Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekly Roundup

The local papers have been chocked full of Encinitas news and goodness lately.

Check out Robert Nanninga's piece in the Oct. 6 Coast News, Encinitas cronyism lets Guerin eat cake. (If the Coast News would update their website I would link it or copy and paste the meaty parts, hrmmph).

It's the best piece Nanninga has written in a long time and a refreshing detour from the usual doom and gloom "the human race sucks" drivel he usually writes. This one is sharp and witty and on the mark. He actually does some helpful journalism, exposing the growing creepiness of the Muir/Waynio/Guerin/Dalagher relationship.

This could mark a turning point for Nanninga. He weakly supported Prop A and Prop C while inbetween rantings about sunken ships and dive tours (?!?) but maybe this article is a sign of more great stuff around the corner for him. I look forward to this week's column from him.

Also in the same issue of the Coast News, a good letter by perennial pain in the ass, Kevin C who critizes Dalagher's attitude about the Mossy purchase and other meaty subjects. Kevin has improved greatly in the last year as a city critic now writing on the mark letters that appeal to the casual reader.

In the North County Times last week:

Encinitas ponders property sales

Includes a good web comment by our pal Kevin:

Kevin wrote on October 08, 2006 8:58 AM:"Page 20 of the appraisal explains why the estimated market value of the property (land & improvements) is $8.5 million, which is one million less than we paid. To the general market the buildings are actually a liability. The appraiser estimated it would cost $200,000 to demolish the buildings and deducted that from his appraised value to arrive at the $8.5 million dollar figure. The appraiser and commercial real estate people I ran the appraisal by agree that there are a number of very questionable things going on. The 8.5 mill figure was way too high. Given that, we very well may have come out ahead of other options for a public works yard even with the purchase at 9.5, but that does not explain the discrepancies in the council's justifications for the purchase price. They said two conflicting things; that we drove a hard bargain & we just simply paid market value. I doubt we drove a hard bargain because paid what we had budgeted for constructing a yard. I know we didn't pay market value. Page 2 of the appraisal reads, "Fee Simple Market Value: $8,500,000." We paid $9.5. "

Encinitas council up for a 20 percent raise

Honestly, I don't really care if the council gets a raise but they are crazy for bringing this up now. Stocks sounds like he is smart enough to know that the current climate to too volatile for this. If it makes the council feel any better, I get all the same long winded crazy e-mails they get but I have to read them for free.

Proposal calls for 19 homes overlooking Batiquitos Lagoon

There has been plenty of commentary about La Costa Ave on this blog before. The city really needs to consider improving that road before rubber stamping anymore development. Think the hotel, news homes, new condos, the nursery workers putt putting on their little work carts, increased traffic from the freeway offramp and the gas station.

Paperwork reveals Encinitas campaign finances

Just in case you are keeping score. Big spenders beware, the most money doesn't always win in this town.

North County Times to hold community forum in Encinitas

Without the web coverage and new easy links they provide I would have given up on this blog a long time ago. This is your chance to praise/harass plucky local reporter Adam Kaye in person.


  1. Regarding the proposal to build 19 homes near the
    Batiqiutos Lagoon:
    I believe there may be an Osprey nest on that site.

  2. I love the fact that Ospreys have returned to Encinitas. I see them hunting around the beaches of Leucadia at low tide all the time. The osprey should be on the city seal. It's important that their nesting sites are not disturbed.

  3. So do I JP.

    I surf N.C. and waterski on The Aqua Hedionda lagoon. There are a couple of Osprey that hang out fishing in the lagoon.

    I heard there were Bald Eagles nesting on Lake Henshaw this year. Only a matter of time before their back as well. I hope.

  4. I saw an osprey at the San Elijo Lagoon last Sunday. At first I thought it was a bald eagle, but there was a "birder" walking behind us who identified it

  5. I just noticed I used the word meaty twice in this post. What the hell?

  6. Where are they proposing to build 19 homes near Batiguitos Lagoon.

  7. Lawnmowers foreverOctober 10, 2006 7:54 AM

    Birds versus houses? Come on guys they are just birds. When I can have a nice 6,000 square foot home overlooking a lagoon and a beach I think the birds can move on. After all they only need a few square feet to live.

    Hey just ask the lawnmowerman, lap dog to Guerin, what he would do for a living if we didn't get new houses. Birds don't need their lawnmowers sharpened. So, get real, Houses versus birds. Houses win everytime.

  8. Yes, lots of good articles. Thanks for the round-up.

    I liked Bob Nanninga's column, too.

    We get told we are petty for asking why there was no mayo for our donated hot dogs and hamburgers, when Council and friends get tri-tip, sushi, you name it.

    And there wasn't enough cake for anyone but Christy Guerin, and the early-birds there to watch her cut the cheese. I can't believe they sang happy birthday six times.



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