Saturday, October 07, 2006

North County Times sends sexually explicit e-mail to the Coast News

The daily newspaper the North County Times is on the hot seat for sending sexually lurid e-mails to the local weekly paper, the Coast News. Despite the fact that the Coast News is a minor the NCT regularly sent it e-mails soliciting sex.

In one e-mail the NCT boldly asked the Coast News, "Do I make you horny?" to which the Coast News replied, "A little."

When confronted with the accusations the NCT broke down and wept and blamed the Union Tribune for molesting it back when the NCT was just a pamphlet.


  1. tortilla flats in da houseOctober 07, 2006 9:30 PM

    let's see,
    saturday night,
    the padres won today.
    JP must of had a few cold ones before he came up with this witty little post

    go pads

  2. Last I heard NCT got caught soliciting sex from a dirty zine on oceanside blvd.
    depraved bastards

  3. Well, JP, I'm laughing now.


    But really, let's vote out Dalager, get someone who isn't so self-serving on Council.

    What is the Peter Principal? Someone rises to his level of incompetency? Danny Dalager should go back to being head of household, head of lawnmower shop. We love you Dan, but we need someone who is a better leader on Council, someone who can stand up to Stocks and Bond, when necessary.

    You and Bossypants can still be friends, Dan Dalager, you can still be Christy's lap dog.

    Wag, wag. Sniff, sniff.

  4. We have a vision of a Council and Mayor with new voices, who are open and transparent in their dealings, not showing prejudice towards the elite "connected" or the monied few. We have a vision of fiscal conservatives, liberal when it comes to compassion, concerns about individual liberties.

    We have lots of hope and faith in the good nature and good hearts of us, the common citizens.

  5. Bob Nanninga has an article in the Coast News on the sister city/Christy Guerin birthday combo and the council's hijinks.


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