Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Shoot me for it," Dalager said.

Five in the race for two City Council seats
By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer link

ENCINITAS -- City Council candidates staked out their positions Tuesday in the first forum leading up to November elections.

Incumbent Dan Dalager and Parks and Recreation Commission Chairman Doug Long were generally supportive of the decision-making at Encinitas City Hall, while community volunteer Teresa Barth challenged many recent policy actions.

Contractor Thomas Brown called for improving communication between City Hall and residents, and Paul Martens, who approaches the race as an outsider, said he, too, would work to bring residents together.

The candidates are competing for two open seats, one of them Dalager's. Incumbent Christy Guerin, who has taken a job working for Republican Rep. Brian Bilbray, is not running.

Hosted by the Cardiff Town Council, Tuesday's forum drew more than 100 listeners to the auditorium at Ada W. Harris School.

Questions came directly from members of the audience.

Candidates were asked to state their positions on Proposition A, the November 2005 ballot measure that asked voters whether the City Council should rezone agricultural property for housing.

Long defended his work on the measure's steering committee.

Landowner Paul Ecke III's offer of property for a park and roads ---- and the tax base the new homes would have brought ---- were attractive, Long said.

"I'm not at all upset about being behind that," Long said.

Dalager also supported the measure, which lost badly at the polls.

He said council members had demanded eight acres for park property before approving the measure for the ballot and that had the measure passed, he would have asked for more amenities.

"I voted for it but was not out there campaigning for it," he said.

Barth said Prop. A's defeat amounted to a vote of no confidence for the City Council.

"I voted no," she said flatly. "I campaigned hard against it. I walked the streets and passed out fliers."

Brown said he "was just a voter at the time" and was at first skeptical of the measure. After learning more about it, he said, he voted for it.

As with many questions put before him, Martens did not provide a clear answer. He did not say whether he supported the measure.

"With respect to the way things like Ecke Ranch should be handled," he said, "I don't know the answer."

One question, directed to Dalager, put him on the spot for his decision in 2005 to rename the city-sponsored Encinitas Holiday Parade as the Encinitas Christmas Parade.

He said he stood by his decision and that it stemmed from a conversation he had with Wendy Haskett, a local historian who died in February.

"Shoot me for it," Dalager said.

Long said he marched in the parade when he was a boy and when the event was called the St. Nick's Parade.

"I don't feel a problem with what it's called now," Long said. "It was such an uproar in favor, you'd face a lot more criticism now changing it back."

Brown said he would leave the event's name as the Christmas Parade.

Martens said that if the decision were up to him, he'd call the event the Christmas Holiday Parade.

Barth said she is Catholic and noted that one of Encinitas' most famous icons is the Self-Realization Fellowship retreat, where adherents celebrate the unity of all religious faiths.

"What bothers me most is (the name-change) became an unnecessarily divisive issue in the community," Barth said.

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***Not that I care to revisit the parade name change but if the parade was called the St. Nick's Parade when he marched in it then why didn't Dalagher change the name to that? His earlier explanation of tradition has no logic to it.
I say call the event The Encinitas Christmas/Holiday Parade. See? A win win.


  1. Cotton is in. Check out the U-T article. What the hell kind of Masters is this? Its not an MPA or an MBA.

    "Cotton graduated from the University of California Riverside in 1971 with a bachelor's degree in social sciences. He earned his master's degree in management and supervision from Central Michigan University while serving in the Marine Corps, which he joined in 1971."

    I've never heard of a Masters in management and supervision and the univesity does not have it on their website as a program. The question I have is he qualified (education wise) to be City Manager? He just seems like a yes man to council, and I know they are not qualified to run the City. The City Manager position is the most important position in the City.

  2. Phil Cotton was one step below Lin Wurbs in actions. Now that the council has chosen him as city manager, he may exceed Wurbs in his actions.

  3. I love the comment in the U-T article

    "Resident Hector Lopez said he was disappointed with the general answers some candidates gave.

    “Only Teresa (Barth) made some committed statements,” Lopez said.

  4. attended the candidates forum on Tuesday.

    What I heard from Danny was what a wonderful deal the 20M lease revenue bonds are for us as a city, and that we are borrowing at 4%, such a deal, cheap money, etc. What he didn't say was that if this is so necessary, and so prudent, why didn't the council pursue general obligation bonds with a vote of the citizens. My guess is that the arguments presented in favor wouldn't be that convincing, and the vote would fail. They couldn't take that chance.

    The lease revenue bond scheme is convoluted and pretty edgy legally. I expect a legal challenge. I would love to have heard Danny's response.

  5. Dan Dalager is a donkey patoot.

  6. Calling On All Math Wizards:

    Could someone please explain to me what "bullet voting" is? Is it the same as voting for one cadidate. Bruce Ehlers tried to explain why voting for one candidate, namely Teresa Barth, would be better than voting for two, but I am afraid I'm not very good at math. If "bullet voting' is the same, does it make sense to vote for one? If so, why?

    Teresa is the only candidate that could actually answer questions at the Ada Harris forum. The others, in my opinion, either avoided the question, didn't know or gave half answers. Teresa knows what is going on at City Hall. She had facts, figues etc. to prove her points. She also had the guts to state her positions on different issues. Definitely my candidate of choice.

  7. Leucadia Forum,
    Sept. 21
    Ecke School
    7 p.m.

  8. Dan Dalager is such a liar. The day after the election when Dan won (sob), he was bragging to several people that he was going to change the name of the Holiday Parade to Christmas as well as the Spring Gala to Easter. That poor attempt to pass it off as a conversation with Wendy Haskett is just total bull.

  9. Do you think Lin Wurbs was good or bad? We know we didn't like Kerry Miller. It seems as though Council could have and should have advertised for this job, looked at outside candidates.

    This is one more thing that people will remember come elections in November, Dan Dalager. Yes you seemed to be appealling to sympathy for a cancer non-survivor in your little speech on Tuesday as to why you felt compelled to change the name of the parade from the Holiday Parade to the Christmas Parade. Again, you didn't honestly and directly answer the question.

    I hope someone asks you about your non-support of the Coastal Commission at the next forum. I will if I get the chance. And why the big rush to avoid public input or at least allowing the public to be better informed about your selecting Phil Cotton as our new City Manager? This is another example of your lack of communcation with and trust in the public. We will never vote for you again.

    I hope Mr. Cotton can somehow work to keep costs down. That is something Council has failed at, miserably. Dan, you said you were all for Prop. A going to a vote. Why not the $20 million bond?

  10. If you have ever had any conversations on city work or procedures with Phil Cotton, you have your answer as to whether he is qualified to be the city manager.

  11. Will Phil Cotton keep costs down? Big NO! He recommended that the city spend more than the inflated appraisal price for the Mossy property.

  12. Better govt., vote for Teresa BarthSeptember 07, 2006 12:37 PM

    Teresa Barth did directly answer my question about too many closed sessions. She wants to encourage more public participation and more open hearings, not more closed sessions. Tom Brown did say he wanted to encourage trust, but we are concerned because of what he said in the Coast News about not being an environmentalist, and also, the fact that he said he Voted Yes on A.

    We are weighing whether or not we will bullet vote for Teresa. We are concerned that this might somehow give Dalager a better chance to remain in office. Tom Brown is worlds better than Dan Dalager, Doug Long or Paul Martens, That's for sure.

    Teresa Barth was the star of the forum in our eyes! She did a good job and offers a wonderful alternative to sneaky business as usual, which is all that is promoted by Dalager and Long. David Myers approval of Dan Dalager and Doug Long is a dead giveaway. These guys are for closed sessions and for big developer controlled City Council, which is basically what we have now. Danny, you let us down, big time!

  13. Lose Dalager, Save MillionsSeptember 07, 2006 12:45 PM

    Dan Dalager and Doug Long are dumb and dumber. Worse than that, they are overly egotistical.

    Their interests seems to be primarily self interest, that is ego and pumping up their respective businesses, right next to each other on Second St., Dalager's Lawnmower shop and Bert Long's plumbing.

    I liked Bert and his other son, John. Doug has some ego problems in my opinion, and is not willing to challenge the status quo. Neither is Dan Dalager.

    The voters are sick of the "system" of pushing decisions on us without our input. Then the City is challenged in Court, as with Prop. C, and then they lose!

    If the citizens were allowed to vote to begin with, or if Council would listen and consider our input, we could save millions. We want to be involved or we wouldn't be posting here, going to these forums!

    Dan Dalager could have suggested that Phil Cotton at least be ratified at a public hearing. Discouraging public input is not in our best interests. It's too bad that Phil Cotton already has one stike against him due to lack of public trust of Council's closed session decisions.

  14. Yes Teresa, No Dalager, LongSeptember 07, 2006 1:13 PM

    I went to the Candidates' Forum Tuesday night at Ada Harris in Cardiff.

    Dan Dalager continues to spout off about the need to blight parts of Leucadia to deal with the so-called flooding problem. Guess what folks, that was a hundred year rain we had. We are not expected to have floods like that for another 100 years. What the City did to fix the problem in Leucadia made it worse. Gary, from the audience, mentioned that the contract to Rick Engineering was a no bid contract. They had an open checkbook. Now Hwy. 101 floods worse, whereas before it was more of a problem on Vulcan.

    Dan Dalager has got to go. He was rambling. He would go on and on, not directly answering the questions. He was the only candidate for which the "time's up" bell rang every time he spoke. He makes no sense.

    Teresa Barth was right on point. We are grateful she's a candidate, and feel certain she will gain a seat.

    Doug Long was arrogant, particularly about the defeat of A and his support of it. He would not address my question about too many closed sessions. Paul Martens doesn't seem like a realistic candidate. He was more coherrent than Dan!

    Dan Dalager tried to say they only have closed sessions when they "have to." This is untrue. The City does not have to have so many closed sessions. Ask Donna Frye in San Diego. The Brown Act allows closed sessions in certain circumstances. It does not mandate them.

    Encinitas Council and City Attorney Glenn Sabine CHOOSE to operate covertly, behind closed doors because they do not want public input or participation until they have already made up their sneaky minds. They don't trust us and we don't trust them. Simple.

  15. San Dieguito high school academy wants approval to build up to 45 feet tall buildings, starting with a performing arts theater.

    A mega expansion of the hospital on the west side of I-5 and now a possible mega expansion of the high school on the east side of I-5, plus the Hall property development will gridlock Santa Fe.

    We need a recall of the current council.

  16. How about selling the Hall Property and consider it a good investment that paid off well for the City. A developer will then build probably 150 homes or about the same amount of traffic a park might see. Maybe he might buy that old shopping center too and make a really neat development that makes that area like old Cardiff. Maybe even a small park could be designed.

  17. Thats a great idea. Sell the Hall property. Sell the Quail gardens property and use the money to pay for the PW yard and other needed projects.

  18. Phil will do well.

  19. Not so fast on the bullet voting. There is a flaw in the simple mathematical example. It assumes there is only one winner, but there will be two winners. Check the totals again, and you will see that Teresa still wins, but with a slightly lower total than Brown. Bullet vote only if you are concerned about who gets the highest vote total, and you don't care who the second winner is. That will probably be Dan Dalager again, as he is the incumbent.

  20. Dan is a neocon christo-fascist authoritarian.Here's a quote from him relative to a permit review for a tattoo parlor in Cardiff."After all,god fearing folks are getting them now".WTF IS THAT.

  21. Here are a few of the recent decision Lawnmowerman has made and what I think of them. The BAD far outweigh the good. Dump Dalager in November and recall the rest of the council in December.

    Christmas Parade rename-GOOD
    Support of Easter - GOOD
    Support of Prop A-BAD
    Support of Prop C-BAD
    Support of lighting and landscape increase-BAD
    Choosing a City Manager in secret-BAD
    No election for bond-BAD
    Mossy contract-BAD
    Public works yard to Mossy site-GOOD
    Support of closed sessions-BAD
    Support of Sabine-BAD
    Letting developers change nature of community-BAD
    Trying to blight Leucadia-BAD
    Not blighting area near high school-BAD
    Support of bossypants-BAD
    Paying for Japan vacations-BAD
    Hiring unqualified finance director-BAD
    Hiring unqualified firechief-BAD
    Support Hospital height variances-BAD
    Support of HS height variances-BAD
    Support of parking meters downtown-BAD
    Support of overspending on library-BAD
    Support of short term rental fee-BAD
    Not supporting coastal commission-BAD
    Support of Barret America-BAD
    Support of letting developer have say so in current building fee increases-BAD

    I am sure we can all add to this list.

  22. Just came from the train / pickup wreck. Unbelieveable sight. I feel it is mandatory we get some kind of grade separation at that intersection.

    Jerome Stocks is our Encinitas representative at NCTD. If he can not get the job done, have him get out of the way for someone who can. It's a simple as that. The money is there somewhere, that's his problem.

    If someone dies at that intersection, the blood will be on his hands.

  23. Another reason why Jerome Stocks should not be in a position to direct development. He heads the NCTD.

  24. Need a good laugh or cry? Check out the flyer for the 20th birthday of the city on the city website. The presenting sponsor is the trusted name in homes, Barratt. The council takes $30,000 of general fund money for the "party" and Barratt gets prime advertising.

    Christy Guerin and Jum Bond planned the itinerary for the Japanese delegation. Dinner at Pino's first night, second night a catered dinner at the community center with Jim Bond providing the booze, third night dinner at new Fire Chief Mark Muir's house, fourth night dinner at a sushi place in Pacific Beach.

    Encinitas residents or otherwise get a picnic in the park on Saturday from 11-4.

  25. Costco has for years been begging the council to sell them the Hall property, or a good part of it. Now that's some money folks. And the cash cow keeps on giving year after year.

    I can hear Cardiff coming unglued right now.

    But, maybe we could now afford all our new designer fire stations. Maybe grade separation at Leucadia Blvd. and a few ped crossings under the tracks.

  26. Maybe we don't have to borrow 20 million.

  27. That revenue bond may be challenged in court on several grounds. This should be a general obligation bond because the money if to support the general fund. Also, there is no revenue stream as required by a revenue bond. The device of saying the lease by the Friends of the Library is a revenue stream is just a schill, that is a ploy to avoid a public vote, which Council fears it will lose. If the people don't support a revenue bond, then don't pass one! Simple

  28. The story of a Costco on the Hall property has been circulating for years. I believe there is some truth in the story, as this council never gives up on their scheming in closed door sessions. This city desperately needs the revenue, and it has an albatross around its neck with this land. There is documented pesticide and diesel contamination on the property and no access at this time for a sports complex that would bring in lots of traffic from outside the city.

    Costco would have the money to buy out the shopping center on Santa Fe Drive where the Vons is located and provide access, but would still have to deal with the contamination. The now closed Union 76 gas station also has a huge gasoline plume below it moving in the direction of the Hall property and Rossini Creek, and then potentially to the lagoon and Cardiff Reef. The station will sit there as is until someone comes up with the money to solve the big problem. The closed station has a different owner, but Costco would want to put in a gas station and would probably have to deal with the Union 76 leak.

    All of this is very problematic. I doubt that the Coastal Commission would approve it. Yes, Cardiffians would probably blow a fuse, but it looks like a slam dunk win for them if the city attempts it. And the city might, as it needs to get out from under the lease revenue bonds for the golf course and the Hall property financed through the San Dieguito Water District. The council was planning to do the same thing in May for the newest bonds when they held joint meetings with the SDWD. The recent State Supreme Court decision in July forced them to use the library as the "lease." But where will the repayment money for all of these bonds now comes from? The general fund? I don't believe there will be enough money there. Every action over the last two years indicates the council is frantically looking for revenue sources. We still have the unfunded pension obligations that got the city of San Diego into such a mess.

  29. City staff will present a proposed rate sheet on the amount of money that each city department must pay for their share of the 10 million dollars Mossy/public works property. Watch the Sept. 20th or 27th council agendas.

  30. Excellent post re:Cosco/Hall supersports complex. The council should consider this as a responsible sensible alternative from the financial side and provide an income stream that would retire this alligator of a bonded debt.The coucil can double down on this investment even though they went in with a no contingency escrow, and had no up front engineering studiesand no cost or apprasial reports.Also does Sol Price have a part ownership in the shoping complex? If so access from Santa Fe through the center is a slam dunk.


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