Friday, November 03, 2006

Dalager's amazing lies, half-truths and misinformation (PART 3)

Part 3 The Whine Heard Around the City

Dan Dalager is fond of calling people who question his authority "whiners", but Dan and the rest of the Usual Scoundrels whined the hardest when it came to the state mandated clean water program.

Considering that we are a beach town it is a no brainer that we should do everything we can to keep our beaches clean and our water quality high.

But this city council caught up in their usual financial flim flam whined like little girls and decided to sneak in a little illegal tax hike and hope nobody would notice.

It didn't work. The "whiners" caught the Usual Scoundrels with their hands in the cookie jar and they were sued by Howard Jarvis, a group that protects our hard earned tax dollars.

But this arrogant city council couldn't just take it on the chin, they decided to spend over a $100,000 on consultants to try and influence an election. Prop C was born, a shady tax with a fake feel good premise.

Dalager says he is most proud of his Tot Lot in Moonlight beach and it's a fine little park. It is also right next to a creek that drains out by the volleyball courts. Upstream from this creek is sprawl and infrastructure that contributes to contaminated runoff. You think Dalager would make it a priority to ensure the creek next to his beloved Tot Lot was clean. But no, Dalager whined that the state was coming down on him too hard, that money to keep the Tot Lot clean and safe shouldn't come out of the general fund.

Dalager brags in his campaign mailer "As a former beach lifeguard, our beaches have always been important to me."

Then why does he act like our beaches are a burden to this town when they are our #1 asset?

"Since I've been in office, we've prevented over 6,000 tons of trash and debris from draining to our beaches."

This is the state mandated clean water program in action. Trash and debris are cleared from our storm drains. He brags about this in his mailer but whined about it in real life.

I can see Temecula or Escondido being pissed off about the clean water program because they don't care if trash and toxins wash down to Carlsbad, but our city council should have been doing this stuff before the state mandate because *cough* we are a beach town.

Prop C was an unfair tax that targeted certain homeowners and let restaurants, shopping malls, golf courses and business off the hook. Prop C was crushed at the polls. If you voted against Prop C then Danny Dalager thinks you are a whiner.


  1. I am pretty sure that it was before Danny's time, but didn't the city have be sued by Baykeeper to get them to meet the minimum standards for water quality?

  2. Previous post is absolutely correct. The city never does what it should until they are sued.

  3. um well, you are living in the past man. Danny will do a much better job this time.

  4. Better job of what? Fleecing Encinitas? Digging us into debt?

  5. He will do a better job of raising fees without you finding out about it.

  6. does anyone remember when Dalager got kicked off the Park and Rec Commission?

  7. Was that when he bungled the Leucadia park. We could have had a really great park over there. Ironic how Dan has promoted himself as THE PARK GUY.

    Could they have built ball fields? anyone know?

  8. Talk about a last minut blog hit piece!

    over the top is an understatement!

    J.P. Dan must have pissed you off something big time!

  9. Hey J.P,
    We feel this is an interesting post but you probably need to change it to runnoff at Beacons or Grandview because the city in fact has won numerous awards that were mentioned in the paper for the runnof water treatment system at Cottonwood Creek (either U.V. or ozone, no chemicals)that actually cleans the water running by the "fine little park" of 99.9% of all pathogens.
    We would hate for people to feel that you are willing to use lies and twist the truth just to make a political point.

    Also, it's weird that you go back and forth between "the council" which many times does not vote in unison and then the singular Dalagher. Picking and choosing like that feels like it's a spin to us, Or are you inferring that the Dalagher is the whole council?

  10. lies, half-truths, and misinformationNovember 03, 2006 5:19 PM

    I get it IT'S SATIRE!!!
    J.P. Accuses lawnmower man of using lies, half-truths, and misinformation while using lies, half-truths, and misinformation to make his point!!!

  11. Last poster,
    What do you want to dispute? Seriously, even if you don't even back it up, at least write what you dispute. Don't be ironic.

    Two posters up.
    DUDE, reread JP's post. He doesn't disagree with what you wrote. READ IT, but don't try to spin JP's OPINION. His post doesn't dispute the facts. It points out that Dan tried to have it both ways (and whined along the way) and JP is calling him AND the council out for that. Don't you remember the Prop C?

  12. Roadside Park BumNovember 03, 2006 5:39 PM

    All this nonsense about candidates for council seats!!

    Not one of these candidates has outlined a vision of Encinitas for 10, 30 or 50 years from now!!
    Will the Hall property be a working, usable park in 10 years?? Probibly not!! Purchased close to 5 years ago, it remains fallow and waiting for an EIR that may never come. IF the city can't get a specific plan for Cardiff after 5 years and hundreds of thousands of $$$ what makes any of you think there will be a USABLE and WORKING park at the Hall propery in 10 years!! The major entrance and exit will have to go somewhere, but if that somewhere is through Cardiff residential neighborhoods expect more lawsuits, lost time and $$$. My bet...NO park any time soon.

    Will you, your children, your grandchildren still be having to deal with dozens of trains that rip through the city at 70+ mph 30 years from now?? Who will step forward?? The city, NCTD, Amtrack, the feds and propose lowering the tracks from one end of the city to the other. Will you have a giant trench or will the trench have a "roof" upon which a green belt can and should be built!! Allowing areas for walking and sitting and adding to over all liveability of Encinitas!! No, more than likely the trains will continue to disrupt traffic and claim lives for the next 30+ years. Not one candidate has talked about this issue!

    50 years from now, the Surfrider Foundation along with the Coastal Commision will continue to oppose any stair way from Beacons down to the beach. The Surfriders want to leave the beach to be reclaimed by the sea. OK, that's fine be me, but shut down the steps, prohibit access to the beach from Beacons. Turn the parking lot into a park( with flowers) and place graduated benches so that people can watch the ocean and the sunsets. No additional parking needed, what's there is there!! ORRRRRR will you have a SAFE and USABLE beach access leading to the 3rd most popular beach in Encinitas. An Access that has SANITATION facilities!!!! A WIDE trail with large cutbacks( for benches) that allows for 3 people to pass shoulder to shoulder, not just a couple of surfers squeezing past a family with their board fins at the eye level of 5 year olds!! It is a question of safety that won't be addressed for 50+ years!!!

    What about the library?? Months behind schedule and hundreds of thousands of $$$ over budget, (they don't even have the foundation in place yet) not one of your precious candidates has address this issue nor any of the other issues I have mentioned.

    So vote for your candidates and remember it's more than about now, it's about tomorrow also. Not one of these candidates has a vision for Encinitas.

    My vision of Encinitas is from an open end of a beer bottle to the closed end of the same bottle. Draining the liquid in between!!

    Staggering down the 101 with more vision than ALL your candidtes together, it's your Roadside Park Bum!!!

  13. Has anyone talked to Dan about this mailer?

  14. Has anyone talked to Dan about this mailer?

  15. Go ahead and vote for Dalager, pretend you live in your fantasy Mayberry land and keep supporting all those weasely little fees and taxes. Dan has an excellent chance of winning on Tues. Let's hope with Guerin and Miller out of the picture he will settle down some.

  16. Then why does cottonwood creek always smell like poo?

  17. I am happy to hear that the water coming out at moonlight is getting cleaned. Why should anyone on the council whine about being "mandated" to do this? Shouldn't they just do it and not need to be told to do it?

    I also remember Prop C and I for one am happy the state makes us do it, because with all of Dan, Christy, and Maggie's whining it is questionable if we would do it otherwise.

  18. RSBP,

    The sentiment is shared. BUT,

    The candidates were asked about their longterm vision at one forum, at least. The library delay also came up. The Hall property has been a major election issue.

  19. Don't support DalagerNovember 03, 2006 5:58 PM

    Yeah, that previous poster brags about the great treatment at Cottonwood Creek and mentions some unnamed newspaper articles? BOGUS.

    Everytime I've seen it, smelled it, the water there has been stagnant and stinky. Who is doing the water testing there? How often is it tested?

    I would like to see the statistics now. It's polluted again. The pump broke, from what I heard. Did we get a new one? What is the problem there? Last time I checked was at the City's anniversary of incorporation, so about a month ago. Yucky!

    Spin, spin, spin, previous poster. I'm so grateful that JP is using his head, and heart, to offer us info, with links to actual news articles. I'm glad he is courageous and willing to call a spade a spade, let us reach our own conclusions about Dalager, based on the record, the facts, and what Dalager has actually said.

  20. RSB, I think it's up to us to come up with a plan and vision of the future. Maybe if Barth and Brown get elected we can start making some positive stuff happen. I know Teresa is frustrated by the lack of interest the current council has in the Cardiff plan.

  21. Beautiful Post JP. Danny just doesn't get it. He's old school that beleives the solution to traffic is widening roads, and pollution of the beach is not really a problem. He doesn't learn from the mistakes of places like LA and OC. Its time to put the old goat out to pasture, and let him graze in the memory of his glory daze.

  22. Read it yourself, pinhead!November 03, 2006 9:55 PM

    UV Disinfection Earns California Beach a Passing Grade
    September 12, 2003
    Over the past several years, Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA has been consistently ranked poorly by the environmental group, Heal the Bay. Last year, the City of Encinitas installed an urban runoff treatment system which incorporates Ultra Violet (UV) technology from Aquionics, improving water conditions at the beach so greatly that it was awarded a passing grade for the first time.

    The 13th annual Beach Report Card was released by Heal the Bay in May (available at The report card assigns grades on an A-F scale based on the risk of adverse health effects to bathers. The grade assigned to Moonlight Beach is based on daily and weekly fecal bacteria pollution levels present in samples taken during the dry weather flow period from April to October of 2002. Moonlight Beach was assigned a grade of “B” for the 2002 season, a large improvement over its 2001 season grade of “D” and 2000 season grade of “F”.
    The source of pollution causing the poor grades at Moonlight Beach was water from Cottonwood Creek, which empties into the Pacific Ocean at the beach. Polluted urban runoff from the City of Encinitas was channeled in to the creek which subsequently polluted the beach. When other water quality improvement measures failed to produce significant results, the City opted to install the UV disinfection system to treat the water in the creek.

    The UV system provided by Aquionics includes direct UV monitoring of actual intensity. Self-cleaning quartz sleeves keep the lamps free of organic deposits from the water, resulting in more consistent system performance with very little maintenance. UV disinfection is safe, quiet, and leaves no chemicals or other by-products in the treated water. Since starting up the system in September of 2002, the City has consistently achieved a bacterial kill rate of 99%.

    In addition to the letter grade, the Beach Report Card also provides a written analysis. In the San Diego County, Clean Beach Initiative (CBI) Summary section, the UV system at Moonlight Beach was specifically praised: “A CBI highlight was the City of Encinitas installation of [a UV] treatment facility at Moonlight Beach (Cottonwood Creek) to reduce the bacterial pollution in the creek before discharging it back into the lagoon and out to the ocean. The project appears to be having an immediate impact of reducing bacterial densities and improving water quality.”

  23. Pinhead? Can you read guy?November 04, 2006 6:40 AM

    There is a poster (poser?) attempting to distract. JP NEVER SAID COTTONWOOD CREEK WASN'T CLEANER than it once was.

    What JP did was analyze Danny's record and connect the dots between Danny's whining at Prop C time and his deceptive selfpromotion in his mailer.

    The poster is using the MO of the council majority. Avoid the real issue the public brings up and attack a nonissue. It works sometimes, but not here pal.

  24. The UV disinfection posting is deceptive. The UV unit works fine to kill bacteria when water flow is low. But there is a serious design flaw when water flow is high under heavy winter rains. The unit simply gets overwhelmed. There has already been at least one major failure when the Cottonwood Creek Park catch basin overflowed and bypassed causing considerable damage that cost quite a bit of money to repair.

    It is true that Baykeepers sued the city to force compliance with state regulations. I don't think the city would have ever spent the money on their own desire to clean the creek water. But the UV unit only takes care of living organisms, principally fecal coliform found in excrement. It does absolutely nothing for others kinds of pollution, such as persistent pesticide leaching from old dump sites upstream on the Ecke Ranch, the old Thornton ranch, and other former ranches.

    There is also the problem of heavy metal contamination from the same ranches which used pesticides containing copper, arsenic, lead, and chromium. And the old sewer treatment plant located on the Cottonwood Creek Park site treated a lot of water from the old plating company in downtown Encinitas. The residues containing heavy metals were dumped on the park site. Workers used to wear special protection to work on the sewer lines because the effluent could be so toxic.

    The city has never done proper sampling and testing on the creek water. This is easy to check at city hall. Normally only fecal coliform is checked, and the sampling dates are carefully chosen to avoid high flows when contamination is much higher because of increased runnoff and leaching. If you choose to swim or surf at Moonlight Beach and Cardiff Reef, be careful not to swallow water and avoiding entering the water after heavy rains. Some of the contamination may not directly affect humans, but you may end of getting it anyway by eating locally caught fish and shellfish. The pollution is certainly not good for a healthy ocean.

  25. The city never wants to do the right thing when it comes to our beaches. They go kicking and screaming everytime.

  26. I notice that the pinhead accusing commentor, previously posted an article for an uncited source with statistics that are over three years old. None of the questions were directly answered either.

    Thank you much, subsequent posters, who kindly did clear up pinhead accuser's misrepresentations and factually incorrect info.

  27. What's your source?November 04, 2006 1:22 PM

    Huh? Why didn't you say where you got your "canned" article, "Read it yourself, pinhead???"

    Twist and twist,
    coil and turn,
    you tell lies;
    you'll surely burn.

  28. 'Tis the that the holidays are almost upon us, isn't it time to take a look at the recently renamed Dan "Duke" Dalager's All-White Christmas Parade?

  29. No question in my mind that long range planning and vision for a small coastal Socal community has got to include the effects of global warming.

    If rising sea level and increased storm intensity play out as expected, we're in for a ride here in Encinitas.

    If what scientists are predicting in even 10 years is correct, we may have our hands full of problems that will make progress on the library, lease revenue bonds, Christy's BD party, Leucadia redevelopment, and all the rest of this seem pretty trivial.

    That kind of foresight and preparation is what I'd like our council to be aware of.


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