Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas Concert Preview

Union Tribune: Jewish community frustrated again in Encinitas City-sponsored Christmas concert creates stir


  1. This provides clear evidence of the initial motivation of Dalager. It was not about tradition.

    Was it about Christianizing CITY functions?
    Was it just about getting all the good press?

    I think Dan was in it for the good press that he got for the name change. Why think this? Because he isn't a good christian. He lets his staff cheat. He cheated in the last election. He is an ass to anyone that doesn't swallow his cool-aid.

    The council needs things like this that people remember so that the real issues don't get addressed.

  2. People for the American Way's website:

  3. Dan Dalager and Christy Guerin know that the Japanese are not Christians right?

  4. Let me get this straight. The City of Encinitas is using taxpayer dollars to hold a new religious event? We don't have enough money to fix leucadia's problems but we can put on birthday parties for Christy, wine and dine people from another country, and put on concerts.

    If this concert is of such religious importance why doesn't one of the councildudes go out and organize the local churches to put on the event. If the churches don't see the value then what in the hell is going on here.

  5. I am all for a big Cross on top of the new Library, right above City Hall. Maybe it should be big enough that you can climb up inside of it and peer out the top on an observation platform.

    Let's do it and screw all those politically correct whiners.

  6. Maybe the prayer at the concert should ask God to spare Leucadia from more flooding and erosion.

    They should ask God to send the City some extra cash too, because the City is about to be bleeding all over.

  7. Good post and film clip, JP. I read both the links, too.

    Sure seems that by insisting that the name remain "Christmas Concert/Christmas Parade, the City is sponsoring something that has the appearance of a religious event.

  8. Don't forget we are paying our new art director, James Gilliam $85,000 per yr, plus beaucoup benefits, to organize stuff like the concert, too. He used to be the director for Crystal Cathedral, a big Christian organization in Orange County, right?

    Listen, I love Jesus, but I also believe in the separation of Church and State (or City). Remember, Dan, Jesus was a Jew. And he chased the "money changers" from the temple. This has to go on as you and Christy Guerin planned, because it is Bossypants' last "hurrah." I hope next year, with some reconsideration, with Maggie and Teresa's input, it can go back to Holiday parade.

  9. Maggie Houlihan is right, as quoted in the newspaper article. Dec. 2 is not Christmas. That date is actually closer to Thanksgiving. The citizens and merchants did not request the change back to Christmas Parade, on record, except the one lady, now deceased, that Dalager mentions. Of course that is hearsay.

    Dead folk tell no tales. Dan, this isn't right, God love you. Why make a big deal out of this, when it would be so easy to just keep it as Holiday Parade and Holiday Concert. Is this just Guerin exercising control, and you misunderstanding your own intentions?

  10. I beg to differ. We 'citizens' did ask for the name change to Christmas Parade. It is a parade that celebrates christmas no CHRISTmas. It is a holiday we have celebrated in our country for 200 years. Why change now so a few of you politically correct people can have your way.

    Lets have an election and settle this once and for all. Christmas Parade versus Holiday Parade. Let the winner take all and the losers shut up.

  11. Oh jeez Dan, why couldn't you just leave well enough alone. What was the point man?

  12. Dan said, "There's people who plain aren't happy unless they have something to grouse about, and all you can say is, 'God love 'em.' "

    That's pretty cold Dan. You, as an elected official, swore to represent all of us, not just those of the Christian persuasion.

    Holiday Parade, Holiday Concert

  13. What part of "all men are created equal" doesn't this city get? This is not a city of Christians. In fact, it is a significant site of the Self Realization Fellowship.

    We've got people of every path here. We even have the "Mayor's Prayer Breakfast" every year sponsored by the Interfaith Council. What a joke. This cannot be a city of Christians alone, no matter what Dan Dallager thinks. This is 2006, not the time of the Inquisition.

    This country is supposed to be dedicated to diversity and freedom for all men, not just Christians last I checked.

    Dan, check your Constitution.

  14. Dalager doesn't believe in the Constitution. No citizen voting. King Dalager reigns.

  15. Santa Claus is Satan. Think about it.

  16. In America, Christmas was generally outlawed until the end of the last century. The early congress ignored Christmas all together and worked on Dec 25. In Boston, up to 1870, anyone missing work on Christmas Day would be fired. Factory owners customarily required employees to come to work at 5 a.m. on Christmas -- to insure they wouldn't have time to go to church that day. And any student who failed to go to school on December 25 would be expelled. Only the arrival of large numbers of Irish and northern European immigrants brought acceptance of Christmas in this country.

  17. This nation has always, until recently, been a nation dominated by Christians. It is part of the culture and thus politics. This nation has always, until recently, decided that it was important to separate GOVERNMENT institutions from Religion. This doesn't mean religion plays no role.

    This absolutely doesn't mean religion is to be removed from the public square. It just means that government institutions should not finance or operate religious events.

    Why not mix religion and government. You might get religious people willing to vote for someone like Dan because he is a Christian champion even though he has run this city poorly or was willing to let porno shops like Fstreet come into our town because "government shouldn't interfere."

  18. Peace on earth, goodwill to all men, including F Street. It's an adult store, not a "porno shop." No children go in there. If it wasn't supporting itself with sales, it wouldn't be there.

    Remember Jesus and Mary Magdalene? He didn't call her a "porno" prostitute. Frankly, I think Jesus would have liked to see all faiths included.

    Also, recall the story of the good Samaritan. The Samaritan was not Christian, nor Jewish. Still he assisted the wounded man who had been robbed, when the priest and the merchant passed him by. That is not to say our merchants don't welcome all customers.

    I don't think "we citizens" would vote to keep it Christmas Parade/Concert, instead of Holiday. And even if the majority did vote that way, might doesn't always make right; and the Court's would throw it out, I suspect.

  19. Not whining, but caringNovember 22, 2006 5:03 PM

    This is one more case where Christy Guerin and Dan Dalager are trying to gain political points by turning this into a divisive issue, when the holidays should be a time of sharing joy, peace, understanding, not insults and the attitude, "it's my way or the highway; I can tell you what to do because my husband and I, Commander Guerin and Bossypants, have the big guns. If you object, say this isn't right, we will just call you whiners."

  20. Look what happened to Republicans and all their scandals in Congress re Congressmen going after underage Pages. Also all the "bribery" scandals, including our own, Randy Duke Cunninham.

    This is what being closed minded hypocrites brings about. Human nature is diverse. Leave consenting adults alone, and focus on political corruption, not defining everyone's religious beliefs and our moral ethics. That's the pot calling the kettle black, guys.

  21. ...christians and jews put away your opinions and exchange a little Mistletoe, the plant of Peace.Cultures around the world perform solstice ceremonies. At their root, an ancient fear that the failing light would never return unless humans intervened with candlelight vigil and celebration. This years winter Solstice occurs on Dec.21 at 4:22.

  22. leucadian with a purposeNovember 22, 2006 8:30 PM

    i think everyone on this blog needs to take a chill pill -- quit looking for something to bitch about -- there are plenty of real issues -- without trying to make something out of nothing

  23. The people in authority on our Council who chose, arbitrarily, to change the name of the Holiday Parade to the Christmas Parade made a divisive community issue, not the ones who are voicing their concerns, that the City government should not sponsor a religious event.

    Maggie Houlihan has a point. The Holiday Parade and now concert are not that close to Christmas. Better to have left "well enough" alone. There was no good reason to change it to the Christmas Parade, from the Holiday Parade, before Dan Dalager became Mayor, for one year.

    This is a real issue, the separation of religion and the government. Those two institutions should not mix. People can have their religious beliefs, without the City supporting one faith tradition above all others by the designation of its holiday events.

  24. Commerce is the reason for the season! Enjoy the gluttony of the Christian holiday, it's the American way.

  25. Well, for Thanksgiving, I am wishing one and all a happy day of sharing good food, good spirits, and good times with our family of friends, neighbors, and relatives.

    I am grateful for community, happy that we care enough about each other and are brave enough to voice our opinions, here.

    Thank you, JP, for providing an informative, provocative forum. I've learned much. And laughed a lot, too!

  26. The city spends of lot of our tax money on parties don't it?

  27. Praise the lord. I am such a good christain. I just bought a new hummer for myself, bought a cool mini hummer for my 5 year old and bought the coolest home in San Elijo Frills. Life is good and I am great. I wish Encinitas would annex me. I tell people the Frills are in Encinitas anyway.

    I also bought a new board from Costco so I will see you out at our local break. Put in a elevator- I hate walking back up the path. A little to0 much excerise.

  28. Big trouble for Leucadia on Wednesday, Nov. 29. The council will decide on whether to adopt the draft housing element. If you haven't read the voluminous document, here is one tidbit that will keep Leucadia in the poor house forever. The city wants to eliminate the air space requirement for multi-family housing in the North 101 Corridor Specific Plan. In condominium language, the air space is what the condo owner owns.

    By eliminating the requirement for air space in the duplexes and other multi-family buildings, condo ownership is eliminated. Apartments, apartments, and more apartments can then be built.

    If you don't want Leucadia to become another Manhattan, complain to the council. Show up at the meeting on Wednesday and tell them don't approve the draft housing element.

  29. Leucadian with a purpose,

    How about this. You pay all these blogger's extra taxes and fees that this council has added to our cost of living and you pay for our share of birthday party and forced religious expenditures and we will stop caring an go off and chill. That is the cost of the chill pill. Don't you get it?

    Tell us where to send our rebate request.

  30. That chill pill poster sounds like Dan Dalager, I'd say.

  31. This is a good example of why orginized religon is evil. I should arm all you loosers so you can blow each other up.

  32. DanDalagerCanBlowMeNovember 30, 2006 12:23 PM

    Ever heard of separation of church and state? Public funds used to promote one religion over another? Does the city of Encinitas want a Mt. Soledad cross-type battle? The name "Holiday Parade" is inclusive of all Encinitas citizens while "Christmas Parade" is not.

    I'm sure Mr. Dalager's "business" brings in TENS of dollars in tax revenues but that doesn't give him the right to spend public funds on events that promote his religious beliefs.

    I'm Catholic and I feel that the name change is just idiotic. Happy Holidays to all.


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