Sunday, October 01, 2006

20 Years of Wacky Adventures

Encinitas has been a city for 20 years today.

San Diego Union Tribune story click here.

North County Times Encinitas turns 20 years old Sunday

Interesting items from both articles:

Not scheduled as part of the fanfare, though, is an official recognition of the more than 100 people who donated their time and shoe leather to the incorporation effort.

In 1994, after incorporation but before the commercial developments, the city received $10.6 million in property-tax revenue and $4.2 million in sales taxes.

This year, property-tax income has reached $22.7 million, and sales-tax revenue has brought in $11.4 million.

Today, the city boasts:

A host of new neighborhood parks, plus 43 acres bought for a park southwest of Santa Fe Road and Interstate 5.

The 50-acre Indian Head Canyon open-space preserve.

The $10 million Encinitas Community & Senior Center on Oakcrest Park Drive.

Stairs at Beacons, Swami's, Stone Steps and Grandview beaches.

Beach sand replenishment funded with federal and state money.

A $20 million library under construction on Cornish Drive.

A fire station on Balour Drive.

A $5.2 million streetscape project that renovated downtown.

An 18-hole municipal golf course.

A $900,000 Cottonwood Creek water treatment plant that has turned Moonlight Beach, where the creek empties, from one of the most polluted in the state to one of the cleanest.

Councilman Dan Dalager, who said he voted against incorporation, added that “the dust has settled very nicely."


  1. Does Dan think he was wrong about incorporation or is he on the council so that he can undermine all the reasons we became a city? Why didn't he see that the founding fathers were acknowledged at the city birthday celebration?

    We know Dan has a history of following the Ecke's lead from way back when. The Eckes were happy to poor money into the fight against incorporation, which ended up being welcomed by the vast majority of the population. Most people in Encinitas were tired of watching our tax base get siphoned away and have the County approve more and more upzoning. Maybe the Eckes were willing to overlook the lack of infrastructure and return on taxes so that they could make sure that upzoning would continue.

    Why would anyone other than the Eckes development dynasty oppose becoming a City? Can you imagine voting to disolve the city and go back to County control?

  2. Dan was on the wrong side of incorporation, Prop A, and Prop C. Why does he think he should continue to represent the people of Encinitas when he doesn't represent their desires?

  3. No wonder Dan Dalager did not want to honor or acknowledge the people who worked so selflessly for city incorporation.

  4. Did anyone have the "opportunity" to go to Christy's birthday party last night. I wasn't invited, so haven't a clue how our Japanese friends took it. As part of Japanese culture, they would have been obliged to bring her a gift. Love to see if she declares it. I requested a guest list from the City, however I am sure they will take the full 10 days alloted to give it to me. If anyone is interested, I will be happy to post it when I get it. Anyone who went, please tell us of your experience.

  5. Not invited to the private partiesOctober 01, 2006 3:30 PM

    We were going to the Community Center Dinner, but read in the Coast News that it was by invitation only, as was the party at the recently retired fire chief's house.

    So we didn't go, either. When we asked about it when we went to last Wednesday's Council meeting, someone from the clerk's office told us the 9/29/06 dinner was to be a "treaty signing." Only the Federal Govt. can sign treaties, we thought. This is just more hoopla around Christy and her elitist friends, including Dan Dalager, who sold out a long time ago.

  6. We need someone we can trustOctober 01, 2006 3:40 PM

    Yes, we'd be interested in the guest lists for both parties, Dr. Lorri, the one at the ex fire chief's house, and the one at the Community/Senior Center on Friday.

    Also, we did check out today's "festivities" at Cottonwood Creek. At $20,000, we were hoping for something decent. They said barbeque, so we thought maybe barbeque sandwiches. No way. They had cheezy hot dogs and hamburgers. No mayo. I should have brought my own.

    There was a bouncy for the kid, but no rides, as billed. Barratt Development was a "sponsor," and had a big pavillion/tented area prominently placed near the area where Christy Guerin was hobnobbing with the fire dept. guys and some people there to welcome the Japanese delegation. Nowhere was there anything about the North Coast Coalition to incorporate, or the people who worked so hard from 1985-86, and before, to get our city incorporated to slow down development and to stop more "spot zoning."

    The cake ran out after about one hour of a five hour event. This is not good planning. We estimate that the city could not have paid $20,000 for what we saw. The band did sound okay, though, but was to play from only 1 to 3 p.m.

    Christy Guerin couldn't have been saying, "Let them eat cake," as there was only enough for her and her buddies to get giant size pieces as far as we could see.

    No sign of Dan Dalager when we were there. But a good flier was circulating about how Dalager, in an interview which was described in the Coast News said the Mossy property was bought for $8.5 million, rather than the $9.5 million, plus, which Council is spending. Where is the missing million?

    Council has been irresponsible and downright arrogant and rude. We need a change. We are voting for Teresa Barth. We saw here there with her dad, Bill Arballo, who does "Eye on the Coast" in the Coast News. They are informed and believe in open communication and trust, which works both ways, with the elected and with the electorate.

  7. The private birthday party was at the newly appointed Chiefs house. The party Cook was the ex-Chief who got the nice retirement trip a week before his last day. Nice to see our elected officials are bought off and controled by unions. We need this to stop this union control. I would like to see the invite list.

  8. I liked today celebration picnic!

  9. One im#@$#@%pressive list of stuff acomplished!

  10. Dear Anonymous moron. If Paul Ecke had opposed incorporation it would not have hapenned. Period. He did not and so it finally prevailed without his property in the mix.
    Get a clue, chump.

  11. community survey -

    How often do you go to the community center?

    once a week
    twice a week
    every day
    once a month

  12. We need new faces on CouncilOctober 01, 2006 11:09 PM

    Average about once or twice a year. But the community center does have some good exercise classes I hear, so this could change.

    We went to a community forum "Town Hall Meeting" at the community center where Bonnie Dumanis would not answer our questions. Of course the questions were pre-screened.

    I had high hopes for her, but will not vote for her again, either.

    Yes, the Eckes property was not originally incorporated. They did not want to be a part of the mix, and my understanding was that they opposed incorporation, as did Dan Dalager. When the Eckes decided to get mostly out of local flower biz, and into development biz, they decided they would like to be part of the incorporated city, for the sewer hook-ups and other utility services, primarily.

    They agreed that if they could develop Encinitas Ranch, including the commercial and residential areas, they would give the land for a golf course (where rates have gone up, too expensive for the average citizen), and would reserve the rest of their property in perpetuity, as agricultural. Of course, they tried to get out of this agreement, with Dan Dalager's and Christy Guerin's blessings, and failed. The people voted NO on A, and C, both of which Dan Dalager supported.

    I hope he is not re-elected. Those who are informed will not vote for him. They can still go to his lawnmower shop and be his buddy. But he has not shown good leadership abilities.


  14. I heard the band got paid $3500 for their 2 hour gig.

  15. Roadside park bumOctober 02, 2006 8:54 AM

    What stairs at Beacons??? I don't recall any stairs at Beacons and I staggered up and down BEACONS yesterday.

    The THIMBLEHEADS are posting again! FAKE Leucadians, real THIMBLEHEADS!!


  16. Good catch RSB. The dust has settled Leucadia.

  17. Who ever the petty bonehead is that writes about the city party and complains about the hot dogs and no mayo, please shut up.
    You almost make me want to vote for Dalager you f in twit.

  18. Hey RSPB,
    You are slipping. there are stairs at Beacons, two at the top, a couple more at each switchback. Sure they are just railroad ties buried in the sliding bluff but they are there. I found a dead squirrel on those stairs a couple months back. Wonder what killed him?

  19. Thanks for the report on the picnic. Parks and rec staff voluntarily took care of the grilling according to the NCT article. The cost isn't shown but the cost of the burgers and hot dogs couldn't be more than $3000. Add the cake and drinks and total cost would be below $5000.

  20. shut up, you are being petty by calling people petty who question a $20,000 price tag for festivities that could not have come to more than $10 or $12 thousand.

    We heard the food was donated, too. How much can those bouncie's be?


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