Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dalager's amazing lies, half-truths and misinformation (PART 2)

Dalager's boasting on his campaign mailer knows no boundaries and for him truth and reality are slippery subjects:

"Construction of our new library is also underway, on time and on budget. Environmental reports on the Hall property are complete, and I am anxious to get that park opened!"

The library is far from being on time. In fact, the library is a black eye for the current council. The library will be years late and its construction costs are millions more than they had budgeted. This is one reason the City of Encinitas recently had to borrow $20 million (kinda easy to now say everything is on budget when you borrow all that money).

Union Tribune story from last year about our library delays.

By Angela Lau

December 31, 2005

ENCINITAS – The new library is falling further and further behind schedule.

Although the facility was projected to open this fall or next winter, the city hasn't chosen a company to build it. And city officials are scrambling to figure out how to pay its skyrocketing construction cost, which has doubled.

Construction of our over designed bling bling library has just begun. On schedule eh?

Dalager claims everything is right as rain wih the Hall property.

The Hall property EIR is "complete"? Oh really? Can we see it then?

Check this out:

Dan started saying the EIR was done well before I got this response.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Kathy Greene"
> Date: October 23, 2006 10:37:32 AM PDT
> To: "Kevin"
> Subject: RE: records request October06-2
> Hi Kevin:
> I have been informed by Jennifer Smith that the Hall Property EIR is not
> yet completed and is still a "working document." Jennifer has not
> received the draft from the consultant but hopes to have it available
> for distribution in November.
> When it is received I will advise.
> The reason I am so late replying to you is because I have been on
> vacation and just returned today.
> Thank you.
> Kathy Greene

Dudebro Dalager just got caught lying on his campaign mailer.
Stay tuned for Part 3 where we discuss Dalager's hubris when it comes to clean water (and the scam that was prop C).


  1. Teresa Barth was the only Council candidate at the last forum to have a question for another Council Member, when the moderator gave them all the opportunity to ask one another questions. Her question was to Dan Dalager, about his statement, quoted in the newspaper that the library was on time and on budget. His lame lie (untrue excuse) was that the costs went up over what was originally estimated, but since they got new plans, a new company to build, it was now on time and on budget.


    Sounds like there is no new company now. All we have is a demolished library and a bunch of empty promises, Council Members with pie on their face, plus the loss of SDWD Public works yard, before paid in full, and the revenue, we water ratepayers received from that, which helped, before, to keep our rates down.

    Dalager has screwed up, then had himself spun to the hilt in his bogus brochure. Not true; not funny; not worth keeping someone who refuses to see or admit the truth in office.

  2. someone isn't being straightNovember 02, 2006 8:03 PM


    That is not fair. Maybe Dan was telling the truth about the EIR. Maybe it is done but they are just hiding the EIR until after the election, just like the city's traffic report and management plan, which IS TWO YEARS late!

    Team no way bra

  3. Last I heard, Jerome Stocks said they "hoped" to have EIR done by the end of the year."

    Dalager's campaign junk is full of misrepresentations, spin, deception.

    Junk in, junk out.

  4. With these total hit pieces on Dalagher, J.P. has become the Mike Andreen, Jack Orr, and Tom Shepherd of the Bloggers world.

    Does Terry Barf need to report a dollar value on her campaign disclosure forms for J.P's adverts?

    If it's one dollar per vote, that could add up to two or three dollars!

  5. I agree. I wish I never voted for Dan four years ago. What a mistake. He does nothing to promote any improvment to anything in Leucadia. He think improvement to leucadia will come with a Redevelopment District with Starbucks, McDonalds, Petboys, and TGIFs. Dan will have us looking like Vista by the sea.

    If you love Pannikan over Starbucks, Bullet vote Teresa.

  6. Dalager lies! As the king of misinformation you can trust Dan to always be full of shit.

  7. Hey JP-

    There was no plans to change the name of B street to some Japenese towns name. No out and surf and take that hot chick wife of yours on vacation. Sound familiar?

    Another Lie from Dalager. The dude is getting as bad as the Duke, Bilbray, Clinton, and Bush. Politics must attract the biggest liars.

  8. I noticed that Dalger blogs here. Look at the blog tearing down Barth. So JP you must be doing something right. I hope everyone knows that Long is just a continuation of Dalger.

  9. Mike Andreen, Jack Orr, and Tom Shepherd are paid hit men. If you've ever followed this blog you would know that I've taken plenty of grief for defending Dalager because he is a "nice guy".

    Well, I'm over it. My family works hard for a living and I'm tired of spacey Dan Dalager trying to tax and fee them to death.

    I don't get paid to blog, I don't even sell ads which blogspot makes as easy as clicking a button.

    If your hero Danny Dalager is not going to protect our tax dollars (and lie about it) and if Danny is going to call our city founder and war veteran Bob Bonde a "whiner" then he is not worthy of support.

    Simple as that.

  10. Mike Andreen and Jack Orr print false and twisted propaganda. The facts that Andreen prints sometimes are flatly incorrect. Misinformation. He gets paid to print it.

    JP does this from his personal interest and concern. What has JP posted about Dan that is incorrect? Unlike ORR or Andreen, JP provides you AND Dan an open invitation to respond.

    Those who know JP, know that he is careful what to post and would correct anything that was wrong.

    Let's not forget that JP has never indicated that he hoped to be anything like a journalist. He produces commentary. Pretty damn funny stuff to. In a way we will miss Dan.

  11. Dalager says "Environmental reports on the Hall property are complete, and I am anxious to get that park opened!" My dictionary defines "anxious" as "full of mental distress or uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune; worried," I would have a little anxiety too if I were up for re-election and got caught with my pants down lying in my campaign brochure about the completion of the EIR.

  12. Someone has the situation backwards.

    How can JP be compared to those other people. JP points out a blatant lie (which was probably writen by one of those people mentioned about) and gets compared with people who write spin and lies for their client's politcal gain? That comparison is just more spin.

    Dan made a MAJOR claim that is NOT TRUE. This is not the first time, but finally the public is catching on.

  13. JP is what makes this blog soooo great. He puts up timely interesting articles, exceptional photos, and is thick skined enough to post himself when the issue is important to him. He is willing to change his position if he decides he is incorrect and genuinely is working for a better Encinitas. You could not ask for a better blog-master.

  14. Thanks. You know, I was pretty excited when Dalager came up with the mobile home protection idea but now he is saying the city could use redevelopment money to help buy mobile home parks. I can't support one guy losing his property so another can keep his, that's just not right.

    I've tried to be a Dalager guy but he is making it really hard.


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