Monday, September 25, 2006

Skate or Don't Bro

Our redneck yuppie estblishment needs to justify it's own existence by constantly micro-managing our freedoms.

Encinitas adding to its list of no-skate zones

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

ENCINITAS ---- In a community with strong ties to skateboarding, eight more city-owned locations may be placed off-limits.

A resolution headed to the City Council on Wednesday would prohibit skateboarding and roller skating at a new public works center on Calle Magdalena, the unfinished Encinitas Community Library on Cornish Drive, and at Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library on Newcastle Avenue. All five Encinitas fire stations also are on the list.

The ban applies to "coasters ... and similar conveyances," as well.

It would protect "the safety of employees and visitors to the facilities and prevent physical damage to these sites," according to a city report.

Some of skateboarding's finest ---- Danny Way, Bucky Lasek and Buster Halterman and others ---- live in Encinitas, where the sport is off-limits at seven city parks and the parking lot at Moonlight Beach.

read the rest of the article here.

The multi-billion dollar skate industry has deep roots in north county and skateboarding provides jobs and revenue in Encinitas.

YMCA Encinitas skate park.

MCGILL'S Skate shop Encinitas.

K5 surf&skate shop Encinitas (managed by councilman Dan Dalagher's son).

Ducky Waddles in Leucadia has cool skateboarding books and art.

Transworld Skateboarding magazine covers Encinitas skateboarders.

Automatic magazine
is based in Encinitas.


  1. What a wonderful blog, bro!

    I concur. Skateboarding should be allowed everywhere, as long as the skateboarders are not ugly. How I abhor ugliness. Rednecks should be banned from all city streets. I can't stand their trucker hats.

  2. Skateboarding used to be cool but it's mostly just a big fashion show now.

  3. The chronicles of Encinitas - the lion, the witch, and the private dinner.

  4. Stop, or I'll say stop again.

  5. Stop, or I'll say stop again.

  6. Hey you guys! You bring this on yourselves. Skateboarding is great exercise and a great sport. Unfortunately a few are ruining it for everyone else. The preception of boarders are; they are vandals and will ruin anything they can slide their boards on. Hence the restrictive laws. Hey Bro start policing yourselves. Kick some ass where it is deserved so that those few don't ruin it for the others.

  7. Half the crowd out surfing Swami's are total dangerous kooks. Should we ban surfing at Swami's for everybody?

  8. Tomorrow's Council Meeting is packed with agenda items. Item #4 on the consent calendar is the one "prohibiting riding roller skates, coasters, skateboards or similar conveyances on designated real property. Contact Person: Public Works Analyst Wilson."

    We are not even provided the first name, or phone number of the contact person. I do agree that a few can ruin it for many. When skateboarders ruin benches, or whatever, doing tricks, then taxpayers do have to foot the bill. Also, skateboarders can force people off sidewalks. However, this is usually not the case.

    Skateboards can provide non-polluting transportation for many students, etc. I don't think a complete ban is necessary. And I've never seen a roller blader vandalize anything, or intimidate anyone.

    Sometimes we really can't blame kids for disrespecting authority, when such authority turns into control freaks, trying to micro-manage our lives. We don't need to keep adding more and more restrictions and prohibitions. We do need to be concerned for safety and insuring that a few "hot doggers" don't destroy public property. Skateboarding should not be against the law. Destruction of property, doing tricks on the sidewalks, blocking the right of way, already is against the law.

  9. Yeah, the answer isn't more restrictions and laws taking away more and more choice.

    The answer is to teach respect. I read the article in NCT. We don't need to be giving six tickets a day to kids who are skating at Moonlight Beach parking lot, not hurting anyone.


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