Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Squeaky Wheel Gets Sidewalks

Yes, I'm jealous. Downtown Encinitas has sidewalks designed for fancy walkin' while Leucadia only allows regular walking.

Encinitas council to consider walkway, landscaping plans

By Jenny Lim

September 27, 2006

– When it comes to improving footpaths that skirt North Coast Highway 101, the Encinitas City Council has talked the talk.

Tonight, council members will decide whether pedestrians in the Leucadia community will actually walk the sidewalk.

The council will consider whether to revamp and connect the patches of sidewalk interspersed with dirt that line a half-mile stretch of the highway in Leucadia. The improvements would be done between North Court and 100 feet north of Diana Street.

Much more broadly, the council also will decide whether to authorize a series of public workshops to design and develop a North Coast Highway 101 streetscape project.

The streetscape plan would map out pedestrian, roadway and landscaping enhancements to the entire two-mile stretch of the highway through Leucadia – from Encinitas' northern city limits at La Costa Avenue south to A Street, where a $5.2 million streetscape project in 2001 transformed a half-mile stretch of highway through downtown Encinitas.

read the rest of the story here.

Sidewalk proposal headed to Encinitas council

By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

---- Residents and merchants said Tuesday they are pleased with a proposal headed to the City Council tonight that would fill in missing sections of sidewalk on North Coast Highway 101 at the northern end of Encinitas.

"That would be a good idea," clothing boutique owner Kamie Archinal said when told of the sidewalk plan. Close calls with pedestrians and motorists on the highway are "really scary," she said.

Resident Helga Brady of Avocado Street added that sidewalks would improve the stroll she makes from her home to a corner store in the funky, older coastal community of Leucadia.

"There's dog poo and the dirt," Brady said. "It's everywhere."

The proposal from the Encinitas Planning Department calls for spending $300,000 to $400,000 to design and build sidewalks where none exists on the west side of the highway between North Court and Diana Street.

Along those eight blocks, more than half of the roadway has no sidewalk. The stretch represents the heart of the commercial strip in the Leucadia community.

Also tonight, planners will ask for the council's go-ahead to begin design work for a much-larger street and sidewalk improvement program, from A Street to La Costa Avenue.

The North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape Program would unfold in phases, from south to north, with a first phase beautifying the highway from A Street to North Court.

read the rest of the story here.

Finally, some positive news this week. I want to see a 5-0 vote tonight in support of making Leucadia walkable from tip to tip.

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  1. Where is RSB to complain?

  2. Finally, council is understanding Leucadia. Walkable HW101 and major pedestrian walkways like Leucadia Boulevard from I5 up to Beacons or La Costa to Ponto would be nice. Leave the side neighborhoods with no curb and gutter. Neighborhoods without gutters looks much better and works fine around here. Del Mar figured it out 30 years about, why has it taken Encinitas so long?

  3. but will we be able to skateboard on them??

  4. Who went to the meeting? How did it go?

  5. RSPB did. Lets have him give a report.

  6. will we still be funky with sidewalks? who will lose their store fronts? Will la especial need to remodel? To many questions and not enough answers. Do you trust this city council to do what is right? I wonder if Guerin and Dalger are going to use the money for sidewalks for more birthday parties?

  7. There will be sidewalks on the proposed sections. Another 300 or 400 feet north of the proposed sidewalks may get asphalt or decomposed granite. This is the interim fix.

    Be worried about the council item with the changes in the specific plan for the area. The council gave everything asked for in changes.

  8. It wasn't a very large news item, but the council passed the $20,000,000 fire stations and public works/Mossy propery bond last night. Everyone now has another 33 million dollars of city debt to pay off from the general fund.

  9. Council ignores speakersSeptember 28, 2006 12:26 PM

    Wow, I need to learn my lesson about saving my comments in a word file before I try to post, as I’ve been losing them lately.

    We went to the Council meeting last night, but had to leave just after 8:00 P.M., so, unfortunately, we weren’t there to see the bond get ratified. I doubt that many were. Because we all know it was a done deal. We have spoken against it before, and it doesn’t change anyone’s mind. We will be watching tonight on Channel 19 at 6:00, on, to get the replay on County TV Network (CTN, Cox).

    We were grateful to see Bob Bonde and Donna Westbrook give it to Council about the bad deal for the San Dieguito Water District ratepayers, selling their land and building for $1,000,000, having to pay almost $3.5 million for use at the Mossy property, not ownership rights. There are no checks and balances when our Council sells out the ratepayers to finance its General Fund.

    We were happy to see at least 30 skaters make an appearance. They did a fine job. Council was rude, interrupting more than one speaker. In one case, Jerome Stocks said, when the speaker complained, “I was listening out of one ear.” The speaker called him arrogant. Jerome Stocks said, “It’s over now,” as he ran out the speaker’s time.

    Council “pretended” interest, but just voted everything exactly as they had already planned, in closed sessions. We need a change ASAP. We need to vote out Dalager, vote in Teresa, for sure. Dalager doesn’t have the courage for independent thinking or the time to be a leader. We need leaders on Council not followers.

    That ILLEGAL revenue bond never should have gone through. We hope it will be challenged in court, as it has not done any good whatsoever to challenge it to Council.

    Yeah, RSB was there, with a big frown on his face. He didn't look so well. We think the interim "fix" might be a big waste if it is all going to get ripped out again. And how much money are we wasting, also, on outside consultants on this one? We will watch the replay to see if we could find decent local consultants. Seems like our own city engineers and Planning should be able to design some sidewalks. Our Council and staff is consultant happy.

  10. Skaters, you could talk to Encinitas Union School District about using Pacific View blacktop, near Fourth and F St, for some plaza style skating. Last night another consultant revealed that we taxpayers had paid $165,000 to pave over the fields at Pacific View so the Public Works could park their vehicles there, in the interim.

    Now that Public Works is moving, that could be a good spot for daytime skating, we think.

    Skaters, you did a good job! Good that you still have enough hope to show up, speak to Council. If any of you can vote, please vote out Dalager. He might talk the talk, and he did help you guys to have that skate meet off of Saxony. But he can't stand up to Council and say, we don't need to outlaw skating at Moonlight Beach parking lot during the off season. He went right along with re-enacting that part of the ordinance. Council could have given that back to you, or directed the police to enforce that rule only when the parking lot is crowded. This way too many of you guys are getting tickets to fund Council's do-nothing attitude when it comes to citizen's negative input about their trying to micromanage our lives. Current Council is a bunch of control freaks and self-aggrandizing publicity seekers.

  11. Councilman Dalager may have a conflict of interest in pushing through that 2 day skateboard slalom race on Saxony. It's reported that his son is the manager of a skateboard/surfboard sporting store in Encinitas. Is Dalager pushing a little business towards the store, the old quid pro quo?

  12. So RSB's point is that we will have to tear out the new sidewalks when they do an RDA?

    We don't have to do an RDA if the city puts in sidewalks thus motivating the landlords to put a fresh coat of paint on their buildings. New sidewalks will be a catalyst of change.

  13. You know what the Japanese would enjoy Christy? Get a box of shells and let em squeeze off a few into the air at your birthday party. I usualy take my Japanese friends to the range to shoot but heck. your'e the Mayor so let em blaze away. They can eat sushi in Japan but firing a weapon thats what Americas all about.

  14. Fuck yeah- Light em up Christy! Lets get a crack pipe too! I'll fly n the hoes from Vegas.

  15. Not to change the subject -- but why hasn't anyone thought about how sweet it would be if Bilbray WAS NOT reelected and Bushy was.....oh how sweet to see miss bossy pants out of her high paying job!!!

  16. schadenfreude \SHOD-n-froy-duh\, noun:
    A malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others.

  17. Sidewalks are good, NO RDA!
    COUNCIL DID GOOD, fuckin' aye!
    In them we trust?
    It seems we must,
    They may do fine

  18. Wow, those Germans have a word for everything.

  19. I don't give a crap about sidewalks in leucadia.The only time in the last twentyfive years that i've seen anyone injured walking 101 was in front of Lou's.She tripped on the buckled SIDEWALK and did a nice face plant.I got a better idea that will save the city money.Quit having city contractors cut flowers and trees that locals have planted on 101.

  20. Worst Council everSeptember 29, 2006 1:26 PM

    I watched the replay of the Council Meeting on TV last night. It took a lot of determination because it started at 6:00 p.m. and went to almost 11:00. Council could have less agenda items by having more than one meeting per week. That would not be asking too much, and other cities do this, regularly.

    Also, after all the skateboarders had spoken, one by one, Christy Guerin thanked them for coming and, like well-behaved school children, they all rose up and departed. She did the same thing for the group who came to speak about the changes in the planning and building codes, and before them, the Leucadia sidewalk "contigent." The last item on the agenda, #9 was final ratification of the lease revenue bond. Donna Westbrook and Bob Bonde, bless their hearts, stuck it out to the bitter end, and both spoke against it. This was part of a joint agenda item, and should have been first on the agenda, not last. This is intentionally set so that no one will hear the naysayers. By this time, Jerome Stocks seemed almost giddy, and Jim Bond was going on and on. He had not let the skaters make comments. Christy had promised she would let them respond, but that didn't happen, after Council made all their lengthy, overblown comments.

    The consensus among those that have been around, the watch dogs, is that this is the worst council we have ever had. We agree.

    It's swell that Leucadia is going to get some sidewalks so RSB can finally shut up. Charlie Marvin was there, super happy, cuz he doesn't have to pay to make these improvements himself for his biz interests. I wonder if the "interim fix" of blacktop will make the flooding worse. I wonder how long the final plan will be in the "consulting" phase, and if the interim fix will postpone the final solution that Charlie Marvin demands?

    RSB has done plenty of whining, and now he is whining about the alleged whining of others, which is only the watchdogs, watching out for all of our best interests.

    Yeah, the only accident that RSB has to be worried about is his own sleazy dogma reaching around and biting his karma in the behind.

  21. I don't view sidewalks as a safety issue. I view it as a nice way to connect all the business on the coast highway. A nice sidewalk along the coast highway will create a "let's keep going this way honey" kind of mentality so people explore all the cool restaurants and shops in Leucadia.

  22. ...Not as Blighted...September 29, 2006 11:03 PM

    Sidewalks for Leucadia??? In my dreams. I'll believe it when I see it or better yet when I'm staggering down the 101 with less chance of being run down by some SUV driving moron that thinks this is Pomona Raceway!!

    Anonymous- You can't think of anyone getting injuried accept at Lou's, then your a newbie or something. What about the little Mexican girl run down at the north end of town 15 years ago??

    BTW from what I read, the north end of 101 will go w/o sidewalks. Business as usual for the city, toss 'em a bone!!

    J.P., I've never called for a RDA I don't know where you get that from?? I am back from my visit to TJ and yes I have ventured MANY times off the tourist trail, you want to talk about Mexico go ahead!! It's not what I call blighted, it's what I call poverty stricken and 3rd world. Made and kept that way by the 2% ruling class and politicans bought and sold at will. Is that why Leucadia looks so bad, because of corrupt politicans and elitists that want to keep Leucadia ugly for their own $$$ gain. Hardly, Leucadia is ugly because of apothy and a fear of that something good might come out of change!!

    Leucadia and TJ have too much in common I'm afraid!!
    1- L has unpaved streets, TJ has unpaved streets.
    2- L lacks decent drainage, TJ lacks decent drainage.
    3-L lacks street lights, TJ lacks streets lights.
    4- L lacks bathrooms at the beaches, TJ ditto.
    Leucadia does have one thing TJ doesn't......the RSPB!! Score a point for Leucadia!!! And having said that I'll give you your new name for this blog.

    LEUCADIA not as blighted as MEXICO!!!(Although in the interests of full disclosure, I must inform you that I have copyrighted this saying and will be having stickers and license plate holders made. I wonder if the LTC will sell them for me???Hmmmm)

    Worst council ever..go join those 2 thimble heads as community watchdogs. AND watch me as I stagger down the 101 knowing that Leucadia isn't as blighted as Mexico!!!


  23. rspb the lapdog of TJ?

  24. Put in the sidewalks to help business. Charlie Marvin would like another tattoo parlor on the other side of his property.

  25. To Worst Council everSeptember 29, 2006 11:59 PM

    To Worst Council Ever- Your a fucking idiot. Get a brain, Loser! and go back to LA. You are far from a Leucadian.

  26. To the last poster who used the obscenities -- Your ignorance is only exceded by your foul mouth.

  27. Funny audio clip but a shame Leucadia has to beg for infrastructure when the city is pulling in millions in property taxes. Housing is NOT cheaper in Leucadia than in Encinitas proper. In most cases Leucadia has the most expensive homes.

  28. I've been here, Cardiff,
    Encinitas, Seaside Gardens almost 30 years. I live in Leucadia; I am a Leucadian, for over 15 years.

    And I'm a native. My grandma was born in old town San Diego.

    But even if I were fresh from Arcadia, I'd say you are rude, poser. Guess someone hit a nerve, previous mean potty mouth. Takes a loser to know one.

    I'm glad Leucadia is making it better for pedestrians. I take walks. Why is it okay for Marvin to retire, but you degrade people you imagine don't have "a job."

    You are only causing people to think less and less of you, poser.

    And that's no lie.


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