Friday, October 13, 2006

On Notice


  1. Fire Department Chief/Campaign Manager/Politician/businessman/gated community resident/nice guy/working the taxpayers/council's party house owner.

  2. Clown purchaser/ecke brother inlaw/ small real estate dealer/knucklehead/should no when to shut up/lucky hes not run of of Encinitas/suggesting/helping Barrett get away with raising lot elevations to raise some property values at the expense of surrounding neighborhood.

  3. rub a dub dub
    3 men in a tub
    and who do you think they be?

    one Bond, one Stocks, one Dalager, see?

    turn them out, knaves, ALL THREE!

  4. The city removed signs on Friday. Sat and Sunday Long and Brown signs sprouted up all over the place - in the right of way, etc.
    That means they will probably stay up until the city makes another pass next Friday.
    On the other hand, some more of Teresa's signs have been stolen so keep an eye out. But, of course, these criminals only steal at night.

  5. Dear Fellow Leucadians --
    It's time 4 "Pablo" to enter this
    We had to wait until sufficient
    information had developed to begin
    a meaningful dialogue.
    Martens has been fortunate so far.
    None of the signs have been stolen
    or otherwise relocated.
    This "practice" is perfectly common
    in baseball, but not so in the
    political arena.
    Alas, Mr. Colbert does not have the
    borough of Leucadia "on notice" at
    this time, but The Fightin' 50th is
    on his "Dead to Me" list as a re-
    sult of what we did to him.
    Oh well, we can live with this for
    the time being.
    Martens does not know Stephen, but
    Stephen is well aware of him.
    Bobby was briefly visible to me
    when my visit to the Colbert
    Report Studio on 52nd Street took
    place on 9-11-06. While we were
    not exactly ecstatic to see one
    another, I was glad he was OK.
    Up until then, we had been unsure
    of his whereabouts since his em-
    barking with Killer and Rick
    Ocasek on their mission to find
    Stephen Jr....
    More later....
    God Bless Leucadia and Our Great
    VTY Paul "Pablo" Martens


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