Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Final Week, Election Looms Ahead

There are a mere 7 days until the election, what do you think?

Susan Myers, data entry
My boyfriend broke up with me on election day two years ago so instead of voting I spend the day in my bedroom sobbing. Busby reminds me of my mom though.

Tim and Bud, unemployed
Bud always barks at Mexicans so I'm voting for Bilbray.

Bob Johnson, engineer
My choices in Encinitas include a plumber and a lawnmower blade sharpener? And they want to raise taxes and bulldoze Leucadia? You are fucking with me right?

Helen Frisket, retired school teacher
Since there are no black guys running I'm voting for any and all female candidates. The non-lesbians anyway.


  1. Bullet vote Teresa if you love Encinitas, not Oceanside.

  2. vote for Teresa BarthOctober 31, 2006 11:47 PM

    Ok, will do. We are bullet voting for Teresa Barth, too.

    The vote gets so messed up, when voting for more than one. Last time, no one had a majority of all votes cast, I don't think. Maggie had the most, but somehow lost her "edge."

    Wish we could figure this out, somehow use the primaries to narrow it down. If we ever get to be a charter city, we could make some significant changes, have our own Charter, which is like a constitution.

  3. This from the Union Tribune Newspaper when they endorsed Doug Long and Dan Dalager.

    (Tom Brown's) apparent approach, however, is to bring these disparate groups together by somehow pleasing them all. That's a surefire set-up for disappointment, for him and the city.
    …Barth could not, however, begin to identify $20 million in waste in what is essentially a tight city budget... Her (Theresa Barth's) insistence that “simple fixes” exist for problems like the redesign of a lethal railway crossing – which takes federal approval – shows dismayingly unfamiliarity with the nuts and bolts of governing.

  4. Union Tribune is weak on its endorsements. We don't agree with many of its editorial opinions, including this one.

    Time will tell. I think Teresa Barth would have/has far better understanding of the budget than either Dalager or Long. Obviously the Union Tribune editorialist has not lived in our city and seen these guys in action, over-spending, under-thinking.

    We prefer North County Times, over all; Teresa Barth would be a most welcome change.

  5. The Union Tribune doden't give a shit about Encinitas. Thier endorsements tell me who not to vote for.

  6. The UT is the biggest joke of all time.

  7. More People read the UT than the NCTimes so I think it matters a great deal.

    How come the Coast News does not do endorsements?

  8. The UT endorsed prop A and prop C.

  9. The UT has other agendas like pleasing Bilbray's new chief of staff. They have idea what they are talking about. Like Dalger or Long know anything about public financing. Give me a break. Dalger was a puppet of Guerin who was controlled by our last city manager.

    Barth, I don't think will be a puppet to anyone.

  10. lol@ tim and bud.

  11. Tom Brown's Halloween mailer mentioned the Prop C fiasco and hammered the council for it. In the rearview mirror that makes him look like he opposed it at the time but I do not recall that he made a peep about opposing it then. Can anybody else remember him working to defeat C?

    On the other hand, Barth worked her butt off walking neighborhoods and getting signs up. Bullet vote barth ... she is the real deal.

  12. The UT EDITORIAL staff put the hit out on Barth.

    What they wrote was so far off that one has to wonder who on earth wrote that. It is totally twisted and ironic, because Barth has more savvy about local goverment activities than Dan, and he has been paid to be a part of the government! Dan doesn't want to be bothered by all that.

  13. This last week is very important. Sure hope everyone is out there going door to door and talking to their neighbors and friends. Pass out information about the candidate you support. This week is the week many people will make up their minds. Some even on the way to the polls.

  14. Both the UT and the NCT are not to be trusted except to take sides with the money in most cases. The only paper that really is an ear in the community is The Coast News and I wouldn't be surprized if Jim Kidd is a little gun shy of becoming too political. His stance on Prop A appears to have cost him the city's public notices account which is an important revenue generator. That account has now gone to the NCT along with Tom Chambers, his previous editor. Ahh
    the price some are willing to pay often goes un-noticed by those it directly helped.

  15. WOW
    That is great reporting Gil!

    If the city removed the advertising in a time frame even remotly near the prop c election then it can only be described as political payback.

    I can't recall anytime when the Coast news endorsed candidates. I find that odd in the sense that every other newspaper in the Country endorses.

  16. Gil is probably onto something. Removal of the notices came on the heals of Prop A. The coast news did come out against prop A... because prop a was a give away and broken promise that would have benefited the trust fund generation of the ecke family. Vote against any candidate supported or endorsed by the ecke grandchildren.

  17. re more dirty tricksNovember 01, 2006 4:32 PM

    Here's a post by Bob Evermore, from before; worth reading, because it speaks to lack of accountability of current City Council, including Dalager, our need to get fresh eyes in there, like Teresa Barth. Long would be more of the same:
    When I did my initial research, I talked to Bill Wilson at City Hall and he explained how the sewer service charge is set up and assessed. He is also responsible for informing me about our option to install a sub-meter.
    However, when asked about the boundaries of the various sewer/sanitation districts, he said there was no reference material or map available. I was skeptical of this at the time, but didn't have time to investigate then and only remembered his comment recently as the topic has once again surfaced. Time to dredge this up and get a real answer!!!
    Someone (Anonymous) suggested that Olivenhain is not subject to the excessive sewer service charges. But to set the record straight, I believe Olivenhain may, in fact, be served by one of the affected districts. However, there are a number of residences in Olivenhain that are not hooked up to the sewer system because they have septic systems.
    Here's a tidbit for all of you to digest...
    Of the 5 City Council members, three reside in sewer districts that are assessed the exorbitant sewer service charges. However, one of them, who resides in Olivenhain, may be on a septic system so may have avoided the illegal taxation. Another, Dan Dalager, resides in Leucadia and would be subject to the inflated charges if his residence was connected to the sewer system -- but it's not. Who was the remaining City Council member??? It was Maggie Houlihan, who paid between $400 and $500 last year for sewer service charges.
    So, it would appear, not only does Maggie suffer discrimination by not being appointed to serve on committees for which she is very qualified, she also is the only City Council member that we can confirm who is subject to the discriminatory, reprehensible and exhorbitant sewer service charges.
    No wonder City Council is not motivated to correct this problem! The only Councilmember who has a personal stake in this is also the one who has been shunted to the margins by her peers.
    This is the kind of scandalous behavior that should spell the end of the political careers for every councilmember who does not take an active, vocal role in repealing the usury rates we're being charged for sewer service charges. And they will be stopping short if they do not make this repeal retroactive to 2004 when these flawed rates and formulae were approved and implemented!
    Don't let this one be swept under the rug!

  18. bye bye Danny BoyNovember 01, 2006 6:11 PM

    I agree with the poster who said he or she would do the opposite of what Union Tribune suggests.

    Our vindictive City Council should not have punished the Coast News for supporting No on A. That's another case of poor judgment, with which Dan Dalager went right along, probably instigated by Kerry Miller and Christy Guerin.

    Dan Dalager never could stand up and say No to those two. He had his chance. Bye, bye, Danny boy.

  19. I love the comment that Teresa B is the real deal, in public it's her husband that talks not her... Tom Brown has proven that he is intune with the description Financial Responsbility.. This is not about who is better liked it's about what is good for the city. Encinitas needs someone who can make the hard decisions and use our money wisely...

  20. Last anonymous post...re: Teresa Barth. I have been to all the forums...she was doing a lot of speaking for herself. What is that comment all about...?

  21. Tom Brown needs another can of shinola. Brown has stated he's in favor of the $20,000,000 bond debt. Ask Brown how he voted on the clean water/storm drain tax.

    His company received a contract to excavate soil from the property on Manchester as part of a wetlands restoration. He's trumpeting that work as his concern for the environment. His company hauled the dirt to Quail Botanical Gardens as a donation, which makes a good business deal for his wife's company - free dirt and a tax write off.

  22. I saw Mrs. Barth speak in front of the council on television and she was in fine form at the forums. Who is her husband?

  23. I finally got a glimps of those extremely funny "the Plumber: more houses, more pipes!" and "Contractor: protecting developers' dollars" sings the other evening en route to 7-11. Back on Lone Jack, they had disappeared. Whomever has taken the time to make them, get them printed up and stake them around the city gets my high five for creative activism. No vandalism. No Wheat paste. Just clever insertion of signs that look just like the candidates, except for the content! I love it!

    Most dipshits in this city dont know a thing about these candidates and then bitch about the fucking traffic on RSF road.

    I think, in general campaign signs are a goddamn eyesore--especially Brown's, which must litter every street in Olivenhain, but if that's deemed "legitimate", to have flower bed medians and public grassy knolls littered with some prick's self-aggrandizement and lies, so is the planting of people's own crafted political signs. These nocturnal sign swipers are pathetic cowards. I'd love to capture one on film. I can see it now, some fat ass bourgeois cowboy down from the tract castles of Knightsbridge, on his fucking horse, gallantly cantering along the little sawdust trail, waiting until all the Beemers or Hummers have passed, then courageously lifting and cantering on. Like a modern day Robin Hood, the stealing part, not the giving to the poor part.

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