Sunday, November 12, 2006

Are the cult of personalities hurting Encinitas?

Encinitas is a beautiful place. It's unique beauty attracts a lot of respectful quality people. It also attracts a lot of strange people who want to exploit Encinitas for personal gain.

I've been doing my best to create a scorecard of who is who in the this town. The heavy hitters and the players.

I have decided on something.

I believe this town has been held back by our local government due to the strange cult of personalities. Infighting and personal vendettas have suppressed the progression of our infrastructure. The politics of this town is basically that of ASB high school blown up on a larger stage.

Too bad it's our tax dollars that are going along for the ride.

When I hear that the train tracks were not lowered because this person got in a fight with that person, that the flooding is jacked because this guy didn't communicate with that guy, that one person knew about federal funding that the town could have accessed but didn't tell anyone about it out of spite; it's enough to make you throw up.

It seems like we discuss personality traits just as much as we discuss issues.

Hopefully we can begin to start getting shit done is this town instead of playing out this bizarre soap opera.

Let's end the personal drama. Your city council is nothing more than glorified pothole fillers and they can barely do that. There is no true leadership or any kind. There is no clear vision of the future.

We need to end the drama and invest our energies into the infrastructure. Let the residents live their lives. The council members and surrounding court need to back away from themselves.

Someone posted a comment that Encinitas had been "Guerinized". That made me laugh at first but you know what? That sucks.

What is an example of Guerinization? Well, one of the new ordinances that was put on the owner of the new D-St Bar&Grill (located in the historic La Paloma building) is that there is no dancing allowed. Think about that for awhile. A small town ordinance designed to legislate your behavior.

A very powerful and influential out of towner is the loathsome Michael D Pattinson, a carpet bagger developer who would raze the entire town if left to his own devices.

When you speak in front of the city council are you there because you truly love Encinitas or are you there out of some need to feed your ego?

If you are on the council are you there because you love Encinitas or because you seek higher office down the road?

If you are just a normal salt of the earth kind of person going about your business, trying to make a living, doing all the right things like paying taxes and working hard and trying your best to enjoy life in Encinitas; your daily routine is affected by morally corrupt adults who are still stuck in a high school mentality.

That's weak.


  1. Bad Cop, Bad MayorNovember 13, 2006 11:42 AM

    Right on, JP. I too am sick of the Guerinization of our city. We have high hopes for Teresa Barth. Thank god she got elected. And thanks for your efforts toward that end, as well, friend.

    Yes, Bossypants and crew make me sick to my stomach, too. We are losing out, and wasting money on unneeded and unasked for "warm and fuzzies," including our "Art Director" who, with benefits, etc. is eating up another $100,000 per yr. Now we hear the City has paid a lobbyist $10,000 to lobby the Coastal Commission AGAINST what we want. We do want to be able to rent out a room of our home, short term, if we choose to. Or a small studio. That should be part of our property rights. No need for Guerin's governmental interference.

  2. The cult of personality has been around forever. Right now we have council members who are over-spending, piling up future debt so they can build monuments to their inflated egos.

    If Jerome Stocks opposes the short term rental ban, he should definitely let the Coastal Commission know. The meeting is tomorrow. You can fax, Jerome. Call the commission, and they'll give you the fax number. Tomorrow's the meeting in Huntington Beach. Better yet, drive up there and speak against it.

  3. New ordinance is illegalNovember 13, 2006 11:44 AM

    You know what? I was looking up Govt. Code re the recent city raise. I discovered that cities are limited by state law, this same Govt. Code, to what they can charge of violation of restrictions, or repeat violations within one year. The Council's arbitrary new rental ban law, also makes it so the time period for fine increases, or suspension of the right to rent is for two years. The fines are excessive. So is the annual $150.00 permitting fee, for the little person, wanting to rent out just a couple times a year.

  4. How about an exception for Del Mar race season? I rent my place out and go to Hawaii every year during track.

  5. You know, this happened once before. I guess a past Council made short term rentals illegal, and then went back and made them legal again. Now they want to go back?

    This sounds crazy, particularly since Christy Guerin, who is presently our lameduck mayor, "spearheaded" the movement, and has taken a personal dislike to our fine Calif. Coastal Commission. She has gotten away with murder, and just keeps acting like a lobbyist, like her boss, that we also are forced to support, on the taxpayers' dime, Bilbray.

    We don't support Bilbray and his politics of opening up the coast for oil drilling, and we don't support Bossypants Guerin and her micro-managing, vindictive ways.

    Good riddance, Christy. The sooner the better.

  6. Put the ban on short term rentals to a vote of the people. I am sure it will receive a 70% win. The true minority are those selling out Encinitas and opening all the rent me for a day places. Just drive along the coast and you'll see the signs that identify the ones. Extra money to get by my butt. Most are managed PMs selling out Encinitas.

  7. JP I completely agree with your post. Run in '08.

  8. JP, is write, although the cult of personality will only be replaced by educating voters. As voter turnout continues to shrink, these cults of personality grow. Dan Dalager is a perfect example. If everyone that was eliglbe to vote in Encinitas did, we would have a very different council.

  9. Some of the people who post on your blog suffer from the same disease.

  10. I would suggest that the cult of personalities is the reason why Encinitas is so great.

    The cult of sameness and generica rule elsewhere!

  11. Hey dickwad... You wrote:A very powerful and influential out of towner is the loathsome Michael D Pattinson... In fact pinhead,
    Mr. Pattinson is an Encinitas resident whose home is in Olivenhain.

  12. Pattinson is from the UK. Not an American.


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