Friday, November 24, 2006


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The cool swanky Artist Colony and all it's fun nooks and crannies will be gone forever soon. It will be replaced by what I call Yuppie Modern, a safe non-threatening building. I know a lot of people are bummed about this but trust me, it could be much, much worse. The project is less Carlsbad and more Gaslamp than what I expected.

Here is the website to the architecture firm that designed the project:

This building is going to look massive when it is finished. It will loom high above Encinitas Blvd. The story polls don't tell the whole story.

I will miss the 1950' slanted windows the most, I always loved those. If I owned this property I would have kept a lot of the existing elements instead of simply razing the whole area.

The existing site is home to some really beautiful trees. I hope the trees can be saved and moved instead of just getting chopped down. Maybe Quail Gardens can rescue them?

The project is called 101 Artists Lofts which is an odd name considering there probably isn't a single local artist who will be able to afford the new rent. It's kind of like when a developer bulldozes a hillside of oak tress and then calls the subdivision Old Oak Ranch Hills.

From the Coast News, Richard Sax, a Carlsbad attorney and developer, filed plans last year with the Planning Commission that show a proposed complex complete with underground parking, commercial space on the first floor and 19 two-story townhomes on the remaining floors. Upper decks would provide residents of the new development with views of the ocean and Cottonwood Creek Park. The 52,000-square-foot project is estimated to cost $23 million. The homes, ranging from one to three bedrooms, would start at $1 million according to Sax.

Hopefully for the new owners of the million dollar townhomes the city will get the Cottonwood Creek water treatment thingy working because right now that whole area smells like poo at night. Poles and strings show building's shape, size


  1. I am so bummed about this. It seriously brought tears to my eyes when I read it. I was happy to see that you, JP, are relatively optimistic about the plans because this is (was) one of my favorite little nooks and crannies of Encinitas.
    Why does everyone always want to get rid of character? And why don't developers and architects realize that this character is what drew us all to the area in the first place.
    Years ago on NPR I heard a story about how artists move to an area because they are "starving" and broke and through their creativity, the area that was once run-down comes to life. Coffee shops pop up and vintage-ish places, interesting little shops and eateries. The hum-drums of the world are drawn to this creative vortex because their lives are secretly boring and void of these creative and energetic sparks. But they have the money (perhaps that is why their lives are boring - they buy instead of having the need to create) and the property value goes up and the artists can't afford it - so they move out and start the whole process again somewhere else.
    The NPR segment was referring to SOHO in NY, NY as the example of this. When I lived in San Franciso, I saw this same thing happening in the SOMA.
    In fact, I worked South of Market in SF for a photographer who was buying up these huge rooms of an old cannery wharehouse. The building was beautiful and had lots of light for studio art work. I am sure those rooms go for 10 times as much now.
    Well, I wish those from the artist colony the best. May they move on to create it somewhere else and may it only get better each time.

  2. You are correct. There will never be an artist in residence here. In fact, these 19 units will probably become 19 very expensive short term rentals.

    I am really opposed to this project because of an opportunity we have lost here. We all realize that properties will develop as the market demands and change will occur.

    My dream is to create a strong continuous walking linkage between the downtown area and Leucadia. The street face of this project and especially the retail portions are not at street grade. They do not encourage this "walkable city" we all want. It's a step back, an obstacle. Just look at how people use downtown with all the at-grade shops, restaraunts and bars.

    If you can make the connection at the street, you should in the design.

    To Anonymous above...don't lump developers and architects together as "character killers." The architects often are told what to do by their fee-paying developer clients. As an example, this project could not have been any larger. I'm certain the developer told the architect to "max out the site."

    Also keep in mind, the developer is only trying to get their entitlement. They have no personal tie to the community. Mr. Sax would flip this project today if someone offered him more $. Actually, it's not in his interest to provide "character elements" into the design because they cost more. Forcing a developer to produce a better product is the job of a caring community and it's planners.

  3. Big trouble for Leucadia on Wednesday, Nov. 29. The council will decide on whether to adopt the draft housing element. If you haven't read the voluminous document, here is one tidbit that will keep Leucadia in the poor house forever. The city wants to eliminate the air space requirement for multi-family housing in the North 101 Corridor Specific Plan. In condominium language, the air space is what the condo owner owns.

    By eliminating the requirement for air space in the duplexes and other multi-family buildings, condo ownership is eliminated. Apartments, apartments, and more apartments can then be built.

    If you don't want Leucadia to become another Manhattan, complain to the council. Show up at the meeting on Wednesday and tell them don't approve the draft housing element.

    You have citizen power.

  4. If this project with it's 19 living units (short term rentals) and looming size is alarming, hold on to your seats.

    Pacific Station, the proposed project on the site of the Red Sand / Coast News Building has 47 living units (short term rentals) restaraunts, retail, and offices totalling 105,000 Sq. Ft., with 2 levels of underground parking.

    If Encinitas Artist's Lofts seems large to you, now think "super-sized."

    5 years from now, we are all going to be asking, "what happened to our city?"


    It isn't what you think.

  6. This is what you might think but there is a great twist

  7. Time to join

  8. so opponents of every new housing project proposed for the coastal area will pull out the (short term rental) card.

    A new weapon for those who already have theirs and want no one else in "oh no, it will be a short term rental"

    J.P, I think the loss of the old moterlodge buildings is terrible and the concept presented is just ok.

  9. You write,

    " for those who already have theirs and want no one else to have some."

    So when does it end? When it is so crappy that everyone wants out? In that end no one 'gets theirs'.

    Don't even think that just because we are by the beach that we are immune from socialeconomic melt down.

  10. Don't be naïve. This has everything to do with pleasing the big developers. It has nothing to do with good economic or social decisions.

  11. I think the existing building look like shit. I just hate to see that the new building will be max density and boxey. Developers should be forced to do much better. Come on Folks lets make this project living hell for the developer until he blends more with a walkable community type of project.

  12. I actually think the new building looks better than the existing. If they'd bring the southern roofline down towards the street more, I think the project would be nice.

  13. We should all thank the artists. maybe they will move to Vista next and help reform that shithole.

  14. Thank you, artists.

    No thanks to developers that max out the footprint, and don't encourage pedestrians.

    Somebody is really obsessing on short term rentals, I agree.

    What is it with that big box tower home at Stonesteps? The grade beachside is lower. Streetside, it is way above street level, so the building is far more than 30 ft. above the lowest grade, as provided by zoning definitions.

    What gives there?

  15. Why should you be sticking your nose into what other people do with their property?

  16. Because people are disrespectful and have a history of building slum homes like riverside and do anything to maximize profit. And I mean anything! That’s why developers have an even lower reputation than attorneys. Developers have earned well deserved reputation.

    The classic thing is once a developer makes the build profits, they move to any area like Del Mar or Rancho Santa Fe that have massive land use regulations, and bitch if the neighbors paint their house or have a short term rental on the property.

    I think Encinitas should emphasize land use regulations and protect our quality of life and not become a Vista by the sea. The land use regulations are our only protection against the evil developers.

  17. The developer of the Moonlight property is president of Premier Jets at the Palomar Airport. He developed the large complex there.

  18. Last Anonymous...developer of hanger buildings? I don't understand your point.

  19. What do Neptune property owners think about some of their neighborhood properties being list in the low-income/affordable housing inventory in the draft housing element?

  20. What do Hillcrest property owners think about some of their neighborhood properties being list in the low-income/affordable housing inventory in the city's draft housing element?

  21. What do Blue Heron property owners think about some of their neighborhood properties being list in the low-income/affordable housing inventory in the city's draft housing element?

  22. What do Santa Fe Ave property owners think about living in a low income shit hole?

    Whoops... did I get that right?

    I'm sorry its called Pacific Views.

  23. for all you people that want to control other people's property, I have a solution. Why don't you get the city to purchase all the properties that you want to keep old and funky. Then you can look at the old crap forever. Of course you will need 67% of the people to agree with you so that the city fathers can raise enough tax money to do this.

    You could buy it yourself and preserve it. Don't want to do that you just want to control other people's money (property). GET A REAL JOB

  24. How's the vacation in Hawaii?

  25. Developers have a social responsilibilty because their actions affect all of us. Unfortunatly most developers have contempt for their fellow citizens and customers.

  26. There's got to be a balance between the greatest common good and individual property rights. Most homeowners do improve their homes, by painting, adding on, as time goes by.

    What we don't want is uncontrolled "upzoning." It is difficult because the State mandates a certain "housing element" for affordable housing. More people besides millionaires live in Encinitas.

    We do have some "social engineering" in our community. The General Plan was supposed to take that into account. We do need to make changes, but how?

    I don't like the overlay plans because they increase the density more than they have to. The State gives a range, and the City goes to the maximum end of the percentages on increasing zoning density.

    It's a complex issue. NO ONE seems to want affordable housing near their homes. But you would if you were a student, or someone starting out with a young family, or perhaps someone retiring on limited funds.

  27. "GET A REAL JOB," again, you are attacking people unfairly. I have a job, you are retired, Charlie Marvin, aka RSPB. What's your job now, blogging bs and being a capitalist? Yeah, you go where the money goes. Thanks for sprucing up some properties in Leucadia. As I recall you got a bunch of violations from the City in the early 90's for some of your slumlord hotel rooms.

    No one is trying to control anyone else, here, except perhaps you and the City. Too bad you lost on the short term rental ban issue.

    Sour grapes. Oh, and your question to Gil, RSPB, gave you away, once and for all. Gill called Charlie Marvin a hedge toad, said he liked to hear himself talk. He didn't say anything about you RSPB. But you asked him why he had been so harsh?

    You are getting your alter ego confused.

  28. What in the hell are you talking about? You seem to be the confused one. You think Marvin, whomever he is, is the only that thinks people like yiou believe in the redistibution of wealth. You are the nut.

  29. GET A JOB!!
    You really need to GET A LIFE!!!
    Stop worrying about Charlie Marvin or me the RSPB and start worrying about Leucadia!!

    Worry about how:
    The city is going to fix the flooding problem.
    The city is going to fix the street lights and sidewalks.
    The city is going to landscape the center median on 101.
    I could go on but I'm sorry to say that logic and reason are lost on you "Funky Leucadians".

    If this is all you have to do all day(worrying about Charlie Marvin and Myself) you have a hell of an easy life!! I wish I only had to worry about your puke ass, but I have to worry about being robbed on the street, finding food and water, decent shelter(if I was Charlie Marvin, I'd stay in one of my hotels!!). I HAVE TO WORRY THAT IDIOTS LIKE YOU ARE KEEPING LEUCADIA FUNKY!!!! And means UGLY!!!!!

    So GET A JOB, get a life and leave Leucadia to those of us that really care about Leucadia.

    Staggering down the 101, wondering if I have too much responsiblity, it's your RSPB!!

  30. RSPB, aka Marvin, you are in no shaking position to judge others as you stagger down the highway. And we know where you live, too, and it's in a mighty fine home.

    What are you talking about "redistribution of wealth?" You wouldn't want those who are struggling to be "upwardly mobile," to get any would you, Charlie?

    We can like the word funky, and still want our communtity to be beautiful and charming. Judge not least you be judged.

  31. I know who you are, too, RSPB. Yeah, you could stay in one of Charlie's motels if you want to, and you know it. I agree, you gave yourself away with your comments to Gil on that previous post.

    You stand to gain the most when the businesses you own go up in value when the "infrastructure" goes in. Then you can sell out at a higher price, or you can charge more rents. Either way, you stand to benefit more than most of us.

  32. I do have a job. You, rspb, are projecting your own lack of honest livelihood onto others. Why don't you get a crew together and put in some sidewalks in front of your own businesses? You could afford to, and others have done this, in Cardiff.

    Why don't you plant some flowers, and water them. I have seen homeowners, and the SRF do this, too. Why do you want the City and ultimately the taxpayers, to pay for all the improvements. You got your businesses and homes, including your rental homes, at low cost because you bought some of them from the original Mexicans that lived along the bluffs on Neptune. You got a killer deal, owned much land, and now want to continue to take advantage of the locals.

  33. Yeah, most of us posting here, are more real than you are, bum one. I, personally, was born in Southern Calif, my grandmother was born in Old Town, San Diego. You came from Pennsylvania didn't you? You may have been here a long, long time, but you are getting much older, aren't you?

    What makes you real? Your lies and insults sure don't. I think you like to have a bunch of drinks then blow out your bitterness on this blog.

    We don't owe you anything. The City is going to be putting in your sidewalks. This has been a very dry year.

    Can you stop complaining about what some of us love about our hometown? I hope so. Come to the meeting on Wednesday, at City Hall, and tell us who you really think you are, if you dare.

  34. Hey, we have a big light on our front porch, as there are no street lights on our part of our street.

    Why can't the businesses put in their own lights? Answer - they can, by calling the City and paying for a special lighting assessment for installation, and use. But no, some want those of us who pay more for our own street lighting, on our porches and at our front gates, through our SDG&E bill, to also have to pay for the business owners' streetlights, as well, through City assessments of increased property taxes.

    It was primarily the business owners that voted down the increased fees for lighting and landscaping, by the way. Because the taxes and fees would have been pro-rated according to the size of the business. They would have had to have a much steeper increase, and they didn't want that.

    You go worry; I'm not. No one can manipulate us with fear and disdain if we don't let them.

  35. I worry that idiots like rspb are giving Leucadia a bad name, destroying our community character.

    Wish he would get a real job instead of just puking and staggering, looking for handouts all day, name calling and drinking all night.

    Telling lies.

  36. God bless RSPB. The hater's hate you so you must be worthy of my christian love

  37. Bible versus? Lets bring religion into this debate. Lets see Catholics like Funk. Jews hate it. Presbyterians can tolerate RSPB but Lutherans don't want him around. We Muslims hate you all because you are non-believers.

    Oh and SRF wants to dominate everyone.

    Get real. Save your bible versus for Sunday. It won't help change our community.

  38. I recently found out about this website and am stoked that there is a alternative forum for voiceing your opinion, thanks JP. It has confirmed my thoughts about getting involved with city issues, especially this proposed Artist's Lofts project. Since I'm a native Encinitian I'm really getting tired of the bullshit these developers are trying to do to our little town. This crap has been going on for years and we really need to try control as much of it as possible. This proposed project hits a soft spot with me and if any of you that post on here are truly local you'll know who I am, being that my father owned that property for years and I lived there for a number of them. When I found out what they wanted to do, I was truly bummed out. That place has history and character, hell it's one of the oldest buildings in Encinitas. I doubt that the owner checked into that, that building was the original Boy's Club of this town if that helps anybodies opinion.
    It's obvious this guy is only in it for the money and doesn't give a shit about the history, character and artists of this town. Another reason this is a bad idea is I don't feel that that neighborhood and that corner can handle the density or the traffic. Not to mention size of the project, it's no wonder that there's barely any open land left in this town. Another thing that pissed my off was the fact that these guys are trying to pawn this project off as an art project, I recently read a small ad claiming that the elevation sticks and their ribbons are art. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! Anybody that knows anything about architecture or construction knows that these poles are to show the heights and size of the project that might be going in. What this also does is give us an opportunity to complain to the city that this project is not appropriate for our town. Now I've read through everybody's blogs and it seems most everyone is against this project which is a good thing and some are for it. I also realize that everybody is not from here and your ideas of how this town should be, could be based on from where your from.
    But remember you are not living where your from, you are living in Encinitas and this is a artsy and eclectic little beach town, this is So-Cal and we need to keep it that way. I say this because for years people have been trying to change our little town and those people are not from here, hell if you asked the city council members if any of them are from here, I wonder what the count would be. I only know of one. I would like to end this by saying that I wish the Artist Colony the best and am going to do my best to keep my old stomping grounds from being destroyed. So I hope that a huge crowd shows up at the next meeting concerning this project to protest against it, I know that I will be there.

  39. Generally we are upset that a project of this size, and the numerous others in the pipeline just like it, can happen at all. But, the rules were set long ago by the authors of the Downtown Encinitas Specific Plan and the North 101 Specific Plan, as well as the past councils that approved them.

    What we are seeing is their vision. This is what they knew would happen. Look at that list of folks who were on those committees, they are listed inside the document. They are responsible for setting lenient limitations for these sites, including no FAR for most areas. These are people you probably know, go bitch to them.

    Developers are only too happy to play when the rules are so generous. Can you blame them? They don't have the love of this place that you and I have. Their only hurdle is to produce a passable project with a workable proforma.

    I am very sure most locals will not like the Encinitas to come, but the groundwork has already been laid. If you are truly concerned, I believe your reasonable response would be to modify these specific plans.

  40. Poor anonymous, go ask your daddy why he sold your birthright. It must have been for reasons other than mere money, right?

    I was ready to oppose this mega-project until I read your sad rant, but now I hope it sails through the process.

    BTW: When you show yourself at the council meeting be ready to call yourself something other than anonymous.

  41. The groundwork can be changed. Modify the specific plans to match the general plan.

  42. Anonymous posters calling out people for posting as anonymous is really, really, lame.

  43. Dear native anonymous Encinitas poster,
    I agree with a previous poster. Why didn't you keep the land and maintain the original boys club so we could all reap the history? Was it because you, or your Dad, wanted the money from the sale?

    I donate all my lands to Allah. I also make sure only the goats and camels I like get to stay on those lands. Perhaps you could buy the lands from the artist developers and restore the boy's club to it former granduer. I am sure it was a beautiful building so the whole world will come to see it.

    Perhaps I will buy one of the lofts, if you don't put the boy's club back, and donate it to Al-Funun al-Arabiya.

    Living with my camels in my yurts.

  44. Dear Anonymous critic/BTW,
    Wow! Calling me out for airing my opinion on this subject and the fact that my rant changed your mind is truly sad, amazing and LAME! Not to mention that your assuming something about my personal life that you know nothing about and we all know what assuming means, right!

    Just wanted to add that I realize and understand that the general plan and the other plans were set in motion along time ago by other councils, etc. and we are now seeing their decisions. We can bitch at them and at the councils now all we want, will it help, maybe/maybe not. What will help is the community getting involved in trying to make changes to these specific plans to try and control what is happening. I am just one voice in the community trying to make a difference.

  45. Anonymous...

    No, there are two of us.

  46. Hey leftcoast,

    Why don't you bring Osama and his camel and we'll make it a party!!


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