Monday, November 06, 2006

Leucadia, a beautiful place

Leucadia is a unique place in this world. You have a stake in it's future. Be sure to vote on Tuesday.


  1. Teresa Barth is endorsed by the Encinitas Taxpayer's Association and the Sierra Club. She is the natural choice.

  2. It is.

    Great Great photo.

    we live in paradise

  3. Yes, and we don't want to turn paradise into a parking lot.

  4. I saw the photo and it reminded me of the first time I came down the hill on Birmingham. I said to myself (or probably out loud) "This is home". That was 20 years ago and I still feel that way. I feel very fortunate to live here, as I could not afford to buy my own home today. I spend a great deal of time in Kenya, helping with a Cheetah project, and every time I come back, I am amazed. We live in paradise and we live in Disneyland. Most Kenyans do not live even close to the way that we do. However, they do have a wonderful spirit of kindredship and offer what they can. That is the way I want our community to continue to be. No huge buildings that cover our magnificant coastline; no sewage in the water; and no infestation of more greed of ones on sake. We are all in this together, and we are "stewards" of the land. Tomorrow, please vote for the candidate(s) that you feel will protect all of us.

  5. well said,

    It's usualy right after we move here that we want to lock the doors to prevent others from doing the same.

    We blast those building houses while we live under a roof built by someone.

    I laugh when folks from Rancho Carrillo complain about Bressie Ranch.

    Or the folks in New Encinitas complaining about traffic on Rancho Santa Fe or El Camino Real.

    The irony in that one.

    We are all lucky to live here and we are all part of the problem. No difference if you came last year ten years ago or 50 years ago.

  6. If we all work together for the good of our community, we will achieve exactly what Dr. Lori has said. Please vote for Teresa tomorrow. She will at least help with a "community spirit." The others seem to be in it for their or someone elses greed.

  7. If we all work together for the good of our community, we will achieve exactly what Dr. Lori has said. Please vote for Teresa tomorrow. She will at least help with a "community spirit." The others seem to be in it for their or someone elses greed.

  8. Anonymous said "It's usualy right after we move here that we want to lock the doors to prevent others from doing the same."

    My complaint is different. My complaint is against those that come here and want to change the rules, to increase density or get special treatment from the City. As a Planning Commissioner, I saw many people testify against projects. The vast majority said they were okay with development and asked only that we don't grant a variance or special privlege. Most of the appeals and lawsuits over the past 2-3 years are similarly motivated. The same majority saw the Ecke's Prop A as a request for exception or special privlege and overwhelming defeated it.

    All "the whiners" are asking is fair and impartial application of our existing code and zoning.

  9. agreed.

    One set of rules for all of us. And no special deals for developers or friends of council members.

    I still think the mentality is now that I am here, I want you to fix the traffic.

    That's warped.

  10. I am laughing cuz I just got a canned call from "Mayor Christy Guerin telling me to vote for DL.

    And Stocks did this, too, before.

    What a joke. Hope this helps people to know who NOT to vote for.

    I slammed down the phone, but waited to hear who her candidate is. What a joke. She gets paid by the Federal Govt., by us, the taxpayers, who also pay for her bogus $2000 month disability, to bug us at home, to spew this kind of BS PR.


  11. Roadside park bumNovember 06, 2006 4:32 PM

    I find it interesting that you skip over the U.T. article about remaking Beacons. Why is that?? If it involves Leucadia you're normally all over it. But this time you conveniently just ignore the obvious!! Could it be because you don't want any more of the general public using your "beautiful" beach?? Why no stand on a decent and safe path down to the water? And you always ignore and never say yea or nea to public bathrooms at Beacons!! Again is it because you don't want more people using your beach?? I think your support of Barth includes knowing that she will " Keep Leucadia Funky" code for as BUTT UGLY AS POSSIBLE!! We've been down this hwy101 before, and you can't give me 3 real reasons why it shouldn't change....for the better!!!

  12. RSB, I'm glad you brought up Beacon's. The irony is right now I'm fighting with the Surfrider Foundation because they are going to try and block the new trail. Look for a big post about the Beacon's trail later this week.

    I've already gone on the record supporting public restrooms at Beacon's.

    I don't know how many times I have to post about the need for infastructure improvements before you actually believe I want them. 100 more times? Ok.

  13. The cronies at city hall have gotten you diddly squat in Leucadia mr. bum. Teresa Barth will improve Leucadia and Cardiff if she wins. Vote for Teresa.

  14. Hum... "It's usualy right after we move here that we want to lock the doors to prevent others from doing the same." Let me think.

    Now that this place has lost a lot of its qualities, due to overcrowding I hope that other towns where I might want to move do keep a lid on overdevelopment. I won't want to live there otherwise. If that means that I might not get a place there Well ok, because the alternative is that I get there and then I have to move again after it goes to pot.

    Leave the people that move here out of it. They are the last people that have any responsibility for what is happening. They weren't here years before when the decisions were made to grow big. Those people that move here know how great we have it and many have seen how it can be lost and they don't want to see that happen again. LA transplants who move here to Encinitas are some of the most vigorous defenders of quality life. Compare them to lifelong Dan.

    It is kinda like the people that have recently left here because of all the congestion, crowding and the growing urban feel. They move to places that are like Encinitas 20 years ago. It was better then. They fight overdevelopment from their newly built homes because they saw Encinitas go downhill. I hope they put up a good fight.

  15. I just moved here from LA and I don't want to ruin this place.

    Can you not see the problem is this picture?

    Leave them out, it's not their fault, it was all done before they got here.

    Bullshit. It's plain and simple it's personal greed.

    I got mine noy stay the hell away.

    and that is bullshit.

  16. Every green house in the city wants to upzone - every green house in the city has a Long/Dalager sign on it's front yard. That tells you all you need to know.

  17. Does anyone else miss all the dogshit on the Beacon's trail?

  18. You mean all the people from San Ellijo Frills or Villages of La Croucha? No. I still see them there.

  19. well the hostility to those not living here, or here for a long time, is on display.

    It's paradise. enjoy living here, protect it with all you've got .....and I suppose....tolerate at the least newcomers and visitors.

    Teresa is the answer and I'll take Doug over Dan, just on the holyier than thou, ego, arrogant scale.

  20. OK J.P., I'll be waiting with beer on my breath!!! And if you say you support bathrooms at the beaches(Stonesteps, Beacons and Grandview) I believe you. That should be something else for you to fight with Surf Found about, they oppose all bathrooms, yet somehow want a clean ocean. I haven't figured that one out yet. I suppose your candidate will be elected, time will tell if she does anything good for Leucadia. But if you say so well then....I'll drink to that!!!

    Staggering down the 101, awaiting tomorrows election returns, it your RSPB!

  21. Its amazing how many people here won't post with their full names. Makes you wonder why they feel the need to be so shady.

  22. It's because the anonymous blog allows the unrestrained representation of one's id.

    People who would feel obligated to conform to societal convention and may actually seem quite polite in person are allowed to vent venom in the anonymity the blogosphere provides.

    Perhaps we can all feel grateful that some woman, child or pet isn't being abused because the abuser took out their rage as an anonymous blogger here.
    Many thanks J.P.

  23. I support the bathrooms, trail, pedestrian, parking lot, shower, and landscaping improvements at Beacons. Beacons is one of Leucadia premier Jewels.

    I just don't see the need for a Seawall. Seawalls destroy the Beach. In Leiu of the wall, spend the money on a fund to keep sand in front of Beacons. Beach and Sand are Mother earth's nature barriers to bluff erosion.

    RSB- Please post information about surfrider being against Bathrooms. I am a proud member and have never heard such a thing. Surfrider is all about the preservation of the Beach and Ocean. Unfortunately, there is a natural disparity with bluff top property owners who want to preserve their private property. I believe the answer as sand replacement program in Perpetuity.

    Remember as JP stated, If you love the beach and ocean vote for Teresa.

    As I say, if you love LA, traffic gridlock, and uncontrolled re-zoning- vote for Dalager and Long. I do not like LA, so I will vote accordingly.

  24. If the newbies want to be accepted into the longstanding community they shouldn't move into anti-social gated subdivisions. Don't build walls within neighborhoods.

  25. i say leave beacons the way it is.
    if you gotta poo do it before you leave the house. Building a bigger parking lot, and putting in bathrooms is what they do in Huntington Beach and it hasn't enhnanced the beach experience. So it isn't the most convenient beach. oh well, that's why you can find a place to sit on a Sunday in the summer buy you can't at Moonlight.
    If you gotta piss do it in the ocean, it's ok. I give you permission

  26. to old school local:

    I agree with no wallsand no gate and I will add, no cul de sacs.

    They create a have and have not problem instead of sharing the traffic burden equally.

    For example downtown Encinitas is the perfect grid system with no cul de sacs. Of course they have have their traffic issues especially on third street, but generelly you are not hearing folks clamoring for gates or barriers.

    Village park on the other hand is a different story. It's the have and have nots as far as through streets and cul de sacs and is basically broken and at adds with each other.

    No gates, no fences, no cul de sacs.

  27. Does Christy Guerin live on a cul-de-sac?

  28. She does not live on a cul-de-sac b ut she has one of the streets around her house fenced off.

    Any neighborhood that wants to cul de sac a residential street should be allowd to do it.

    Through traffic is terrible. Stay on the collector streets.

  29. A Sandag committee approved a plan to make an alternate freeway on the main streets in Encinitas. El Camino Real won't handle all the traffic. Expect that traffic to spread out into neighborhoods.

  30. Speaking of walled communities, you idiots in Leucadia strongly supported the walled community soon to be built on Vulcan/Asbury, after telling everyone in the "feel-good, warm-fuzzy community character meetings how you loved new development integrated into existing neighborhoods.

    Can't have it both ways!

  31. People who live on cul de sacs always have wild sex parties. I should now.

  32. Obviously, someone does not know where Chrsty Guerin lives. She DOES live on a cul-de-sac. Where do you get your information from?

  33. Yeah Dead Gecko!
    This is a great little forum for us Leucadians. So here I bathrooms at Steps, shit before you go to the beach. We could use a shower down there, though. Happy Thanksgiving to all my neighbors!


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