Friday, September 22, 2006

Interesting Post

I found this post from a reader interesting:

Last night at the Leucadia Candidates Forum both Dan Dalager and Doug Long touted the wonderful financial situation of our city. I don't think either has the foggiest idea of the money manipulation that Kerry Miller has done. The hiring of Phil Cotton as city manager is to guarantee the status quo and hide the money trail out of the SDWD into the general fund. Will the city be forced to repay the money illegally transferred, as in San Diego? Only an outside, truly independent, line item audit will suffice. Not the annual audit that Dalager so smugly stated is being done and thinks is adequate.

Dalager also stated that Cotton cleaned up the mess in the Public Works Department. What mess? Lyn Wurbs left only about a year ago to take another job after it was discovered $1 million was missing and an additional assessment had to be made on Cardiff property owners to replace it. The "mess" had been created by Kerry Miller and his money manipulation. Cotton cleaned up nothing. It is the Cardiff taxpayers who will be cleaning up the "mess."

Last night only Teresa Barth had a clear sense of the problems in our city and maybe Tom Brown. D & D don't want to get it. That's Dumbest and Dumbester.


  1. Contact State Attorney GeneralSeptember 22, 2006 4:36 PM

    Yes, very interesting. Read all the comments on JP's previous post, re the missing money, Kerry Miller's mess ups.

    I hope to be there next Wednesday to ask about the fact that SDWD sold it's operating headquarters to itself and the City in 2003, and now, with nowhere to go will pay 3 to five million dollars for rights of perpetual use at Mossy Ford. This is a conflict of interest with the ratepayers of SDWD. Please, someone get the State Attorney General on this ASAP.

  2. More Conflicts of InterestSeptember 22, 2006 4:38 PM

    Ok, I copied and pasted the previous follow-up post. Thank you, anonymous:

    "Weird things you see in the "dark side" of the city council arena---

    In 2003,
    The San Dieguito Water District (SDWD) with a completely paid off District headquarters property on Cornish being sold for one million dollars by the District Board/city council to the city/city council for a portion of the new library.

    In 2006,
    The SDWD, now without any property to call its own as headquarters,
    will pay at least $3,380,000 and maybe up to $5,000,000 to be allowed to have the "perpetual rights of use" of a portion of the Mossy/city public works property.

    The approval will be given by the Board/city council next Wednesday, Sept. 27.

    Perpetual rights of use doesn't sound like an ownership phrase.

    That's a weird deal.

    September 21, 2006"

  3. I just posted some stuff on Sabine on another of J.P's posts on this page. If interested, I believe I put it under the Candidates Forum post.

  4. the missing million bucksSeptember 22, 2006 11:04 PM

    Please come find me. I am stuffed in Kerry Miller's mattress.

  5. Gil? Are you out of town? What did you find out at your meeting with Glenn Sabine?

    Inquiring minds want to know. And Dr. Lorri is "calling you out," in her comment, a couple of JP's posts back, under "Candidates' Forum."

    What gives, Gil?

    We hope Sabine didn't threaten to sue you, too.

  6. Yeah, Dalager didn't do well, again, at the second candidate's forum, and I went to both of them.

    Nobody brought up the Jewish issue at this one. There were a lot of Leucadia specific questions. The candidates all said what they knew the audience would want to hear.

    Teresa Barth did well. On the question of sidewalks in Leucadia, Dan Dalager said they are going to put them in starting at North Ct. Well, that means that part of the grass would be cut off at the Panikin. And we already do have sidewalks, going north, from the Roadhouse, beginning at Athena. Yeah Danny Dalager blew it again, in our opinion.

  7. each and every one of you should write a letter to the attorney general with this info - the attorney general's office investigates - your name will not be released. Write the letters and get this messed investigated.

  8. I am glad to see that others are interested in this. I have spoken in public three times before the city council about this $1 million discrepancy in the Public Works Department. Each time the council reacted with complete silence. This is odd, because Christy Guerin and Jerome Stocks never miss an opportunity to tell someone that he or she is wrong. To me their silence is tacit confirmation of my belief that the money was improperly transferred into the general fund.

    The last time I spoke before the council about this was when they approved the lease revenue bonds last month. Doug Long spoke right after me and said he was appalled by my comments. Then Christy Guerin said she was appalled and lashed into me. But she never answered my questions. It was only a personal attack.

    Now Dan Dalager, echoed by Doug Long, are saying that our city has a sterling financial rating. Why then do they both not want an independent, forensic audit? It would only prove that those of us who are calling for the audit are wrong. Or would it?

    I remember several years ago when James Bond in council chambers called for an outside audit. Christy Guerin wasted no time in badgering him into submission. Ian Thompson, husband of Maggie Houlihan, both in the newspaper and before the council, is correct when he says that the males on council are subservient.

    Am I the only one who has noticed that Doug Long always uses the royal "we" in the Candidates Forums? The personal pronoun "I" doesn't seem to be in his vocabulary. I suppose he thinks he has already won his council seat.

    As they are appalled by me, similarly I can say with a smile on my face that I am appalled by them.

  9. Adding to Jerry's comments. At the Cardiff candidates forum, I asked Dan why we don't have an independent audit of the City's books. His answer was "we do". Apparently he has no idea what we are talking about, or doesn't care. Personally, I think it is probably my first guess. Sometimes it is a little scary to think of Dan making decisions which affect us all. Even Jim Bond, before he got "squished into silence", asked for an independent audit.

  10. Mayor is vindictive, negligent & deceitfulSeptember 24, 2006 9:02 PM

    Yes, a million dollars is a whole lot of money. Make no mistake. As far as I am concerned, there is also a million dollars that was wasted when we overpaid for the Mossy public works property, knowing that the SDWD ratepayers would have to make up for the difference.

    Our City is not operating in good faith and with honest, informed advice. Phil Cotton was picked because he will go along with the powers that be. Bossy Christy Guerin said she "wasn't going anywhere." She plans to hassle us long after she leaves office, because she "has the guns."

  11. This news article has to do with government employees health care benefits. The costs are staggering.

    Dan Dalager has helped position Encinitas for a future bankrupcy. The city finance people won't reveal the projected health care benefits shortfall. They don't acknowledge the $7.4 million unfunded pension liability shown by the state in 2004.

    Encinitas is heading for a financial disaster.

    The candidates should answer the questions of what services will you cut and how much will you raise taxes or fees to cover the employees' unfunded pension and health care benefits?

  12. Tom Brown is a much bettter choice than Dalager or Long. Dumb and Dumber have been part of the problm since incorporation. Paul Martens is a joke.

    Barth and Brown is the best choice.


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