Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our Unique Funkyness

The wife and I were talking Leucadia the other night. I like to seek my wife's opinions, she approaches topics with practical logic. She is cool, calm and collected with a dash of passion and sincerity and a refreshing lack of ego. I asked her what she thought of our unofficial town slogan, Keep Leucadia Funky.

As a third generation Leucadian she says she understands what the "funky" means but feels that it is being misinterpreted by the masses. I agreed, the word funky is off putting to some. Before, I didn't care. If "they" didn't get the funky then that was their problem. But now Leucadia has all eyes on her. There are grumblings from the yuppies who live over the hill (on the darkside). They want to gentrify Leucadia, make her more familiar. The R word just won't go away. You keep hearing it, redevelopment--redevelopment.

A wacky neighbor of mine gave me a ration of grief over the word funky. She thought it meant smoking crack in a tye dye shirt. I didn't know where to begin with that one so I just nodded and smiled and back away slowly.

So the wife suggested changing the name of the blog to Keep Leucadia Unique. My ears perked up, "Have you been reading the blog?" I asked. She laughed and stirred the ice cubes in her tea. "I've never read your Leucadia blog." she confessed, "Leave me out of the political stuff."

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Keep Leucadia Funky is the greatest t-shirt slogan ever. Shatto at Deluxe (next to La Especial on the coast highway) has made a few shirts but I'm surprised local merchants haven't run with it more. In Austin Texas you see plenty of Keep Austin Weird t-shirts and bumper stickers. In Ballard, a community of Seattle, you lots of Free Ballard shirts and stickers.

I see plenty of Keep Leucadia Funky stickers and Keep Leucadia Funky license plate frames (with proceeds going to a scholarship). It's a popular expression and I like it, but I'm beginning to wonder if it serves us well.

Leucadia is funky this true, but Leucadia is more than that. Leucadia is unique.

Leucadia is THE last cool quaint beach town in southern California. You won't get the same small town beach feel until north of San Luis Obispo.

I'm not a status quo guy when it comes to Leucadia. I like to see the commercial property owners take some responsibility and invest into the community. I like to see home owners taking care of their yards. I want to see the apartment building landlords invest some of that rent money back into the property. I want to see the city do their civic duty and invest our tax dollars back into our infrastructure. I would like to see the empty weed lots developed into something special.

But redevelopment is not the answer. Bulldozing Leucadia would be a crime because Leucadia is a diamond in the rough. Razing Leucadia would be like stomping on a flower with jack boots before it has a chance to open.

The reality is, most of the buildings on coastal Leucadia just need a fresh coast of paint. It's a shame the facade program doesn't extend north of Leucadia Blvd.

The powers that be, the ones who are interested in forming an RDA, they need to take a road trip up the California coast. They need some perspective. Then they need to drive across America. Then they need to visit some areas that actually have blight. Real blight, not this phony blight of an intersection that should have been improved before Leucadia Blvd connected to El Camino Real and a severly botched attempt to control the flooding.

The irony is, the people who drive through Leucadia without stopping, the people who want redevelopment, they won't stop here after redevelopment. They will just keep driving, but for that 2 minutes as they pass by they will feel better because they only feel comfortable at places like the Forum and the Carlsbad outlet mall. They need generic familiarity. But they won't stop.

Leucadia is not their town, it ours. Let's all move forward together and not lose our souls in the process. Let's keep Leucadia unique.



    Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6, at 4:30 pm, the city council will hold a closed session meeting on a public employee appointment, the city manager.

    If you want to at least protest what the city council is doing tomorrow in a closed session, email and phone the city clerk and the council.

  2. Why not just shorten it to "Keep Leucadia Fun"

    Says it all.

  3. Seems the blog has grown to cover a lot more than just leucadia.

  4. How about...

    "Keep Leucadia Cool"

    I agree with you JP, the "Funky" word just won't get Leucadia taken seriously and needs to go. You just can't say screw what the others think. Remember, in the real world, preception is reality.

  5. Too many closed sessionsSeptember 05, 2006 5:14 PM

    I liked Keep Leucadia Funky.

    Perception may be reality, but most people don't turn their nose up (or down) at the word funky.

    Because a couple of people don't like it doesn't matter. Funky sounds much more cool than "unique." Keep Leucadia Funky has a tradition. People have it on their license plates, on shirts.

    Keep Leucadia unique sounds generic and gentrified to me. Either way, we are against a redevelopment district.

    Also, we will e-mail about the closed session. No fair, again! What do you want to bet they'll just rubberstamp Lame Duck Guerin's choice of Phil Cotton? What are his qualifications? Hopefully, this is just for the interim manager. I say, let Richard Phillips, the assistant manager, be the interim City Manager. We need open sessions on the permanent replacement, of course.

  6. I doubt Richard Philipps is qualified. I would like to see someone qualified running our City.

    I like Leucadia 101's motto:

    Leucadia- The Art and Soul of Encinitas.

    It discribes the vibe I get when I think of Leucadia.

    I fully agree with JP. Leucadia is a diamond in the rough. With a little love and council providing some infrastructure to equal taxes collected in the area, we could have a unique town much cooler than Laguna Beach, or any of the other cool small town along the coast. The Carlsbad Village is very cool. We just want to be more unique with a little bit of funk mixed in. Although some council members may think so, we are not Oxnard and definately not like our poor sister Ponto to the North. Carlsbad destroyed her.

    Leucadia- The Art and Soul of Encinitas!

  7. Right on JP-

    Funky is to close to Junky and carries a mixed message. I fully agree with your post. Good Job!

  8. I'm on the fence about the name for the blog. Maybe I will just change it weekly.

    Keep Leucadia Fantastica.

    Keep Leucadia Deep Fried.

    Keep Leucadia Low Carb.

  9. How about Keep Leucadia Flood Free!!

  10. How about keeping Leucadia Bum Free

  11. "You won't get the same small town beach feel until north of San Luis Obispo."


    I'd keep the "Funky" if I were you guys. Changing "Funky" to "Unique" is gentrification in itself!

  12. Keep Leucadia Funky. JP, go with your first instinct.

    Funky is a kind of music, too. Those who are worried about the "smell" can stay away. Their noses are too high in the air.

    What matters is that we don't fall into the trap of letting City authorities or other govt. entities, like redevelopment agencies, tell us what to do!

  13. Kim, I think it sounds like you want a redevelopment district. We do not need Council to stick their noses in by "keeping taxes in the area." When an RDA is formed, the school districts and other county agencies lose out. The money mainly goes to benefit developers and commercial property owners, at the expense of the homeowners or other small business owners, who are declared blighted.

    Kim, we completely disagree with you. You are probably a Council plant. We are the Art and Soul of Leucadia, and we are FUNKY! If you don't like that, drive your SUV somewhere else.

  14. Plus, KLU doesn't sound as good.

    Sorry to have missed you this weekend, JP. We had a funky good time.

  15. Don't change the name of the parade, B St or this blog.

  16. Play that unique music Anglo Saxon boy.

  17. Play that unique music Anglo Saxon boy.

  18. KLF&U????

    C'mon, JP; you know that's no good.

  19. Haha. Good one, Wild Cherry. Way to keep Leucadia funny.

    And stop gloating, Eric. Didn't we, one year ago, determine that Morro Bay, like Ballard, is filthy, gray and coated in bird shit?


  20. Great Idea- Since council doesn't mind selling out our future, lets ask them to borrow $200 million for all new projects. We could solve Leucadias drainage problems, and complete every project currently conceived. Come on, that’s what we do best is take on debt. Let’s do it. How much fun will that be to build everything in the next few years. We'd be saving money by borrowing for everything today, right?

    Can you also borrow about $35,000 to buy my 2006 Hummer I bought last spring? I feel like a loser when I drive it. I think I'll buy a straighpipe motorcycle and join the fat oldfolks noise gang. Maybe that will make me feel cool. I can become friends with HW101 Angel. Can you also buy my property in San Elijo Hills that I bought for $850,000 back in January? The HOA and Mellaroos are killing me. I sure hope I can get my money out of it. There are a few for sale signs around and I'm beginning to get a little concerned considering I financed $100 with a one year adjustable.

    What do you say, lets mortgage to the tilt. We will be helping the economy! Then we'll need RDA to keep from going Bankrupt

  21. Tacos are yummy. If we get an RDA we can blow out all those old crappy taco places and build some new yummy Taco Bells. Run for the Border! if you haven't already!

  22. Keep Leucadia Junky! I like weeds, tweekers, bums, and broken down houses and buildings along HW101. Now that pure Funk. Keep it Funky helps promotes to keep pushing Leucadia towards an RDA.

    Polish the gem in the rough and you create a wonderfully cool clean funky beach community filled with art and soul. Thats not San Marcos by the Sea and I don't like it. I vote for a RDA

  23. "And stop gloating, Eric. Didn't we, one year ago, determine that Morro Bay, like Ballard, is filthy, gray and coated in bird shit?"

    Uh, yes.

    And, "Tacos Are Yummy" blows doors on "Keep Leucadia Funky and Unique and Funny but Not Junky"


  24. Go home; leave us aloneSeptember 07, 2006 12:54 PM

    We can be funky and unique; we can clean up with good community spirit. It is not the government's job to pick up every piece of litter. We can do this without being declared blighted! That's the only way an RDA can be formed in California.

    We are not blighted. Because you have concerns, danny, does not mean we need an RDA. We don't need another level of bureacracy with Council acting as the Board of Directors, as they are in the San Dieguito Water District.

    No RDA! Funky, groovy; if you don't like the language, then you call it unique. Funk is a kind of music, a perspective, danny, you are too narrowminded to encompass.

    Let it be. And we will clean up our own messes. We don't need to be declared blighted to satisfy your need to sit on another agency or board.

  25. Want to cram a lot of adjectives in there? How about something like this?

    Conscious (or chic?)

    Would it be too much of a hassle always having to spell it vertically?

  26. re Facade Grant ProgramSeptember 08, 2006 5:25 PM

    The Facade Grant Program funds are available to all businesses within the area covered by the Leucadia Specific Plan which covers Coast Hwy 101 from Encinitas Blvd to La Costa Blvd and includs Vulcan, Melrose, and La Vita. The Program is run by volunteers through the Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association.

  27. If todays crash doesn't tell the city they need(along with NCTD) to bury the train I guess nothing will. BURY THE TRACKS!!! WE don't let children walk near the freeway, yet somethow it's OK for children and adults to be 10 yards from a train traveling at 70 MPH. Let alone crossing at a right angle!!

    But hey what do I know I'm just a BUM!!!And a drunk!!

    Staggering down the 101 hoping I don't have to cross at Leucadia Blvd, It's your Roadside Park Bum!!!


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