Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Encinitas tourist home movie clip

Slightly unwatchable but oddly compelling, a couple enjoys an afternoon in downtown Encinitas.


  1. Suzanne's a firecracker.

  2. Nice, JP. Thanks, Susie, and friend, and congratutlations.

    May your blessings multiply by the love you share.

  3. Bravo downtown.

    This clip is real life and shows how cool downtown is.

    The culture is tolerance, peace, and preservation, NOT A RDA that demos every thing and abolishes history for the sake of a few bucks.

    The sign honors the history
    Vigiluggies is in the old Encinitas hotel building from 1928
    La Paloma/D Street grill in a 1927 building.

    And The lumberyard, which by the way was opposed by many is one of the only cool buildings from the late seventies early eighties.

    That decade was not so nice to architecture.

    Thanks susie and the videophotog for reminding us why we love Encininitas so much.

    JP Great find!

    I can't help to think of what the video would be like if they walked along El Camino Real. Unfortunatly I get a clear pictue in my head and it's not a pretty picture.

  4. Actually that's a GREAT idea for a doc/movie.

  5. Don't trash El Camino Real. It's not cutsy, but it's still functional. The council talk at one time was to get rid of the streets and combine the individual shopping areas into one. What a horrible mess that would be. Council and the planning department had more than one chance to require that developers make El Camino a more inviting area with more greenbelt in front of the commercial buildings. No way did they consider it. The "new" medical building behind the large one close to Garden View is a prime example of the lack of commercial greenbelts. The medical building parking lot practically sits on the sidewalk. No wide greenbelt required of the property owner to soften the harsh paving. No practical greenbelt to capture water runoff. How do the developers get away with it?

  6. I like that they stop to admire the art tile trashcans. Those really are cool.

  7. No attempt to trash El Camino Real,

    Just an obsrvation that the coastal areas were developed in the 20s-50s in an era where less attention was paid to the almighty auto and more to the people who lived there.

    The newer areas including but not limited to El Camino Real, are designed and built entirely around the auto. People, the enviroment, culture, community all follow in a trailing position to the auto.

    So the q is, which is more enjoyable, and on any given Sunday, how many folks are enjoying walking on the 101 corridor like this couple in the video, and how many folks are walking on El Camino Real.

    El Camino Real gives lots of tax dollars to Encinitas and has great stores. And is the geographic hub for sure.

    That being said, I think our identity and what ever cool factor Encinitas has is from its older , hstoric communities, including Olivehain.

  8. Best of both worlds?

  9. i loved living vicariously through this video. i certainly miss walking around encinitas...especially now that its getting cold in Colorado!


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