Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Candidate Forum Tonight, Olivenhain

Encinitas council candidates' forum scheduled tonight

Hosted by the Olivenhain Town Council from 7 to 9 p.m. at 423 Rancho Santa Fe Road.

Some questions to ask:

The current city council has tried to raise fees and taxes numerous times, all the while claiming the city finances are in great shape. Do you support an independent audit of the city?

Is it moral to force someone to sell their private property via eminent domain and sell it to another private party? The Supreme Court has decided this is legal, but in your opinion is this moral?

Should Encinitas have an elected city attorney?

Should Encinitas have a strong mayor system?

Would you be willing to lead an investigation on why the Leucadia flooding "fix" actually made the flooding worse?

The Leucadia Blvd/Hwy101 intersection is dysfunctional and unsafe. What is your solution to improving this intersection?


  1. The current city council has tried to raise fees and taxes numerous times, all the while claiming the city finances are in great shape. Do you support an independent audit of the city? (and $20 mill bonds)

    Should Encinitas have an elected city attorney? (good question)

    Would you be willing to lead an investigation on why the Leucadia flooding "fix" actually made the flooding worse? (Dan already knows)

  2. Lots more questions than these. This a good start.

  3. Please ask Dan Dalagher about an indenpendent audit of the City. He stated in the Cardiff forum that the City does this already. This is not true. If anyone can pressure him into explaining what he meant in the Cardiff forum, it would be interesting.

  4. Shouldn't Johnny Homebuilder be treated with the same respect as Barratt America?

    Shouldn't Barratt America have to follow the same rules as Johnny Homebuilder?

  5. The San Dieguito Water District ratepayers should have a vote on whether they want the JPA to sell the $20,000,000 in bonds.

    Can the referendum process be used?

    How many signatures are needed for the petition?

  6. Dan doesn't understand what an audit is. He thinks it means the IRS will take more of the City's money.

    Ask Dan why the City's number one priority is to rebuild the remaining 3 firestations? Is that more important than all the other needs of the City? Does Encinitas really want brand new Ritz Firestations for all of its stations? what good benefit does that provide the average citizen?

    Ask Dan how much he has received in donations from the fire fighters union and private fire fighter donations?

    Then you'll know the truth why all the council supports Ritz fire stations for the union boyz supporting their campaign.

    The Fire Department runs this town. Its too bad the council doesn't have its own brains to know what is really beneficial for Encinitas.

    We should just elect the fire chief as Mayor and have the captains as department heads.

  7. It is looking like the Cardiff Candidates Forum will turn out to be the most interesting. Last night the forum in Olivenhain was very low-key and ended early for lack of questions. There was a complicated question about Rancho Santa Fe Road and the removal of stop signs, installation of stoplights, widening the road, and pushing through 11th Street to Mountain View. The candidates were given 90 seconds to answer the question. Is that even possible? Barth was brilliant and succinct, and simply said no, no, no, no. Both Dalager and Long tried to finesse the question and became all tangled up. Brown and Martens fumbled through their answers.

    Dalager looked very tired and never smiled. His answers were greeted with dead silence. Long had a rooting section with all his family members in "Vote for Long" t-shirts, but they were extremely unenthusiastic. Martens actually gave decent answers on two questions, while Brown came off best of the four men.

    The verdict from the audience judging by the applause? It was Teresa Barth by a landslide. It sure looks like Barbara Cobb in Cardiff knows how to run a forum. Why are Leucadia and Olivenhain afraid to take questions from the audience? Will the last Encinitas forum be the same?

  8. I agree. LTC needs to get its act together. Hold a meeting and hold real elections for president and get someone leading the group that can actually do something.

  9. My dad always said "beware of wolves in sheeps clothing". I wonder if Gil is not one of those. He feeds us information that may or may not be true, and a simple question that Dr. Lori asked him goes avoided. It would be logical there is a reason for that. Perhaps he and Sabine have cut a deal. I wonder if he got to go to Christy's 50th birthday party (oh yea it was the City's party wasn't it?) How did it go?

  10. Apologies for missing all the forums. Did anyone ask my questions?

  11. OK, slightly off topic.

    I as an Encinitas resident am greatly offended by the person that owns the property on the east side of 5 with the vote no on Houlihan spay painted over the entire side of the buildings, three crosses and an efigy, and the worst and most offensive, Houlihan is a whore.

    I dont care whose name is being called out in these offensive ways.

    That is slander and makes the city look like TJ.

  12. I agree. The City Code Enforcement or City Attorney should go after the property owner.

  13. Is the property off the I-5 visible from the freeway? Where is the property?

  14. The property is called "American Landscaping" and it is at the end of Union Street, almost across from the Holiday Pet Motel. The signs, etc, are only visible when going south on the 5 between Leucadia and Encinitas Blvd. If you drive on Oceanview Ave,(on the west side of the freeway), you can see everything from that angle. Drive down Union Street which is on the east side of Oceanview Ave, for a truly spectacular view. Be careful driving on the 5, tho-I have almost rear ended 2 cars that suddenly slowed down to check it out.

    Go to City Hall and fill out a complaint at Code Enforcement, like I did. I figure since this is a business, they must comply with signage laws just like everyone else. Personally, I think calling someone "a whore" is slanderous.

    According to the nice ladies at the City Hall desk, the whole staff knows about this, there have been complaints and calls, and meeting with the property owner, but nothing has been done. I sent our new city manager, Phil Cotton, an Email, expressing my outrage,and received no reply.

    This is just SO TYPICAL of a "holier-than-thou-Christian" freak. Impose your faith on everyone else, and offend everyone in the process. I'd like to see this coward try this crap on one of the MALE council members. Makes one wonder if the person who hire the Clown to stalk Maggie has influenced the property owner.

    556 Union St.
    Encinitas CA 92024

  16. If the writing is visible from the freeway, people trying to read it could cause an accident. Can't the city call the graffiti a nuisance that creates a public safety hazard and then immediately abate the hazard by painting over it?

  17. From personal experience, this guy is a very angry, unstable character. He has given death threats to folks in the neighborhood. Threatened to burn their houses to the ground and kill their animals.No one should have to live in a civilized society with that kind of behavior.

    I am worried that this guy will get backed further into a corner, then goes postal.

    Council granted him a major use permit to continue his landscape maintenance business from that adress (over the objections of neighbors). He falsified documents to show continuous previous use.

    He currently has existing violations on site. I'm sure the council would love for him to now vanish as they realize the neighbors were right, he's not fully funtioning.

  18. JP

    Can you get some pictures of this stuff?

    Great, he's slanderous and he's unstable!

    I say deal with this dude now before it/he goes off.

  19. aticle in today's North County Times,(Thur, Oct 5/06-LOCAL, Section , page 1), by Adam Kaye about the signs on Union

  20. Sorry, JP, no one specifically asked your questions. The elected mayor idea did come up, almost inadvertently, as I recall.

    I asked about turning our City into a Charter City, where the Charter is like a Constitution, instead of the General Law/General Plan City we are now.

    As part of this I asked about our being able to narrow down the field of candidates in the primary elections, and also, about requiring a vote of the people to change the charter, or at least a 4 out of 5 super majority of the Planning Commission and Council to change zoning. Maybe my question was too complicated.

    They said they ran out of questions, so I was super disappointed mine got ignored. Oh well.


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