Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dalager Changes Halloween to Paul Ecke Appreciation Eve.

Following his success of changing the Encinitas Holiday Parade to Encinitas Christmas Parade Dan Dalager announced this morning that he is changing Halloween into Paul Ecke Appreciation Eve.

Also in the change, costumed children will be required to exclaim "Dick Cheney or Brian Bilbray" instead of the usual "trick or treat" when asking for candy.

"Halloween is a filthy pagan event," said Dalager in a press conference. "When I was kid on Halloween I wore my boyscout uniform and checked the other kids for reflective clothing and flashlights."

On a roll, Dalager announced plans to change Thanksgiving into Poinsettiagiving, New Year's Eve into Stay Home And Watch Television Like A Good Citizen Eve and Valentine's Day into 2 Blades Sharpened for the Price of 1 Day.

Anyone know where I can get these puppies tuned up?


  1. sewage in/sewage outOctober 28, 2006 12:12 PM

    Hee, hee, JP!

    Hope people have a grand weekend!

    Interesting that Paul Martens made a comment (vague?) re your last dirty tricks post, JP, about hidden sanitation district taxes.

    Yes, our sewage use is determined by a formula that measures our water usage during winter months, when we are supposedly using less water for watering our yards, etc. Actually, in this climate, many winters are relatively dry. People get burned on this.

    Seems like the citizens should not have to pick up the cost of one of those sewer sub meters, to measure actual sewage going into the city sewer lines. Particularly with new build, that should be part of the code. The formula seems quite unrealistic based on Bob Evermore's statistics for his household use, what actually constitutes non sewage water use.

    Also, single person homes, or homes with two adults, only, would probably be putting much less sewage into the system. What is "off" about the formula is the unilateral "base rate" charged on every water bill, which translates into a "base sewer usage?" which does not account for how many people are using the toilet/shower facilities.

  2. JP ... Bravo again. We were laughing and doubled over in stitches. Keep it up. If Danny doesn't get reelected what will you do for comic material?

  3. I'm bullet voting for dalager just for the comedic potential.

  4. Why stop with Dalager? Pablo is just as funny, about as coherent as Danny and and certainly nicer to his opponents

  5. JP --

    Your the best, I am still laughing. Poor Danny doesn't stand a chance.

    Remember when you vote if Billbray doesn't get re-elected -- our girl Christy is out of a job --

  6. I heard Dalager is setting up an ultimate fighting event with Fred Kreuger verses Slingblade- Sponsered by Dalager blade sharpening business!. It should be a good match. I put my money on Slingblade, because I like the way he talks!

  7. As a city councilman shouldn't code enforcement be citing Dalger for violating the city sign codes about signs in public right away. What kind of example does this lawnmower man show for following city codes and regulations when he out flunting the law and allowed to get away with it.

  8. Inconsistent sign ethicsOctober 29, 2006 12:50 PM

    Yes, there was something in the paper this morning, by Herb Patterson, asking for info re wholesale stealing of Teresa Barth's signs, in Leucadia, signs which were not in the public right of way as many of Dalager and Longs are, along Encinitas Blvd, and La Costa.

    I hope no one would be so foolish as to see a big ol' Dalager sign and say, yeah, that sign looks good; I'll vote for him.

    When Dennis Holz ran for the 2002, election, there were many accusations that Dalager's "people" vandalized or stole his signs.

    I see an officer of the City of Carlsbad was arrested last night for vandalizing election signs.

    Dalager was the one who said he would make people take down their Christmas lights after Christmas, wasn't he? Yep.

  9. Speaking of big ol' signs--is Dan trying to compensate for something by having such big signs. Wonder what he drives? Bet he wishes he could afford a Hummer.

  10. We also had signs stolen all along Oceanview Ave. Both my Busby and Barth signs vanished Oct 24. I wrote a letter to the NC Times and basically said that whomever resorts to stealing signs makes their candidates look bad, so I hope people remember this when they vote.

  11. Several Barth signs were stolen last night (Oct 28) along RSF Road. They were on private property with permission of the property owners.

  12. There are a lot of resources out there on Household Chores. It would take ages to study it all. What we've done is brought it all together, so that it's all available here, in this one place.


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