Sunday, November 19, 2006

Crossing Over to Cadmus-Pros and Cons

New Encinitas railroad crossing proposed

What we know for sure is that the status quo sucks. The proposed Cadmus crossing is an intriguing idea.

Closing the train track crossing may seem extreme at first glance but I think it's a good idea. The chaos of the Leucadia Blvd intersection is getting worse and worse by the week.

The only reason Cadmus is even worth discussing is that Cadmus does not connect to Neptune Ave. This prevents Cadmus from becoming a busy thoroughfare to Beacon's. It's odd because Cadmus is one of the few streets that doesn't connect to Neptune Ave. What luck that is.

I think the traffic signal at the Leucadia park/coast highway 101 should stay so that if you are leaving Beacon's you can make a left turn. And if you are going north on Hwy 101 and you want to Beacon's you can make a left turn with a green arrow. There needs to be a pedestrian crossing here as well. I guess you will have to cross the tracks illegally if you want to get to 7-11 and the dry cleaners. Maybe we can work safe legal pedestrian crossings over the train tracks into this plan.

Encinitas Blvd is a prime example of a major thoroughfare with a business district and an entrance into the coastal part of downtown and the beach. Right now traffic coming down Leucadia Blvd is expecting the same thing but instead finds that Leucadia Blvd is more of a sleepy neighborhood road. Unfortunately this sleepy road is being used by commuters coming off the freeway during rush hour. This causes all kinds of gridlock and madness with the combo of the dysfunctional intersection. Cars from I-5, cars from San Elijo Hills, pedestrians, cars coming in and out of 7-11, people trying to take their kids to the elementary school, surfers trying to get to Beacon's, and the train mucking up the whole process.

The ultimate solution would be to lower the tracks like in Solana Beach. Since the cost for such a project is out of reach we have to think out of the box and look for a cheaper solution. Luckily, La Costa Ave and Encinitas Blvd are not affected by the train. Those two locations are equipped to handle the thoroughfare that Leucadia Blvd is not (La Costa Ave needs some improvements as well. See Leucadia!: La Costa Ave Expansion?).

The concern about doing this diversion around Leucadia's dysfunctional intersection is the ripple effect to Encinitas Blvd and La Costa Ave. Drivers may soon learn to avoid Leucadia Blvd and use Encinitas Blvd or La Costa Ave instead. Can these two other intersections handle the impact?

We need to be intelligent about this and look at the traffic studies and see if the new traffic imposed on Encinitas Blvd and La Costa Ave will work. Also, there needs to be fair warning to commuters from the freeway all the way down Leucadia Blvd that there is no direct access to the coast highway. A nice sign before the Leucadia Blvd off ramp on I-5 warning that there is no direct access to the coast highway would help prevent some confusion. A series of signs the whole route would be ideal.

Cadmus needs to have a very large sign declaring that there is NO beach access in order avoid cars going down that street and then having to make u-turns. That would be horrible, even catastrophic for the people that live on Cadmus.

An intersection tells us certain things. A stop sign tells us this intersection is fairly busy. A traffic signal tells us that this is a very busy route. People naturally assume that there is beach access at the traffic signals. We must make the new intersection as idiot proof as possible so not to destroy the quality of life for the people on Cadmus.

One thing that will improve for the good people of Cadmus is that they can use the light to make a left turn onto the coast highway. Right now making a left turn off Cadmus is pretty hairy.

Closing the Leucadia Blvd train track crossing will solve the problem of accidents at a dysfunctional intersection, but in turn it may force that traffic onto La Costa Ave and Encinitas Blvd. I don't know if there is much we can do to improve Encinitas Blvd but La Costa Ave improvements must be made in conjunction with the Leucadia Blvd project.

I don't know if the traffic studies are ever available for public review but it sure would be nice to see the numbers. The numbers should dictate the design. The idea is good but does it work with the numbers?

One of the most appealing things about this proposal is the train quiet zone. Imagine, no more horns blaring away. You could actual have a conversation with your cup of coffee at the Pannikan.

Culturally people are going to be upset about the direct route to the coast highway and Beacon's being closed. But I think this intersection project will jump start other infrastructure improvements needed for business and life to flourish in Leucadia.


  1. I Fully agree. Pedestrian crossing at Leucadia Blvd. and a quiet zone are key items to bettering our community.

  2. Long Time Leucadian said...
    Excellent work Jerome. You are really thinking and acting to solve a long time problem for Encinitas. Please assure that the new crossing will be a quiet zone considering double tracks will bring over 100 trains per day. That’s a big train blast every averaging 14 min. 24 hours everyday if left unchecked.

  3. Please Please Please maintain a pedestrian crossing at Leucadia Blvd. considering it is a heavily used pedestrian travel way! Move the one planned for El Portal to Leucadia Blvd. considering the new intersection will be closer to El Portal.

  4. I think the NCTD and SANDAG should include another crossing at Leucadia Blvd. The funds should come from Grants trying to promote more Smart Growth area which include Walkable communities.

  5. The pedestrian crossing at Leucadia Blvd. promotes the greatest assess to Beacons Beach. Beacons is a core attraction for the community east of the tracts and warrants a pedestrian crossing at Leucadia Blvd. I would support moving the pedestrain crossing for El Portal to Leucadia Blvd. or adding one more. It seems like the least that can be done, considering the tracks will not be lowered for some time.

  6. Would this have to go thru the Coastal Commission, too? I think the Coastal Commission would also want to maintain pedestrian access at Leucadia Blvd. I know I would, also. There are fences now along a lot of the railroad, about three or four ft. high; has anyone else noticed?

    Dan Dalager said at the last forums that the traffic study was completed and coming out any day. Seems we should be able to look at it, JP.

  7. There really does need to be a pedestrian crossing. People will just run across the highway and cross the tracks anyway. You can't legislate behavior. If we are moving the intersection because of "safety" then it would be silly just to create new unsafe condition.

  8. Oh yeah, I throwing a shout out to Jerome Stocks for being point man on this. I've complained in the past about the lack of leadership when it comes to this intersection over the past decade or so. Good for him to step up to the plate.

  9. I like the idea of changing the intersection. I just hope THEY will plan something for us residents of Cadmus. We already have an outrageous number of cars trying to get to Neptune.

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  11. Even sleazebags do things right sometimes.

  12. Kudos to Stocks for thinking out of the box. Who would have thought the only reasonably workable and financially possible solution would have come from a guy we've all been pretty hard on. If this pans out, I think we'll have to ease up on Stocks.

  13. As long as there is a pedestrian crossing, I can drive north our south to go west of the train tracks.

  14. Does Stocks suggestion of closing the Leucadia Blvd. crossing to traffic have anything to do with the double tracking in Leucadia?

  15. As I read the story, the Stocks idea strictly is for improving safety and traffic circulation in the area. But now that you mention it they might as well build a second set of tracks at the new crossing to save money later! Maybe Encinitas could get NCTD to pay for part of the improvements trhat way. Good thinking!!

  16. Stocks is taking people for a ride. Once the double tracking is complete, the tracks will be filled with freight trains. The wonderful smell of diesel blown into Leucadia neighborhoods, complements of Councilman Stocks.

  17. Jerome is the wolf in sheep clothing here. Ask yourself, if this is such a good idea why hasn't any of the engineers paid to address grade and crossing issues of the past twenty years suggested this?

    This Cadmus change is really about kick starting the redevelopment district in Leucadia. Might I suggest people inquire about who the property owners are within a hundred yards of the proposed crossing. Stocks is carrying water for someone, the question is who.

    Leucadians have asked for the tracks to be lowered at Leucadia Blvd, yet Jerome has other ideas. Why? Why not just lower the tracks, like most Leucadians have suggested.

  18. Lowering the tracks will cost 160 million.

  19. Why not lower the tracks all through encinitas? Remeber the words of your city council, "We will fight double tracking forever if they don't lower the tracks". Look what has happened. A little favor here and there and low and behold we have double tracking. With double tracking NCTD wants to fence off the coorridor. That will be next. Don't be fooled by this disingenuous fool. He has lied once before on double tracking and he will do it again. His political croonies are more important than you.

  20. Grade Seperation-

    Duke's in jail. Bilbray is JR and in the minority in congress. It will be hard to find federal or state grant funds to fund a $160 million dollar project. Any suggestions? We could sale big billboards over all the top spots in Encinitas, so Barrat could sponser Swamis, Lennar can sponser Moonlight, Home Depot can sponser Beacons, (etc...)

    This improvement is considered interim... I hope this interim is a shorter than longer interim.

  21. What does Cadmus mean?November 20, 2006 7:53 AM

    Nine times trucks or cars or people have been struck since 1980. That's 26 years, almost 27, now. Not all of these involved fatalities. Some were probably suicides.

    I do think, eventually, Leucadia should get the tracks lowered, as Solana Beach did. Solana Beach is a smaller town in terms of population than Encinitas. They managed to do this, and we should be able to, also.

    I am just concerned that by moving the traffic, there will just be a safety hazard further north. Why had this not been proposed before? The pedestrian crossing needs to stay intact. There are already fences along part of the tracks, now. Pedestrian's beach access is being cut off already.

    I would not want this move if it is some kind of ploy toward redevelopment, blighting Leucadia. Also, I don't want to be manipulated with fear. I would think the businesses would want to keep Leucadia Blvd. open?

    I like that Chinese food place by the 7/11. How much more difficult would it be for those west of 101 to cross the tracks? How far North is Cadmus, anyway?

  22. Cadmus is where Leucadia Liquor is.

  23. A pedestrian undercrossing at Leucadia blv as they did at Pier View Way in Oceanside would be fantastic.

  24. Cadmus is south of Leucadia blvd.

  25. More biz for Leucadia Liquor...less for 7/11, not that I care or that it is the point, just an observation. Droppping the tracks is the only long term solution...doesn't anyone remember the headaches on La Costa Blvd. and Enc. Blvd when the opening of Leucadia Blvd to El Camino Real took place. I can't imagine the summer headaches that will occur when tourists exit the freeway at Leucadia, head for the ocean and en mass try to access the ocean via Cadmus. Vulcan can't handle that traffic North or South. Drop the tracks. The difference between Encinitas and Solana Beach is not the population size, but Sol residents thought long term about the greater Encinitas we are too spread out. Do people in Olivenhain really care about Leucadia...Cardiff is fighting for it's fair share of downtown redevelopment funds that old Enc. automatically gets and Enc. "ranch"...these people can't even carpool their kids to Capri, hasn't anyone noticed what they have done to our neighborhood? Imagine big SUV's flying down Urania to drop off one kid, mom on the cell phone talking to her next door neighbor who is in the SUV right behind her...mon doesn't even get off the phone to say "goodby" to her kid...Sheeesh! I digress, DROP THE TRACKS!

  26. I think 7-11 may actually increase business because the traffic will still be flowing by and they have a gas station. Currently I avoid 7-11 because it is hard to get in and out of the parking lot due to the gridlock. If traffic flowing 7-11 may be more attractive.

    I have a feeling though that traffic may really back up on Vulcan from Cadmus because Vulcan south will remain one lane.

    Let's move Paul Ecke/Central school to Pacific View.

  27. This would make Vulcan an absolute traffic mess, and it would be dangerous to have traffic that heavy at Central school. Moving Central sounds like a good idea if Pacific View is big enough to hold all the students. I love the idea of blocking the tracks at Leucadia Blvd., not so much because of train safety but because of traffic. It would certainly decrease the overall amount of traffic in the area, but Vulcan can't handle much more traffic as it is right now.

  28. Last anonymous, how would moving the intersection lessen traffic? People would still come down Leucadia, now they would just go south to Cadmus. People heading East would cross at cadmus and still go up Leucadia.

    Dropping the tracks is the real solution. Put them in a trench. TYhen they can speed through encinitas.

  29. If Stocks is not working towards the dropping of the tracks he is working against Leucadia's best interests, and the preservation of our quality of life of Leucadians.

  30. end of last sentence should read "in Leucadia."

  31. Raspberry in today's NCT, 11/20/06November 20, 2006 11:56 AM

    The 'Off-Track Budgeting' award

    A raspberry to North County Transit District officials who continue to scoff at the federal government's demands that they budget more money for cost overruns related to the Sprinter light-rail line.

    Encinitas Councilman Jerome Stocks, the district's chairman, said of the feds' concerns this week: "All the risks they have identified have not come to fruition."

    Stocks is right on the specifics, wrong on the big picture. Last week the NCTD had to throw an addition $5 million toward the Sprinter project due to unexpected costs and repairs to a section of track that was bent by a landslide. The pessimistic feds appear to be right. Remember, the NCTD projected that the Sprinter would cost $351.5 million to build in 2004 and it has since turned into a $440 million ---- and rising ---- boondoggle.

  32. More on time and on budget hype, spin, by Stocks.

    I think he posted some of the ealier comments, here.

  33. Yes, we agree that Jerome Stocks and the NCTD deserve a raspberry for exaggerating, before and now, that the projects are on time and on budget.

    In a related subject, Jerome Stocks also sits as an Encinitas Council Member and a Director on the Board of the San Dieguito Water District. Many taxpayers and ratepayers are concerned about a conflict of interest between Encinitas and SDWD. Recently we have been notified, by letter, that our rates are being increased.

    People should know: we can write the Encinitas City Council/SDWD Board of Directors, including our parcel numbers, to object. We can notice them we are unhappy with the fact that SDWD sold its headquarters to the City for $1 million, for the library, losing rent revenue from the City, and is now being charged $3.5 million for rights of use, only, not title, at the new Mossy Public Works Yard. All of this was decided in closed sessions, and over citizens’ subsequent and continuing objections.

    The letter we received informing us of the rate increases could have and should have included information that we could protest, in writing, the raise in rates by 11/29/06, our next city council meeting.

  34. Just had lunch at Ogata with my two daughters, 16 & 10. We drove up 101 past the Cadmus proposed train crossing site. When I asked what they thought of the idea the 16 year old said "What's the point? They'll have to widen Vulcan cuz it can't handle the traffic and people will still be able to commit suicide plus if you are stupid enough to stop on train tracks, then you probably don't have that great a life expectancy anyway." My 10 year old said "Silly, stupid idea...who thought it up?" I said "It's Stocks silly, stupid idea." Out of the mouths of babes...

  35. So the point is we can't improve the intersection because we hate Stocks?
    Cult of person-nal-li-teee.

  36. I'm thinking keep the traffic flowing more than safety concerns.

    Yes, you can't stop suicides. Maybe the train shouldn't stop when people jump in front of it and they could just hose it off at the end of the line?

  37. anonymous who asked last anonymous how it would lessen traffic overall...

    I think it would lessen traffic overall because fewer people would exit I-5 to Leucadia Blvd. westbound. If you have to go down Vulcan to get to PCH it will probably deter people from using the Leucadia Blvd. freeway exit to get to PCH. Unless you're going somewhere in Leucadia, you'd probably rather exit at La Costa Ave. or Enc Blvd.

  38. I like the idea of dropped tracks running through town. It'd be nice to get rid of the train horn blast every few minutes. But thats wishful thinking on an expensive project.

    Anyone know how much the renovations to Leucadia Blvd are costing? They are adding 3 roundabouts and sidewalks early next year.

  39. with the crossing moved to Cadmus, the area would function more like Santa Fe and Vulcan interestion with traffic turning north to cross at E Street and Birmingham and Chesterfield area and crossing. I think both those of those crossing function much better and are much safer. Plus a crossing at Cadmus will enable a quiet zone which will be terrific for all of Leucadia within 4 block of the tracks. I am glad the City is looking for solutions. Thanks to all involved. I do hope they can maintain a pedestrian crossing ( undercrossing sounds promising. The traffic counts will rise so I think 7/11 will get more business. Plus like JP, I avoid 7/11 and that whole interestion as much as possible, because its pure evil and life threatening

  40. I keep wondering how Solana Beach was able to pull off depressing the tracks through their town and we cannot. I would assume there were federal funds available that are no longer available. I could be wrong, anyone? Did Solana Beach provide sustantial funding?

  41. My guess is Solana Beach negotiated the grade seperated crossing as a condition of allowing a major North County train station. They have much more parking infrastructure and bus traffic than our little stop. Why dont some of the people saying lets grade seperate come up with ideas on how the City will come up with 160 million? Do you think NCTD has an extra 160 in reserves for Encinitas? If so, how are you going to convince the other board members to give it to Encinitas?

  42. Perhaps the ability to double track thru all of Encinitas would be an adequate price to pay for depressed rail thru the city. Why would we care if it was below grade? Especially if we could finally separate cars and rail.

  43. Wow your sushi loving kids are RR crossing experts. You must be very proud. I'm so glad you think there ideas are brillant. You should they're your kids. Me- I'm not impressed. The comments seem like typical 16 and 10 year old comments. You should hear what I have to say about Justin Timberfake.

  44. My 17 year old boy want to hook up with your 16 year old girl if she has a nice body, but that has no bearing on if the Leucadia Blvd. crossing should be closed or moved.

  45. Allow me to point out that high speed rail interests have been trying to gain access to the LoSan rail corridor. I bet the High Speed Rail Authority could come up with the funds needed to lower the tracks if NCTD would give up the lease, and let the future of mass transit come to San Diego County. They have as much said so.

  46. Lets tap some of that debt that Terminator just got the CA voters to approve.

  47. Pro's:
    -Crossing becomes a quiet zone=no more train horns.
    -Proposed crossing has a slope that is ADA compliant with safe pedestrian crossing instead of someting destined to hang up low vehicles.
    -Traffic can circulate through the Vulcan / Leucadia Bl area due to new round a bout, through lanes, and dedicated turn lanes, and traffic will not filter up into the neughborhoods.
    -Affordable in our lifetime.

    -Stocks is an asshole that we hate.
    -Stocks is an asshole that we hate.
    -This is a possible potential solution to problem's that will reduce what we have to bitch and moan about.
    -Stocks is an asshole that we hate.
    -We live to bitch and moan.

  48. -Your sushi eating kids think it's soooo stuuuupiiiidddd..
    -bob hates everything, including this.
    -Current traffic situation is a nightmare but change is scary too!!!!
    -bob really hates Stocks, who is an asshole we all hate!
    -But I'm starting to think we should think about hating bob who never proposes any solutions, just his hatred for Stocks who we all hate...?

  49. can't move Central students from 10+ acres to Pacific View because it is 2.8 acres
    Sol Bch saved $ from their annual budget until they had enough to do track lowering
    Their city limits include only 1 mile of train tracks as opposed to Encinitas several miles of train tracks
    wished there was political will to negotiate, plan for lowering of Enc. tracks

  50. Never proposes any solution? Obviously Mr. Balance Plus lacks critical reading skills, and my writing is too advance for someone with limited intelligence.

    After writing about this issue repeatedly, over a 12 year tenure with the Coast News, let me put this simply for all the High School dropouts to understand.

    The best, and longest term solution to the "at grade crossing" problem along the rail corridor through Leucadia is to drop the grade, tracks and all.

    This improvement could be designed to mitigate flooding problems on Vulcan and the Coast highway as well.

    As to paying for the rail improvements, there is obvious answer. Privitize the service, and lease the transportaion corridor to the High Speed Rail Authority.

  51. Sorry about the typos. The last paragraph should read...

    As to paying for the rail improvements, there is an obvious answer. Privatize the service, and lease the transportaion corridor to the High Speed Rail Authority.

  52. Bob, please dedicate one of your Coast News columns to this issue. Take a break from Bush bashing for one week and focus on the local community.

  53. Don't forget that this city council, Guerin, Stocks and Bonds all said, "We will fight forever double tracking unless we lower the grade". They peed down their legs and agreed to double tracking. Their public statements were they would agree to double tracking if NCTD built three crossings over the double tracks. They haven't built any. These guys are losers and should be replaced with people that can see the future like Solana Beach Councilpeople did.

    Now Guerin is working for Bilbray lets get some earmarks for Encinitas. This would give us enough money to lower the tracks.

  54. Bob basher, it isn't obvious to us, at all, that Bob is a Stocks hater. There are some people here who don't like him; that's true. JP gave Stocks a "shout out" on this post, for his efforts toward addressing an intersection that is a traffic problem.

    The NCT wrote that editorial opinion, giving NCTD, and Jerome Stocks a Raspberry. There are at least two sides to almost every issue. You are the one, basher, who is making this about personality, not Bob.

    Most people who are posting here do want solutions, and are giving honest input. A few are just hate mongers, pure and simple.

    As I read him, Bob is proposing solutions, and others were saying that the Cadmus solution would cause problems for people on Vulcan, including Paul Ecke Central School. Just because we don't agree with a proposed solution, such as the Cadmus crossing, or because we want to consider it, doesn't make us Stocks haters, or make us part of the cult or personality.

    You, Bob basher, are worse, you are part of the cult of anti-personality.

  55. Here are a series of discussions back and forth with Jerome on the Cadmus issue.

    Thank you for the follow up Jerome

    Based on your reply you most likely have not spent much time on Cadmus - we do get a flood of traffic down our street trying to access the beach. We have already worked very hard to get No access signage - and that is not easy nor is it working. We also do not have any more difficulty turning left out of our street than any number of streets up and down coast highway. These seem to be very poor reasons to support this proposal.

    In the end I realize this is only a proposal, and there is no data to support moving forward with this project. However, I would like to present a couple of my concerns to discuss your vision:

    1. Changing Leucadia Blvd. disrupts the heritage associated with Leucadia, the Park, 101 and the future of the Beacons Access Plan
    2. Vulcan is only a two lane road and does not handle or facilitate traffic flow
    3. Moving the crossing closer to the Ecke school (AM traffic concerns - Vulcan/children)
    4. Moving the rail from a primarily commercial area to a Residential area (impact to merchants and property owners)
    5. Volume of traffic on Cadmus will exponentially increase (Signage has little impact, a barrier would have to be implemented)
    6. Traffic flow and lack of urban planning (single directional flow would be removed)
    7. The significant grading that already exists at Cadmus and on the tracks
    8. Lack of sidewalks in the area and how that impacts future growth
    9. Pedestrian flow (or lack thereof)
    10.Noise control (moving the crossing does not encourage creating quiet zones)
    11. Urban planning for how to improve the Leucadia 101 corridor

    Moving the crossing appears to be a band aid mentality while bypassing a long term vision of lowering the tracks. While I am sure this costs more, the upside is evident based on our neighbors to the south - Solana Beach. The value of their community continues to go up.

    Thanks again Jerome for following up - let me know your thoughts on my concerns.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Jerome Stocks []
    Thank you for your reaction and for taking the time to email me your concerns.
    This plan is only in the conceptual stages and public input is vital to assure the best possible outcome, so I welcome you to the dialogue. There will be many public meetings to come.
    In reality though, I must state that a part of the reason the Cadmus intersection works well is that it gives the resident's of Cadmus a safe way to make a left turn to head North on Hwy 101, and because Cadmus is a dead-end street the general public won't be flooding Cadmus trying to get to the beach. We'll need to put up appropriate signage to discourage folks from thinking they can get somewhere on Cadmus, but signs are easily done.

    Please stay involved, we have a long way to go!

    Jerome Stocks
    Council Member
    City of Encinitas


    Sent: Mon 11/20/2006 3:14 PM
    To: Jerome Stocks; Maggie Houlihan;; Trish Douglas;;
    Subject: Cadmus Resident

    I just finished reading the article on Crossing over to Cadmus in the NC times and as a Cadmus resident I was upset. I try to be a strong supporter of Encinitas public development and think defined progress for Leucadia is much needed. However as a resident of Cadmus I did not find the proposed plan well thought out for members of the community.

    Why move the junction from a primarily commercial area into a residential area that does not even lead to one of Leucadias primary beaches? This could potentially destroy our neighborhood in addition to taking away another ounce of Leucadias heritage (the history associated with Leucadia Blvd and another small neighborhood). I am sure there are lots of reasons to select a plan but hopefully money, or lack thereof, will not be the primary decision for the welfare of our community. Solana Beach has executed plans well beyond their fiscal might. I do not want to waste your time with a list of my concerns but as I am directly impacted by this particular proposal I want to get involved in creating something that works for Encinitas/Leucadia/residents/visitors.

    I would like to contribute to both the success of this project and the blossoming of Leucadia.

  56. Can we re-open Pacific View and send half of Central school there? That should spread out the traffic. And, do kids still take school buses or is it all soccer moms in suvees?

  57. Roadside park bumNovember 21, 2006 2:48 PM

    Public Utilities Commision

    Now let me see if I get this correct..... Jerome Stocks wants to create TWO R&R crossings where there is now ONE crossing!! What Folly!!! The Public Utilies Commision does not like at-grade level crossings NOW, yet somehow they are going to OK TWO at-grade crossings in the future. AS I said before WHAT FOLLY!!!

    The tracks need to be buried and that's the only real solution to the problem!!! Adding traffic to Vulcan won't change the situation other than too bring more cars closer to PE School. What does the PTA say about this???

    Didn't Diane Fienstein say in her political ads that she wants to make our communities safer?? Hit her up for the bucks to bury the tracks and get her sister in socialism Barbara Boxer to agree. If they can't get this done, then California has really hit rock bottom with political pull in D.C.and you have wasted your vote again!!

    J.P., what's this praise of Stocks for carrying the ball on this issue, you must be nuts!! Stocks has never favored Leucadia in any way, shape,or form!! How many years has he been a coucil person and NOW he feels the need to do something aobut the R&R crossing in Leucadia, HA!!! What Folly!!!

    Stocks in HELL bent on keeping this community UGLY, you can take that to the bank!!!

    Naninga, this blog has done fine without you for many years, what brings you to JP's little gathering of Leucadia nuts, kooks, freaks and weirdos. Your failures on the Parks and Rec Commision are well known, and lack of bathrooms facilities at Leucadia beaches shows you to be an enviromental paper tiger!!! I guess it's OK to shit and piss in the ocean in Bob's little "GREEN" World.

    Stick around Bob, you'll find Leucadia is full of people with opinions much better thought out than yours!!!

    Staggering down the 101 wondering why we need TWO R&R crossing when 1 will kill you just as easily, it's your Roadside Park Bum!!

  58. rspb finally has a sober moment and thought. Good work. Don't settle for second best. Get grade seperation. Let stocks and bonds work for their money for a change finding funding to lower the tracks. Heck, Stocks can spend 1/2 a billion dollars for a folly called sprinter he sure as shit should be able to help his own community with a measly 200 million.

    What a afrce stocks and bonds are. All hot air. No real substance.

  59. RSB still not sane & soberNovember 21, 2006 4:15 PM

    RSB, I appreciate bob's input, and who are you to say he is not welcome. I could say you are not welcome, but that would not be kind, either.

    RSB, you are attacking personalities and not thinking through what you are saying. Use some logic, man, besides the kind you used to use as a lawyer, that corrupt, closed door, checkbook justice kind.

    In one hateful post you attack Nanninga, Boxer and Feinstein as well as Stocks. Who am I to say what's what. But I wish we could somehow empower Stocks by saying, nice try, here are our concerns, and can we please focus on lowering the tracks?

    Also, the plan wasn't for two crossings; it was for one, at Cadmus, maintaining (we hope) the pedestrian crossing, only, at Leucadia Blvd. I do think that shifts the traffic issues to the people on Vulcan, so it's a no go, and yes, a bandage, as someone else suggested.

    To me, it seems almost certain that Jerome Stocks will be with us for a couple more years, at least. I would like to work with him to find solutions.

    We didn't like that our City wasted over $55,000 on sprucing up the trestle over Encinitas Blvd, either. NCTD surely could have done that, and typically, they are responsible for such maintenance.

  60. RSB aka Charlie Marvin doesn't like Stocks because he voted no on eliminating all future short term rentals.

    I never got the feeling that he wants to keep Leucadia ugly. Everyone on Council, now (Teresa isn't sworn in yet) has made plenty of mistakes. Let's try, try, try to empower them to make good decisions.

  61. Roadside park bumNovember 21, 2006 4:41 PM

    Fake Leucadians!!
    I never said "Bob" isn't welcome to post here, that's not for me to say one way or the other. I fact if you read my post again I tell him to stick around and he'll find many Leucadians with better thought out opinions than his, but sorry to say I don't include yours among those opinions. But hey that's just my opinion!!
    Perhaps you can tell us why "Bob" has never called for bathrooms at Leucadia beaches, you two seems to be spokeholes for him!! Well?? Tell us!!!
    Hey I can't stick around any longer, it's nearing dinner time and I have to see if Leucadia sushi tossed any Toro or Philly roll today.


  62. Closing Leucadia Blvd. Crossing is a wonderful thing for Leucadia. I went and saw the Pier View Way Pedestrian Crossing in Oceanside and think it would serve Leucadia Blvd. Just fine. Closing Leucadia Blvd. would make Leucadia function like Santa Fe or Birmingham which beat the heck out of the existing situation. If you move the interestion just south of Cadmus you elimate the Cadmus residents concerns about increased traffic. I say go for it. Great Job to Jerome and all.

  63. I agree with JP and thank Jerome for trying to solve a historic problem in Leucadia. I beleive there used to be a RR crossing south of Leucadia and one north of Leucadia Blvd. That what the folks who grew up in in the 50's and 60's tell me.

  64. There's no way to do the proposed Cadmus crossing without widening Vulcan, does that mean they will have to take the land they want, to do that... to I smell eminent domain in this?
    Why make a bandaid fix now? do it right and put it underground....

  65. You are fake, RSPB.

    You lie and say: "I never said "Bob" isn't welcome to post here, that's not for me to say one way or the other."

    Here's what you said in your previous post, Charlie:

    "Naninga, this blog has done fine without you for many years, what brings you to JP's little gathering of Leucadia nuts, kooks, freaks and weirdos. Your failures on the Parks and Rec Commision are well known, and lack of bathrooms facilities at Leucadia beaches shows you to be an enviromental paper tiger!!! I guess it's OK to shit and piss in the ocean in Bob's little "GREEN" World."

    I will repeat those hateful words only once, to show everyone here what a liar and a fake you are. Fake bum, and liar, that's pretty low, even for an ex attorney.

    Gil is right, you are a hedge toad. If you don't think we realize your words are written to make "bob" feel unwelcome, like a failure, and make the rest of us feel badly, too, you are more delusional than I thought.

    I am me. I can use "we," if I want. Stay away from me, and I'm glad I'm anonymous. I know who you are and some of the stuff you think you've gotten away with.

    I'd rather be a "spokeshole" than a liehole. You better have another drink bum one; I can feel your shaking from here. Ironically, you picked a very appropriate moniker for yourself. You are full of sh~t, and you are a drunk. You give some bums a bad name. Many of them have mental illness for an excuse.

    Do you?

  66. RSB, the reson I haven't called for a Restroom at the Beacons is two-fold. First of all I am against building structures of any kind on our beaches. I also see a bathroom as a way to encourage the homeless to camp at nearby, further uunderming property values. And if you look at the seaside beach in Solana Beach that restroom facility has been replaced at least three times in the last two decades after winter storm surges had their way with the infrastructure.

    And RSB, I have yey to hear surfers talk about shitting in the ocean. And as for people pissing, in the ocean where exactly do you think all the sewage waste water from our communities goes now? If not pumped onto parks, golf courses, or civic landscaping, it's released into the ocean.

    And the reason I choose to utilize this blog, is because it is how concerned Leucadians are comming together to protect thier quality of life and the community we choose to call home. I am a Leucadian, and being a concerned Leucadian does not make me or anyone else a nut, kook, freak, or weirdo.

    Sorry Charlie, it is you that is out of touch with the character of our community. I humbly suggest that your sole interest in Leucadia is how fast you can sell out to the highest bidder.

    Oh, and if you would read my column once and a while, not only might you learn something, you might even learn to spell my name.

  67. Too the Kooks that think RSB is Charlie-

    You obviosly have an ax to grind with Charlie.

    To the good things Charlie has done- He has redeveloped too comercial properties with total class and charactor of old school Leucadia. Gold Coast Plaza and his totally cool and classy hotel. How can you say Charlie is pro-redevelopment district? I say Charlie is pro making Leucadia a nicer place to live.

    Some think drug addicts, porn shops, child molesters, and bums add charactor. I think that leucadia should focus on other types of charactor like the art district it is.

    I like the idea of Closing the crossing at Leucadia and building a below grade pedestrian crossing in its place.

  68. I agree with the last poster. Charlie Marvin has taken two historic properties and upgraded them. Isn't that what a lot of people want? Yes, hopefully, he is making money doing that, so others will want to do the same. Let's not keep critizing people who actually do good things around here.

  69. We already have double tracking in Cardiff between E Street and Chesterfield. This did nothing for Cardiff. The traffic still backs up on San Elijo to cross the tracks, sometimes north of the Cardiff School. That's four long blocks. Traffic still pours up and down Birmingham in the morning and afternoon to make the left turn towards Chesterfield. The Cadmus crossing is a mediocre short-term proposal.

    A some point in the future the whole rail corridor will need to be double tracked from L.A. to San Diego, unless growth comes to a complete stop in southern California. Does anyone think that will happen? We need to start long-term planning. This can only mean lowering the tracks at grade crossings. This should have been done at Chesterfield, but wasn't. And the old closed crossing at Montgomery could have been reopened over the lowered tracks. But no, we got a cheap, short-term fix, and it didn't work.

  70. Roadside park bumNovember 22, 2006 1:35 PM

    BOB, (There did I get your name correct? Are you happy now??) Why do you oppose bathrooms at the parking lot of Grandview?? And Beacons for that matter?? Are you sooo dense as to think anyone that wants bathrooms at the beaches wants them at the waterline??? Give us all a break, would you!! You will find that your double talk will be easily exposed for what it is on this blog. Pure BULLSHIT!!! (Or I guess in your case It would be greenshit!!!)

    As for taking a crap in the ocean, well perhaps surfers aren't but others are. Why?? Because there are NO bathrooms at Leucadia beaches!!! But come to think of it, surfers are like anyone else, so I'd say yes, they are crapping in the ocean.
    Now a question for you??? Because you oppose bathrooms at Leucadia beaches, do you favor removing bathrooms from ALL beaches in California?? And what else would you have us remove while we're at it? Should all structures be removed from the coast line?? And if so, how far back from the coastline must we be before we can begin to have homes or businesses?? What, say Barstow?? Or would that be even too close for you!!

    And least anyone think I don't welcome "BOB" to the blog.....Welcome Bob!!!

    Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to Brother Beanos to be one of the first in line for Thanksgiving dinner, see if you're one of the first, you can chow down really fast then run to the back of the line and get a second serving!!

    Staggering down the 101, on his way to Br. Beanos-welcoming BOB all the way, it's your RSPB.

  71. Yeah, that's a good idea RSPB, let's build a public restroom on top of a failing bluff as opposed to beneath it.

  72. Roadside park bumNovember 22, 2006 2:46 PM

    You didn't answer my questions "BOB", answer the questions "BOB". Do you want to see all bathrooms removed from the beaches in California?? And how far back from the coastline do you want development??
    Staggering down the 101 wondering if "BOB" will answer any questions, it's your RSPB. Oh and you didn't thank me for welcoming you to the blog, quite rude of you!!

  73. ooooohy, our very own cat fight between BOB and RSPB

  74. RSPB, you stink, and you are being a hypocrite, too. I have never known anyone to have a bm in the water. Why don't you get off bob's back and go have another drink Charlie? Go put a biffy for public use in front of your businesses, like Gold Coast, or your properties, on the bluffs in Leucadia.

    While you are at it, put in some sidewalks, yourself. Others have. You want the taxpayers to keep improving your businesses, so you can sell them for top dollar. And you want Leucadia to look like Carmel, or Orange County, so you can raise all your rents.

    We want Leucadia to be beautiful, safe, and FREE. We don't need people like you attacking us for being GREEN, you liehole.

    The topic of this post by JP is "Crossing Over to Cadmus-Pros and Cons." But you have "derailed" that discussion with your rage, hyperbole, and sarcasm, your mean-spirited remarks about someone courageous enough to use his real name.

    You never come down the path to the beach, so what do you know about "crapping" in the ocean, anyway?

    Bob never said he was against bathrooms at all public beaches. If we could just start with a Porta Potty, Biffy service, then that would be a beginning. Most of the people on this blog support the idea of Biffys. Your gripe is with the City, not Bob.

    Construction of hardscape bathrooms would take away from the precious few parking places. Beacons and Grandview, Stonesteps, are local beaches. People so go to the bathroom before they come to the beach, and usually don't stay more than a couple of hours. You would know this if you actually went to these beaches.

    Moonlight has bathrooms. Go there, Charlie Bum One, and release some of the toxic crap you keep spewing out.

    Oh, and have another drink to clear your head. You've got a one track mind, and most of it revolves around fecal matter.

    I'm grateful I'm alive, and that I'm not you. Why don't you stop finding people to attack and realize your own venom and bile will only make you an increasingly bitter, demented old man.

  75. Who said RSPB is a man? Why not a woman?


  76. Hey, If it's good enough for Maggie it's good enough for me!

    Per the NCTimes:
    Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan said Friday she likes the proposal.

    "If it works as well as it sounds, hallelujah!" Houlihan said. "It sounds good ---- almost too good to be true ---- and nobody thought of doing that."

  77. Hey, If it's good enough for Maggie it's good enough for me!

    Per the NCTimes:
    Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan said Friday she likes the proposal.

    "If it works as well as it sounds, hallelujah!" Houlihan said. "It sounds good ---- almost too good to be true ---- and nobody thought of doing that."

  78. RSPB has admitted, many times, he is a man. He knows who he is, and so do I.

    You don't know the meaning of the word bigot, previous anonymous.

    That isn't the topic of this post, anyway. You just want to call names, like Charlie.

  79. RSPB,
    As a pragmatist, I do not advocated removing public restrooms from California beaches. An environmentalist I do oppose the construction of any new beach structures, restrooms included.

    You ask "And how far back from the coastline do you want development?"

    My answer is 100 yards.

  80. And please folks, Don't think I am fighting with RSPB, I'm trying to educate the ghost of Leucadia past. Quite different. Until RSPB has the integrity, and the self respect to blog under his own name, there is no conflict. RSPB is a coward, untrustworthy, and completely out of touch with the the new reality.

    When RSPB is man enough to blog under his own name. That's when the fight really begins.

  81. "This Cadmus change is really about kick starting the redevelopment district in Leucadia. Might I suggest people inquire about who the property owners are within a hundred yards of the proposed crossing."

    I was just wondering about this quote from Bob, before. Why would this "kick start" redevelopment? That is something the vast majority of us DO NOT WANT.

  82. Bob -

    How would improving safety at a RR crossing kick start a redevelopment district? Seems like a stretch to me. Maybe improving the crossing would kickstart owners improving their own properties and make Leucadia a nicer place to live and visit.

    The anonymous attacking Charlie has no clue about Leucadia. Both of Charlies properties have sidewalks in front of businesses which where there long before Charlie ever owned the property. Walk and learn Leucadia so you can post worthy comments. Thanks

  83. Has a Leucadia Blvd under-crossing, as it is at Encinitas Blvd, been considered?

    This would help deter double-tracks, clear up the traffic-light signaling problem at Leucadia and still allow for access (pedestrian and auto) to 101 & Beacons.

    As a local that lives off of Hygeia I would hate to see an increase in traffic due to confused (and probably agitated) drivers using Volcan, Hygeia, or other local side streets to get to 101 or to the beach (signs on the freeway or elsewhere is not a viable solution).

    I guess at a minimum, any Leucadia closure solution must include a pedestrian under-crossing (else we are fooling ourselves and indirectly promoting illegal track crossings from Leucadia to 101 park or Beacons).

  84. Roadside Park BumNovember 23, 2006 4:27 PM

    Thank you for answering my question,
    I have no fight with you, I have a fight with the Leucadians that want to keep Leucadia ugly, without street lights, sidewalks, beautified center median, safe access to our beaches and generally rundown.
    I have long stated my solutions to Leucadias problems. Agree or disagree with me I really don't care. If you are working to mantain the status quo, then you are not working in Leucadias interest, whether your name is BOB or not.

    Staggering down the 101 with too much turkey and not enough beer in my stomach, it's your RSPB!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, even you BOB!!

  85. You will have no choice in the matter of a redevelopment district if the council approves the draft housing element.

  86. I saw a mom playing with her kids at the Roadside park in Leucadia and when she jumped out from behind the tree to scare them she said "redevelopment agency!"

    I'm getting sooooo f'king tired of this old boogie man that just isn't really there and never will be!

    "If the city fixes the Leucadia crossing, that will be the start of a new redevelopment agency!"

    "If the city approves its housing element, it'll be the start of a new redevelopment agency!"

    Hey, loser lodie's, heree's a tip, until the city spends about a year of concentrated effort at a cost of about $100,000 there CAN NOT be a redevelopment agency established. Everyone who uses this sad boogie man monster to scare you is manipulating your uninformed emotions and is a LIAR.

  87. Truthteller, I have absolutely no concern about the city and NCTD "fixing" the Leucadia Blvd, Vulcan, Highway 101 intersection. An infrustructure upgrade is long over due.

    Suspect is moving the crossing south to Cadmus. Realigning the infrustructure to accomodate a major intersection where one doesn't currently exist, will require considerable funds, and real estate along Vulcan.

    How will the city pay for reworking a major transportation artery?

  88. you would have to give me 20,000,000 dollars to get me to leave my house. bad idea

  89. Long Time LeucadianNovember 24, 2006 7:35 AM


    Go talk to Jerome and Engineering Staff to learn about the project before you start bashing it. Its sounds very promising. I commend Stock and Staff for looking outside the box to solve this long standing problem. This intersection is a left over problem when the City opened Leucadia Blvd. between I5 and El Camino Real and didn't properly plan for the negative impacts west of I5. At least now they are trying to solve the problem. A quiet zone would greatly improve the Business Cooridor and make owners want to improve their properties on they're own. Leucadia would be much more enjoyable with Train Blasts cracking your eye drums every five min. Just sit at Pannikan, Calypsos, or Little Breakfast shop and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. For that matter just walk along Leucadia Businesses and you'll know what I'm talking about.

  90. Long Time LeucadianNovember 24, 2006 7:37 AM

    Correction from the last post.

    Leucadia would be much more enjoyable withOUT Train Blasts cracking your eye drums every five min.

  91. Longtime Leucadain,

    I went to City Hall last week to inquire with staff in the planning department. The first time they had heard of Jerome's Cadmus Proposal was reading about it in the press.

    Your issue seems more about noise pollution than anything else. That being the case, let me remind you that dropping the rail corridor, like Solana Beach did, would accomplish the quiet zone you seek.

    Moving the rail crossing is a non starter, I suggest Mr. Stocks knows this, and did when bringing "his proposal" to the press.

    This is just an attention getter by a politician seeking further office.

    Longtime Leucadian, I'm glad you're taking a stand against noise pollution, our goals are not mutually exclusive.

  92. J.P. seems to know about it, Maggie likes it, and yet some pissant named "bob" admittedly knows nothing of the proposal, apparently didn't read the post which is quite niformative, claims to have found some uninformed random city hall employee and therefore this is all just an attention getting effort?

    bob's concluded position is a CLASSIC example of PROJECTION.

  93. Long Time LeucadianNovember 24, 2006 6:58 PM


    I agree our goals are not mutually exclusive and that Stocks is seeking higher office. The later is not news. I just haven't seen the downside to an interim project of closing Leucadia Blvd. crossing until a time when we lower the tracks. That interestion is dangerous and as nasty as they come. The traffic numbers will stay the same. If there is a pedestrian crossing at Leucadia I do not think any business will suffer. In fact, I think they will all be far better off. Who do you think Stock is carrying water for? I just dont see it.

  94. Long Time Leucadian said...

    Go talk to Jerome and Engineering Staff to learn about the project before you start bashing it. Its sounds very promising. I commend Stock and Staff for looking outside the box to solve this long standing problem

  95. Go talk to Jerome and Engineering Staff to learn about the project...

  96. learn bob, learn.

  97. According to Sigmund Freud, projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one "projects" one's own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings — basically parts of oneself — onto someone else (usually another person, but psychological projection onto animals, inanimate objects — even religious constructs — also occurs). The principle of projection is well-established in psychology.

  98. I commend Stock and Staff for looking outside the box to solve this long standing problem

  99. Pro's:
    -Crossing becomes a quiet zone=no more train horns.
    -Proposed crossing has a slope that is ADA compliant with safe pedestrian crossing instead of someting destined to hang up low vehicles.
    -Traffic can circulate through the Vulcan / Leucadia Bl area due to new round-a-bout, thru-lanes, and dedicated turn lanes. And traffic will not filter up into the neughborhoods because the arterial collector roads wil not be failing.
    -Affordable in our lifetime.
    -And of course, the current situation SUCKS. But if we bitch loud enough maybe, just MAYBE we can snatch status quo from the jaws of improvement and remain not improved... Grade seperation will not occur for thirty years or more do to the cost. Anyone selling any other answer better be able to show us his or her money!
    Commissioner Franks seems to like this concept, along with Maggie Houlihan and J.P.
    Count me in as well!

  100. Who are you? Somebody who posted about five times in a row?

  101. Last Tuesday afternoon, there were about six motorcycle cops and a squad car or two, plus community development cars shutting off all southbound traffic on No. Coast Hwy. 101 at Grandview. Huge jam!

    What was that about? They looked like they were standing around, no accident in sight. They had some measuring devices, but didn't look like they were investigating an accident, either.

  102. Funny how people who hide behind anonymous postings, think their words hold traction with me.

    All these posters think they have something to say, then hide from the words they lay down. Obviously they don't trust the validity of what they post.

    Sory folks I been burned too many times by Jerome Stocks to trust him
    to do anything but lie, obfuscate, and try to pander his way into office.

    As for the engineering staff, I'll remind people the engineering staff , is just staff, and the majority of staff does not live in Encinitas, and even fewer in coastal Leucadia.

    Keep the slings and arrows coming, I can take it. Cadmus Crossing will never come to fruition.

    Mark my words.

  103. My source tells me Jerome Stocks has been blogging on this sight for months...before the election.
    And still does so anonymously. Tell me bloggers, where is the integrity of an elected official not giving his name or identifying himself as such when posting to a community blog.

    Talk about sleeper cells.

  104. I would think everyone would be glad that the city council visits this website.

  105. With friends like you...November 25, 2006 12:54 PM

    "bob" posts:"Cadmus Crossing will never come to fruition.
    Mark my words." (insert evil laugh here)
    And with this simple post "bob" has declared war on Leucadia. nice.

    "bob" proposes bile for stocks and an unaffordable grade-seperation scheme that might happen sometime in the next 50 years if ever.
    "bob" does not offer to help find any funding or another alternative plan, he just hurls opposition. It's much less work.

    We are all cetain that stocks and the rest of the city council will gnash their teeth with pain when "bob" gets his way and nothing is done to improve the noise and traffic situation we must live with every night and day. Our nominee for local hero is, "bob", protector of the terrible status quo.

    We fear that "bob" is a darkhorse tool of city hall and is carrying water for peder norby and everyone else that wants to keep the city spending its money anywhere but investing in a better Leucadia. We note that "bob" is a merchant is downtown Encinitas, not Leucadia.

  106. Bob did offer an alternative. We can't afford to put off the grade separation, lowering the tracks, any longer.

    I think it's Stocks posting, too, and I've felt he has been for a long time. I think he means well, here. But one doesn't have to get into a mudslinging contest to make one's points, Jerome. And it is pretty obvious that many of the comments on this particular "thread" are yours.

    Hey, didn't "Bob" support you when you ran last time? What happened anyway?

    Also, since you are an elected official, it would be real nice if you came out from behind your shadow and posted under your own name. I do admire Bob for doing that, and he's not elected.

    Of course, the poster could by Jerome and Bossypants Guerin, as well. And Christy's daughter, Caylin (or Kaylin) posts here, too, I suspect. She was working out of Brian Bilbray's office, too, last time I heard, and was quite opinionated on her disdain of the Coastal Commission, just like Mommie Dearest Guerin.

    Either way, I believe it would take quite a while for a new crossing, which would only increase traffic problems on Vulcan and at Central School. So we spend time and money, that we should be putting into lowering the tracks, getting Federal Grants, whatever it takes, to do so, and the public is distracted, thinks Jerome Stocks, "our hero" (NOT) has come up with another fantastic solution.

    Yes, just because people have concerns and objections to this plan, doesn't make us whiners, and doesn't mean we don't think Leucadia Blvd. is a traffic nightmare, now.

    Wouldn't the trains have to blow their horns at Cadmus? That would be an at grade crossing, too, wouldn't it? And they'd have to let the pedestrians know, too, that a train was coming. I don't think the quiet zone is feasible, although I do have a lot of sympathy for those that the horn blasts disturb so much. I'm used to them, now.

    Many people could probably afford to buy on Vulcan, to begin with, because the prices were less due to the pre-existing railroad tracks, the trains going by. They are a fact of life.

  107. Fact of Life- once you’re done with your manic episode, do yourself a favor and get educated. Your post shows you’re clueless. I hope your good looking because without looks your life would be a lonely place.

    I am not a fan club for Jerome. The closing of Leucadia Blvd. and moving or eliminating the crossing makes sense. Post reasons why it doesn’t or go torment some worthy male desiring what you have to offer.

  108. Hey fact of life-

    In the nineties- the trains used to blow 12 times per day. Today they blow 54 times. Tomorrow with double tracks over 100 times per day.

    You may be Zen or you may have fried your mind, but the rest of us don’t enjoy the skull crushing blasts.

    Either teach us how to be Zen so we don’t hear the blasts, or join the cause to eliminate an item that is detrimental to peacefulness in Leucadia. Lets return some peace to the coastline.

  109. bob is indeed a mechant invested in downtown Encinitas and he has no financial ties to improving our Leucadia.

  110. mary, you are probably a man, I'd say, and the previous three posts are yours.

    Stop slinging mud, wallowing in it, and get a clue. facts of life asked some questions about whether or not the train would still blast at Cadmus. Can you answer, or are you too busy slinging insults, Jerome? Guerin?

  111. previous poster, "mary" (NOT) probably had a class in amateur psychology, or is presently going to a therapist.

    You are reflecting your own bitterness and hatred back on to yourself, fake mary, with your harsh diatribes. Also, you are manic, posting over and over under fake names and anonymous comments.

    Because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't make them worthless. You attack people personally, and your posts are only insults, have no real content.

  112. If the tracks were undergrounded, then the trains would not have to blast their horns.

    Putting a crossing at Cadmus would not necessarily lead to a quiet zone. That is not to say a quiet zone would not be good for the neighbors, it would be.

    Why are people attacking others on this issue? We all want the same thing, really. A diverse community where we all have quality of life, property rights, and freedom from excessive government intrusion or taxes and fees, usually pre-set in clossed sessions.

  113. Yes bloggers, Bob is an owner of E Street Cafe in Downtown Encinitas, and a resident of Leucadia. A published poet, award winning writer. I also own a party planning business. I teach theater skills at encinitas schools, I'm a professinal actor and performer.
    And a proud member of the Fullmoon poets, Iris Forum, the Green Party, and the Green Alliance.

    As for the inane suggestion that I have no financial ties to improving Leucadia, that's bullshit!

    I live in Leucadia. Shop in Leucadia. Hopefully, E Street will open a second Cafe in Leucadia.

    And as for me being the hero protector of the terrible status quo, a darkhorse tool of city hall, and carrying water for Peder Norby.

    Please, you really are clueless. Get a life!

  114. Just dipping my oar in now; I'm curious what the point of the discussion is here. Realigning the at-grade crossing to remove it from a flow pattern? Has anyone ever noticed that the Vulcan/Leucadia Blvd/Train/101 intersection is one of the worst engineered bits of Encinitas?

    And now we're talking about making it worse! Take a field trip to Solana Beach. Look what they did with their train. Put it out of site (and mostly out of mind). Add a charming serpentine linear park. Add pedestrian crossings; situated intelligently for pedestrians and cyclists. Transform a dangerous, accident-prone at-grade crossing into a highly functional well-flowing intersection.

    Pros of this suggestion: some contractor stands to make bank.

    Cons: further degrade traffic in all directions surrounding Leucadia Blvd. Severely negatively impact the businesses on the East side of the tracks at Leucadia Blvd. Frustrate residents in the immediate area.

    Or am I missing something elegant here?

  115. I think some people are sleep deprived or something, get so hopped up about the quiet zone. They don't realize people are just asking what is to guarantee a quite zone by moving the Leucadia crossing to Cadmus?

    I think it would cost a lot of money, and not be a long term solution. The long term solution is going to take impetus from Council and Citizens to get the tracks lowered ASAP.

    Diverting the traffic from 101 to Vulcan, to a narrower road, near a school, doesn't make sense to me.

    Thanks for dipping your oars in, everyone. Let's think about the questions and the solutions, without attacking one another personally, questioning everyone's motives.

  116. "The Cadmus crossing offers other attributes, Stocks said.

    For starters, the crossing could meet federal requirements for a "quiet zone," he said, which means trains would not need to blow their horns when approaching it."

    This is what the NCT article said. But that is no guarantee there would be a quiet zone. That is not up to Mr. Stocks. If it's at grade it would be very expensive to make a quiet zone. It would be less expensive to do the kind of rail crossing gates, etc., at Leucadia Blvd., that would allow it to be a quiet zone, than to re-do the whole crossing at Cadmus.

    The "quiet zone bait" is just that, dangling a carrot on a stick to get people all riled up about this. One would need to see an engineering study, through NCTD, to see the feasability of a quiet zone at Leucadia, or Cadmus.

    In the long run, the best idea is to lower the tracks. That will make the homes along the tracks, now, near Vulcan, worth much more, too. It's hard to wait, but your best efforts would be toward lowering the tracks, not designing expensive temporary "fixes," that don't solve the problems, but just waste money.

  117. Is it romantic or creepy or just plain icky that Kieth has "dipped his oar in".?

  118. There is no way Vulcan could handle the traffic overflow that moving the Leucadia Blvd. crossing to Cadmus would create. I also cannot imagine how unsafe this "solution" would make Cadmus Street. So many cars already use the narrow, residential street to make u-turns when they can't get to the beach. This would ruin life for the residents of Cadmus Street.

  119. Vulcan would get improvements and could handle the traffic.

  120. Keith - Keep on dipping.

  121. Too much Mud slinging!!

    Basically we need our town to get out of the dark ages and bury the TRACKS! The tracks were fine back in 50's when my dad was learning to drive on Leucadias dirt roads. Now there are way too many people here to have the tracks exposed.


  122. Yes, bury the tracks, and bury the idea of a Cadmus crossing.

    Vulcan would not get effective "improvements." Just like Leucadia Blvd. is still unsafe after all these years.

    Cadmus would not assure a quiet zone, either.

    That person who keeps insisting otherwise is Jerome Stocks. Bet on it.

  123. Just a heads up. They were surveying at Cadmus and 101 this A.M.


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