Sunday, October 22, 2006

Message from "Pablo"

The following was posted in the comments section:

Dear Fellow Leucadians --
It's time 4 "Pablo" to enter this
We had to wait until sufficient
information had developed to begin
a meaningful dialogue.
Martens has been fortunate so far.
None of the signs have been stolen
or otherwise relocated.
This "practice" is perfectly common
in baseball, but not so in the
political arena.
Alas, Mr. Colbert does not have the
borough of Leucadia "on notice" at
this time, but The Fightin' 50th is
on his "Dead to Me" list as a re-
sult of what we did to him.
Oh well, we can live with this for
the time being.
Martens does not know Stephen, but
Stephen is well aware of him.
Bobby was briefly visible to me
when my visit to the Colbert
Report Studio on 52nd Street took
place on 9-11-06. While we were
not exactly ecstatic to see one
another, I was glad he was OK.
Up until then, we had been unsure
of his whereabouts since his em-
barking with Killer and Rick
Ocasek on their mission to find
Stephen Jr....
More later....
God Bless Leucadia and Our Great
VTY Paul "Pablo" Martens


  1. Don't understand this post. Is it about aliens from outer space?

  2. what the hell? Is pablo safe or will he hurt himself?

  3. Pablo! Pablo! Pablo!

  4. Teresa Barth supporterOctober 22, 2006 1:19 PM

    At least if we vote for Teresa Barth and Pablo, we won't have to worry about ending up with Dalager and Brown or Dalager and Long, worse yet.

    Stephen Colbert is funny, but most people aren't going to understand what Martens is talking about, here.

  5. Don't be foolish - don't vote for two - vote only for Barth. ANY OTHER vote is a vote against Teresa.

  6. Martens is a joke that only idiots get!


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