodies with contracting power are conclusively presumed to participate in the making of all contracts under the body's jurisdiction. If a member of a multimember body with contracting power has a financial interest in a contract, section 1090 generally provides that the contract cannot be made even if the member has disqualified himself or herself from actually participating in the contract. The law does provide several limited exceptions which will permit a financially interested board member to disqualify himself or herself and allow the remaining members of the body to enter into the contract. These exceptions are termed "remote interest exceptions." They are quite limited and are strictly interpreted.

    Let's Review

    Tom is an employee in the statistics division of the department. He spoke with his supervisor concerning the benefits of contracting with a private vendor for certain services. Subsequently, the department decided to solicit bids from vendors for the performance of such services. Did Tom's conversation with his supervisor constitute "participating in the making of a contract" according to section 1090? Answer yes or no.


    Yes is correct. Tom participated in the early idea development and reasoning stages of the contract making process.

    4.5 Financial Interest Broadly Defined

    Section 1090 does not define when an official is financially interested in a contract. However, the courts have applied the prohibition to include a broad range of interests. The courts have continually reiterated that no matter how twisted and winding the trail may be, if the connection between the financial interest of the official and the contract can be made, a violation of section 1090 will be found. Under section 1090, financial interests are often defined in terms of relationships. For example, if you have an employment relationship with the person or entity which seeks to contract with your agency, you are deemed to have a financial interest in the contract. Other examples of economic relationships which constitute a financial interest within the meaning of section 1090 include:

    * attorney, agent or broker of a contracting party;
    * supplier of services or goods to a contracting party;
    * landlord or tenant of a contracting party; and
    * officer or employee of a nonprofit corporation which is a contracting party.

    The official's interest also includes the community property and separate property interests of the official's spouse.

    Let's Review

    Under section 1090, the term "financial interest" is specifically defined in statutes and regulations. True or false?


    False is correct because the term "financial interest" is not defined in section 1090 or in regulations, but rather has been given broad construction by court decisions.

    Let's Review

    The separate property of an official's spouse is not a financial interest under section 1090. True or false?


    False is the correct answer.

    4.6 Timing is Crucial

    As you know by now, section 1090 prohibits officials with financial interests from making contracts in their official capacity. If a person has previously entered into a contract with the state prior to appointment or employment with a government agency, the contract is unaffected by section 1090. However, section 1090 would apply to any modification, option, renewal or extension of the contract.

    4.7 Harsh Penalties and Remedies

    Any contract made in violation of section 1090 is void and cannot be enforced. An official who commits a violation of section 1090 is subject to criminal, civil and administrative sanctions. A person convicted of violating Section 1090 is also forever disqualified from holding any office in this state.

    Recent court decisions underscore the adverse consequences of violating section 1090.

    Thomson v. Call: In this case, a city councilmember had sold a parcel of land to a third party, which in turn re-sold the property to the city. Despite the fact that the councilmember had abstained from the council vote which authorized the city's acquisition of the property, and had acted throughout in good faith, the California Supreme Court concluded that he had violated section 1090. As a sanction, the Court required the councilmember to forfeit the entire sales price of $258,000, while the city was permitted to retain the property. Thus, where section 1090 is violated, the government can get its money back without having to restore any of the benefits received under the contract. The fact that the contract is fair, or even highly advantageous to the government, is irrelevant.

    People v. Honig: The State Superintendent of Public Instruction was found guilty of violating section 1090 by entering into official contracts in which he had a financial interest. Superintendent Honig was criminally convicted of this offense, and eventually was required to relinquish his public office as a result.

    Let's Review

    Violation of section 1090 can lead to which of the following? Click on all four answers to see if you were correct.

    a. A void contract b. State retains benefit; any payment received must be returned c. Felony conviction

    d. Permanent loss of office in California

    Answers: a, b, c, and d

    a. Yes, violation of section 1090 can lead to a void contract. b. Yes, violation of section 1090 can lead to the state retaining benefit and the contractor having to return any payment received. c. Yes, violation of section1090 can lead to a felony conviction. d. Yes, violation of section1090 can lead to permanent loss of office in California.

    Remember These Points

    Applies to contracts

    Participation at any stage of the process counts

    Financial interests broadly defined

    Violation voids contract, but government keeps the benefits

    Felony and permanent ban from holding office


    You have completed the contractual conflicts of interest, all contracts module. The next module is 5. State Contract Conflicts.

  19. Set the record straightSeptember 19, 2006 1:18 PM

    Dear anonymous with COI,

    Are you serious? You think because Bossypants talked about a contract with the Sheriff's Department that a conflict of interest applies? Did they vote on a contract? I wasn't there so I don't know, but it sounds like they did not. Even if they did vote on a contract how is it that Bossypants will gain? Does her husband get a pay raise? Does it increase the property value of their house? I think her husband is a salaried employee and gets the same amount of money as other like employees in his job. In fact I think his salary is covered by a labor contract. So tell me again how she gains and why this is a conflict of interest. Certainly your cut and past from the attorney general's web site doesn't apply.

  20. The information from the Attorney General's website does apply.

  21. So it appears you have no facts, just wild unsubstaniated accusations. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  22. EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIPSeptember 20, 2006 1:20 PM

    I am grateful to read this info from the Attorney General's website.

    According to my reading, this does apply. Because the financial interest is to be BROADLY construed according to the courts.

    Anonymous, don't judge the previous poster so harshly. He or she is doing us a big favor to alert us to this conflict of interest, in my opinion.

    "The prohibition of section 1090 applies to virtually all state and local officers, employees and multimember bodies, such as boards or commissions, whether elected or appointed, at both the state and local levels."

    So this 1090 prohibition would apply to both Christy Guerin and her husband, Alfred Guerin. The question is whether a contract was negotiated by City Council with the County Sheriffs, and whether Alfred Guerin has a "financial interest" in the contract. We say he does as he is allegedly the commander of this COPPs division. His salary is without doubt affected by the number of people under his command.

    "Section 1090 does not define when an official is financially interested in a contract. However, the courts have applied the prohibition to include a broad range of interests. The courts have continually reiterated that no matter how twisted and winding the trail may be, if the connection between the financial interest of the official and the contract can be made, a violation of section 1090 will be found. Under section 1090, financial interests are often defined in terms of relationships. For example, if you have an EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP with the person or entity which seeks to contract with your agency, you are deemed to have a financial interest in the contract."

    "The official's interest also includes the community property and separate property interests of the official's spouse."

    Although this conflict is not about property interests per se, it certainly seems to include monetary benefits from employment relationships of spouses.

    Chirsty Guerin should not have voted on giving her husband's "crew," the COPPs squad, a contract allowing more officers. We have noticed, under Guerin's "reign" there have been many more plain clothes and uniformed officers in the audience at Council Meetings in the past. Was this another conflicted "contract?" We think so. Christy Guerin thinks she is the law, and therefore is above it.

  23. Ashamed of Guerin'sSeptember 20, 2006 1:50 PM

    We agree; the Guerin's are conflicted. Both have an employment relationship with their respective government agencies. Alfred Guerin, as commander of the COPPs division, has an employment relationship and therefore a financial interest in negotiating contracts through his wife, Mayor Guerin.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, previous anonymous for trying to cast doubt on those of us who are concerned about these conflicts, thereby sweeping the corruption under the rug.

    We think the Guerin's, Christy and Alfred, who both are now making over $100,000 per year, each, including benefits, and additionally have both received Workman Comp settlements, Christy Guerin still receiving $2,000 every single month in "disability," should be ashamed of themselves.

  24. Ashamed of Guerin
    Employment relationship

    Go get jobs!!! J.P. told you to post under only 1 set of names!! You are not fooling anyone by trying to post under a bunch of different names( in the last topic about Barret Homes,you posted under at least 7 names).

    You have too much time on your hands!! Go work for a living, do something contructive with your lives instead of being a pain in the ass to your neighbors and the people that read this blog!!!

    Whine, whine, whine that's all you do. Offer something constuctive for a change!!!

    And NO I haven't hacked into the server, it's so easy to know who you are from your postings!!!

    And before you attack me and tell me to get a job, I have a JOB!!! Being YOUR Bum!!! Adding Character to the community, you think this is easy?? Hell no!!! I have to work at it just everyone else that HAS A JOB!!!

    Staggering down the 101, keeping you honest is my job, it's your Roadside Park Bum!!

  25. Probably this post is top old for you to read, but I will say it again, make some specific allegations. The Guerin's cannot in anyway benefit from a city contract with the Sheriff's Department. Sheriff's employees salaries are set by collective bargining and are not increased or decreased by the size of the Sheriff's Department. There is no COPPs Division.

    The question should be is this contract good for the city or bad. The problem I have is there is not oversight of the Sheriff's Department except by our city council and city manager. We know both of these entities don't care about the majority of this city they are worried about their own special interests. I would like to see a commission, with some teeth, to work with the Sheriff's Department to focus thir efforts on quality of life issues in our city (residential speeding, graffitti, homeless sleeping in bushes, loud neighbors, etc.). They are good at protecting Starbucks but I don't see them doing anything in our neighborhoods.

  26. do you people ever read the coast news?


  28. On the council consent calendar next week --

    Approval of joint operating and financial plan with the County of San Diego Sheriff's Department for Contract Law Enforcement Service for the period July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007.

    The service categories includes 3 COPPS.

  29. Part of the reality of politics are perks.Japanese politicians joy riding on helicoters is new? Naw just the same old same old.Up in LA County the joy rides include Catalina Island trips on the Baywatch..

  30. anonymous wrote - "Part of the reality of politics is perks."

    The reality is that politicians are becoming the Randy Cunninghams in political office.

    If you accept their behavior, or you any better?

  31. In oRange County the assistant sheriff went to jail for giving perks on their helicopter.

  32. Jobless Bum is DumbSeptember 24, 2006 1:21 AM

    RSB, you are a jerk. I think most of the people posting here work many more hours than you do. We know you are "retired." Starkist only wants Tunas that taste good, Charlie. Mmmmmmmm.

    Instead of addressing the questions raised by the posters, you try to distract by judging those who are posting out of concern, and to share information. Posters spend time coming up with facts, verifying them, stating their opinions. Yeah, you are full of gas, drunken bum.

    These issues matter. Let the Attorney General and the courts decide. That link goes right to Duffy, by the way.

    JP never said not to post under more than one name, Dumb Bum. He just asked us not to post under Jerome Stocks' name.

    You go back to a post from eight days ago, and try to discredit those who are working together for an improved community. Why don't you get a life, somewhere else?

    Why don't you split and put us all out of your misery, creep. Good riddance.

  33. RSPB is a bag of wind. His ship has sailed.

    Not honest, not interested in anything but getting sidewalks for his own biz interests, stopping flooding for his own biz interests, distracting from City Council's conflicts of interests.

    In Cardiff, the biz owners got together and sponsored an own you own square. Each entity or individual could purchase a square of sidewalk and put his/her/its name on it. Kind of like "Adopt a Hwy." It worked, and the sidewalks, there, are swell.

    Self-initiative, RSPB. You could do one square yourself with all the panhandling you do.

    We need brains and bravery, not boors and bums. And you are a hypocrite, too. You know it better than anyone.

  34. Took you long enough to get back to me!!! You two are pathetic!!! Mindless windbags of cerebral goo!! LOL,LOL,LOL!!!!

    Try working for a living, rather than going around telling everyone how put upon you are by Sabine and company.

    I offer solutions to Leucadias problems, you two are problems for Leucadia!!!

    Post under 1 name each, stop trying to give the impression that there are m.

    4. High school is: something I hope to never go through ever again.

    5. When I'm nervous I: probably sound idiotic.

    6. The last time I cried was: it's been so long I don't remember.

    7. If I were to get married right now my best man would be: I'm more interested in who the damn bride is.

    8. My hair: in need of a haircut.

    9. When I was 5: I was in school, prolly.

    10. Last Christmas: I don't even remember last Christmas very well. Aside from the fact there was no pork.

    11. When I turn my head left: I see boxes and a wall. And plenty of crap.

    12. I should be: more prepared for Christmas.

    13. When I look down, I see: my lower half, a chair, the floor, the desk and keyboard.

    14. The craziest recent event was: the second motherboard failure. Or maybe me idiotically challenging two hot girls to a mudwrestling comp

  35. Took you long enough to get back to me!!! You two are pathetic!!! Mindless windbags of cerebral goo!! LOL,LOL,LOL!!!!

    Try working for a living, rather than going around telling everyone how put upon you are by Sabine and company.

    I offer solutions to Leucadias problems, you two are problems for Leucadia!!!

    Post under 1 name each, stop trying to give the impression that there are many people like you saying the same thing!!! You are a minority!! But because of that I'm sure you will want to be "protected" and have your speech impowered!!!

    The sidewalk you speak of is on Birmingham Dr. Up and down the hill, put there God knows when!! It's a piece of shit!!! But a Cardiff piece of shit sidewalk is better than NO piece of shit sidewalk in Leucadia!!

    Viva Cardiff!!

    Staggering down the 101 on my way to Cardiff to walk on the community paid for sidewalk, it's your RSPB!!

    And how would JP know that you post under the name J Stocks?? Simple, he is just as tired as everyone else with your BS and put-upon persecution complex!!! Whaaaaaa, Whaaaa!!!(But I don't speak for JP), I only speak for myself-posting under ONLY 1 name!!!!RSPB!!!

  36. JP has now told RSPB to "F" off. Bumish one has now said, "later." I hope he stays gone, this time.

    All he cares about are his own interests, and he tries to pit Cardiff against us.

    He is no one to judge who is or who is not a problem, or to say who is delusional, mentally ill, or a minority.

    He is a minority, posing, often, as anonymous, and lying that he posts under only one name. We know who you are, and your character attacks and distractions will not work, here.

    If you think Leucadia is a "sh~t-hole" as you say in your recent post, then leave. We don't agree and your character assasination only makes you look like the lunatic you appear to be.


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