Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Let's all move forward together

DAN DALAGER 8843 32.13%
TERESA A. BARTH 6752 24.53%
DOUG LONG 5891 21.40%
THOMAS L. BROWN 4782 17.37%
Precincts: 52.....Counted: 52.....Percentage: 100.0%

Waking up and checking the election results I'm surprised to see all votes are counted. I thought it would be at least the end of today. Man, those ballot counters deserve credit for staying up all night.

Dan Dalager gets re-elected with big results. I guess his charm and wit overrides the fact that he voted for an illegal tax hike. Well, good for him I say. I've been coming down hard on Dan for the past week and now I get to pester him for another 4 years.

Teresa Barth is in. This is a good thing in my opinion. I think her smarts and charisma can do a lot of good. Maybe she can be a positive influence and build a bridge between Maggie and the rest of the council. Teresa will keep an eye on our tax dollars at the very least. I admit, I'm stoked she won.

Doug Long comes in third. I think Doug killed his chances when he erected a giant sign next to the story polls of a beloved old building in the heart of downtown that is going to get razed . Oh yeah, and his major campaign contributer was Barratt American, the controversial mega-builder that wants to turn Encinitas into an LA suburb.

Tomas Brown, what can you say? He spent a lot of money and he showed us he is a smart, clean cut, white collar professional. Brown should have worn Hawaiian shirts and grown a mustache. I think people were nervous about voting for a guy who has such close ties to developers.

Pablo! Okay Pablo, you didn't actually say anything concrete all summer until last weekend in the NCT. You were the spoiler man, keep on trucking.

Thanks goodness the election is over. Now let's embrace this new city council and all move forward together.


  1. J.P. over the edge rant on four post trying to nail Dan really worked huh?

    So after the bomb throwing and false claims, now we all want to get along.

    Thats sweet.

    I am glad Teresa is in.

  2. The very best news of all is that Doug Long (Dalager light) lost.
    The developers spent a lot of money on Dougie but people saw this plumber for just what he is.

  3. It just goes to show that Guerin and Stocks calling on behalf of Doug Long and the developers probably backfired. Both Stocks and Guerin are reviled by a lot of the voters. They are not interested in Encinitas but rather have used their positions for self promotion and as a step to higher office. Stocks should be the next councilperson to go.

  4. Listen, I had to respond to that misleading mailer. I still get a lot of grief for being overly nice to Dan Dalager. He is not a villain but he is no fiscal conservative either. We'll be keeping a close eye on him.

  5. anonymous 1.

    What false claims did JP make?

  6. Who knew that there are over 8,000 Jew haters living here?


  7. Progressives win with the election of Teresa Barth. Leucadia and Cardiff win big time.
    The status quo has shifted. Houlihan and Barth, both Pam Slater appointees to county commissions, signal a greening of city policy and procedure.

  8. it's all for you!November 08, 2006 9:09 AM

    Greening has multiple meanings here. We get to keep more of hard earned money.

  9. Dan got a big push from the churches. Sheeple.

  10. Forget about extending the olive branch. The same mentality of tax and spend is still there. Maggie is a hard core tax without voter approval council member. Teresa will need supporters at every council meeting.

  11. In two years Jerome will be up for reelection. It's time to start right now and go after Jerome. Let's look at what he's done, who he voted with, the Barrett connection, all development money,etc. Jerome must go and the sooner the better.

  12. In an election, the truth gets stretched, calling those stretched truths lies is over the top.

    I prefer people who campain for something. Teresa did a great job of that. She deserved to win.

    My objection to the four anti Dalager post is that one week before the election, J.P. launches hit pieces on the blog all in a row against one candidate. In my veiw J.P. was way over the top trying to destroy a candidate from this blog.

    It's just my view, and I do enjoy the blog.

  13. Danny didn't send out his over the top mailer until the day before JP posted REGARDING the mailer. I am sure JP would have rather posted before Dan sent it out, but I don't think Dan sent JP a sneak peak.

    Is the Hall Property EIR done?
    Is the library millions over budget?
    Is the library late?
    Was Dan on the council that voted to hire a consulant to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure out how to construct a "needed" $35 million dollar storm drain for leucadia?

    If you read Dan's mailer you won't answer those questions correctly. Why shouldn't JP bring that issue up? Dan wants to be in charge of a $50 million dollar budget. He should be straight and when he isn't people like JP should speak up.

    If Dan hadn't distorted AND LIED he would not have been reelected and JP wouldn't have blogged.

  14. The 4 post addressing the mailer were really 1 post . I didn't have time to do it all at once. That is why they were listed as parts 1-4.

    Dan Dalager is a nice guy and all but he isn't above criticism. And you what? Neither is Teresa Barth. Let the good times roll.

  15. Someone is still spinning.November 08, 2006 11:12 AM

    "In an election, the truth gets stretched, calling those stretched truths lies is over the top." So it is ok to be dishonest?

    Again, which "stretched truths" are just than and not "lies?" So far you have not pointed out anything incorrect with JP's apparently unacceptable "stretched truths."

  16. I got the mailer...wait for it...IN THE MAIL at the same time as the rest of my neighborhood.

  17. Ok, last post on this subject for me,

    We don't like it when David Meyer and Doug Harwood go after Maggie, we say its over the top and its unfair that they target her right before an election.

    We don' like it when Mike Andreen pulls his crap the week or two before an election trying to smear a candidate.

    We don't like it when flower pac gangs up on the community character ordinance to protect (in their eyes) their property values.

    In all of these cases they are trying to take down one opponent instead of promoting the merits of their position. In all of the above cases us bloggers protest greatly those tactics.

    I credit Teresa for running a very clean positive campain. (for the most part they all did)

    and I see no difference in intent on what J.P. did to Dalager at the last minute as compared to the above.

    I just don't like the attacks and I think it lowers the political theshold no matter what side or who is doing it..

  18. You are avoiding the question. AGAIN. What did JP say that was incorrect?

    As to your distraction topic, JP could not have brought this issue out earlier because Dan did not mail his b.s. until the last minute. Mailing out distorted and untrue information at the last minute is a hallmark of Harwood and Andreen. JP didn't do that, DAN DID. So you should have a problem with that, don't you?

    As for community character. That was a legit issue. It should come into play in an election. As should issues such as the Hall property bungle, the Hall property EIR delay, the flooding fiasco, Prop C whining, illegal tax increases, upzoning...

  19. Fun,

    Shepard runs Brown
    Orr runs Long

    wasted money on loser consultants!

  20. I must throw in my 2 cents on this victorious occasion...we all won with Teresa on board! She ran a clean race, was open and honest and financially prudent by advertising with the pennysaver! Unlike dirty dan with his pretty mailers and his side kick the plumber who ran around in a tizzy putting up his own developer-paid-4 signs...which are still where he left them. Now we need to maintain vigilence, demand civility and continue to participate!

  21. I'm not on time or on budget.

  22. It's good to hear that Barth made it.

    She will put a check on Dalager's mood swings!


    Power to the Bloggers!

  23. WOW its too bad that BROWN lost to a "lawnmover man" and just a "plumber"!!!! He who said he was way over qualified. Lets hope his bashing of city council (poor decisions at city hall threatens our quality of life..) wont affect his eventual run for state assembly? Interesting that this race was only going to be a stepping stone.

    Was Tom's smiley face on La Costa Blvd at 101 a sad face this morning or was it a smurk?

  24. I've seen up to four Sierra Pacific Corporate trucks parading around the city with "Tom Brown for Council" signs for days now. The contribution limits in Encinitas is $250, so how much is this corporate contribution worth?

    Can't wait to see the financial report from this corrupt developer whore! When the corporate donation isn't accounted for, we should ALL contact the FPPC and complain.

  25. Jeeez, I mean Christ, err holy Christmas batman!
    Dan "lawnmower man" the excluder was re-elected with the most votes by a HUGE margin!
    If Tom Brown wasn't there to play spoiler Theresa Barf would be sucking third place air now instead of Long. Failure to accept this reality is simple evidence of being out of touch with reality.

    Did J.P. secretly create and finance the Brown campaign? I don't know anybody who knew that dude before he jumped into the race...

  26. Voice of Reality,

    You make a very good point about brown pulling votes. You also point out that Dan won by a huge margin. Do you think he would have had as many votes if the voters were told the truth about the library, the hall property, Dan's whining about the clean water program, etc. or that Dan WASN'T endorsed by a democratic party affiliate.

    Dan paid to send out a deceptive voter guide to registered democratic voters that attempted to trick voters into believing democrats wanted him and Mo Muir to be elected to office. If it wasn't a deception why would he bother to pay to be on that mailer?

  27. Can I come out now that the election is over? I am sorry I am so negative towards what Dalger has been saying to you all. I am tired of hiding here at city hall. Maybe the city manager will finally let me out. Why has the fire chief been helping to keep me this drawer?

  28. Dan is in nothing we can do about that unless we find some criminal behavior. I don't think he is a crook but I have been wrong before. I didn't thin Duke Cunningham was a crook. Boy was I wrong on that.

    Lets move ahead. Let's recall Stocks. All we need is a viable canidate to replace him and 3,000 signatures to get a recall election.

    I am sure we can dig enough dirt up to taint him badly enough to get him recalled.

  29. Anonymous 1 sounds like it is Gil still trying to get that Brown property upzoning done by favoring Dalger. It will be a little harder now. Gil and Brown no longer have a super majority on the city council.

  30. Dan was re-elected as a result of nice pictures on Gloss marketing pieces and pure Lies. His Lies show his lack of integrity and his true colors. Hopefully, more people learn of this true character over the next 4 years, because I see Dan wanting to be fixture in our City Council. Ego, Ego, Ego which is not stroked by being simply a slingbade sharpener!

  31. You are definitely correct. Theresa won because Tom Brown was on the ballot. There is no other way to read this. Without Brown, Doug Long would have been number two by a big margin. This election had a couple of elements that gave her the win and without all those elements in place, or even one of those elements not in place, she never would have won. She should invite Tom to her victory parkty.

  32. I voted Brown--Barth. I will vote Brown again in 08.

  33. I LOVE the idea of recalling Stocks. It would be a great day for Encintas! Let's stop his political career here before he attemts to move on up the ladder, as Christy has done. There must be another qualified candidate to run and Jerome does have a lot of dirt on him. 3000 signatures wouldn't be difficult. Now do we want to spend the money it would take. That is another question.

  34. Please remember there were two votes allowed in this election. I voted for Barth only. We have no idea whether Brown's candidacy helped Barth. This seems unlikely to me, as the Brown votes would have scattered among the other candidates in a proportion similar to the final result. The angry poster implying that Long was robbed of a victory is just that--an angry Long supporter. He assumes that all the votes for Brown would have gone to Long. That is wishful thinking. One can say that Brown's presence on the ballot took votes away from all who were running. The more candidates on the ballot for a position, the less the vote total of each candidate will be.

  35. Teresa got more votes with less money and all her signs were stolen too. BTW I voted Barth and Dalager.

    signed anonymous north county times reader.

  36. If all Barth's signs were stolen why do I still see them illegally posted in the right of way on SO MANY streets even today????
    OOOOOOOOHHHHH I knowwwww.... the evil sign stealers came out AFTER the election and very cleverly placed the signs there in order to make her look bad!!!!

  37. Nope not me I sign my name. I have remained on the sidelines during the it's over. Can't get back into the fray until after the coastal commission meeting on Tuesday, too much to do to prepare for that one. See ya all after that's over.


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