Thursday, October 19, 2006

Doug Long's strange comment about Leucadia sidewalks

A hidden gem in this NCT story about the candidates:

Encinitas council candidates play up volunteer work, family values

He [Long] hinted that volunteer work could stand in place of government process.

Citing the council's recent approval of $300,000 to $400,000 to build sidewalks in Leucadia, Long said, "This is something as a volunteer I would have taken on myself. I'd say put the sidewalks in and blow the (state) Coastal Commission off."

The Coastal Commission does not have regulatory oversight of the Leucadia sidewalk plan, nor has it registered formal opposition to the proposal, a city planner said after Tuesday's forum.

So, according to Doug Long all of you Leucadian taxpayers should just suck it up and install sidewalks yourselves.

Funny, Doug Long's plumbing business is on 2nd Street which has really nice sidewalks. 2nd Street is buddy buddy with coastal downtown Encinitas which has sweet sidewalks and landscaping from the streetscape program.

Did anyone see Doug Long out there with his shirt sleeves rolled up helping the city workers pour cement?

One thing I never understood, why making coastal Leucadia walkable is such high drama. We've discussed on this blog before how simple sidewalks really are. It would be cool if we just built our own sidewalks ourselves, but that isn't very realistic these days. The reality is we would probably get in big trouble.

Doug Long's paranoid comment about the Coastal Commission is disturbing. His best friend Dan Dalager has made some strange remarks about the Coastal Commission in the past as well. Are they hanging out after work having a beer and getting themselves all worked up over nothing?

I mean, seriously..."I'd say put the sidewalks in and blow the (state) Coastal Commission off." That is the lamest quote of the candidate race by far. Is he trying to sound like a badass?

It sounds to me that if Doug Long gets elected we can enjoy more of the status quo in Leucadia, a neglected infrastructure and more bad attitudes.


  1. Yeah, weird comments by Long. He is dissing the Coastal Commission, just like Guerin and Dan Dalager.

    The Coastal Commission has nothing to do with the sidewalks, as the article says. This is just posturing by Long, trying to jump on the Anti-Coastal Commission bandwagon.

  2. Long is a plumber working for his father. Dalgher sharpens lawnmowers taking over his father's job.

    How much can these guys know about government? They are probably goos at pipes and blades but they onviously don't know what the rest of us want.

    Dump Dalgher in November and lets recall the rest in December.

  3. Perfect article JP

  4. No beers for those two...they fried there brains hard in the 60's- not much grey matter left to work with.

  5. Weird statements come out when you let a candidate ramble for ten minutes.

    At last months forum, Dalager was asked an NCTD question, His answer was worse that Longs swipe at the coastal commission.

    Dan said the way to get things done in this town is to contact him in his office, he’d call the important people that matter, and it would get done.

    Then he made the remarkably false statement that that is how the rail bridge got painted. He called Jerome and Karen King at NCTD, had a lunch and the next week the bridge was painted by NCTD. Just like that Dan fixed the bridge.

    The folks that paid for the bridge repainting were the City of Encinitas, and the County supervisor Slater though a grant applied for by DEMA. The only people that did not pay was NCTD and its their bridge. So much for Dan’s buddy system and statement of how it got done!

    Dan and the” good ol boy” method of governance. Boss hog

  6. The thought of 2 dalagers on the council sends shivers down my spine.

  7. Danny can't handle the truthOctober 20, 2006 1:03 PM

    Did you read Danny's ballot statement? He says the library is on time and under budget. What planet is he living on? Didn't they have to curtail other capital projects to make up the shortfall on the library. Danny is either purposely bending the truth or he is out of touch with reality (or both!) Either way dump him in November.

    JP, How about a post on Danny's ongoing difficulty with facts and the truth?

  8. Long is very weird as it is. He attends all of the city council meetings but sits in the back and never speaks out. He is a Dalager / Ecke / Guerin shill so be careful.

  9. Poor Dougie, "he's got a silver pipe wrench in his mouth."
    He doesn't have an original thought. He just mimics what Dan says - yes sir re bob, dumb and dumber.
    Now he's going after Tom Brown - right after he found out that Tom's doing well in the polls.
    If this city elects Dan or/and Doug, they deserve what they get.
    A plumber and a knife sharpener, neither knows or understands the Coastal Commission, both think the city is "headed in the right direction", both think Ecke should build 200 more houses and both are embarrassing representatives of the City of Encinitas.
    (and they should stop talking about Tom's military service - Dan who did not serve and Doug who was in the reserves)

  10. I don't know about you guys, but I am more worried about people that out right lie about their credentials than some body who makes an off the cuff comment. What about Tom Brown who lied about his service in the Special Forces? Isn't honesty what its all about in our public officials? See today's NCT article (see below).
    Brown's record less than meets the eye

    Because I once served in the U.S. Army Special Forces, I've received several phone calls from
    people in Encinitas about businessman Thomas L. Brown, who is running for City Council and has
    made suggestions that while in the military he served in special operations.
    I went to his Web site at and in the last paragraph this line appeared: "Tom
    is a natural leader ... His leadership experiences also include being a former State of California
    appointee to the Contractors State License Board, member of the Special Forces Association ..."
    I called the Special Forces Association headquarters in Fayetteville, N.C., which is at the gate to Fort Bragg, where the U.S. Army Special Forces Training Group trains today's Green Berets. A spokesman for the Special Forces Association said it had no member listed by the name of Thomas L. Brown. For the record, I'm a member of the SFA.
    I called Brown in his Vista office and asked him if he was aware that he was not listed as a member of the SFA. He said there must have been a "mistake" because he "thought" he was a member.
    I told Brown that I was impressed with his resume in this election. However, until the matter of his actual membership in the SFA was cleared up, I asked him if he'd mind withdrawing the information about being a "member of the Special Forces Association" from his Web site. Brown's response was quick: "No problem. I'll gladly do it."
    Two days later, his Web site had that information deleted.
    However, earlier this week, an undated flier continues to resurface in Encinitas, complete with that information. North County Times staff writer Adam Kaye received a copy of it and faxed it to me.
    Thus, in a campaign where Brown is the candidate who has spent the most money ---- more than $12,000 as of Oct. 15 ---- the erroneous information is still being circulated in Encinitas.
    Why make such a big deal about it?
    After the Vietnam War, the term stolen valor was given national significance by the book "Stolen Valor: How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of Its Heroes and Its History," written by Vietnam veteran B.G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley. The
    book gave painstaking detail to how there are thousands of Americans who falsely claim to have served in the military during the Vietnam War, while others simply embellish their service during that time period.
    Every war in American history has had men and women who, long after the battles have been won and lost, lie about having served in the military. Burkett and Whitley reported on a term for those who lie about having served in the military:
    a military version of Munchausen's syndrome.
    Today there are groups of Vietnam veterans who dedicate their lives to exposing men and women who lie about having served in Vietnam. Former U.S. Navy SEALs have documented more than 20,000 men who have lied about serving as a SEAL.
    In Brown's case, I believe he served in the Army. However, he's not a member of the Special Forces Association.

  11. Seems like Tom Brown would fit right in with the council.

    Not sure what the deal was with special forces thing and that sucks but he is one step a head of Dalager who hasn't corrected any of his campaign literature. Dalager claims to have a balanced budget, a library on time and on budget, and claims to have fixed the flooding! How is it that this blog has not blown up on this guy for that.

    Good job on the storm drain Dan. Good job. How can he say this shit when not long ago he was telling us we needed a $30 million dollar storm drain and was paying a consultant hundreds of thousands of dollars to work on the planning?

    Fuck, Dan says he kept a tight ship and kept the budget balanced. Where is S. Meyer when you need him most?

  12. I'm really behind on blogging, I've got a full plate. Anyone feel free to e-mail me well written rants and I will post them up. E-mail is at the header of the page.

  13. We already read that article; JP posted it, last anonymous poster.

    Are you a Dalager or a Long, anyway?

    Off the cuff remarks, like Long's, show a tendency to oppose the objectives of the Coastal Commission. Also, go ahead and start putting in sidewalks at your own expense, Doug, or maybe Charlie Marvin will pay for materials and supplies for sidewalks in front of his businesses?

    Trying to go off topic, to Tom Brown, doesn't make Long's comment any less strange.


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