Friday, October 20, 2006

Tommy Brown, Member of Very Special Forces

NCT columnist J. STRYKER MEYER discovered that Encinitas city council candidate Tommy Brown may have lied about being a member of the Special Forces Association.

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Turns out Tommy Brown was a member of the Very Special Forces. In 1999 President Clinton deployed more than 15,000 very special U.S. forces to the Persian Gulf region, of which Tommy Brown was part of. Clinton said the objective of the mission, dubbed Operation Great Job!, is twofold: to keep pressure on Saddam Hussein to permit the return of U.N. weapons inspectors, and to provide America's very special forces with a positive, rewarding, esteem-building experience.

"With Operation Great Job!, we send the message loud and clear to Saddam Hussein that his open defiance of the United Nations and international law will not be tolerated," Clinton said. "We also send the equally important message to our own troops that what's important is not whether you defeat the enemy, but that you try your best and have fun."

Added Clinton: "Hooray, U.S. troops!"

"We are going to win the war," said Pvt. Tommy Brown, MD, eating his snack cup with a Capri-Sun juice-pak. "I love to clap and sing along to the music!"

"If we take out the communications tower in Al Basrah, we can have a pizza party," Brown added. "Pizza party! Pizza party! Pizza party!"


  1. Does Tommy Brown's Special Forces ride the "short bus"?????

  2. Well, this is a blow to Tom Brown. Of course what was said by Dalager? Did he ever serve?

    Brown needs to clear up the confusion. Anyway, more reason to Bullet vote for Teresa Barth.

  3. As politically incorrect as this post is, I am surprised Danny didn't say it publicly first.

  4. NOT FUNNY. He who makes fun of others will one day discover how it feels.

  5. I make fun of JP everyday. He know how it feels.

  6. But Doug Long has been saying it publicly before it was in that stupid gossip column. So, is it possible that Dan and Doug are the people from Enc. who have been calling this mud raker columnist to get him to write that. Dan who never served and Doug who was in the reserves. Surely this city has more important issues to discuss.

  7. Apparently not on this blog it doesn't...

  8. Tom Brown should clear this up ASAP. Dalager and Long aren't in any position to be throwing stones, though.

    We can discuss anything we want, here, too.


  10. The Long campaign put the hit on Brown. It's classic Jack Orr.

  11. NC Times has to protect its own I guess.

  12. True or False Tom Brown.

    We are all waiting to hear from you.

  13. Tom Brown was in Special ForcesOctober 26, 2006 8:47 AM

    Good piece in NCT Community Forum today, 10/26/06. Brown did serve in special forces. That is only an "alumni association" that the "gossip" columnist refers to. Tom Brown had signed up to be part of the association, and was led to believe his application would be processed by the time his election materials were published.

    We believe the piece by Retired Sgt. Maj. Carlos Cota of the U.S. Army Special Forces, and who is vice president of the Special Forces Association's Roger Donion Medal of Honor chapter No. 75 in SD County.


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