Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dalager celebrates election victory by clubbing baby seals

Re-elected Encinitas city council incumbent Dan Dalager celebrated his sweeping victory at the polls last Tuesday by clubbing baby seals.

Dalager encouraged residents to drop by his small business centrally located on Second Street to talk about city issues in person; and to feel his soft new seal pelt sash that he is making.

"Encinitas is the greatest place on Earth." said Dalager in between kill strokes. "The library is on time and on budget and the flooding problem in Leucadia is fixed. Now if you will excuse me, this little guy is trying to wiggle away."


  1. Fucker.... I saw the blood dripping from his store... I also saw him bite the head off of a new born seal.....

    Dalager is a lier....what comes around goes around.

    Watch out "hot chicks", Dalagers got his javoes inflated by being re-elected. He wont need his viagra for a week. Slingblade is on the loose!

  2. That seal look like the one I saw at Maggie's house. She is going to be pissed.

  3. Dalagher told me it took him 4 hours to bury his cat the other day.

    When I asked why he said "because it kept crawling out of the hole"!

    He won big! You loadie blogging losers need to wake up and smell the Dalagher grind coffee.
    He's large and in charge, and you are snot!!!!

  4. Latest results: More to follow...
    The Dlager lead extends itself while Ms. Barth has a slim 3.1% lead over Mr. Long with 180,000 ballots yet to count in this county.







  5. Slingblade was a mere fration of Maggies win. He's squat. And with a paid political consultant with fony adds lying about ol danny boy traits. What a win. I bet he proud of himself. I bet his family knows what kind of charactor he has. Thank God I am not his family!

  6. Maggie and Teresa-

    Go take the wind out of Slingblades sails. You know you have the public support. Danny only has the few big buck developers. We love you both for stepping up and serving our community. The nay sayers against you should step up in 2008 or shut up. Thank you both!

  7. Stop trying to tie Teresa to Maggie's decisions.

  8. Jesus, JP. Did you somehow get ahold of Porky's magic pill box & flask?

  9. Step up or shut up- thats my thoughts. We have Maggie and Teresa. The other 3 are bought and paid for. Let see if you can become a council member and do something good for our town.

  10. I don't like being part of the spelling police, but in the very first post here the word should be spelled "huevos." Dan's got'em alright, but they will soon be deflated. What he really should be called is a "huevón." You get the picture.

  11. Why do you bloggers think Barth will vote with Hoolihan? Barth is her own person and will vote the way she feels is appropriate.

    Hoolihan has voted with stocks, bonds and dalager on almost every issue from pay riases to upzoning at the detriment of the populace. Hoolihan was on the losing side of prop a and C and the landscaping and lighting district. She is a tax and spend person.

    It appears she went after a neighbor because she didn't like the cut of his jib using the city to do it. She supported the last city manager in all his decisions. She attended all those secret meeting she complained about.

    Hoolihan is no different than the council majority. So don't link her with Barth. They are different people with different attitudes right now. Who knows the system might corrupt Barth like it has Hoolihan.

  12. parody is fine,
    don't talk shit about his family.
    I know his son, and some other extended family. All really good, cool people. What if we judged you by one of your dumbass relatives.

  13. Last poster is on the mark.

    There's a reason Dalagers are such a strong familiy.

    I believe that go for the city as well.

  14. The last time the clowns went after Maggie she won in a landslide.

  15. Dalger won. Almost 10,000 people were fooled and voted for him. Perhap the 45,000 that didn't vote need to energized to seek better representation. As long as we are stuck with him we would be better off trying to change his attitude instead of attacking him.

    Attack someone we can effect in two years like stocks and bonds.

  16. The NCT has an article on the appeal of the Planning Commission approval for the Belmont Corp.'s 147 units building. At the meeting Christy put in her two cents about the Coastal Commission - "The issue about the Coastal Commission really makes my blood boil."

  17. Ms Guerin doesn't like the Coastal Commish much, too bad. I'm sure she will be at the meeting Tuesday passing gas on how much damage they do to our community. I love em.

  18. Joe-

    No ones judging the Dalagers family except Dan. I merely said the family knows Dan's true charactor. I do agree with your call on Dan being a dumb ass. I don't think anyone should be judged based on their relation to dumbass!

  19. I bet next election, we'll see 50'x50' signs, and possibly blimps hovering over Encinitas with Stocks, Bond, and Longs Name and face all over them. Won't that be great.

  20. my opinion,

    There a couple people on the council that might become open minded. Dan is CLEARLY not one of them.

    Don't let this post stop you. Good luck, but don't get your hopes up.

  21. I've been friends with one of Dan's sons my whole life.

    The point of this post is that Dan Dalager has carte blanche to do anything he wants in this town.

  22. As a newer resident of Leucadia - 10 years – and recently discovering this Blog from a UT article it is disappointing to see that the owner of and posters to this blog are mostly focused on bitter, trivial name calling. Well, so much for looking to my fellow neighbors for intelligent discussion on this blog (see, its easy to name call).

  23. A successful consultant said...At each update Barth is still collecting more votes than Long. As for Brown being the spoiler... if he hadn't run a percentage of his votes would have gone to the other candidates...including Pablo...not all to Long.

    Maybe Anonymous should be a high priced consultant...who frequently gets beat but still gets paid for thier services.

  24. Why do you hate satire so much?

  25. I am so sorry that the person from Leucadia, who has been here 10 years, does not feel that this blog has any substantial content or intelligent conversation. There are many posters that give the rest of the citizens a lot of information we would not normally get from the City,the U.T., or the North County Times. As I see it, the last few posts have been done because it allows us to vent our frustration toward the status quo. Sort of like what happened nationally on Tuesday. I think if you hang in there, you will find intelligent communication, along with many good laughs. J.P.'s humor is sometimes "strange", however, I have always enjoyed it. I hope you continue t read and post. If you have anything informative, please pass it on. We all want to learn from one another. Well maybe not all:)

  26. So, what I'm picking up from you guys is that this post goes too far.

    Did you know that one of Dalager's sons appeared in a series of local films called Tear Devils that featured monsters and zombies and snipers killing people and all sorts of politically incorrect stuff(and Ozzy Osbourne!)???

    Nobody was mad about that, lol.

  27. new resident,

    Since you are new to town, here is the story. The Dalagers are a super friendly family and nice people. So nice in fact that Dan never really learned how to interact with people that he doesn't see eye-to-eye with. That's fine because those people are idiots and zealots.

    Because of Dan's name recognition he sailed into office without any real vetting by the public, even though he had blundered city projects even before being on the council while on the parks and rec. comission. The Eckes were one of his primary backers and check out the early days of the blog to see why that matters. If the voters in this town really understood they would can Dan.

    JP's moral is that Dan can blunder, give special treatment for his developer friends, raise taxes illegally, attempt to trick the voters, mismanage the hall property, run behind on the library and overbudget, then borrow $20 million dollars using an illegal financing scheme, and look weak at most of the candidate forums and he still gets the most votes.

    You see, JP's post was genius. If JP's post depicted reality Dan would still win because he has the developer's political machine and name recognition. That seems to be good enough in this town.

  28. The irony is that I personally benefit from a Dalager re-election. Longtime readers of the blog will know why.

  29. JP-

    You did not go to far. Liers have no integrity and deserve everything the bring upon themselves. Dan you get what you serve. Dan- We know you- Your a lying piece of shit. Your lucky your neighbors don't run you out of town.

  30. Since we're venting, my daughter and son-in-law, who don't live in this city, but nearby, went into Dan's shop, on business.

    My daughter felt very uncomfortable, felt like Dan was "undressing her with his eyes." She wasn't sure who he was, but her husband knows. Yep, it was Dan Dalager alright, with his "hot chick syndrome" on full boil. He didn't say anything, because her husband was right there.

    But he made her feel extremely uncomfortable. Just a true anecdote, recently related to me, by my daughter, who is honest, doesn't vote here, anyway.

    Maybe Dan is unaware of how he "comes across." At least Dan can't start a war in Iraq.

  31. OK loser's here's a dose of reality from the 2004 election:
    MAGGIE HOULIHAN 13129 18.46%
    JAMES BOND 12701 17.86%
    JEROME STOCKS 11770 16.55%
    ALICE JACOBSON 8937 12.57%
    BRUCE EHLERS 8876 12.48%
    The three winners are all within 2 percentage points of each other.

    On a percent of the vote basis, Dalager is a GOD having recieved 32% of the vote!!
    On an actual vote basis Dalager AND ESPECIALLY Barth are JOKES with 9509 and 7214 votes each respectively. Niether would've made the cut in 2004!
    The spin is in the eye of the spinner...
    Although Bruce Ehlers finishing behind Alice Jacobson says a lot!

  32. If Barth and Dalager are a joke, what does that make Long and Brown? Why the insults? The vote totals only reflect the number of participating voters. The number of voters is always much higher in the presidential election years as in 2004. You will see the same thing in 2008. Maggie is still queen in absolute numbers. Dalager has been dethroned.


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