Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Fees for YOU

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To put this rate increase in context view this previous blog entry:

Financial Flim Flam, click me.


  1. would this have anything to do with the 500 dollar sewer service charge on my property taxes??
    I don't remember that chunk of change on last years bill. I guess I've got to go out in the garage and dig up last years bill to check if this is new but it seems like a new addition to the property tax bill??
    Time to get another job I guess.

  2. The council claims to be fiscal conservatives. What a joke. They claim that the city budget is in great shape. A bigger joke. Dalager claims they balanced the budget. It's easy to balance a budget when you take out a 20 million dollar loan. This council continues to raise fees and borrow money. They are out of control.

  3. Yes, we got this notice a few days ago.

    It took me several tries, but I finally got the image to enlarge. I would like to know more about the State Supreme Court ruling that the notice refers to.

    The SDWD is going to have to raise its fees. They say for "infrastructure," but most of this could have been covered by the money that Christy Guerin's boy, our new City Manager, Phil Cotton, said, at a recent Council Meeting, was "saved up" by the water district, to pay towards the $3.5 million dollars we ratepayers are going to be charged for "use rights" of the Mossy proerty public works yard.

    That was a lose-lose deal, not win-win. There is a direct conflict of interest with City Council running and sitting on the board of our Water District.

    Dan Dalager just gallumphs, goshes, and grins, going along with all of this, without question. That is why he needs to go-go-go.

  4. To cover the 1999 R.E. Badger Bond... 1999!!
    Sheila Cameron as Mayor, Dennis Holtz as Guru, Guerin as follower, and the other boyz as neutered.
    Holtz and Cameron were gone after 1 term each, and Guerin is out this go around...
    The guilty are gone except BOND!!!!

  5. The millions in dollars the council took from the Water District to pay for their public works/mossy property could have paid part of the Badger bond.

  6. And don't forget that the golf course and the Hall property purchase were financed through the water district, which only covers half of Encinitas. At least we didn't get monthly billing at even higher rates as proposed. Crooks, all of them.

  7. Just because the city says,

    "To cover the 1999 R.E. Badger Bond... 1999!!"

    That doesn't mean the statement is genuine. Remember all the propaganda crap spewed out by the city manager and then Mayor Dalager, and Christy and Maggie about Prop C? How do we know they aren't repeating their same tactics here?

    A little critical thinking can also be instructive. If the bond was in 1999 and that is the sole reason for the rate increase, why did it take 7 years for the rate increase? Why isn't that explained? Can you explain please?

    How is it possible that the property transfers don't have anything at all to do with this? How is it possible?

  8. How indeed!!?
    I'm gonna cut out your eyeballs and shit in the dead sockets of your 1999 FUCKIN' Bond payments!!!!!
    How the fuck did you assholes get to 2006 on the back of the 1999 bond issue IF YOU KNEW YOU NEEDED MORE MONEY NOW!!!!!


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