Saturday, September 02, 2006

Keeping Leucadia Beautiful?

The parking lot next to Karina's and 100% Natural on the coast highway has been fenced off and is a trash pit, complete with outdated election signs.

I talked to Elizabeth, the popular lady who runs both restaurants, and she wasn't too happy about it but the parking lot doesn't belong to her.

The parking lot belongs to this property owner, and this building isn't looking well kept either.

What's the deal?


  1. Maybe the property owner wants a redevelopment district to help him out. Is he trying to blight the hood?

  2. The property owner hasn't cared what happens to that location for years and probibly never will. Only when it was the sign and printing shop was it kept up nicely by the tenants. I don't know if the tenant now is also the property owner, if so this blog won't shame him/her into doing something, they just don't care. What ever they do, they do 4MYSLM8!!

    J.P. you missed photographing the trash that collects at their front door. Seldom swept up, some days it's there, others not. The sidewalk always needs sweeping!!

    Elizabeth, what a sweetheart and good cook also, can't tell you how many half eaten burritos and uneaten rolled tacos I've bogarted from her dumpster!!!

    Nice to know we are all safe from Tusnamis now isn't it!! How long did it take the state, to get Coastal Commision approval for those signs?? It took L101 over 9 months for the Leucadia sign, aren't they such a great bunch of bureaucrats to work with, aren't you glad you have a bunch of NON-ELECT people telling how YOUR state and city and YOUR property is to be use!!!

    MR. CUT and RUN!!!
    Am I the only one that saw the article in the Coast News saying, Mr."I'm Too Polished for These People" Kerry Miller Enc. City Manager is leaving!! Having resigned last Aug 23RD. So many people on this blog hate his guts and noone posts anything!?!? Perhaps this is a joke or I'm going throught the DT's Again or I'm having a drug induced phycotic episode!! But it seems to me that Miller has spent the city deep into debt and now is cutting and running before the bills come due!!

    J.P. why you selected this property to be profiled on your blog isn't hard to understand, you live next door(err across the alley, hell you think the lot is ugly, check out the alley). The truth be told, there are plenty of dumpy lots and building along 101 that you can profile. How about the LOG CABINS?? What a shit hole!! Or that red building just north of the Luecadian, just what the hell is that building anyway, noone lives or works there, it's just "there".
    OH I keep forgetting these places add Character to the community, and we should embrace that trash! For it is part of the funkiness of Leucadia!!

    Adding "character,funkiness, and trash" to the 101 all at the same moment in time, it's your Roadside Park Bum!!!

  3. Maybe someone will buy it and put something nice.

  4. Jerome/Jason/jack/janet/jane/joeSeptember 02, 2006 8:54 PM

    RSPB says it best. Leucadia can use some help to realize our full potential!

  5. WOW- JP dumps FUNKY. I support that move! Unique is much more appropriate. I like what Leucadia 101 advertises- Leucadia- The Art and Soul of Encinitas. It does not leave any room for interpretation of Junky. Just pure class Art and Soul!

  6. We don't need any stinking help from "a bunch of NON-ELECT people telling us how OUR state and city and OUR property is to be used!!!"

    We don't need more layers of government. The community might be able to put pressure on these people. We could get brooms.

    Also, the City already has laws on the books about chainlink fencing (hurricane fencing) not being allowed along road frontage. They selectively enforce the laws they do have, persecuting those they don't like, ignoring the violations of those they do, or with some kind of "connection." They already have laws on the books, too, about trash not being in a yard for more than a week. If it's recycling, the property owner gets a month. Those messy property owners should get a posted warning, by concerned citizens warning them to clean up, or a complaint will be filed. Oh Code Enforcement has to keep busy to justify their many employee hours, on the taxpayers' dime.

    Blighting an area, or more "infrastructure" is not the answer. The individuals have to do the clean up, and they can be motivated by the community. The tenants should clean up, too, as they did in the past, according to rspb.

  7. Keep it Funky, and cleanSeptember 02, 2006 9:47 PM

    I don't see where JP is dumping "Keep Leucadia Funky."

    He's for dumping trash and garbage, not FUNKY.

    If you don't appreciate funky, you can always move to Anaheim. ha ha. Or perhaps Encinitas Ranch or new Olivenhein?

  8. Look at the name of the Blog- SON!
    JP dumped FUNkY. and I agree with the move!

  9. Yeah- Keep Leucadia Unique! Ass kicking Unique!! The opposite of Developer Box home Ponto. Which I feel is a shame considering it’s our neighbor.

  10. Leucadia- The ART and SOUL of ENCINITAS!

  11. Well I think this deserves abit of explanation! Are we Funky or Unique?? And why the change?? What's the story behind the story??

    And why still no comments on Miller jumping ship?? Hellllloooooo, you posters HATE Kerry Miller!! Yet you have nothing to say, no crowing, about his leaving!!! I think he sees the writing on the wall, with new coucil coming in November, it's better to show a resume that says I resigned, then one that shows being fired!!! But according to the Coast News, he already has a job with the city of Folsom, Ca. I can't decide whether his thinking is FUNKY or UNIQUE!!!

    Staggering down the 101, damn proud I'm neither funky nor unique, it's your RSPB!!!

  12. Hey Fuckers- Just remember who makes you cool. That’s me and my hogassbro clan. Talk all you want. Just don’t pull any enforcement on me. Remember. I'm the roar of holly Sunday!

    I'll have to get my San Marcos folk to show up at one of your coastal council meetings.

    Pecker Heads-You all suck my straight pipe. Leucadian Pussy shit! I own you!!!!

  13. I am personally tired of the senseless noise of the illegal straight pipes. What is up? Isn’t anybody else tired of the straight pipe noise? Why are people allowed to run no mufflers? I’m thinking about running straight pipes on my Toyota Corolla and all my other vehical. The only thing stopping me is respect for my neighbors.. What’s up?

  14. 101 Angel's MotherSeptember 02, 2006 11:34 PM

    101 Angel
    Now you've had 1 too many beers and it's time to lay your head on your pillow and say "Nite,Nite". And in the morning you'll realize just how stupid you are and want to apologize for being such a douche!!!
    But that's OK because I already know how stupid you are and what a douche also. How do I know, I'm your Mommy, I think I say it best "The louder the hog, the smaller the log!!" That sums up my son the 101 angel,stupid douche, small log.
    Why can't you be more like your brother, he has a life!!!

  15. JP- Please Explain the change. I personally support it!

  16. Mom- don't post. dats not cool. so what i dont talk to you.

    I am just trying to act cool. how else can I act like a rebel. All I want is your love

  17. Dr Lorri your intervention is needed. Please save our family.

  18. There is an article in today's (Sunday) NC Times about San Marcos Re-development.

  19. 9/3/06: looks like someone ran over the "Leucadia Roadside Park" sign.
    Must've been some baby boomer from New Encinitas talking on their cell phone making plans to rip off Generation X!!!

  20. RSB, JP broke the Miller leaving story before the NCT did. Check the archives.

  21. Ltr to Coast News EditorSeptember 03, 2006 8:26 PM

    Re 9/1/06 Coast News article “Encinitas city manager resigns:”. Many residents have expressed concern and disappointment over outgoing City Manager Kerry Miller's performance in Encinitas, and before that, in South Lake Tahoe. Under Mr. Miller's watch both cities have gone into substantial debt, at taxpayers’ expense. In Encinitas, unfunded pension benefits have dramatically increased, as have the overall compensation for City Manager Miller and City Attorney Glenn Sabine.

    Neither outgoing Mayor Christy Guerin nor Kerry Miller has been accessible to us, personally. Too many decisions are made in closed sessions. Kerry Miller has been directed by City Attorney Glenn Sabine, who also is not elected, is not accessible, and is contracted attorney for several other cities, including La Mesa. Guerin need not participate in selecting our new Manager. We are glad both Guerin and Miller are leaving! In fact, many hope Council will now act to appoint an interim mayor so that Guerin cannot continue to use bad judgment to make more poor decisions.

    The citizens do support the decisions of the California Coastal Commission and its staff, unlike Christy Guerin, Dan Dalager and their man, outgoing City Manager, Kerry Miller. The citizens of Encinitas also do not want to pay for a new revenue bond using the loophole of our new library to improperly prevent our being able to vote upon this obligation for future debt, including interest, which will have to be repaid over thirty years, long after Guerin and Miller are gone.

  22. more than a plumberSeptember 04, 2006 6:21 AM

    JP's post clearly shows that government must step in with a redevelopment district! Market forces do not work. We need Dan to appoint 7 people to tell 101 buisness owners how to micromanage their property.

  23. oh yeah, 7 people who will earn a salary of $100,000 per year, and an RDA lasts 35-40 years? I dunno about you "more than a plumber", but I was at the RDA workshop and RDA presentation at a City Coucil meeting and two nice ladies from La Mesa and Poway who are on revedelopment agencies showed us their power point presentations and we saw clearly what happens when govenment steps get Office Depots, Aaron Brothers, Bedsheets Are Us 'n' Stuff and a cookie cutter commerical sprawl that would ruin the Leucadia corridor forever. Or maybe "more than a plumber" wants a new job on the RDA, eh?

    There are plenty of lots that looks like this in Encinitas, like Dan Dalagars front yard, for example, and the house right behind Anderson's Stationers, and the weed infested lot right across from the Mailbox Satation on 2nd street. May I remind you all that the only definition of "blight" that is needed to qualify for an RDA is this:

    "lots of irregular shape that are adjacent to each other".

    That's 90% of the whole damn county.

    Look, I've lived in areas that are blighted...Artestia Blvd. in Redondo Beach; Long Beach; 42 St. and Denker Ave., in South Central LA and Carson. Leucadia doesn't even come CLOSE to looking as crappy as these towns.

  24. So who is "more than a plumber" who wants redevelopment for Leucadia. It sounds like Doug, you know, Dan's sidekick.
    Why did he suggest that "Dan appoint the 7 member ........"
    D and D, otherwise known as Dumb and Dumber, the knife sharpner and the plumber. Remember the plumber hired Jack Orr as his political consultant so watch and see how dirty this campaign gets. Where Jack Orr goes, dirt is sure to follow.

  25. How do I apply one of those jobs? I was thinking it would be cool to have a Lowes. I hate Home Depot.

    We could take the lots around Katrinas for the new store. What do you all think?

    Some of you short sighted people that will be looking out for themselves, like Sally and the other baby boomer haters, will not like this idea. But because of the sales tax Lowes will generate we could build lifeguard mansions, public works mansions, and other neat things for the community. We could afford to build a regional pool.


    Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6, at 4:30 pm, the city council will hold a closed session meeting on a public employee appointment, the city manager.

    If you want to at least protest what the city council is doing tomorrow in a closed session, email and phone the city clerk and the council.

  27. Lowes on the coast highway?

  28. We dont need to afford anything especially a regional pool, we can just borrow $20 million bucks at the wave of Councils wand. Why not make it 200 Mil.


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