Monday, October 23, 2006

Lunch Coupons for the Mayor

“This job is very rewarding in many ways,” Mayor Christy Guerin said. “I can think of a thousand reasons” to serve, and pay isn't one of them, she said.

“You do it because you love the city,” she said.

Guerin said people who talk to her are amazed that council members earn so little. “It barely pays for what we spend on gas and lunches,” she said.

from the UT link

I clipped some lunch coupons for the mayor and mailed them off to city hall today. Bon apetite!

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  1. I am going to send slingblade some coupons to an old folks home. He is starting to loose it big time.

    I am also going to send some coupons to target for a new belt to Buttcrack so we can save a total eclipse for the univeral cycle not a leaky sink.

  2. All I can say is I haven't laughed that hard in weeks! Thanks J.P.

  3. JP ... Do you have a death wish?

    btw ... I laughed hysterically.

  4. it's all about meOctober 24, 2006 6:15 AM

    "you do it for the free trips to Japan". "You do it for the catered meals before the council meetings".
    "You do it for the lavish Birthday Parties at citizen expense". "You do it to help negotiate sweet deals for fire and police because your husband benefits".

    Cut the crap Christy.


  6. Guerin is a tick on the taxpayer. Between her parties and trips and her monthly disability check (she can run in a marathon just fine) she is bleeding us dry. Just another non-fiscal republican we are plagued with these days.

  7. Christy does it for the $40,000 she made last year, plus health insur., plus dental insur, plus a pension, plus, plus, plus
    Who in the world does she think she is kidding. She lies and then expects everyone to believe her lies.

  8. Yes, thanks JP. Hilarious, again. Thanks for helping us to laugh, and for your courage, too.

    Christy already put the word out that you and Kevin are "loose cannons." Be careful you don't get raided by her Commando (Deputy Sheriff Commander) hubby's retribution squad.

    We are going to the Forum at the Community Center tonight. Hope my question gets asked this time.

    Starts at 7:00 P.M.

  9. You got the wrong address JP. You need to send it to Bilbray's office, where she now works.

  10. Forum tonight starts at 6 p.m.

    Not 7 p.m.

  11. If the sheriff raided J.P.'s house all they would find is his collection of vintage Hawaiian vinyl records, two turntables and a microphone, his collection of original Star Wars action figures, a quiver of nice surfboards, the box set Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended versions) two cats and about 100 tikis.

  12. ...truly an Andy Kaufman Moment, JP!

  13. let's hope encinitas doesn't have an "enemy combatant" list or jp is toast. would he be sent to getmo or held somewhere in orange county in the bowels of south coast plaza?

  14. To punish JP they would put him in a track home gated community stucco house locked in a spanish style turret with no function or staircase. The garage would be full of Surftech longboards with leashes that won't come off. There would be a hummer in the garage and a set of golf clubs. To escape he would have to grow his hair long enough so his valiant wife could climb up and rescue him.

    ok. sorry smokin da herb, glad the cops are going to jp's and not my house

  15. It would appear that the City of Encinitas must still need more money, if one could go by this evenings Candidates Forum at the Community Center. It was mentioned 3 times that the event was sponsored by Barratt American, Sempre Energy and coffee was donated by E street cafe, the only thing that I could see that would cost any money. All questions had to be submitted on paper so that the moderator could read some of them to the candidates. Maybe that is what Barratt and Sempre paid for? Unfortunately, the questions read and asked were meaningless. For example, "What are we going to do about Interstate 5. Since the City has no control over Caltrans, it seemed like a pretty unoriginal and meaningless question. The 2 questions I had written down were, of course, not addressed. I asked 1) Should the City have an "in house" attorney? Since we paid paid Glenn Sabine over $174,00 in fiscal year 2002 it might be worth considering. The second question, not answered was about Director qualifications not being met and what would they do about it as council members? Of course, that one was not asked either. In fact, it seemed like an informertial for DEMA. All in all, it was business as usual. Jerome Stocks was there. Looks like he may have had a great time when the Japanese delgation was here, as he looked about 20 pounds heavier. The best response came from Dan when he was asked if he supported the $20 million dollar bond. His answer was classic. With great enthusiasm he said he supported it just as much as he had supported he and his wife buying their first piece of property in Encinitas and he was very proud of that. God help us he he gets reelected.

  16. Slingblade is getting really losing it. I think he has dementia.

    And- Buttcrack can not think on his own and with Slingblade out of reality, he will be easily picked up by sashuch the insurance man.

  17. I don’t think we should get a staff attorney. With benefits, they will cost the city 300k. Staff City attorneys are usually the lowest intelligence of attorneys and do not make good common sense decisions for preserving Encinitas quality of life in a cost effective way. If you don't like the current consulting attorney, hire another consulting attorney. Hire smart effective attorneys not government ticks looking to put in 20 years of easy employment for a life long retirement.

  18. Dr Lorri insensitiveOctober 25, 2006 12:28 AM

    Oh My GOD! A psychologist is SOOO insensitive as to call out Stocks for looking heavy?!?! The fat bastard will probably need to have therapy if he evre reads this blog. Maybe he'll sue Dr Lorri the way the political WHORE sued her meighbor!

  19. Dr. Lorri I'm confused. It was a Chamber of Commerce forum, but you said it seemed like an infomercial for DEMA.

    I was not at the forum but I do know that DEMA is not the same as the chamber.

    How many attended the forum?

  20. There was a good crowd at the Encinitas Candidates Forum, bigger than the other three. DEMA or Chamber of Commerce sponsored? It doesn't make much difference, as the membership overlaps so much. They are, however, separate organizations. I would estimate between 100 and 200 people, but I didn't even try to do a rough count. Maybe someone else can give a better figure.

    I too noticed that Jerome Stocks has expanded considerably at the midsection. It's hard not to see it. Yes, all that wining and dining at public expense has had an effect. Perhaps Dr. Lorri can counsel him into a more balanced life style.

    Only one question got an enthusiastic response from the audience. That was a question about whether the board of the San Dieguito Water District should be separate from the council, instead of the same council members, which is the case now. Both Dalager and Long said "not separate" and were greeted with no reaction from the crowd. Barth and Brown both said "separate" and were applauded loudly. And this despite the fact that the DEMA/Chamber supporters were sitting on their hands. Martens gave an answer about simplication and streamlining, which I really didn't understand.

  21. My comment about Jerome was insensitive,I agree. I was attempting (poorly I admit) to emphasize how much money the City spent on the Japanese delegation. As far as who sponsored it? Good question. Supposedly the Chamber. However DEMA's presence was so great, as well as Barratt and Sempre that it all ran into one, in my opinion. I would be most happy to help Jerome if he needs it. However, I doubt very much if he would want me to be his therapist, as he has said some rather unkind words to me over the years. Perhaps I was also taking out a little of my own frustration on his attitude about legitimate questions I have asked him. Sorry about that. I guess I am not perfect-darn! If he sues me, perhaps I will hire Glenn Sabine, as Danny thins he is so great! Thanks for calling me on my stuff Mr. Bowman.

  22. Dr.Lorri,

    You're on your own couch, how cool!

  23. Dr. Lorri, you are allowed to express your opinion here, without fear of being sued, I hope.

    Jerome does look as though he put on weight.

    Your point about the rich foods at the City Council celebration for Christy's bday, is well-taken.

  24. Hey, no one will probably read this, because we are on to newer posts, but I don't like our current "consulting" city attorney.

    Unfortunately, we, as voters, and citizens cannot go "hire" a different consulting attorney. We seem to have no say whatsoever in who the "city attorney" is, like him, or not.

    The problem is, he doesn't care about what we think or want, only what Council wants, and unfortunately, they, for the main part, don't care, either, except perhaps when they are running for election or re-election.


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