Friday, November 03, 2006

Election Signage

Tom Brown's smiley face signs.

The sleaziest motel and liquor store in town is supporting Dalager and Long.

Are these sign clusters even legal?

Pablo's sign is pretty funny. It reads, it's all about US! it's all for YOU!

The majority of these orange and blue Teresa Barth signs were stolen from private properties all over town in a single night. Classy.


  1. Upon being called out for having become nothing more than another Mike Andreen, Jack Orr, Tom Shepherd, JP posts the following:
    J.P. said...
    Mike Andreen, Jack Orr, and Tom Shepherd are paid hit men.

    So J.P. Admots to being a political hit man, just not a paid one.
    Isn't that really just the diference between a whore and a slut?

  2. That's a bit of a stretch dude.

  3. Mike Andreen, Jack Orr, and Tom Shepherd are old fat guys. J.P. is young and sexy.

  4. anonymous,

    Step back and read through the archives. If you can't see that JP is authentic you are either, 1) drunk or 2) actually a shill for Team Developer and know that you have to do something to stop the bleeding that is being caused by someone finally standing up and saying what is obvious to those who pay attention.

    Are you getting paid to blog? Well let's see if we can get you fired. Bring it on. Tell us where what JP has written was bullshit. Tell us or stop whining.

  5. JPs a sexy bitch... but,I love him for his mind!

    Whats with Dalagers bullshit 20 x 20 foot signs all over town. The next dalager candidate in 4 years will have 30 x 30 fooot signs. Like the OC mentality, Danny thinks bigger is better. I say it means he is compensating for a small something else in his life.

    His last mailer was classic. A Beautiful picture of moonlight beach. It will probably be enough to get him re-elected. Too bad the general moron public do not know that his votes normally hurt protecting our fine beach community and with 4 more years will turn us that much closer to LA.

    Thanks for nothing Danny. You sold us out. But I really don't hate you for it, because you really just cant figure out how LA became such a shit hole. Try and figure it out and maybe you'll start doing thing to improve our unique beautiful beach community, not destroy it!

  6. J.P. Admits to being a political hit man, just not a paid one.
    That really IS just the diference between a whore and a slut!

    Clean water from Cottonwood Creek story posted below.

    Editions of the North County Times Serving San Diego and Riverside Counties Friday, November 3, 2006 Contact Us Archive

    Encinitas celebrates clean creek
    Staff Writer

    ENCINITAS ---- Usually ribbon cuttings are reserved for buildings and bridges, not creeks.

    But that didn't stop Encinitas city officials on Friday from attaching a large blue ribbon to two wooden poles on either side of the drainage pipe where Cottonwood Creek empties onto Moonlight Beach.

    The ribbon cutting ---- accomplished with a giant pair of gold novelty scissors ---- was to commemorate the successful completion of the Moonlight Beach Urban Runoff Facility. The $1 million project uses intense ultraviolet light to scorch bacteria suspended in runoff that fills the creek from surrounding neighborhoods.

    Standing at a podium on Moonlight Beach in the afternoon sunshine Friday, city stormwater program manager Kathy Weldon, who was ultimately responsible for making the project work, said she hoped the new system would result in zero beach closures at Moonlight.

    "It will zap all of the bacteria in the creek and make our beaches safe again," she said.

    It was that bacteria, generated by the myriad human activities scattered throughout the city's urban area, that forced the city to close Moonlight Beach 100 times since 2000.

    Though the facility, at Third and B streets, has been actively zapping creek water for only two weeks, it has already made a noticeable difference in water discharged onto Moonlight Beach. According to city monitoring, coliform bacteria has been reduced by 99.9 percent.

    To celebrate that apparent success, state and local officials visited the facility Friday.

    Pete Silva, vice chairman of the State Water Resources Board, jokingly said he dropped by to make sure Gov. Gray Davis got his money's worth. The project was funded with an $843,000 grant from Davis' Clean Beaches Initiative.

    Silva noted that some cities, such as Los Angeles, for example, have decided to treat polluted runoff by dumping it into their municipal sewer system. But he thought Encinitas' decision to treat the pollution in the creek bed was ultimately better for the environment and cheaper.

    "It's the kind of thing, frankly, I think all the beach communities are going to have to go to," Silva said.

    County Supervisor Pam Slater called the filtration system "the next phase in pollution treatment."

  7. Too Bad Slingblade didn't have shit to do with the project. Slingblade is only interested in rezoning more property to high density to help his developer kick back buddies, redevelopment district for leucadia, City run trailer parks, widening roads to promote more traffic, and turning this area into a crappy coastal Vista.

    Good riddens slingblade, time to retire and get back to lunching with hot chicks.

    Its kindof cool to have the proLA crowd posting. It should make for some interesting postings.

    Bring it on LA shit. We'll kick your ass any day of the week. We are backed by our mother earth and integrity the two most important factors in the universe. We are about protecting our oceans and beach community, not about profits from raping the land. Retire Dalager!

    JP- After Barth is elected, you can take Stocks out in 2 years. Its time to take back Encinitas and preserve our beach community and not become Oxnard.

  8. So the fact that Encinitas has created a clean water system that purifies the urban/suburban Encinitas runoff that is Cottonwood Creek somewhow equates to a posting from some "pro L.A." crowd? Dude, sue your dealer 'cause the shit you're smokin' is not gooood shit.

    J.P. Get your shit straight 'cause you're better than a cheap slam where it is bullshit. Your cred is sliding dude!

    Moonight Beach receives 99.9% non-polluted runnoff from Cottonwood Creek due to the million dollar project the city installed which had nothing to do with ANY litigation.

  9. OK so our web / blog host is somebody named J.P. who claims to be a "2nd generation board shaper"? I've never seen a board called a J.P., have you?
    What's up with this? Is this dude for real or is this some BS to appear cool?
    And how real is this alllegedly hot babe wife architect who never reads the blog? Is this like a wish wife?

  10. ...if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like an asshole full of SHIT, coupled with close proximity not to water, but an election........then it must mean....

    Mikey Andreen is in da house!

    Every two years Mikey sticks his head out of the safe sand of false respecability and becomes the personal gunslinger for David Meyers and Doug Harwood AKA The development crowd. The sick part is dude does it not for money but to be a "buddy"

    The guy loves to dis da dirt!
    He lives for it! He can't stay away from it!

    He needs to check into the Polinski center for political hacks and enter a 12 step program to ween himself off the prozac of perceived political greatness.

    Mikey has been used by the Encinitas Chamber as their pitch man and has been made to promise that he will behave and not do his wirefire "shit on everyone" emails or his fake "Surf City" political hit pieces.

    So he has been neutered like a small dog with no balls by the chamber that gets 100k a year of our tax payers money to bring tourist to town.

    Neutered Mikey can't bark like a big dog anymore but needs to feed his addition to be politicaly J.P.....and everyone else...

    Fasten your seat belts...Mikey Andreen is in da J.P. house!

    and just like everything else he has errrrr. has not done in life, ths too shall backfire like pasing bad gas on poor little Mikey.

  11. Classic Council Majority MoveNovember 04, 2006 6:32 AM

    There is a poster (poser?) attempting to distract. JP NEVER SAID COTTONWOOD CREEK WASN'T CLEANER than it once was.

    What JP did was analyze Danny's record and connect the dots between Danny's whining at Prop C time and his deceptive selfpromotion in his mailer.

    The poster is using the MO of the council majority.

  12. 99.99% clean my ass. Sewer Spill - Beach closed! No new discharges at Beacons. And Galagers gun man sucks as an effective poster.

    JP your credit and value are going way up in my book. Anyone but Dalager in the next term.

  13. We love the moonlight project.

    The previous poster just points out that Slingblade had nothing to do with it and that he will turn Encinitas into Oxnard because he is not an effective leader. He is good at sharpening blades. Danny stay with what your good at- Blades- Leave everything else to others.

  14. Let's see, now I'm a "hit man" and not really a surfboard builder and I don't really have a hot wife.

    Trippy man.

    The treatment project at Moonlight/Cottonwood is great, but that whole area smelled like sewage all summer. That can't be good for the Moonlight Motel. I hope they can fix that sewage smell because the Moonlight Motel is going to get revamped and we don't need our tourist smelling your shit.

    I'll keep posting this over and over, I used to support Dan Dalager. But like a lot of Baby Boomers he has just finally lost his mind so I'm calling him out.

  15. you can say that again...I am 55 but I am disgustd the way my generation has turned out. The teenagers of today should hate us even more than we hated the WW2 generation. What a bunch of sell outs and hypocrites. They are all chasing a fanatsy and few are very happy. As for myself, I don't have credit card debt because I live within my means. I have my house paid of becasue both my husband and I went without lots of things for many many years. I didn't have a car for 3 years-guess what? I WALKED, and I was glad to do it because we live in paradise. My age group are all a bunch of "takers"-I'm sorry but all you have to do is surf Beacons and you'll see what I mean.

    Sorry to rant, but I'm feeling a little "silly".

  16. I guess I will have to defend some of the "baby boomers" as I am 59 so it gives me the right!!! It is true, a lot have sold out. However, a lot have not. Look at Francine Busby and Teresa Barth. They both qualify as baby boomers and I think they are both pretty cool. My cousin is running for Lt. Governor and I think he is pretty cool for a politician. I could name lots of people in our generation who have done some pretty tremendous things, so I am inclined not to say all of any generation is "silly". Stereotyping is not something that helps toward cooperativeness and kindness. No matter which group of people it is.

  17. Politicians are in a highly competitive, aggressive and manipulative field of "work."

    JP provides a service. The truth hurts some a lot more than others. Whenever the truth hurts, or someone wants to look at the "spin," and check out the true facts more closely, there will be those who call us hit men.

    Oh, I know what they say; the best defense is an offense. You are offensive, first anonymous poster. You make me sick, literally.

    JP, his courage, enthusiasm and dedication, makes me feel a lot better, though. We'll make it through this election, and you can go climb back under you hole, vermin.

  18. Notice that person who posted an article of BS doesn't quote the newspaper or the date. It's at least 3 years old. The pump broke, isn't working right, the water at Cottonwood Creek Park is stagnant and stinky again. There's been construction going on forever, it seems at the new pump station they are working on.

    Some of these concerns are good reasons that care givers need to be cautious that their children don't wander into the water at Moonlight Beach Tot Lot, Dalager keeps bragging about. He wants to take credit, but he won't take accountability.

  19. JP, glad you have a great sense of humor, and you are brave, persistent.

    These hit men and women, like Mike Andreen, before, Steve Aceti, Christy Guerin & friends, and others like them, are attacking the messengers; that's all they can do.

    When you are up a stinky creek, attack, atack, attack. But you are cowards for attacking JP who has revealed his identity, whereas you have not.

    Myself, I'm not going to, because I've been slammed too many times, already by the likes of you, and your corrupt values.

  20. Burned out Dalager postersNovember 04, 2006 1:52 PM

    Spin and twist,
    coil and turn,
    you tell lies;
    you'll surely burn.

  21. I'm 56. Think we need someone new on City Council, like Teresa Barth.

    Dan Dalager always looks so confused to me. You lie down with dogs, Dan, you get up with fleas.

    You and Maggie Houlihan could have made a difference Dan. Sorry, you blew it in my eyes. Bye bye.

  22. Dan didn't blow it. He is doing exactly what he gets paid to do(under the table, padded "sharpening bills".
    The money trail is there and someday some of these kickbacks will come to light, and Dan and others will be facing a grand jury.
    I can't wait.

  23. dr. lorri: I din't say the BB Gen was silly.

    I said I was.

    Having fun with the quote from D. Dalager who said this was the "silly season".

    I'm with you, girlfriend-vote Busby and Barth. No F 'n' question.


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