Thursday, November 16, 2006

Beacon's Beach part 3

You can download the Beacon's Beach pdf plans from the city website: click me

If you download the big Graphics zip file you will find good pre-visualizations on files 2.2-10 through 2.2-14

Today's NCT story: Surfrider to challenge Beacon's Beach study

The public meeting is tonight at city hall 6:00 pm


  1. Roadside park bumNovember 16, 2006 9:20 AM

    Either fix it and make it safe!! OR SHUT IT DOWN, CLOSE BEACONS!!

    Close the parking lot and make it a grass park, WITH BATHROOMS!!! Some graduated benches to stare at the ocean and watch the sun go down. (THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GREEN FLASH!)

    As for the surfers having to walk to grandview, ohh boo hoo!!! Surfrider foundation is a bunch a cry babies!!

    Cardiff(Surfrider foundation spokeshole) said the proposed nine-month closure of the Beacon's Beach access during constuction would be unacceptable. "they're going to have some very unhappy surfers".
    Well tough shit, Mr. Cardiff!! How unhappy will some poor mother be when the bluff collapses on her child??? ( Oh I forgot we'll have natural sand on the beach, a dead child BUT natural sand on the beach.)

    Staggering down the 101 hoping the city closes Beacons, it's your RSPB!!

  2. Before the city goes forward with the Beacons project, has the city met all the requirements in the General Plan?

  3. I like the split trail design. I like the alternate design better which is more like Grandview. J.P. can you show a photo of that one?

  4. roadside bum needs to get his ass kicked.

  5. A 9 month closure of Beacon's would be great for selfish reasons. Surfy Surfy!

  6. You can't hold back the bluffs or the ocean. The Beacons boondoggle is akin to rearranging deck chairs on the titanic.

  7. there is so a Green Flash-I just bought a six pack of it today

  8. Yeah, RSB is beggin' for it. He calls everybody else idiots and cry babies, and he's an admitted alcoholic, a bum, and one of the biggest complaining "know it alls" around.

    We are against the sea wall and will be going to the Planning Commission meeting tonight, letter in hand to turn in.

    Even if they don't put in the seawall, Beacons would have to be closed for awhile for trail maintenance.

    To repeat, the bluff errosion is pre-existing and ongoing. I don't want to wall our beaches which will take away from the integrity of the beach itself, by taking up room, and by preventing soil replenishment from the bluffs.

    There used to be another street in Encinitas. The Self Realization Fellowship Temple fell down. We can't stop time. We can make matters worse by turning our beach into a series of monolithic walls. I don't care how good they look.

    Sand replinishment will slow things down enough. We need that, as we have cut off the natural supply of sand with jetties and blocking the natural delta effect of rivers, through development.

    The City is known for doing "negative impact declarations," and not following environmental laws. In this case, it is trying to wiggle around the standards by submitting vague and factually incorrect info. I hope Surfrider has some experts weighing in on the EIR.

  9. Lets let the stairs, bathrooms and parking lot collapse at Cardiff / Pipes and see what kind of access the surfers have. Maybe we can get them to remove the rocks in front of Carlies and the Chart House while were at it.
    If it was up to the surfrider Foundation (misnomer), we would only get to enjoy an ocean view experience from a high spot east of I-5.
    Cancell your membership if you still have one.

  10. I support tourist getting buried alive by landslides in Encinitas.

  11. Just a surfer= Just a jackass. I've seen you out at beacons dropping on everybody with your 10 foot foam board. Welcome fat boy. Or should I say your not welcome, Your a Jackass. Your going to get rolled for being such a selfish wave dropper. Karma baby Karma!

  12. Take your canned sound-bit crap where the uninformed might buy it, moron!
    You're completely wrong and you know it. Science and engineering were clearly not your major in school.

  13. Went to the meeting. Charlie Marvin, aka RSB was there. I think he made a bunch of the posts here. Now that he's retired, he's got time on his hands. He's the one always being so bitter, calling people idiots, whiners. The people from Surfrider were polite, informed, and seemed truly concerned about the environment and the public benefits of beach access. Staff was not prepared. I couldn't believe they called what they presented a "draft EIR." I liked the Planning Commissioners, though, including the newly appointed one. They all seem much better than our past Council.

    Charles Marvin is all for redeveloping Leucadia, as in blighting us; he's all for a seawall. He was the only speaker that was.

    Mr. Marvin cares more about his biz interests, being able to sell them, with ideal tax consequences that would come with redevelopment, for him. He's been in the pocket of Kerry Miller and Christy Guerin. I hope he stays away from me.

    He made his wad; give some of the rest of us a chance, now, just to enjoy the quality of life we have left. We don't want seawalls, period.

    Charlie, go home. Nobody here wants anyone to get burried, or the beach accesses to collapse. You are playing on fear, again, to manipulate. Or can you no longer think straight?

    Alternative A, presented very roughly tonight, without the seawall, but with steady supply of sand replenishment to protect the bluffs sounded best. No engineer actually talked about the alternatives. Staff was unprepared.

    Written comments are due by Thanksgiving. Bob Nanninga made some excellent comments, including bringing up the kelp issue.

  14. Why would C.Marvin be pro redevelopment in Leucadia when it would mean losing his properties?

  15. boy talk about time on your hands. all of you should just get a room and be done with it.

  16. Be careful who you accuse of being rsb a lot of people want to punch him in the face.

  17. Heck, I thought RSPB was Dan Dalger.


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