Saturday, December 30, 2006

2007--the year of Man Nipple

The new 2007 Encinitas town planner appeared in the mail yesterday. The cover shot is a slightly grainy photo of small high tidey but super fun looking Swami's.
I was stoked on my new calendar but then something caught my eye, something disturbing...


  1. No one listened when I told them there would be no more boundaries if Fstreet went in.

  2. JP,

    Is the nipple so distracting that you have no comment about the fact that a poser is put on the cover of a document representing one of California's most productive surfing training grounds? Encinitas has both quality AND quantity in regards to surfers!

    How could you miss: 1) the guy is carrying a shortboard on his head! Would you ever pose for a picture with one of your boards on your head? 2) Nice tan. Sure, it could be a winter photo but then the guy should have a wetsuit tan line on his neck, 3) What in the hell kind of boards are those. Not even Slater could rip on one those awkward pig boards (I mean props).

    Encinitas is home to some of the best surfboard makers in the world. Next year they should go to your website to get an idea of authentic.

  3. "Tuff titty!" What about the January shot of Legoland in CARLSBAD, April: Flowerfields in CARLSBAD, August...Oceanside?, September...C'Bad again, got it! LA COSTA RESORT. I love my new CARLSBAD, I mean encinitas town planner. The makers of the town planner are currently seeking photos and community information for our town planner for next 760-717-8702 and let them know all about Encinitas, Leucadia, Cardiff and Olivenhain before the next edition comes out displaying a beautiful sunset shot of the powerplant in CARLSBAD! Maybe that's Bud Lewis on the front cover.

  4. Word has it that Jerome Stocks chose the picture because he sees himself looking just like this guy. He wants so much to look like a surfer, a conservative and a politician. We know better and we will vote him out when the time comes.
    Hope he sells some more worthless annuities between now and then, he will need the income.

  5. Triple x-rated Encinitas. Next thing you know they will be showing women.

    I would prefer to see flower growers. They are more men then a whimpy surfer.

  6. Encinitas will launch or complete many projects

    By: ADAM KAYE - Staff Writer

    ENCINITAS ---- A large public library, a city park and better fire stations are among the things Encinitas residents can expect to see completed or started in the new year.

    The long-awaited, $20 million library being built on Cornish Drive should be finished before 2007 gets old, city officials said.

    "I absolutely cannot wait," Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan said recently.

    The single-story building will occupy a hilltop above City Hall, where it will command a panoramic view of the ocean. The former library on that site closed in May 2004.

    The city will own and maintain the building, and the county of San Diego will operate it as a branch. The new library will have six times as much floor space as the previous one and will be the third largest in the county system, behind Vista and El Cajon.

    Plans include a 1,900-square-foot community room, computer lab, children's area, teen corner, group study rooms and a storefront for the Friends of the Encinitas Library.

    Also in 2007, the city expects to begin building a park on 43 acres it bought from the Hall family along the west side of Interstate 5, south of Santa Fe Drive.

    At this time last year, Encinitas City Council members identified the park as a top priority ---- along with a new public works facility and fire station replacements ---- and issued $20 million in bonds to pay for the jobs.

    A consulting firm has spent almost two years examining the consequences of opening a park on the property, which formerly was home to a commercial nursery. The firm is preparing an environmental impact report that should be ready for public review in January, officials say.

    Officials estimate it will cost $35 million to build ball fields, a teen center, skateboarding features, a dog park, walking trails and picnic areas on the Hall site.

    City officials have said in recent weeks that they are wary of the expense of the project. As they learned with city projects in 2006, construction costs are rising rapidly and may likely be more than expected.

    "All of our cost estimates have really gone right in the toilet," Mayor James Bond said.

    Because of the expense, officials said, the park will be built in phases and completed as money becomes available.

    Also high on the city's to-do list is to start replacing aging fire stations in Leucadia, downtown Encinitas and Cardiff.

    Division Chief Scott Henry says he expects construction of the Leucadia station on Orpheus Avenue to begin this summer and end in 2008. The replacement of the downtown fire station at Second and C streets would begin in 2008.

    A third new fire station is planned in the Cardiff area, on Birmingham Drive. Designs for that facility remain incomplete and Henry said he did not know when construction would begin.

    Sometime in 2007, remodeling will begin at the city's new public works center on Calle Magdalena.

    The public works department, which maintains the city's streets and sewers and much of its waterworks, lost its Cornish Drive home in 2004 to make way for the library.

    The department's new home is a former Chevrolet dealership. Remodeling the $10 million facility to meet the department's needs will take until the end of 2007 to complete, says the interim department director, Victor Graves.

    Also in 2007, work is expected to begin on improvements to Leucadia Boulevard. Earlier this month, the Encinitas Planning Commission approved sidewalks on the boulevard between Vulcan and Hermes avenues and roundabouts at Hermes and Hymettus avenues. Eight months of construction could begin as soon as April, says Blair Knoll, city engineer.

    Beachgoers will be happy to know that the city plans to rebuild the parking lot and steep walkway leading down to Beacon's Beach at the west end of Leucadia Boulevard. The Planning Commission will consider that project early next year.

    In addition to the city projects, progress is expected on several large, private development projects in the new year.

    Officials from KSL Encinitas Resorts say they plan to begin grading in the fall for a 130-room condominium-hotel west of La Costa Avenue. The developer plans to haul 50,000 cubic yards of sand from the site of the hotel, a bluff top, and spread it on the beach. That kind of work must wait until after Labor Day, when the state Coastal Commission lifts its restriction on beach construction.

    On the opposite end of the city's 6.1-mile shoreline, officials from the state Department of Parks and Recreation plan to finish a $2.1 million makeover of South Cardiff State Beach in April.

    Other projects to watch are scattered across the city:

    - A Houston-based developer plans to raze the AMC Encinitas 8 cinema on El Camino Real sometime in 2007 to make way for retail stores, dropping the curtain on the city's only multiplex theater.

    - Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas hopes to advance a five-phase, multiyear plan to more than double the size of buildings on its Santa Fe Drive campus, an effort to better serve the area's growing population.

    - The Brown family, longtime flower growers on Lake Drive, have proposed to rezone their property to build 152 homes.

    "I think we've had a great run of purchasing a lot of things we've needed ---- the park, the library, the public works yard ---- and we've scheduled a host of other capital projects," said Bond, who emphasized the need for financial caution in 2007.

    "If we added them up, the cost is enormous," Bond said. "We need to be very clear on where we are with funds, the things we need to complete, and prioritize how we're going to do them."

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    visitor wrote on December 30, 2006 11:14 PM:"Why is Mayor Jim Bond now concerned with the cost of the projects? He and the previous council placed an enormous debt on the residents of Encinitas when the council decided on issuing an additional 20 million dollars in debt to rebuild 3 of the 5 fire stations and buy the Mossy Chevolet property. The new fire chief worked on the election campaigns for several council members. Quid pro quo. "

  7. Fire Man works on campaign for Stocks, Bond, and Dalager- Fire Man get Promoted to Chief- Fire Man get huge raise- Council makes Fire McMansions 1st Priority!

    AHHH- thats the way it works. I wonder which campaigns our City Department Heads will be working on in 2008?

    Is that ethical? Is that Legal? It seems like a conflict of Interest issue to me.

    Our fire department union has bought our council. Our Politics is starting to smell as bad as Oceanside.

  8. i thought this was a thread about that raucus band that used to play at the leucadian?

  9. we have the best polititions that money can buy


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