Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Encinitas Citizens for Residential Stability

I love the name Encinitas Citizens for Residential Stability so much that I'm starting another post about the short term rental drama.

Coastal panel to weigh Encinitas vacation rentals

It's a shame the Encinitas Citizens for Residential Stability can't just ban short term rentals behind the iron gates of the fading pink stucco 80's ghetto condo complex that is Sea Bluff.

From the NCT:

For more than two years, city officials have wrangled with regulating vacation rentals.

In February, the city was scheduled to bring its ordinance banning new short-term rentals to the commission for approval, but pulled back because of a negative recommendation from the panel's staff.

If permitted by commissioners, Murphy said he would negotiate an "over-concentration clause" akin to an existing city ordinance that prohibits bed and breakfast establishments from operating within 200 feet of one another.

The city has argued that plenty of short-term lodging exists at the city's hotels and motels, where year-round vacancy rates range from 34 percent to 53 percent.

"You can't put a family in one room," said Chris Carrico, who manages vacation rentals at the 255-unit Sea Bluff complex in Leucadia. "Vacation rentals let families enjoy time together for a week at the beach. Hotels don't supply that."

Some 75 of the condos at Sea Bluff are rented to short-term tenants, she said, adding that the clause proposed by Murphy would effectively prohibit new landlords from renting short-term.

That's what members of Encinitas Citizens for Residential Stability have argued for.

I used The Google to find some Encinitas beach house rentals. This first link is to a Sea Bluff rental:


"Sea Bluff is a one of a kind gated community. Located in Leucadia in the city of Encinitas, this 50 acres of ocean front property has 255 townhomes, beautiful landscaped grounds with over 900 trees, large green belts, and security guards 7 days a week."

It must be frustrating to be a full time Sea Bluff resident. The reason paranoid people move into gated communities is to seal themselves off from the rest of the world. Imagine the horror of having the rest of the world come to you.




Previous post on this issue: Leucadia!: Limitation, not ban, urged for Encinitas. Mayor Guerin's blood boils


  1. I wish seabluff would slide into the ocean/

  2. Everyone is a capitalist up to a point. Maybe if Leucadia had decent motels this wouldn't be a problem.

  3. People have property rights. Gil made three good posts about this subject in the previous post JP references and the one after that (his last post of three). I hope he went to Huntington Beach. They are just now starting the meeting (at 10:00 A.M.).

    I am opposed to the ban. There are a few people that want to run the rest of the community with their rules. It's their way or the highway. One of these people is Christy Guerin and her iron-fisted rule. She should not be going, but she probably is. I hope they realize she is a lameduck. I know Patrick Murphy is going, asking for more time, from today's NCT article.

    I am hoping the Coastal Commission denies the request for more time and denies the new ordinance. There are parts of it that are illegal according to the Govt. Code, anyway, about the raised fines, and putting them into a two year perior, instead of a one year period.

    Residential zones are zoned for rentals, long term, or short term, right now. This is not an inconsistent use. Those people at Sea Bluff who are trying to go over the head of their own homeowner's association, who wants to permit rentals, including new rentals, make a big noise, but they don't represent the majority in this City.

  4. CULT OF J.P.!!!

    Your recent posting about the "cult of personalities" hurting Encinitas strikes home and you don't have to look any farther than your bathroom mirror. When you start believing the things said about you on this blog and the recent press clippings, you can be assured that you have fallen into the "cult " yourself.

    So what makes Seabluff ghetto?? Is it the landscaped streets?? Or the off street parking?? Or perhaps the fact that guys like me(a drunken smelly bum) aren't allowed to urinate and soil there sidewalks, bushes and flowers? No maybe the real reason that you feel Seabluff is ghetto is because you don't or can't live there.( Or is it the fake and phoney reason that Seabluff blocks your access to the beach!!)

    Where do you get off telling other people how they should live?? I don't recall any Seabluff residents on this blog calling your trailer park- ghetto!! This is all too typical of those in Leucadia and some surfers. Why should you give a rats ass where or how those people live?? If they want to live in a gated community let them!!!

    You have been spending too much time on this blog and others. Too many people feel that you are a "savior" of this so-called lifestyle that is Encinitas. Encinitas lifestyle is no better nor worse than any other, it's just a different lifestyle!! Some like it, others don't!!

    Don't think you are any better than anyone because you CHOOSE to live in a trailer and surf. You should spend more time SELLING your surfboards and then you'd have to spend more time MAKING surfbaords and then you'd have LESS time to spend on this and all blogs that promote the CLUT OF J.P.

    Staggering down the 101, not following the cult that has become J.P., it's your RSPB!!

  5. Dude, you are sooooo gay for me.

  6. Seabluff was a hideout for all the local coke dealers in the 1980s.


  8. I still say RSB is Charles Marvin, and he has never denied this.

    Charles Marvin wrote an article in the Coast News, awhile back, and he was hired by the complainers in the Sea Bluff Condos to go to the city, over the heads of the Homeowners' Association at Sea Bluff, to the City, so he could make it so short term rentals would be banned. This fits in nicely with the fact that Mr. Marvin owns hotel properties, for which he'd like sidewalks, too, of course.

    Anyhow, these people can live in a gated community. You are twisting again, RSB. No one is saying they can't. But don't try to force rules on the whole of Encinias, Leucadia, Cardiff, etc., that Sea Bluff, itself, doesn't condone or enforce.

    Because we admire and respect JP, doesn't make him part of the cult of personality. You, with your fake RSB persona are much more of a caricature, a "character," who tries to play both sides against the middle to get what you want: less competition for your hotels, more sidewalks and "infrastructure" for your many business interests in Encinitas.

    It's all good, right? We all practie self-preservation. However, you are being a hypocrite, RSB, and I think you are smart enough to know it.

    Don't blast JP because you can. You are still under the veil of your anonymity, of course. Otherwise we would blast you more directly. I noticed when that article came out in the Coast News by Charles Marvin(the third?), it said at first he was a staff writer. That was weird, and they had to do a correction.

    Oh, well, I'm glad you are here, Charley, and you didn't get on the bus to Huntington Beach to lobby the Coastal Commission. Or did you?

  9. We appreciate JP, this blog, his posts, his sense of humor, and fair play. I don't like you,RSB, but then that's how you want it, right? You paint yourself as a highly undesireable character. Too true.

  10. Hey Roadside:you don't like this blog, yet you keep posting, so.... start your OWN blog Mr. Smarty Pants.

  11. I agree actually, I have developed a certain cult of personality. So has RSPB. But neither of us have prevented the train tracks from getting lowered. The extent of our influence is spazzing out on the internet.

  12. Charles Marvin is against families renting beach homes but his motel does not accomodate families. Idiot with a capital I.

  13. Gil back from Coastal said:

    The Coastal Commission, after reviewing staff information, listening to Pat Murphy, Maggie Houlihan (who looks great) for the city position, which was a request to get another extension to add in even more restrictive language to further restrict any new short term rentals, decided No they would move forward today. Irwin Rubenstein and Cindy ? spoke for the ban. The Seabluff contingent, satisfied that being West of 101 they were protected, spoke for the staff recomendation of restricting rentals to west of 101. I spoke against the ban pointing out that the entire community of Cardiff had been excluded and that the last piece of undeveloped VSC property in the city had just been purchased by the city for a new fire station. I spoke that if a ban was to be allowed, at the least it should be Hwy 5 and that I would really prefer Crest Dr. which is about the limit of the coastal zone in our communities. One other lady who rents a unit on Crest next to the sports field also asked that the limit be at the least Crest Dr.

    After some discussion amounst the members of the commission, which included asking the city exactly how many rental units the city was having to control(119), they decided that they would NOT accept ANY ban on short term rentals anywhere within the city.

    I don't really want to say much more until Adam Kaye (NCT) and the Coast News have their shot at doing the reporting.

    As to TOTs, the existing rules that residences and duplexes are exempt appear to stand although one commissioner expressed a desire to see that change. Of Course, since it is a new tax it will have to go before the people to get approved.

    I am very pleased.

  14. to one anonymous

    Book your reservations in Hawaii during race season.

  15. Oh, forgot to mention, the vote was unanamous.

    Give me a couple days to catch up on my business and I'll get back to the water/sewer/rate increases/Bond debt.

    By the way, I turned in the blogs, both good and bad for the last few days as part of my coastal presentation, thanks to those bloggers who supported NO Ban.

    Told many about the blogsite, see if the hits go up in the next few days JP. Did have to warn them that it was no church site so they were prepared for the reality show.

  16. You would think that this would be the end of it. I would guess the hold over Guerinites or bossypantsites will try and do something else. Their egos are to big to let the coastal commission dictate to them.

    The city attorney will give them bad advice so he can pad his payroll and the drama will continue. All you pro-ban people, just call the Sheriff's Department and get some complaints on the record. Rowdy people should be controlled and the landlords should be held accountable. The laws are on the books to do that.

    Be sure you don't make false complaints because that is a crime.

  17. Wonder if Maggie and Bossypants shared a room the night of the presentation to save taxpayer dollars. What a pillow fight that would be!

  18. Wow, thanks, Gil. I am very happy how this turned out. I had written the Coastal Commission before, faxed on Monday, then called Monday afternoon, too. The person I talked to told me I should come up, but I couldn't get out of my commitments, here.

    I'm so grateful that this blog seemed to have had a positive effect, too. I did mention it in my fax, as well, so they were alerted to it besides just through Gil.

    Good work, everyone. This was the fair thing to do. I'm glad the Coastal Commission came through. You did help out a lot on this, Gil. The City should drop this. I can't believe all the money they are spending on so few rental units. As previous poster said, we already have laws on the books to handle these situations. Encinitas, including all five areas, is not a "gated community." Where we do have gated communities, the people who buy there have to be aware of pre-existing conditions, and abide by the decisions of their HOA's.

  19. Maggie made another mistake on this. Hope she wises up.

    People still want to give peace a chance around here.

  20. Ya gotta understand. The City had to send some councilperson to represent their position. Cristy either couldn't, wouldn't or shouldn't have gone and as far as I know did not. They counldn't send Jerome, he voted against it, couldn't send Teresa, she's not seated yet. Jim Bond probably has some water thing going, so it was either Dan or Maggie. Sometimes, Ya got to play the hand your dealt.

    In a discussion with Maggie during the early stages of the Prop A campaign, she was expressing her displeasure with council members taking a position on an issue that they had asked the public to decide. She believed that the No on A might not prevail against the money and power of the Council and the landowner. She expressed a desire to weigh in. I asked her not to be drawn into the issue but to patiently wait for the communities direction, to retain her integrity and belief in the citizens to make the correct choice. She grudging agreed. We also briefly touched on the short term rental issue and she was firm in her belief that the ban was best for the community and explaned why. I assured her that it was OK for us to disagree, that there were bound to be times when we were not allied in our positions on issues. Encinitas is a very difficult, diverse community to represent as a councilperson, which Teresaa will be able to attest to in five or six months. As long as council members are trying to make decisions that they believe reflect the desires of the residents, they are doing the right thing.

    I like Maggie.

    There you go sucking up to the council again Gil.

    Nope. It is our responsibility to try to direct the council even if they are rude to us, call us malcontents, and barely give us the time of day.

    That direction can take many forms. I appreciate those who attend the council meetings, the pretty boring planning commission meetings, and the JP cult-site for the forum provided for all of us.

    And just so you know RSPB, the Commission cut my time short when I wandered off the short term rental subject and attacked the City as hypocrits when they said they were doing all they could for visitors and I brought up the lack of restrooms at three heavily used beach access locations. Got to stop doing that at Coastal.

  21. Sad day for low key coastal Encinitas. This short term rental issue is playing itself out throughout CA and HI. I guess the peacefull days of Encinitas and other cool destinatios is over and its time to party LA style. Its only a matter of 20 years, until Encinitas looks like Redondo Beach. We are doing nothing diffent and always take the easy way out. We will look like maximum density, maximum vehical traffic, concrete jungle, Less and less trees, triple the people trying to be more loud and noticable in any fashion. 2 tracks dividing our town at grade with minimal pedestrian crossings further dividing our Leucadia. Too bad, this special place can be something special, but it looks like it wont. PB and Redondo Beach chamber of commerse watch out, we are copying your development model and are going to take all your fat ass tourists roping off their beach space for their big day at the beach.

    Yeah- I'm selfish. I dont want want to live in PB. The PB beach experience sucks. Oh well- Its time for me to except our LA fate and just watch it play out a cheap movie.

    Thanks short term rental landlords for selling out our Encinitas. I will always think you suck.

    Gil is totally ignorant on the subject. I just dont see Gil down on the beach much. In fact, ever. Gil- you might try it though. It will put you back in touch with Nature and all of mother earth, and its a free bathing experience. I gaurantee you'll like it. The ocean has a special way of putting all in proper persective. In fact, I better slip into the ocean as well. I am in need of some positive recharging. Good bye peaceful beachtown that I love.

  22. Anonymous that thinks Charlie Marvin is RSPB- You’re a fricken idiot. Your statements are so off reality, I won’t waist my time trying to set you straight. You are beyond help and have no grasp on reality. RSPB has a better chance at coming back from a dark place then you do. God bless you for the rest of your life- you need it.

  23. JP- Please quit with the scitzo short term rental ban for awhile. The two minor groups of extremists are all worked up in frenzy. What the hell ever happened to the Beacons Access post? Come on dude- it’s your own backyard! Post it already, it’s on the Planning Commission agenda for this Thursday!

  24. I wish Beacons parking lot would fall down onto the beach. It would lessen the crowd and would become more of a surfers beach once again.

    Jimminy Cricket.... now I'm going to have to read farmer Gil preaching about CA Coastal Access for all. I know about it Gil. I dont like it. I just hate all the fricken fat people with their shit all over my beach. Not your beach, MY BEACH. If it was their beach, they would treat it with such disrepect. Now let the BEACHEN start.

  25. Yeah, this issue wasn't really worth getting people mad at me.

  26. I'm the old round guy fishing in the surf up to his armpits between Seaside and the charthouse not really caring if he catches anything.

    Used to fish the boneyard, noonan's point, beacons, stonesteps,grandview, ponto, the jetties,but now there's just too many surfers, wannabes and looky loos and the parking is lousy.

    Now I just look for a close stretch of open beach because what's left of the fish are out there and ya never know what you'll catch cause that ocean goes all the way to china. Used to be able to wade out and never worry about about stepping on a ray cause you could see 'em on the bottom. Now most days the waters so cloudy and dirty all you can do is the shuffle.

    Nope, I don't own property in Encinitas, it's become agriculturally unfriendy, but I certainly hope to continue shuffling on "your beach" for another 31 years.

  27. Yeah, some extremist people want to control others through fear and manipulation.

    There will always be a few sore, sore losers. And I wonder how many of them have actually been here for twenty years. No town, on the beach, or not, in southern Calif. looks like it did twenty years ago. And it won't look like it does now twenty years from now.

  28. Be nice, or take a hikeNovember 14, 2006 10:31 PM

    The short term rental situation, either way, isn't going to fix the high density development and the traffic problems. I'm glad Gil went to bat for the majority of us on this one. If you don't like it here, go find some ideal spot, go to Costa Rica maybe?

    We have to try to find a balance here. Between shutting everyone out, and over developing, beyond our resources, including water, and our infrastructure, including sewer, storm drains, etc.

  29. It doesn't help to spew out hate. If you want to vent, though, well, no one can stop you.

    Yeah, maybe you should get some of those ions, jump through a few waves.

  30. I still don't see RSB, himself, saying he's not Charlie Marvin, btw. Sure got SOMEBODY's dander up, though. Maybe a Council member, or family member? Well, you know who you are. And I guess you're feeling mighty grumpy right now.

    If you saw the traffic on No. Coast Hwy. 101 morning after morning, and in the evening, too, you wouldn't say it's a sad day for "low key" Encinitas, lisa. Those days, unfortunately, are long gone. All we can do is work together to slow down the speculators, those that profit at the expense of our quality of life.

    I don't think short term beach rentals fall into that category. Neither does the Coastal Commission. Bossypants didn't get her way. Her blood must be boiling over right now.

    Too bad, so sad.

  31. JP, it was good you posted on this. It helped with the Coastal Commission. They could see both sides, and the bitterness and exclusiveness of some posters, too.

    The topic is current. The meeting was only today, at 10:00 A.M., in Huntington Beach. Once again, you have breaking news here, thanks to Gil, too. The results are posted here before they are in the paper, again.

    Be happy, man. Don't let the bitter baiters get you down. They are seething because they didn't get their way, again.

    Like I said, there was a rental ban years ago, and Council changed back to no ban. We don't need to flip again because of a few unsubstantiated complaints, and some relentless whiners and complainers.

    Look on the bright side, bro. You SCOOPED this issue, again.

    Way to go, JP. And Gil, too. I'm glad you were there, and here.

  32. I seriously doubt anyone at the Coastal Commission even knows this blog exist, but thanks.

  33. M Fleener,
    I never said I don't like this blog!! As blogs go it does a decent job of letting the kooks in Encinitas rant and rave( I include myself in that group-under drunken...).
    But my point is quite on the mark!! Your running to J.P.'s defense so quickly after my posting is paramount to my argument. J.P. was even quicker than you, as I said he needs to spend more time selling surfboards.
    You can encourage him to run for coucil in 08 if you want and you can encourage him to keep posting, but that doesn't change anything about Leucadia. Which is the reason that I post here. Certainly not for personality enhancement. Do you really give a damn what J.P. posts on this blog?? Does it really matter??

    As for starting my own blog?? I'm too busy keeping Leucadia UGLY(the way you and soooo many others like it, I add character don't I) and keeping people like yourself real and honest about Leucadia.
    Give me some sidewalks, M Fleener.
    Give me some streetlights, make this place walkable for crying outloud!!! What is it about sidewalks and streetlights you despise??? Streetlight and sidewalks bring shoppers and shoppers spend $$$ and maybe they will spend some $$$ on your art!!! Which is OK btw, that's not a put down, I'm a very harsh art critic!! I've seen your art as I stagger here and there. For me your art lacks a certain embraceableness. If there is such a word?? But where would I put it if I did find it embraceable, I don't have any walls. But that shouldn't stop others, as I said I'm a harsh critic, just ask J.P.

    Staggering down 101 harshly critical of the art known as Leucadia, it your RSPB!!

  34. Mary didn't ever say she doesn't want sidewalks. Her artwork is great; it's local and it's got context, and humor.

    You are the one who is not embraceable RSB.

    Politics has a lot of "personalities." That is unavoidable. JP's got personality, and we like it. Don't tell him how to spend his time, RSB. You're stinky enought, drunken enough, without being a hypocrite, too.

    Will Charlie Marvin raise his rents when, and if the sidewalks go in? If he's not footing the expense, he shouldn't have to raise the rents. We don't like how tall that new development is going to be on A and 101 where local artists are now.

    I never heard Mary say she was against streetlights, either. Charlie can get a streetlight put in if he's willing to pay for it. Listen, RSB, don't put words in our mouth, and we won't put that anti drinking stuff, "anit-buse," in yours.

    Some of us will come to the defense of those we respect, those who give their time, like JP, Mary, others here. That's a good quality, RSB. Of course, your blurry vision makes it very hard for you to see, or to know what the heck you're talking about.

    Again, don't tell JP, or any of us how to spend our time, or money, either. It's JP's life, you are judging, wrongly. He started this blog as a community service.

    Your comments are a drag, RSB. Go sleep it off.

  35. Roadside park bumNovember 15, 2006 5:38 PM

    Fake Leucadians!!
    Whaaaa, whaaa, whaaaaaaaa!!!
    Get a job!!! And then you won't have to "rent" your garage to other fake Leucadians!!!


  36. Your a fake, RSB, and you know it. I've got a job. You don't as far as you'll admit.

    Sleep it off. You already lost street cred. Now you've lost credibility here, or you had awhile ago.

    Guess you're feeling pretty grumpy about losing at the Coastal Commission. And you know what, I don't know who you are talking to, but I've got a garage, and it's not rented out now, never has been. There's a car parked in it right now. You don't know what you're talking about. In Leucadia lots of people do have converted garages, though, and they are considered legal, grandfathered. I'm not one of them.

    You're way worse than the kettle calling the pot black. You're a drunk and a phony calling Leucadians fake. Have another drink. You're shaking too hard, making less sense than usual.

    Encinitas Citizens for Residential Stability should do their best to get rid of you. All you do is try to divide and conquer. It's not working.

    You don't want people to be able to rent out granny flats or studios, because it might interfere with your business interests, your hotels, etc. You wish you could get rid of all the diversity, all rentals, not just short term rentals. Then you could play GOD.

  37. anonyous fake Leucadian is a GARAGE renter!!!! Youknow you have NO real job you loadie loser! Get legal, get real, and get lost!

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