Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beacon's Roundabout Debuts

Softboard wielding yuppies from San Elijo Hills were delighted at the debut of the new roundabout at the Beacon's beach trail access this week.

"We didn't have to stop going down the trail," said Sandy McKrab, a beach and surfing enthusiast. "Mary Lou and I just had to slow down a little, it was peachy keen."


  1. Classic J.P. absolutely classic!

  2. I think those SUP boards are going to have a hard time with it.

  3. This is the funniest post yet. Thanks JP and Have a happy new year!

  4. San Elijo Frills wants a freeway built through Leucadia to get to their beach faster. POooie on the Leucadia scum.

  5. shoulda snapped a shot of the car at the bottom of the bluff this morning, would have been perfect for this post.
    some yahoos ghost rided a pretty new car/ probably stolen off the cliff in front of the bench. took out the whole fence. looked like the car cleared the bluff all the way to the bottom. fireman jake said that they used a road cone to punch the gas pedal down.
    jack asses

  6. That's random. Wish I had a photo of that.

  7. OH mighty powerful JP, be careful your posts are beginning to predict the future

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  9. Funny, again, JP.

    I don't see what it would hurt to wait awhile and study the "traffic calming" effects of the roundabout at Santa Fe. We could see if the rate of accidents there goes up or down.

    If they are going to do a roundabout, I think we should begin with one at Hygeia, where there is already a stop sign, anyway. We could begin with the sidewalks on Leucadia Blvd. and North Hwy. 101, ASAP.

    Seems like compromise is in order, here.

  10. Fire Marshal Dave was does trying to make a point that a roundabout at Beacons would slow cars down to much going to the beach and would cause a delay in emergency response times going to the beach. I heard he wants a 100 foot wide road going down beacons bluff to the beach- quicker emergency response time for lifeguards.

  11. No one has done a study that proves a roundabout would decrease accidents. We should study the one at Santa Fe to see if it does calm traffic and reduce accidents.

    The one on Santa Fe is tiny, miniature. The roundabouts in Rome, Mexico City, Madrid, other places are big, with six to ten lanes coming into them and exiting them.

    I don't see the point in a roundabout for four lanes of traffic, total, including the side streets. I don't know what traffic "calming," really means. If it means slowing down speeders, then that is not really a problem on Leucadia Blvd., from what I've seen. It's really to Gucci up the street for the Golf Course Set who'd prefer a near private road.

    I think many people simply want drivers to avoid Leucadia Blvd. altogether, to avoid the delay, which is NOT calming, and to avoid the maze.

    One person is posting over and over, in favor of the roundabouts, and against our fire marshall.

    I too think our fire guys should tone down their McMansions; I believe their pensions are excessive, now, but these are separate issues.

    Trying to demonize the fire marshall for speaking out is not in the best interests of our community, in my humble opinion.

  12. Last post-

    Your ignorance shows that you don’t know anything about roundabouts, or safety of roadways.

    If you were humble, you would learn about traffic issues before spouting off. Your comments show you obviously support the existing unsafe condition that exists.

    If you do your homework, you'll find that Leucadia petitioned the City to put 4 way stop at Hymettus because of the unsafe condition, and people on Hermes have a very unsafe condition condition entering Leucadia Blvd. Additionally, the existing 4 way stop places an unfair burden on Hygeia. Hygeia receives 5 times the traffic that Hymettus and Hermes realizes every day. The alternative is 4 way stops at all the intersections of Hymettus, Hygeia and Hermes. what do you think that will do to traffic and emergency response times?

    If you are somewhat intelligent, you will know that roundabout will not cause further delay in your commuter time. The 4 way stop and the signal at Vulcan/HW101 meter the traffic flow.

    Educate yourself before you post. You are so obvious that you don't care about the leucadia neighborhood, but are only looking to increase your speed in our neighborhood. If you want to do some good, lobby the state to build the freeway expansion, grade separate the railway and build a second track to allow more commuters to use the trains, and stay on I5. Quite cutting through our neighborhoods to get to San Diego.

    There is so much data on the preference of roundabouts that even CALTRANS is starting to use them at onramp and off ramp locations intersecting with local roads. Roundabout are a better solution (safer, more efficient, lower long term cost, and better looking) than a signal and 4 way stops.

    Go to:


    or search the fricken web.

    The bottom line is roundabouts are proven to be much or effective from a vehicular efficiency standpoint and pedestrian standpoint.

    There is no need for further study with the exception of you needing to study and learn about traffic issues.

    The entire project should have been built along with the connection of Leucadia to El Camino Real to mitigate the impact from the additional traffic back in 2000.

    Lastly, we know you won’t reduce your speed below 50 mph through our neighborhood until we build the roundabouts. Please get educated about building safer roadways and accident prevention. After they are built, you will drive 30 to 35 mph down through our beach community, you will enjoy Leucadia for all it has to offer, and you will support a better Encinitas.

  13. Last post, you are so full of it. It's your way or the highway, right?

    I don't speed thru the neighborhood, and I rarely use Leucadia Blvd. You don't know what you are talking about when it comes to me.

    I never said anything about more stop signs. I know the three way at Marchetta helps people from the that street enter onto Coast Hwy.

    You don't answer the previous questions about such small roundabouts with only four lanes of traffic. Why would you want more study of the one we have?

    The previous poster said study the one we have; that sounds good to me. And we heard that some roundabouts are not working in other communities, and are being taken out. That too was brought up before the Planning Commission.

  14. I think RSPB is posting again; sounds like him.

    "The bottom line is roundabouts are proven to be much or effective from a vehicular efficiency standpoint and pedestrian standpoint."

    I don't think I'll take your word on this anonymous. Of course certain parties want to make this into another "us vs. them" scenario. So it's the fire marshall vs. the neighborhood, or the speeders vs. the pedestrians.

    It's not black and white, RSPB. There is time to study this. We need to have the traffic study released, and we should give ourselves more time to check out the effectiveness of the Santa Fe roundabout before plunging into more expenses, which may delay Leucadia's sidewalks, along 101, longer.

    We definitely should begin with one, not two, on Leucadia.

    A few are all for the "gentrification" of Leucadia, at taxpayer expense, so certain individuals can reap higher profit on residential and business properties.

    The roundabouts will not stop side street speeders. People are not speeding up and down Leucadia Blvd, that I've seen. And you are BABBLING, both here and at the NCT blog about your beloved "pet projects." I can tell you've been drinking from all your typos.

    Opinions are divided on roundabouts, and Council should reconsider this subject, carefully.

  15. Personally, I think roundabouts are just another way to spend tax dollars, and keep the bureaucrats working.

    Meanwhile city planners have us all running in circles.

  16. No studies have been done? The poster that wrote that is an idiot. And you’ll look like an idiot saying it in any public forum when we can see your face. Of course the studies have been done. If you have internet access use it to learn. You have other motives that our not good for Encinitas.

    Most of us residents want to preserve our community character and make improvements. It’s called ownership and community pride. Others – such as cut through traffic- don’t care about Leucadia, pedestrians or coastal access. They only want to increase there speed through our neighborhood. If you don’t see speeding down Leucadia Blvd., you should get out of your car and open your eyes. I want three roundabouts on Leucadia so the kids walking to Paul Ecke School do not get killed. The compromise is the project is getting done in two phases.

    You sound like the babbler that posted those eight posts from the NCT earlier. The babbling of say- a Mr. Martin.

  17. Bob- Maybe you should walk along Leucadia Blvd. today and than you'll see the point. The other moron just wants our town to have wide fast unsafe roadways like OC and LA. The funny point is-people from LA end up moving here when they can. Why? Slower pace, small town feel. So why would we want to make the same mistakes and ruin our town?

  18. Person against roundabouts-

    Next time attend the public meetings, learn and give your constructive input at that time when it counts. Your ranting doesn’t make any sense.

    Secondly, go to the City and talk to Engineering staff. They will answer all your questions and quell your fear of roundabouts.

    If the roundabouts do not go in on Hermes and Hymettus- 4 way stops will. What will that do to your commuter time?

  19. I'm only half joking on this post. The Beacon's switchbacks get log jammed on weekends with so many people trying to go up and down with longboards. The new access needs to be big and wide with turnouts.

  20. If we really want to slow traffic and discourage cut through traffic maybe we should design square abouts where there is a stop sign at each corner. That would show'um.

  21. Anonymous, I don't see you showing your face. I say you are Mr. Marvin.

    You call people who disagree with you idiots and babblers, and say they have bad motives just because some ask for our own traffic study to be released? The other roundabouts have not all worked, hence some have been removed.

    Three in a row on one street seems like obvious overkill, as has been said. We know from past "consultants" that not all internet "studies" which are looking at other cities and situations, and usually, much bigger intersections, with six to ten lanes, are applicable to Encinitas, or Leucadia.

  22. Why can't we study the Santa Fe roundabout for at least one year to see if accidents go up or down, to see if traffic is calmed, or backed up? Or isn't there that much traffic there?

    I agree with Bob, it does appear that the bureaucrats get busy work at the taxpayers expense. I am not a drive through person, or a speeder. My motives are that I want to make the most of our limited City financial resources.

    I would much prefer a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, at least one, to start, than three roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd.

  23. I have not heard of any children getting hurt on the way to Central School in years, or ever, in fact. It would be less expensive to put in sidewalks, than to practically privatize Leucadia Blvd.

    You sound like a YIMBY. Yes, in my backyard, forget about the public library that right now, is a hole in the ground. Forget about the railroad pedestrian crossings, or quiet zones. You want three "public squares," I mean circles, on Leucadia Blvd. so that the street will be like Mr. Frog's Wild Ride.

  24. Yeah. Anyone who asks why the sudden rush, is labeled an idiot, a whiner, or an inconsiderate speeder who doesn't live here.

    You are wrong, wrong, wrong. And you know all about babbling. It has been your stock in trade.

  25. I know it's not only one person who thinks three roundabouts are too much.

    Those city engineers are paid big bucks to do exactly what will give them the most hours of work, and which will justify all of their full time employees, justify giving out contracts to their contractor buddies.

    There has not been TIME to study the effects of the single roundabout on Santa Fe. We studied the redlight cameras IN ENCINITAS before putting in more. We should do the same for the roundabouts.

  26. Hey, I think constructive input counts here, too.

  27. I wouldn't call 7 years a rush. You just didn't live here 7 years ago. I don’t think you really understand Leucadia, Mr. Paul “Pablo” Martin. You are obviously not a true Leucadian- maybe you should move to Vista were they may welcome your twisted ideas. You have no logic in your brain and it shows.

  28. Sounds to me like there is only one person posting who actually wants three roundabouts.

    It also sounds like staff came up with this wrongheaded idea which does look suspiciously like another make work project at our expense.

    What about the period while construction is going on? Traffic will be re-routed for months, at least. We should never have opened up Leucadia Blvd. and taken away those folks homes, by eminent domain. That would have solved the problem of "cut through" traffic.

    Instead, we open it up, then build a maze.

  29. Whoever is speculating about Paul Martens is wrong about that, too.

    It's easier to make people into enemies than to answer the questions, isn't it?

    A compromise would be to begin with one roundabout at Hygeia, where there is already a stop sign, and study the effects of that one and the one on Santa Fe before proceeding.

    The red light camera issue was revisited after one year, before the decision was made to put in more. And many people did not favor that, either.

  30. I, for one, have lived here way longer than seven years. Almost 30 years.

    The roundabout issue has not been opened up for public discussion for seven years, I know that.

  31. Did any of you posters drive through the roundabout on Santa Fe Drive yesterday (Thursday)? You would have gotten an eyeful. With the accident on southbound I-5 the traffic was pouring off of the freeway down Santa Fe to cut through to Highway 101. Traffic was backed up on San Elijo from the railway crossing at Chesterfield almost to Santa Fe. That's about a mile.

    And the roundabout was not functioning too well. When I went east on Santa Fe at the peak of it, a driver in a very large SUV wanting to turn left onto Rubenstein got flummoxed by the heavy flow of cars and stopped in the middle of the circle and blocked all traffic. I honked and motioned for the driver to continue. No reaction. I honked and motioned some more. Finally the car moved. But by this time cars were backed up in all four directions with at least fifteen cars stopped from going west on Santa Fe.

    On Christmas day there was an accident there caused by a driver losing control and running into a home owner's yard. I suspect a single poster is singing the praises of roundabouts. This is nonsense. They are an aesthetic element, nothing more. Otherwise why haven't we been building them for years? They are an old, old idea. Consultants and engineers are pushing the concept because it has become the idée du jour. The roundabout on Santa Fe needs study. Looking on the Internet is not a suggestion to be taken seriously.

  32. I suspect the single poster opposing roundabout is smoking crack. If I5 Backs up, all the interestions get jammed. Just look at the existing gridlock at Hermes Avenue and Vulcan, or Encinitas Blvd. west of I5. Cars fill the interestion and everyone gets backed up. The current problem will be improved with roundabouts.

    Sorry 30 year person, I was wrong the roundabout were presented at the public workshops and overwhelmingly embraced over the other alternatives in 2001 an 2002. Council adopted the conceptual plan in 2003. Only 6 years ago.

    Pablo why do you oppose something that will be good for your own neighborhood?

    Oh I get it- keep it flooded, keep it unsafe, keep it crappy, keep my trailer rent down.

  33. I loved the public comment at the planning commission meeting. Something like- "Roundabouts are simple to understand. My 16 year old daughter with a learners permit figured them out on the first time through."

    I agree. If you can not drive a roundabout, you shouldn't be driving period. Put all three in. Their performance is proven. We've only been waiting on improvements for 7 years. Its time to act.

  34. Researching roundabout performance through the internet is not to be taken seriously?

    You're beyond help by saying that. Hence-you are not capable of learning.

    Too Bad. You can learn much from others experience. You most still be trying to invent the wheel, and learn how to get fire.

  35. You, SOLITARY promoter of three roundabouts are wrong in many ways.

    I never knew about any public workshops "embracing" the roundabout alternative beginning in 2001. The idea may look good on paper, in your foggy head, but the radius of the one on Santa Fe, and the three roundabouts only now being planned for Leucadia Blvd. are TOO SMALL.

    There is absolutely more than one person, including JP, who think three roundabouts are too much.

    You say "Council adopted the conceptual plan in 2003. Only 6 years ago." You cannot count. The conceptual plan you are talking about probably was for the Santa Fe Roundabout. I was never notified of any public workshops about any conceptual plans for Leucadia Blvd., or for roundabouts, anywhere, except very recently, through JP's blog, here.

    You are so busy name calling; you are not answering the safety concerns of the previous poster who sited a near accident yesterday, and an accident on Christams Day.

    You are trying to stack the cards, Mr. Marvin, cheating by obscuring the facts, as you did as a lawyer.

  36. One doesn't test the performance of something on the internet. This has to be done in the real world. Would you judge the performance of a rocket by going to the internet? Of course not. We can better judge the performance of a roundabout by looking at what we already have in Cardiff. Why the reluctance to do this?

    The internet can be a good source of information, but not 100% accurate. There are many websites devoted to UFOs amd alien visitations. The mere existance of this information on the internet doesn't prove their claims.

  37. Somebody sure looks as though he is attempting to distract with disdain again, calling us names. I know I am NOT the only one who thinks three roundabouts are a poor idea, and selfish, too, an idea being put into effect without proper study of the existing roundabout.

  38. As another comment said, before; one roundabout is problematic. Three would be overkill.

  39. It's pretty easy to try to say people are on crack, and to say a 16 year old would have no problems. That's all smoke and mirrors.

    Yeah, why not wait and study the accidents on the existing roundabout before building more?

  40. Seven years is a fake number. Council typically does this; it decides to adopt a staff recommendation, then says it's been in the works for years.

    When will the citywide traffic study be released? These roundabouts should not have been approved by the Planning Commission until that was available for us all to look at.

    I think that the poster's so-called "seven years to act," means the length of time we've had a traffic commission? Or the length of time since people started asking for a traffic solutions through some kind of "overlay" plan, overall?

  41. I don't trust most internet research, either. Using other cities and the recommendations of paid consultants and contractors is not specific to Leucadia.

    The City paid over $100,000 to consultants they hired through internet research, to help them win on Prop C.

    They lost. The internet research, all the "comparable data" was wrong. The statistics were "massaged" to get the consultants their big fees.

  42. Pablo-

    I am so tired of reading your babble talk for the last 8 consecutive posts.

    You live in Leucadia. You spoke out against a project that is supported by most Leucadians and will better our community. You post rambling nonsense. You need to rethink your objective. I can't wait to see you babble on in front of City Council when the issue comes before them. The City Council already approved the conceptual plan not the traffic commision. You deserve all the criticism you get for trying to keep our community from bettering itself. You are bad for Leucadia and all of Encinitas. You are making yourself a villain of Leucadia.

  43. I think Pablo has a fake brain.

  44. It isn't Pablo. You are using the logical fallacy of a "straw man," Charlie.

    Charlie Marvin, AKA RSPB, is once again trying to distract attention away from the questions that have been asked about the small radius, the lack of pedestrian safety at Santa Fe, the lack of a study of the Santa Fe Roundabout. No one is babbling but the bum in the house. Get back to your roadside park.

  45. Not Pablo, eitherDecember 29, 2006 8:41 PM

    Could be Aceti, I guess. But I agree; I also think it's RSPB. And he is trying to twist the truth, just like he did as a lawyer, trying to stir up emotions, hate, prejudice, so the readers don't stop and think, and the City won't stop and think, before it leaps to hasty acts.

    Exactly what is your definition of a "conceptual plan," RSPB?

    Why do you have to create a villain, and a red herring in Paul Martens, when he probably doesn't know about this recent post by JP?

  46. That's right, we know there is more than one person posting against three roundabouts. And more than one of us think that you, who keep saying I5, instead of I-15, other clues, like consistently being condescending, disdainful, calling people names, saying people are on drugs, like crack, calling people pencil necked speeders who haven't lived here. All these false accusations add up to your hyperbole and rhetoric, just like I'm sure you used in court. Then you claim the other guy is babbling, RSPB.

    Is it true you use this blog as rehab, as a retired lawyer? Once you start lying, you can almost convince yourself.

  47. Not all lawyers lie. But some give them all a bad name.

    Some only care about "winning," not about getting to the truth of the matter, not about justice. You are a caricature, RSPB. Have another drink. You couldn't wait until after the first to unleash your hateful deception and trickery.

  48. Hope some of your resolutions come true, RSPB. Because someone disagrees with your selfish point of view doesn't make him a druggie, or a drunk, like you.

  49. Sure seems like Marvin would like to CHANGE community character to promote his personal profit for his private business and residential rental interests, short term and long term.

  50. Yep, Charlie Marvin promotes gentrification of Leucadia, insists we make "improvements" at the taypayers expense, and at the expense of people trying to drive to the beach, or drive to downtown Encinitas via the Coast Hwy, to shop, or dine.

  51. Someone is saying what would be good for his own interests, not for the whole community who lives here. This man goes with the money, and that way, it's on our dime, not his.

    The only thing that can slow down traffic increase is slowing down growth. Tell the people stuck at the Santa Fe Roundabout how "calming" it is. The community was not informed of this until recently, through the NCT. No one was told about any "conceptual plan" for three roundabouts in a row on Leucadia Blvd. This is not Autopia, at Disneyland.

  52. Poster who is in love with himself and roundabouts, calls everyone who isn't, idiots, if CALTRANS is starting to put in roundabouts, let them put in one on Leucadia Blvd. There's a freeway on ramp there, and off ramp, too. They could have done the one at Santa Fe, too.

    This is another red herring.

    Why do the taxpayers of Encinitas have to give up our library, and pedestrian crossing over the railroad tracks so a few people can have their "improvements?" Who gets to decide what constitutents an improvement?

    You are dead wrong to think it's only one person who thinks three roundabouts is a terrible idea.

  53. money for nothing; chicks for freeDecember 29, 2006 9:15 PM

    Same dude who thinks he's a big man lies and starts a fake "rumor" that the fire marshall "wants a 100 foot wide road . . . quicker emergency response time for lifeguards."

    This is outright deception and a smear campaign. And why? Money for nothing.

  54. We could have a national day for Mini Coopers to race around the roundabouts.

    We could have miniature golf courses, putt putt courses, in the center circles. Folks could tee off between the cars from one circle to the next.

  55. If the goal is "traffic calming" than one roundabout at Hygia is all that is needed. And if traffic calming is the goal,it seems the four way stop there now works just fine.

  56. Arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics.

  57. The city blew it years ago with Leucadia Blvd and didn't look to the future..well the future is here and nobody likes what needs to be done. I for one don't like change and don't like what's become of our little beach community. Anyone remember "Stop 680" and our fears that it would cause us to become more like OC? The blvd has helped with what we feared back then .
    We all admit that Leucadia Blvd is a disaster brought on by unstoppable growth and the short sightedness of the city..if roundabouts don't work what will the city propose next? Making Leucadia Blvd a one way street.

  58. I doubt the single person "singing the praises" for three roundabout has any real experience drving them in various parts of the world, especially where they are used a lot. I was driving a rental car in Patagonia, the southern part of Argentina, south of Esquel, the last major ski town, on the only highway going to the end of South America. This area is about a hundred miles south of the location of the old cabin where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid holed up for a while before they started robbing again and were ultimately killed in the Bolivian Andes.

    I spent two nights in a small farming town called Trevelín. At the north entrance to the town there is a roundabout. Significantly it is about three or four times the diameter of the Santa Fe roundabout, and this in a town of 2000-3000 people. The traffic volume is minuscule, yet it is correctly designed with ample radius to not make the turning too tight and allow merging cars to enter easily.

    The city rushed the construction of the Santa Fe roundabout. Remember they took money from Leucadia and shifted it to Cardiff. I never understood this. My guess is that the city wanted to favorably influence the traffic studies for the Scripps Hospital expansion and the Hall property park. Let's not rush the first Leucadia roundabout, let alone three of them. There is no argument with sidewalks and landscaping, but we need to learn from the mistakes on Santa Fe.

  59. Sante Fe is working great and I love it.

  60. More Paul Martin Blabble-

    Golf Club Set....babble babble babble, Charlie Marvin...babble, put in your own damn sidewalks Charlie, babble babble, We need to Study, babble, babble, dont call me names, babble, Charlie, babble, RSPB, Charlie Marvin, Study, quiet calling me names, babble.

    Geezz give it a break-INCREASE YOUR MEDS

  61. Charlie, Paul is not posting on this thread. You are oh so obviously the one who is babbling. Some thought it to be more endearing when you were playing roadside park bum.

    Turn your words around on yourself. As long as your meds aren't another drink. Starting a little early today?

    You can't make a scapegoat, a strawman out of someone else, to try to distract those who do read here from the drawbacks that have been raised, small radius, too many roundabouts in a row, backups, more frustration, more accidents, lack of pedestrian safety at Santa Fe.

    Instead, you attack personalities, to avoid addressing the problems and the questions. Ultimately, you want these "improvements," because you think you can get a free ride off the taxpayers to increase your net worth.

    That would be okay, as with the sidewalks, if we would all benefit. We won't with three roundabouts. That's a nightmare.

  62. Roadside park bumDecember 30, 2006 2:33 PM

    Alright you idiots!!! I've been way to nice for far too long!! Now let's get something straight right here and now, YOU PEOPLE ARE MORONS!!!

    You go around attacking citizens without any thought or idea to what you are doing, I don't give a shit about any of you verbal crappers and your whiney roundabouts!!

    What I care about are issues of safety and the less than estetic visual blight of Leucadia, and FLOODING!!!! And burying the railroad tracks!!!

    You FAKE Leucadians and THIMBLE headed LOSERS post now anonymously....I still can pick out your posts, you idiots!!! I can read you like a book, posting 7-8 times anonymously always saying the same thing, always ATTACKING certain people because they are SUCCESSFUL!!! Jelious are we??? Envious are we??? Go get a JOB!!! No, no you are too busy "In and out of Conciousness" aren't you?? HA!!!
    Dr. Lorri how 'bout writing a book about jelousy and envy???

    No,no, it's all about your "feelings" isn't it?? We don't "feel" like having a sidewalk!! We don't "feel" like a roundabout today!! We don't "feel" like being successful!! That's why you recruited "BOB" to start posting here, because it's about "feelings". Ever notice that "BOB" only writes a line or two, I guess he saves his "deep thoughts" for his high paying column!!

    You idiots think that people are born successful??? Hell no they WORK their asses off to become successful!!! Show me a successful person and I'll show you someone tha t WORKED for their success!!

    You think I was born the RSPB, no!! I've worked for years to be the biggest loser in this community!! You see the average homeless person walking down the 101 with their bags and maybe a shopping cart, well they are just LOSERS!! I on the other hand ADD CHARACTER to the community. Think that is easy??? Try it!! Go on try it!! Try pissing in an alleyway when there are people around, try crapping behind someones house or trailer knowing you are being watched. YOU can't do it, I CAN and DO!!! AND I CAN TAKE YOUR ATTACKS HERE ALSO!!!

    For the record... I don't give a damn about the roundabouts!!! Why??? Because I don't OWN A CAR!!!! I want sidewalks!!!! And I don't want my home, the Roadside park flooded!!!!!!!!!!

    Staggering down the 101, knowing that 2007 will be another year that Leucadia get shafted by it's own citizens, it's your RSPB. And I'm not going to be nice anymore!!!!!

  63. I'm thinking we should make Leucadia Blvd a toll road. Charge people 5 bucks to drive down it.

  64. Sounds good to me. Add a toll to pay for the immrovements and and for the cutthrough traffic to avoid I5. Whats up with Paul Martin? Did he drop the "Pablo" Nickname? Maybe he should replace it with Paul "Babble" Martin Or Paul "Ranting Madman" Martin.

  65. No one recruited me to blog at this sight. As for my short posts, I find they are adequate in furthering the thread of the "conversation."

    And as for my "high-paying column!!", Observations From the Edge is my way of promoting ecological awareness and environmental sustainability.

    And I write under my own name because I have no need to put distance between me and what I wish to contribute to the community.

  66. Thanks Bob- Research the safety improvements on Leucadia more and you'll see that roundabouts at Hermes,and Hymettus are needed to balance the traffic of the neighborhood and calm traffic from I5 to Vulcam. A Single roundabout at Hygeia wouldn't do anything more than the current situation with the exception of making that intersection much more safe. If you research the subject, you will find that the proposed 3 roundabouts will actually increase the capacity of vehicals on the road by removing the 4 way stop at Hygiea. Some people such as "Babble" will never understand that point. A same that some people fear change, even for the better.

  67. Roadside Park BumDecember 30, 2006 9:44 PM

    Good for you BOB, you are a saint and I'm a drunk!!! That makes us equal in my book!! Although I believe I have the upper hand because I add character to the community!!! You just add.... well I don't know what you add, but I'm sure you'll tell us soon enough.

    Have a Friggin Happy New Flipp'n Year Bob!!! Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get drunker than I already am, you go and do whatever it is that you do, I don't know what that is but I'm sure you'll figure it out for yourself!!!

    Staggering down the 101 wishing for the new year I can be a altruistic as Bob, but unable because I don't have a newpaper column, it's your RSPB!!!

  68. This particular post, by JP, is about roundabouts, and humor. No one said anything about not wanting sidewalks.

    Happy New Year, everyone. I'm sorry you couldn't keep your resolution to be nice, bum person.

    Your attacking Bob and everyone else only shows your own delusions, your own "feelings" of anger and disdain.

    You come off as rambling, delusional, paranoid, and drunk; I don't know anyone who is jealous of you.

    And you post under anonymous and RSPB, too. Anyone can do so here.


  69. Safety? Next thing we know you'll be saying "it's about the kids." Leucadia needs less traffic, more sidewalks and trails. The rail trail has been promised for more than a decade, no rail trail. We don't need three roundabouts, we need three pedistrian crossing over the tracks. Infrustructure improvemnts should reflect the lifestyles of Leucadians, not the people of Carlsbad.

    Roundabouts are all about accomodating more traffic in our neighborhoods.

    I've also noticed how city planners are approving new homes with three and four car garages.

    It's all about choices.

    Roundabouts are a Bandaids for a much larger problem.

  70. Bob- If you had Kids or lived in the area, you too would give a shit. Waite until they propose to widen La Costa to 4 lanes and then lets see you spout off and say its all about safety and saving the environment.

    Geeze Bob, I thought you would support a good Leucadia improvement that add character, helps the environment by letting cars move more efficiently, burning less Hydrocarbon, helping reduce global warming, and helping people walk more to shed few pounds.

    You appear to be very selfish and your losing my respect.

  71. Paul "Babble" MartinDecember 31, 2006 7:54 AM

    Charlie Marvin, Babble, Babble, golf club set...Babble, babble,
    Study more.... Babble.
    Internet should not be used for research...... Babble.
    Don't call me names....Babble.
    RSPB, babble.
    build your own sidewalks... babble.
    Charlie just wants to better Leucadia.....babble.
    I know its Charlie...Babble.
    Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Babble Babble Babble.

  72. Long Time LeucadianDecember 31, 2006 8:27 AM


    I agree with you- the human population growth is the biggest problem the world faces. S.CA is full and stretching at the seams. Traffic is directly tied to population. But what do you propose, start killing off people with pedestrians first? Do you want to make our neighborhood so shitty and unsafe that we all move.

    Sorry Bob- Even if property values drop because if the unsafe conditions, some loser will end up buying my house.

    Roundabouts are Leucadian, not Carlsbad. What do you think we should do, add 4 ways stops at Hermes and Hygeia?

    What’s up with you on this one? I thought you were about the environment?

    Do you encourage cars to haul ass down Leucadia Blvd? Do you think Moms should drive their kids to school in an SUV because its unsafe to walk, or should our kids walk?

    Most Americans could afford to walk a little more and drive less.

    Oh yeah, you don’t live in the area and you don't have kids. Even if you did you would never let them go to a school named Paul Ecke. I suppose you think they deserve to get mowed down by a 50mph driver from San Ellijo Hills cut though Leucadia, downtown, and Cardiff to avoid the I5 jam.

    I except such ranting from Paul Martin he doesn’t use his brain, but you often use yours. What’s up Bob?

  73. If population growth is the root cause of the problem, how does building roundabouts in Leucadia help solve the problem? A roundabout doesn't do anything that a 4-way stop doesn't do. They just cost a lot more and need a lot more land. Take a drive down Rancho Santa Fe Road. There is a long series of 4-way stops on a two-lane road. They are an inconvenience for locals, but they do deter speeding commuter from Carlsbad and San Marcos. These commuters choose to use Leucadia Blvd. to get to I-5 or 101.

    Nobody is talking about population reduction. But let's start talking about slowing population growth. For starters, how about no more upzoning in Encinitas?

  74. The essence here regarding the roundabouts is the improvement of LOS at each of these intersections.

    I thought I heard Blair say the current LOS at each of the 3 intersections is "D", or close to it. I think he said the LOS would be improved to "A".

    I don't know if this is only on paper, and not reality, but it is a huge improvement the city staff can claim.

    In truth, it's about the traffic.

  75. What is LOS?

    The City can't claim credit for "conceptual" LOS, whatever that is.

    The previous poster had a good point, I think, about the stop signs on Rancho Santa Fe in Olivenhein. The City wanted to widen the road. The residents did not want that to happen. The stop signs do slow down traffic, allow people to merge from the side streets.

  76. Longtime Leucadian TooDecember 31, 2006 1:17 PM

    One big problem with roundabouts is that people do not yield as they are supposed to. People going through on Leucadia Blvd. will think they have the right of way.

    I just talked to someone from Bainbridge Island, WA. She said they have this exact same problem with their roundabouts there.

  77. No one is addressing the fact that the radius is too small, causing further problems.

  78. Maybe Jerome Stocks, not CharlieDecember 31, 2006 1:25 PM

    Seems someone on Council with development ties, say Jerome Stocks, is the one pushing so hard for these roundabouts; the same commenter who is so paranoid about Paul Martens.

    When and where was this workshop with 200 people Mr. Stocks?

  79. Don't you ever post under your own name, here? This roundabout fan could also be Mike Andreen, or Steve Aceti.

    You guys all have development ties, with the Eckes, who wanted Leucadia Blvd. opened up to begin with.

    Now that you don't get to put in the extra 200 homes originally proposed, thanks to the people here, and Prop A, you want to make Leucadia Blvd. a maze, to reward your contractor buddies and staff engineers with more work at our expense.

  80. Put in the sidewalks, some more medians, and, (sorry J.P.) some more stop signs if you have to. This would be faster, cause less accidents than more roundabouts.

    We should all be suspicious of something pushed through before the traffic study is released, and before the roundabout already installed at Santa Fe has had time to be studied to see whether there are more or less accidents at that intersection.

  81. I dont't think multiple round-abouts on Leucadia Blvd will be an improvement.

    Anything that accomodates more vehicular traffic, is anti-environment. Roundabouts will not reduce the use of Hydrocarbons.

    Stop signs, traffic lights, road widening, and all other autocentric infrastructure can not and will not improvement our environmental quality of life.

  82. LOS is "Level of service" refering to the performance of an intersection or other traffic device.

    This is very clear. Better LOS, more capacity, more development.

  83. Bob- roundabouts cause less hydrocarbons because you dont have stop and go traffic, but apparently you know little about science and motors. The overall traffic will not go up because its limited by the existing 4 ways stop at Hygeia and the signal at Vulcan and HW101.

    You sound almost as hopeless as Babble and his 8 posts to everyone elses one.

    Why don't you ever make constructive comments. What do you think we can do to improve the current hazardous situation on Leucadia Blvd?

    And Babble- We don't want another 20 posts of the same retoric from you.

  84. How many greenhouses and possible new development is on both sides of Leucadia Blvd.?

  85. Anonymous above says, "The overall traffic will not go up because its limited by the existing 4 ways stop at Hygeia and the signal at Vulcan and HW101." Wanna make a bet? That's like saying the traffic on I-5 will not go up because it is limited by the carrying capacity of the existing lanes. Not true. Traffic goes up, but it just moves slower. Go back to your science and motor books. Bob is more right than you are. Only reducing the source of traffic (growth and development) will reduce traffic, otherwise traffic will grow on most streets in Encinitas as the city upzones and increases density.

  86. What do you mean the traffic count won't go up because of roundabouts? Where have you been? Population continues to increase, Carlsbad continues to develop every last piece of open space in that city. Three hotels are planned for just north of Batisquitos Lagoon.

    Roundabouts are not environmental mitigations.

    And as for me making constructive comments, Again I ask where have you been?

    Here's another, how about blogging under your own name. What do you have to hide? You are obviously unwilling to stand behind your statements? What gives?


  87. So whats your suggestion bob, leave it like it is?

    Sorry the residents off of Hymettus and Hermes can not safely access Leucadia anymore. Additionally, the speeding cut through traffic makes it unsafe for all.

    All you do is bitch about the problem of overpopulation which we already all agree upon and offer no practical solutions. Hence the term Whiner.

    Stopping rezoning which I fully agree with will no help the existing conditions and will not address the more traffic to come from Carlsbad and San Marcos as they develop.

  88. Bob- The roundabouts dont make traffic counts go up the development does. Focus on stoping rezoning and don't worry about whether we have 4 way stops or roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd.

  89. Roadside Park BumJanuary 01, 2007 10:27 AM

    If you don't want Leucadia to be a nicer place than it is now, that's fine. That's your choice, but there are others here that would like sidewalks for safety, up and down the 101 AND Leucadia Blvd. If we have to put in roundabouts to get those sidewalks so be it. As for the railtrail( I agree long overdue) but as others have told me about it yourself!!!

    As for popoulation control, lets go back several hundred years and never again innoculate people against disease. Seems smallpox, measles, whooping cough, mumps, chickenpox, diphtheria, etc. did quite a good job of killing off huge portions of the population. Let's not treat the current diseases of the world either. Let's just let those afflicted die!!!
    As for food, why feed the 3rd world?? Or even the 2nd world, hell why feed anyone?? They are just going to grow strong and reproduce, placing a heavier and heavier burden on the planets resources.

    AS for those of you that worry about more and more homes, well buy up the empty lots and greenhouses, buy up the land and then DON"T build anything nor apply for rezoning!!! You have the power, do you have the $$$$???
    Staggering down the 101, with niether the power nor the $$$, it's the RSPB!!!

  90. We worry about roundabouts because they cost so much money. Four-way stops are cheap--some signs and some painted lines on the street. It's safer for children to cross at a 4-way stop than a roundabout, which only has a yield sign. A harried commuter on his/her cell phone is less dangerous at a stop sign.

    The RSPB needs to take a look at the history of Easter Island. It's an example of the consequences of unchecked population growth and a microcosm of what will happen to the rest of the world if we follow Charlie Marvin's wisdom. The RSPB is not fooling us. Gil Foerster called Charlie Marvin a hedge toad and the RSPB answered. He has been unmasked. A little too much hooch?

  91. Enough with the false choices.

    We can have sidewalks and trails without building multiple roundabouts.

    Encinitas neighborhoods are pass throughs for the residents of Carlsbad and San Marcos, made worse when there is an accident on I-5.

    Walkable communities and comprehensive mass transit is the answer to Leucadia's problems.

    Ask yourself how much has been spent on shifting the transportation paradigm away from planet killing vehicular traffic compared to the money spent trying to maintain the current infrastructure, in the face of unchecked growth and population increases?

  92. I vote to put some giant Easter Island heads as public art in the middle of the roundabouts. That would be killer. I'm serious about this, don't laugh.

  93. I agree with J.P. Every roundabout in Encinitas should be graced with a Easter Island head. What a perfect way to denote the fact that we are on the road to nowhere.

    Kind of like the banner project, but more substantial.

  94. Roadside Park BumJanuary 01, 2007 4:07 PM

    You worry about roundabouts because of the cost, yet blank endorse the library which is 4 months behind schedule and almost 600K over budget. Don't believe me?? Go to the site and ask the foreman. He is quite forward with info how the cities poor engineering study of the soil and foundation have set back the schedule.

    As I said before I could careless about roundabouts, I don't drive, so I don't burn carbon based fuels. BTW there is plenty of oil and naturel gas, there is plenty of "fuel" for hundreds of years!! Don't let anyone fool you into believing otherwise, their fear is designed to get you to pay more for energy!!! I walk, so I want safe streets with SIDEWALKS!!!

    Let's not forget about other diseases such as tuberculosis,plague and polio that can wipeout mankind and reduce the population, which will make living in Leucadia nicer.

  95. Bob- Its going to take a few hundred yeers for the SoCA to shift their paradigm .

    I don't get it Bob, you talk about making Leucadia more walkable. Roundabouts will promote a walkable Leucadia.

    So what would you do Bob until SoCA shifts its paradigm , leave it as is and screw the neighborhood, add 4 way stops at Hermes and Hymettus or add the roundabouts?

  96. I love JPs idea of Easter Island Statues in the Center of all future roundabouts. It has meaning on so many levels. How cool would that be?…. That would be way cooler than any library zigzag.

  97. Hey, J.P. Can you put a picture of a roundabout with an Easter Island statue photo shopped in? That would really be cool. A perfect symbol for our SoCal culture.

  98. To RSPB: When the new library opens, I suggest you check out a copy of "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" by Jared Diamond. Or better yet, stagger over to Barnes and Noble and buy a copy with the money you've panhandled.

  99. Like Bob said, "enough with the false choices."

    We can have sidewalks and trails without three roundabouts! In logic, this is called the black and white fallacy, or false dilemma. "It's either THIS, or THAT." WRONG.

    Other alternatives have been suggested. Same thing with the library. The people had very little input on the design of the library with respect to the cost.

    From the beginning, I suggested we just add on a bigger computer room, to the old library.

    I wonder if the beauty of the pyramids justified the enslavement of those who spent their lives building them?

  100. How, exactly, would roudabouts promote a walkable community?

  101. Unanswered questionJanuary 02, 2007 6:57 AM

    Bob, I can see how sidewalks would promote a walkable community, not three roundabouts.

    No one ever answered the question about the supposed meeting with 200 people in attendance where the "conceptual plan" was discsussed seven years ago, that specified three roundabouts!

  102. Bob- Now your asking right questions. roundabouts slow the speed of cars on average to around 18-20 mph through the intersections versus 50mph without them. They also reduce the unprotected distance a pedestrian has to walk from the whole width of the roadway say 50 feet to 15 feet the distance from the sidewalk to the protected center median.

    Do and experiment today. Walk on Leucadia Blvd across the Hymettuss intersection today. Then walk the roundabout on Sante Fe Drive. You’ll then know exactly how roundabouts promote a walkable community.

  103. Sadly, Leucadia has a long way to go to become a truly walkable community. Our main arteries don't even have continuous sidewalks. Finally, the Leucadia Blvd. improvements will provide continuous walks on both sides of the street, at least in that area.

    Along 101 however, there are numerous gaps where no sidewalks exist. We could loose a significant gap simply by not allowing Bradley Auto and the adjacent car dealers to park automobiles in the right of way. Have a look. Just ask the city to enforce it's current parking regulations. This would create one continuous walkable stretch from Downtown Encinitas to North Avenue (Pannikin). Mothers pushing strollers should not be pushed into the street because these businesses park their vehicles in our R.O.W.

  104. Anti-babble, you refuse to look at the whole issue before us. It is clear you favor roundabouts, as a way of improving your quality of life. That's fair. But without reducing traffic on Leucadia Blvd. you will be back in front of city Council complaing about traffic soon after they're completed.

  105. Bob- I realize Carlsbad and all of S. CA is overbuilding and the area has way to many people for our environment. I understand the cause of the traffic. It’s a matter of how we manage it.

    The roundabouts are a positive not a negative.

  106. Anti Babble: You're not making sense. Santa Fe Drive and Leucadia Blvd. cannot be compared. One has sidewalks and the other doesn't. Of course Santa Fe is safer for pedestrians. But it's not the roundabout. It's the sidewalks!

    Please go back and recalculate your crossing distances at the roundabout. After crossing to the protected median, then what? A permanent camp in the center? I suggest a walking tour of the Santa Fe rondabout with a tape measure. You will find that a 4-way stop will give about the same distances, but is actually safer for the pedestrian because vehicles must come to a full stop. Please stop trying to muddle the argument. If the goal is walkability and safety, a roundabout is not the answer. Where is it safest to cross Highway 101 between Encinitas Blvd. and Swami's? At the stoplights and 4-way stops, of course.

  107. Roadside park bumJanuary 03, 2007 11:02 AM

    Santa fe drive now has sidewalks because the roundabouts were installed. No roundabouts=no sidewalks!! That's how the city goes about it giving you sidewalks. The old carrot and stick approach!!

    Prior to the roundabouts, there were no sidewalks on Santa Fe drive from San Elijo to the hospital.

    Bob, I've said this before and will say it again. You are anti- Leucadia!! You oppose any thing that will make Leucadia a better place to live!! WHY????

  108. To RSPB: Did you stagger down to Santa Fe Drive? There is only one roundabout. Why the plural? Are you seeing double? I hope you didn't puke in the landscaping and contaminate our Cardiff soil. Through your alcoholic haze do you realize that the sidewalks can be built without roundabouts? Please stay in Leucadia.

  109. RSPB Fuck you!

    As a Leucadia resident, I am not anti-Leucadia. I am anti-bad planning and anti overdevelopment.

    That makes me very pro-Leucadia.

    And until you are ready to post under your own name, the one on your birth certificate, Eat shit and live!

    You are wasting all of our time.

  110. Roadside park bumJanuary 03, 2007 6:36 PM

    You are anti-Leucadian!!
    You can cry all you want about poor planning, the facts are you oppose any and all sidewalks for Leucadia, you oppose bathrooms at the beaches, you oppose flowers in the center median of 101!! YOU ARE ANTI-LEUCADIAN!!!

    YOU WANT TO KEEP LEUCADIA UGLY!!! I ask you again WHY???

    What economic interest do you have in keeping Leucadia UGLY??? Aren't you tired of the BLIGHT!!!(Ooooh that's a scarey word!! Huh BOB!!!)
    Look BOB you can curse me all you want I'm sure your mother is proud of you for using that type of language, but the facts are .... it doesn't "further the conversation"!! Now does it?? LOL!!!

    Waaaa, waaaa, Bob cursed at me!!
    Bob, I'm a bum!! I've been cursed at , spat upon, had things thrown at me, been arrested too many times to count, laughed at( that time it really hurt). I couldn't care less that you curse me, I won't stoop to your level.

    I am Pro-Leucadia, I want Leucadia to be a better place to work, live and stagger about!! And that won't happen if you have your way!! If you have your way Leucadia will remain UGLY!!!

    Don't want any more development...then buy all the land you can ...and don't develope it!!! PUT YOUR $$$ WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!!!! Me?? I'm anti coffee shop!!! Whatta think of that BOB, I think there are too many coffee shop in Encinitas. NO MORE COFFEE SHOPS IN ENCINITAS!!!!

    Bob, please don't stop posting here, the lunatic fringe has been quiet lately and now that their leader has emmerged, well I'm sure we're all in for a good laugh!!

    Staggering down the 101, knowing that BOB is anti-Leucadian, and I'm not, it's your RSPB!!!

  111. RSPB You're not a bum. You're a liar. And a coward!

    Your not a bum, your an asshole. A bum would not have access to the internet at all hours of the day and night. A drunken bum would not be able to string to sentences together or maintain a conversation over a long period oftimes with as much information you give yourself credit for.

    An asshole is full of shit, and you "RSPB" are full of shit.

    Again I ask, why not use your real name?

    You undermine your message with the alter ego you have created, and hiding behind the lie, you undermine is input you might have.

    Again I ask, why not use your real name?

  112. roadside park scumJanuary 03, 2007 11:52 PM

    I have cursed plenty: I am a curse.

    I like people to use their real names so I can attack them without answering to my own personal accountability.

    I like to cut down people to my level, which is on my face, in the mud, vomit, and feces.

    I don't drive because I am shaking too hard, not because I'm a real "bum." Well, I am a real bum in the sense of being a butt-head.

    Please, don't listen to me. All I want is to make you all feel bad about yourself, to tell you: you are not real Leucadians, to tell you: you want to keep Leucadia ugly, when I know it's not ugly, I am. Ugly is as ugly does, after all. When people offer ideas such as drought tolerant plantings, I tell them anything but the exact flowers I want is ugly.

    So, I’ll let you in on a little secret; I don’t think Leucadia is ugly. But I would have loved for it to be blighted, because then I could have gotten even more funding for improvements through a redevelopment agency, that would take money away from schools and other county services, give it to me. I could have gotten more money for my commercial properties.

    But I like being a big wig around here, and posting on this blog to put others down. I'll never leave. No one can compete with me; no one can possibly be as big a jerk as I am. And I can do it all behind the facade of making the homeless look even more despicable than they already are considered to be.

    Really, I love my position here. That's why I choose to continue living here when I could sell out some of my many property interests and go live in a dandy gated community.

    Instead, I live here and complain, complain, complain about people who stand up and make a difference. I don't need and I don't admire honesty, integrity, logic, or courage. I don’t need to be fair; I just need to vent my spleen. My bile is awfully bitter.

    I just need another drink. Put in some sidewalks for me, so I can spit on them, poop on them, and crash on them as I stagger down 101, all the way to the Santa Fe Roundabouts. Are you sure there's not more than one? I guess I went around the same roundabout about ten times. Caused a mighty stir.

  113. Still no name given. You are a coward.

  114. Roadside Park BumJanuary 04, 2007 7:03 AM


  115. Bob-
    Waaaa,Waaaa, you make me feel sooo bad. You curse me so I'll have to get another beer. You are driving me to drink!!! You are responsible for my alcoholism!!! Waaa,Waaa. LOL!!!

    Bob, you are angry at me for exposing you for what you are... a hypocritical anti-Leucadia, intolerant bigot!!

    You and your kind run around screaming about "tolerance" for race, religion, sexual preference, and whatever nutty idea you come up with and yet you CAN NOT "Tolerate" a homeless bum with a laptop and wireless internet. Just too deep of an idea isn't it!!! Wow, a homeless person with internet access!! MINDBLOWING!!!

    You state you are anti overdevelopment- yet it's OK when it comes to your pocketbook!! You took a quiet corner building selling 2nd hand clothing and turned it into a LOUD,NOISY,POLLUTING business WITHOUT enough off street parking!!! So you have negatively impacted the neighborhood!!! But do you care ?? NOOOOOO because your making $$$$!!! And it's OK for BOB to make $$$ if the development suit his wallet!!! Hypocrit!!!

    I'll ask again BOB, Why do you want to keep LEUCADIA ugly??? Answer the question!!! Don't you like how downtown Encinitas looks after the "redevelopment"?(That's an evil word!!! Scary!!) Why can't Leucadia look as nice?? What financial interest do you have in keeping Leucadia 3rd world!!

    Bob, I've been called ...asshole, shithead, loser, scumbag, scumbagassholeshitheadloser. And most variations of all the previous, if you can think of it, I've been called it. But I've never been called...Intolerant, anti-Leucadia bigot!!!

    Staggering down the 101, wondering why BOB is so intolerant to a homeless drunk with a laptop, it's your RSPB!!!

  116. Roadside Park Bum you are an intolerant, anti-Leucadia bigot!!! Now you can't say no one ever has called you that before.

    It's easier for you to call Bob names than to sober up and coherently address any of the issues that have been presented here.

    You just stir it up.

    Bob, I hope you realize that you are known as a good guy. Don't let this jerk get under your skin. He's trying his best to do that so as to distract the readers from all of the other issues here.

    RSPB is the coward, and bigot, not you. He devised a despicable character to represent Leucadia because he despises the way Leucadia is, thinks it's trashy, like him.

    He accuses others of whining, when that's about all he does. Whine, complain, and distract with appeals to emotion and angry, anal explosive, rambling, diatribes.

    Pay no attention to the bum behind the scum.

  117. I'll take the Bums leucadia over the blighted Bob's Leucadia any day. Its obvious to me the Bum is about improving Leucadia, Bob is about hating the world.

  118. The bum isn't about improving Leucadia he is about crying and whining.

  119. You are delusional again, RSPB, aka Mr. Marvin. Is it because of the drinking, or are you just losing it as you age?

    Bob never said he wanted to blight Leucadia, and I'm certain no one posting here is in favor of that. I'm positive JP is not in favor of blighting.

    This is just you, now under anonymous, calling Bob names to disredit him, personally, rather than admit that we do not need roundabouts in order to have landscaping and sidewalks.

    You can't keep on issue, because that bitter, demented part of you, which gets so much ego gratification out of trying to tear others down, just can't be satisfied with offering an opinion based on facts, not on personal slurs, attacks and repeated, hysterical name-calling.

  120. We keep going around and around on this roundabout issue.



  121. roadside park scumJanuary 04, 2007 10:40 PM

    RSPB proved, above, that he does post under anonymous, too.

    And Bob, notice that one previous post was by RSPS, Roadside Park Scum, like this one, not RSPB.

    The bum is so fond of personal attacks that he succeeds in convincing some posters to remain anonymous.

    Better that than to succeed in chasing some away, I'd say.

    I'm glad you are contributing here, Bob. Don't let a greedy, delusional, demented, hypocrite get under your skin.

  122. I think it is time for the Leucadia Town Council and Leucadia Merchants Association to host a forum/debate on the roundabout issues. Thay way no one can hide anonymously.

    I'll pitch in for the hall rental.

  123. Hold the meeting at the Sante Fe Roundabout so all the nay-sayers will actually see how well roundabouts perform. It’s hard to argue that it will back up traffic or its not good for pedestrians when you standing next to one. Get out of your cars and live a little.

  124. Hey Bob-

    What are you going to do about the 1000 homes being developed in Elfin Forest? You better get busy buying up the land so people wont develop it. Thats the only way to preserve openspace.

    You think traffic's bad now waite about 3 years.

  125. If we hold the meeting at the Santa Fe roundabout, we can all see the damaged fence caused by a car on Christmas day when the car failed to negotiate the roundabout. The house is on the north side of Santa Fe immediately to the west of the roundabout.

  126. Realistically, very few could afford to buy any open land now, except developers.

    The place a developer bought down from me is sitting unfinished, and all the investors are coming around, in tears, over their lost money. The company, Signature Series, Inc., is in court because so many people got ripped off.

    Beware of scammers who promise big profits at the expense of the community, in every way.

  127. Oh - You mean the accident caused by wasted 17 year old, drunk off his ass. That roundabout saved lives. If there was a 4 way stop or signal, he would have t-boned someone and killed them. Another perfect example of why roundabouts work.

  128. I guess that means every intersection in Encinitas needs to be replaced by a roundabout. Does this mean that we have had it wrong all these years and only roundabouts are safe from erratic drivers? In that case a careful study of the efficacy of the Santa Fe roundabout will prove the point.

  129. Most of the interections with 4 way stops would be better with a roundabout from a safety and efficiency standpoint. The 4 way stops do serve to limit the number of cars that can travel down the road. If we put 4 way stops at Hymettus and Hermes less cars will travel Leucadia Blvd. Fine by me, but I don't think others would dig it to much.

  130. Americans haven't done a very good job in traffic engineering over the last 50 years. We have been doing it wrong. The Australians and most Europeans are doing a must better job and are light years ahead of the US as far as designing efficient safe roads.

  131. Why the heck can't we start with one roundabout, where the four way stop is now, and see if that helps or hurts safety and traffic flow?

    Why three Fire McMansions at once?

    Why three roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd?

    The accident on North Coast Hwy. 101 last night was a head-on collision, no "T-Bone." It wasn't at an intersection, but just north of one.

  132. We have one roundabout on Sante Fe and it works fine. We need to control traffic at the Hymettus and Hermes Avenue interection and that why we need two roundabouts. We are not going forward with 3 at this time so you should be happy. But I know your not Babble.

  133. Several people would disagree that the roundabout at Santa Fe has been working fine. That is your opinion.

    Why did the first roundabout go there, anyway, where traffic is far less of a problem than on Leucadia?

    Why can't we start with one roundabout instead of two. Like one at Hygeia, to start?


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