Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Your Moment of Zen

Pablo chills out after voting.


  1. score one for Martens.
    Of course he's so wacky he may not have voted for himself.

    Someone tommorrow will be blaming Martens as the reson they lost the election by 500 votes.

  2. The pooch looks a little over fed.

  3. Pablo did his civic duty. if only he had did his homework.

  4. tortilla flats in da houseNovember 07, 2006 4:12 PM

    I just voted down on Houlihans street, I didn't see any good grafitti about Houlihan but the ENC tortilla flats taggers are even heading way down saxony and not just hitting our neighborhood anymore. If you want to say hello to one of the kids doing all the tagging just stop by the Habitat for Humanity house on the corner of Clark st (I think the cops know he's involved just can't catch em in the act) Hint to Sheriffs they do it every Friday or Saturday Night.

    Back to the vote, all the machines were being used but I asked for a paper ballot anyway.
    Barth and a write in candidate got my votes, GO JP you can do it.

  5. Was anyone else confused or intimidated with the messages that were displayed on the touch screen voting machines?

  6. Teresa won!

    Hopefully Danny will think about the beautifull beach picture that won him the election and ways he can protect the coast and replenish the beach. Spend more on the beachs and less on a regional park with huge operational expenses enjoyed by a few.

  7. Final vote totals with 100% of the precincts reporting:

    Dalager 8843 32.10%
    Barth 6752 24.53%
    Long 5891 21.40%
    Brown 4782 17.37%
    Martens 1255 4.56%

    That's an excellent showing for Barth, considering that she ran a grassroots campaign with no big money from developers and no big name campaign manager.

  8. It would have been more appropriate if Dan had run a photo of the scandalously vacant Hall property. This would have more accurately reflected his priorities. Let's not forget that he bragged about introducing Robert Hall to the council.

  9. JP,

    Don't like the new format. Use to the old.

    At least with Barth in their she and Hoolihan can keep the city council from unilaterally changing zoning around the city. It is to bad all those people that voted for Dalger were misled or don't care about how he and his cronies are trying to make our city another Vista.

  10. How much money did Brown spend? I never saw so many signs -- it was too much. Made you think that he was bought or something. And Theresa had hardly any and she whipped all their butts!! Good job!

  11. Score one for the left.
    Guerin gone, and Barth in.
    That's progress.
    With two green votes on council Leucadia and Cardiff will be better served.

    It's a good day in funky town!

  12. I've seen up to four Sierra Pacific Corporate trucks parading around the city with "Tom Brown for Council" signs for days now. The contribution limits in Encinitas is $250, so how much is this corporate contribution worth?

    Can't wait to see the financial report from this corrupt developer whore! When the corporate donation isn't accounted for, we should ALL contact the FPPC and complain.


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