Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dalager's amazing lies, half-truths and misinformation (PART 1)

Dan Dalager sent out a glossy fold out mailer this week. It is full of lies.

It reads: Infrastructure Improvements

"We've also managed FEMA flood plains and improved storm drainage, which have significantly reduced flooding along Hwy 101."

I almost choked on my Halloween candy when I read that. The Leucadia flooding fix botch job, now lovingly known as the Pasco Fiasco, actually made the flooding worse. On top of letting this fiasco slide, Dalager repeatedly talks about declaring Leucadia "blighted" because of the flooding problem. You will recall at the Redevelopment workshop that when the RDA bond stooge admitted Leucadia's only "blight" was flooding Dan Dalager exclaimed "We don't want to talk about flooding tonight, that is a different subject!" (a chorus of groans came from the audience).

Now in his campaign mailer he is claiming the flooding is "significantly reduced". Talk about spin, spin, spin. The flooding is a colossal failure and city is now saying it will cost $30 million to fix. Of course, there is no funding out of the glorious $20 million bond for Leucadia flooding. Dalager says he loves that bond as much as his own family (cue Twilight Zone theme).

read What is a Pasco Fiasco?

also check out the City Council Monitor.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates on Dalager's sad little lies.


  1. Can't have it both ways Dan!November 02, 2006 8:12 AM


    Navigate to the above page to get the links.

    The Pasco Fiasco and What it's Costing You

    - An engineering nightmare that is so far out of control it threatens to be solved only by the application of an estimated $30 million fix on top of the $4 million already spent. [Link to NCT article]

    -The floods were worse AFTER the $4 million dollar project. "Floodwaters were worse than ever, merchants say, and repeatedly swirled into homes and businesses while vehicles stalled in the foot-deep river that was North Coast Highway 101," the North County Times reported on September 11, 2003. [link to NCT article]

    - You can read about the real story and get many more details by clicking [Link to Pasco Fiasco].

  2. Voting for Teresa BarthNovember 02, 2006 8:35 AM

    Unfortunately, we can't and don't trust Dan Dalager anymore, nor his wannabe sidekick, Long.

    We don't like the dirty politics these guys seem to promote, like sign stealing, and outright deception re the flooding, now, on Dan Dalager's part. Does he think we don't remember what happened when it rained before? He could be honest and examine the issues, rather than taking credit for something that HAS NOT BEEN ACCOMPLISHED.

    We don't like Doug Long's attitude, saying we this, we that, as though he's already on Council. He's not. And we think the City Attorney should, ultimately represent the people, whom Council and Staff are supposed to be serving. Glenn Sabine, our current City Attorney doesn't. Doug Long is clueless about why some people are not happy with the current situation. We need a change, and will vote to get one.

    I like the rhyme on the previous post:

    Don't go wrong
    Ditch Dalager,
    Lose Long.

    For family, home & hearth,
    bullet vote
    for Teresa Barth

  3. It is hard to admit that Dan is a bad for Encinitas. We should have never put him on the council in the first place. Hindsight is 20/20.

  4. His infrastructure improvements includes his lack of interest in improving the leucadia blvd train intersection. Gomer Pyle in the flesh.

  5. TOMORROW-Friday morning, Nov 3 from 7-8am, supporters of Teresa Barth will be holding signs and waving to passerbys at the corner of Leucadia Blvd. and Orpheus, where the Shell gas station is.

    I stood with the group this morning in Cardiff and it was a lot of fun.

  6. Remember what Doug Long answered when asked in the Encinitas Chamber forum, do you think we should have an elected city attorney?

    Dumb Doug's answer was - We can't leave the election of our city attorney up to the electorate.

    Enough said.

  7. You want the real story on the flooding problem and a potential fix please check with Gary Burke, he seems to have a handle on the issue.

  8. Has anyone else noticed the "Vote Brown and Dalager" signs? Did Dan ditch Doug?

  9. Now that would have been a very interesting conversation to have heard, who initiated it?

    My guess it was Brown. "Say, listen Dan, if you and I hook up, maybe I can lend you a little credibility and you can lend me a little support from your old boy network."

  10. The plot sickens.

  11. The coastal commission and several local engineers have indicated that several microtunnels to the beach is the cheap and easy way to go for leucadia's drainage problems. It could have been done with less than what was already spent.

    Even Gary Murphy knows this... but noooooobody listens to Gary.

  12. J.P. has abandoned the kill them with kindness thing I see.

  13. Sometime you have to be direct to be kind.

    Kind to the taxpayer that is.

  14. Gil,

    Do you or Burke think Dalager should be parading the drainage as a point of pride?

  15. parading the drain, a point of pride, you gotta be kidding.

    According to what I understand from Gary, a mini drainage solution was working correctly then someone decided to tap more water from elsewhere into the functioning drain and literally blow it up from overload.

    and excuse me i said gary burke instead of gary murphy the person I was referring to in drain blog. sorry gary.

    Gary has the idea that these "micro tunnels' could be installed and working for far, far less then 30 million dollars. I'm not an engineer but I do take his idea seriously until someone explains to me why it won't work.

  16. All ideas are valid to be discussed and see if they have merit.

    Ideas that come from community members rather than consultants even more so.

    don't know if it will work but it should be look at and discussed.

  17. Change would be greatNovember 02, 2006 6:01 PM

    Yes, and Dalager just has been going along with the overflowing drains, the overspending, the status quo that isn't working.

    That's why we need someone new, like Teresa Barth, who seems open minded and honest.

  18. Got Dan's deceptive flier in the mail. Don't want to look at it. I'll save it for my daughter to line the bottom of her birdcage.

    Nice to recycle.

    Yes, Dump Dan,
    Ditch Doug,

    We deserve better.
    We can trust Teresa.

  19. Dumping to Beacons is currently a huge mistake and would be an even bigger mistake with Micro tunnels (permanent outlet to beacons beach). The current discharge pipe put in last year is considered temporary and is not permitted with the coastal commision.

    Why create more beach closures and why do you want to poison our kids playing at Beacons?

    Bottom Line- If you drain to Beacons, damage to Beacons occurs. Common Law, Drainage Law, and common sense says leave drainage in its current drainage course. The Drainage in Leucadia has always (millions of years) has flowed to Batiquitos rivermouth where it gets natural environmental treatment and diluted with the entire huge volume of watershed runoff.

    Hey Gil- There is no easy solution. Dumping stormwater to Beacons is like having 100,000 people a day taking a shit on the beach without porta potties. Educate yourself before your speak on the subject. Stormwater is just as nasty as the turd water you flush down your toilet. Where do you thing the RSB takes a shit, or the dogs, cats, rats, and birds? Where do you think the cigarette butts thrown along HW101 end up?

    And don’t say filters at the end of a pipe, because they don’t work. The only treatment worth anything is through a complete treatment plant. The spot treatments don’t do shit or clean out the pathogens. Dont you care about Beacons?

    Get the point?

  20. I agree. I wish I never voted for Dan four years ago. What a mistake. He does nothing to promote any improvment to anything in Leucadia. He think improvement to leucadia will come with a Redevelopment District with Starbucks, McDonalds, Petboys, and TGIFs. Dan will have us looking like Vista by the sea.

    If you love Pannikan over Starbucks, Bullet vote Teresa.

  21. With these total hit pieces on Dalagher, J.P. has become the Mike Andreen, Jack Orr, and Tom Shepherd of the Bloggers world.

    Does Terry Barf need to report a dolla rvalue on her campaign disclosure forms for J.P's adverts?

  22. I think that was our City's Chief Political Consultant posting. Welcome Chief!

  23. I think its cool that JPs website is considered to have VALUE and is not just for pure entertainment.

    I guess we'll see what power the blog hold after the election.

    My guess is the informed will come through for Teresa and the mindless majority following the signs and spin will re-elect slingblade, or dumber ( I'm not sure which nickname I like better)

  24. Gary Murhpy's microtunnel plan includes filters.

  25. I've talked to a retired engineer from the San Dieguito water district about Leucadia flooding and he said microtunneling was the call.

  26. Just an observation; this blog has done more to raise awareness in this city than anything in the recent past. Even in discussions with staff and councilmembers, they know what has been said here.

    That's power baby!

  27. Discharges to beacons will damage beacons. Sure it will fix the flooding but the cost will be a ruined Beacons. We could also build a 8 lane freeway on the beach to eliminate the I5, but I personally don't thing the benefits outway the costs. Same with a discharge to Beacons. The cost to the envirnment is too high. Every time a sewer overflows in a rain event-Poop will end up on Beacons.- Just like what happens at Moonlight. Why would we want to do that?

    PS- Engineers definately aren't always concerned about envirnmental impacts. They are just thinking about the hydraulics numbers.

  28. I agree.

    Send the Poop to Ponto instead of Beacons!


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