Monday, October 30, 2006

Signs of Desperation

There have been reports all over town about the mysterious disappearance of Teresa Barth signs from people's yards.

If you are a full grown adult with a house and mortgage and you drive around in the middle of the night plucking political signs then you are a loser and need to rethink your life.


  1. Weak sign stealersOctober 30, 2006 8:36 AM

    Yes, and Dan Dalager, it's the same "usual suspects," the same guys (maybe Doug Long's team, too), who destroyed Denniz Holz's signs in 2002, when Dan Dalager was running that time.

    More dirty tricks. The bigger the sign, Dan, the smaller the ethics, integrity?

  2. Roadside park bumOctober 30, 2006 9:01 AM

    Ok,Ok, I"ll put the damn signs back!!! It's just that Barth and Busby signs are thicker than the other candidates signs and being thicker, I can use them to line my sleeping bag this winter to help stay warmer!!

    Political signs DO NOT add character to a community unlike yours truely!!

    Staggering down the 101 with some political signs to help keep warm, it's your RSPB!!

  3. The worst part of election time is all the damn signs. Are they even effective?

  4. What sign stealing really does is create an atmosphere of distrust and if you start blaming certain people for taking them you can end up looking like a fool, so be careful. I was all ready to blame the people who live in front of me when my my Barth signs disappeared and then I realized it wouldn't help matters by saying, "Hi Neighbor!! Oh by the way. My sign was stolen. You have any idea who took it?" Talk about a loaded question! Then I read Herb's letter in the paper, and realized it was an organized effort. When you think about it, we Barth supporters have to show as much class as possible, not run around balming this person or that. That is EXACTLY what the opposing camps want us to do so we look like idiots, and make Barth look like one, too.

    Also, I think the signs are ugly and I too, doubt their effectiveness, JP.

  5. My guess is that most come down because folks think they are an eyesore to the neighborhood.

    the second tier of takers is overactive political junkies.

    I really doubt any candidate has a sign taking program or person.

    It's our 30 days of blight to protect our free political speech.

    I hate the damn things!

  6. Roadside park bumOctober 30, 2006 10:02 AM

    Now having read all these posts I'm going to keep the damn signs because I can!! As a matter of fact I think I'll take several more just to cause more anguish!!!

    Waaaa, Waaaa, my sign is gone!!! I put it in my yard and now it's gone and I think "THEY" took it!!! Waaaa,Waaaa.

    Staggering down the 101 with YOUR sign in hand!!!(Waaaa) it's your RSPB!

  7. Two issues:

    Signs are effective. Majority of voters don't even think about how they will vote until they reach the polling place. If they see a name they recognize they vote for it. That is why incumbants keep getting reelected.

    Sign stealers are part of some peoples political strategy. A good example is the Carlsbad City employee that got caught on film slashing signs of the incumbent mayors opponents. The city employee liked the status quo because of increased benefits, etc. given by Mayor Lewis. You wonder why our own city employees only take certain political signs down? It is because they are also comfortable with the status quo. Why have they left Dalger's signs in the public right of way? When challanged they will do what they think they can get a way with to help their cause. In our case help Dalger and Long.

    I don't know about this campaign but I do know they definitely took away signs that were anti prop A and C and left Dalger and Guerin's support of Prop A and C signs up. It didn't do them any good but they tried.

    So I say change the status quo dump Dalger and don't vote for Long. Bullet vote for Barth.

  8. No Shit, what a dumb ass!

    That guy craped on his whole 30 year work as a city employee and department manager with the stupid sign stealing.

    They have got to fire him over that, however the unions are real strong and I am sure they will protect the guy.

    I don't recall ever seeing or hearing of a bigger bone head move in my life.

    I don't thing signs are that effective.

    Lou Aspell and John Davis had their signs everywhere, they lost.

    The library issue, the downtown guys hardly had any signs, and the yes on whatever signs were everywhere. The downtown site won with little signage.

    At best I think they are good for one or two percentage points.

  9. Seth Cohen didn't have any signs in the last election. He lost.

    Pablo didn't have any signs and now he does. Hope it isn't too late.

  10. The sooner the betterOctober 30, 2006 11:58 AM

    I do believe that more of Teresa Barth's signs have been reported missing than any other candidates.

    So when particular signs are missing, that shows a pattern, not just people "cleaning up the neighborhood."

    Teresa has kept the high ground, and has made sure that her signs are not placed in the right of way, where we have seen many signs by Dalager, Long, and a few less, by Tom Brown.

    It is frustrating. I'm not sure how many people would just go by subliminal name recognition, alone. I hope that those who are uninformed, and don't care about Council, will not vote at all.

    I don't see why our City employees don't remove all the Dalager and Long signs, as they removed the No on A and No on C signs, because they could, as allowed by Christy Guerin's "ordinance."

    Thank God she and her big bun, bully pulpit politics are going to be gone, soon.

    The sooner, the better.

  11. OOps, Freudian slip, typo.

    That was supposed to be big gun, not big bun.

    ha ha.

  12. Where is the public right of way exactly? Can any signs be displayed on public property or just private property? There are Dalager and Brown signs in some places you would think are illegal but it's unclear what the rules are.

  13. Roadside park bumOctober 30, 2006 2:29 PM

    Maybe People like Barth signs more than others signs? Perhaps that is why her signs go missing. Maybe her supporters are saving her signs for the next run in 4 years??

    I do know that when the election is over all the old signs should be dumped in the fenced off empty lot just north of Karinas Mexican food. That where the old signs from the last election are housed!!

    staggering down the 101 looking to "SAVE" your sign, it's your RSPB!

  14. Teresa Barth had way less signs, as she was not putting them in the right of way like Dalager and Long.

    Now a lot of her signs, that were posted on private property, have been taken, not just vandalized. They are gone.

  15. we need to set up a sting.
    I'm gonna get all jacked up on wild turkey and coke so I can stay awake hiding in my van with my video camera in front of some Barth signs and catch the culprits like they did in CBAD.
    remember follow the money

  16. Roadside park bumOctober 30, 2006 6:19 PM

    I'd rather follow the coke and wild turkey!!! Where are you parking so I can help!! I want some coke and wild turkey!!!
    Staggering down the ....RSPB

  17. Hey RSPB: I thought you drank alone. What's the deal? My feelings are hurt. I am going to have to see myself to get over this. Maybe I will just join the both of you. I'll pass on the coke, but the Wild Turkey sounds good right about now.

  18. Best, for Thanksgiving, I'd say.

    Be sure to bless the bird, too.

  19. That is an awful photo of Jack Orr.


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