Friday, December 01, 2006

Ecke Breeds New & Improved Poinsettia

More than 60 million poinsettia plants will be sold during the holidays, and California farmers say their peak sales season starts this week.

Poinsettias have traditionally been sold as potted plants, but the nation's largest producer will begin selling fresh-cut poinsettias this year.

“I think this year consumers are going to find high quality poinsettias. We’ve had very few problems,” says Paul Ecke III, owner of the Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, one of the state’s largest poinsettia growers.

Mr. Ecke says he expects excellent demand for the cut flowers, which will be used in holiday-themed bouquets.

“Most florists we talk to need something to put into flower arrangements at Christmas. They just don’t have that much stuff,” Mr. Ecke says. “Obviously, poinsettias are a perfect match because they are the Christmas flower.”

But don’t be surprised if the poinsettias you see in the stores aren’t just the traditional red or white. New varieties are being developed such as an orange-colored poinsettia, he says.

“I personally like the novelty stuff. I also want to make sure that the new generation of consumers out there – the non-Baby Boomers – are going to be interested in our product,” Mr. Ecke says. “I think they’re going to need new, interest products besides the traditional look of the regular poinsettias.”

Ecke added that anyone who voted NO on Prop A qualifies for a free new hybrid Bloodsettia.


  1. Boycott ecke's products until that family cuts the strings from their puppet council.

  2. WOW, Ecke can continue to operate in Encinitas. His poor boy tactics were just as phoney as his promises.

  3. Teresa Barth gets sworn in on the 6th at 6 PM. Be there

    At the same meeting, Bossypants gets a farewell gift from the city paid for by the people of Encinitas. If they need a gift idea I would contribute to a ONE WAY ticket to any destination over 1000 miles away.

  4. Poinsettias are a 38 million dollar a year business. The poinsettia industry employs many illegal aliens.

  5. Maybe bossypants can move in with Bilbray, where does he live anyway? Imp. Beach? Virginia? Oh yeah, Carlsbad where neighbors have reported never seeing him...but doesn't he visit his mom on the holidays?

  6. Don't start with the "illegal alien" crap. We are not Escondido! Many of the workers in the flower industry are residents, nonresidents, family, friends and neighbors. All are a welcome part of my Leucadia. Grow up and be thankful for what you have.



    Oh, that is a riot!

    JP! have Ecke donate a few of those to the city. Then plant them around the neighborhoods - we may never see Roadside Park Bum again!

  8. Former Flower GrowerDecember 01, 2006 1:28 PM

    Although it pains me to say this, the flower growers in Encinitas have always employed large numbers of undocumented aliens. I know because I hired many myself. It was cheap labor and the workers rarely complained.

    Now there are almost no growers left, and most undocumented aliens are working in restaurants, hotels, landscaping, yard maintenance, and other fields. It's a growing problem that needs to be addressed. Acknowledging the problem doesn't make one a xenophobe or a racist.

  9. What are u people talking about? There aren't any low paid workers living in Encinitas.

    That is why we 'need' a low income housing overlay and density increases! Get with the program people!!!!

  10. Long Time LeucadianDecember 01, 2006 6:15 PM

    why do we need a program? Whats the problem?

    Everything seems to be working fine on a City level. The problem is with the state program. Its out of touch with reality. Lets focus on gaining a coalition of city to repeal this ridiculous state program. why provide incentives to build slums?

  11. I like the Ecke products and I'm glad they landed their business in Encinitas. I think it really helped shape Encinitas into what it is today. Thanks to the Eckes!

  12. Yes, the Ecke's and all the growers helped shape us. We can't undo the mistakes of the past, and don't want to undo the accomplishments.

    We do have contamination from chemicals that were allowed, but aren't anymore. The growers did and have used many undocumented workers. These are facts of life, and our history.

  13. Another fact is that every city is required to take some kind of action to encourage development of affordable housing for lower income individuals. We have very little of that in our community, now. Much less than in times past, in my opinion.

  14. All of the impacts of changing zoning need to be considered, fairly. There should be a public vote, or a super majority at the very least.

    That being said, we do need to have some areas where apartments are allowed, or high density. I don't see the guarantees that these will be affordable, however, just as the condominiums are not affordable housing, which are scheduled to sell for one million dollars, each at the "Pole House," where the Artists' Colony is now, by A street and 101.

  15. Bond shouldn't be MayorDecember 01, 2006 7:15 PM

    What can we do? Well, James Bond needs to let someone else be Mayor, for starters. He is already very committed with all his other duties on the Metropolitan Water District, the San Dieguito Water District, etc.

  16. We don't want the super-majority rule to change the General Plan to be eliminated. Better yet, changing the General Plan should require a public vote.

    We citizens voted in our General Plan when we agreed to become incorporated. The government, in our city has become by and for developers, Council, staff and contracted attorneys and consultants, NOT by and for the people, as promised.

    Let's take back our voice, our power. I'll pitch in for the one way ticket for Bossypants Guerin, too. I'm glad she said she voted no on the overlay deal, though.

    Goodbye and good riddance, Ms. Guerin. Glad you voted no on blighting Leucadia, too. Please use all your charms to persuade Bilbray not to keep voting to open up our coastline to oil drilling.

  17. Outer Mongolia or Siberia are both good travel destinations at this time of year.

  18. What a bunch of bitter comments over a story about flowers.

  19. Facts-

    You have no facts. What you have is your opinions.

    Encinitas is a highly desirable place to live. Hence people want to live here and will pay more to live here. Free Enterprise works. The government should not control prices otherwise you end up with the Bronx. Encinitas has affordable housing. If you can afford to live here, you do. If you can’t you move to where you can afford.

    I choose to live here. So I live in a really really small house. I am fortunate. I worked my butt off, save some money and bought my property because I love Encinitas. Just because some dishwasher has a job in Encinitas, does not entitle them to a oceanfront home or even ownership of a home in Encinitas period. If people want to live in Encinitas, they can save a buy a place just like the last 20 generations have done dating back to the 1800s.

    If you really want affordable housing, start housing projects, embrace low income housing, turn this town into Oceanside South and prices will drop dramatically. Child rapes, gang shootings, graffiti, and all other crimes will rise, but home prices will drop and become more affordable for some. Others, like me, will move on to places that have less crime and enjoy a higher quality of life.

    You live here, if you can afford it. Encinitas has affordable housing-

    The problem is with the state law. Focus on changing the state law.

  20. Can someone tell me exactly which city San Elijo Hill is located. I know I don't want that for Encinitas. We do have apartments in Cardiff. For the 20 years I have lived here, I haven't seen much graffit, or theft etc. Exactlty how low is low income? If J.P cannot afford to buy here I do think something is wrong. I was one of the lucky ones. I bought in 1983 in Cardiff. That my home has appreciated to a lot more than what I paid does not make me particularly happy if most of my neighbors had to pay a lot more than that. I would like to see what I would call middle-class housing. People making $100,000 a year can't even afford to buy here anymore. I don't want all of my neighbors to have the "gated communitity" mentality. It breeds snobery, which to me is as bad as the alternative. When the condos Teresa lives in were built, I looked at them and they sold, if my memory is not totally deluded, for about $100,000. I have no idea what they are worth now, but I would bet more than that. They are nice and an asset to Cardiff. More of those would not bother me. Perhaps we should consider lobbeying for a middle ground, that both council, developers( perhaps one in the same) and the citizens that live here could stomach. Just a thought and a caveat that I have not had my morning coffe. I should wait to post this but oh well!!!

  21. Spell it like it is Socialism in land use overlays a buzz word for spot zoning, next up a surfing zone for tourists, free parking for the needy.Our gutless council should call for a special election now let we the people have a say.

  22. Sorry the previous item belongs in the spot zone stuff my apologies to you Eckeists.

  23. I agree. Flat out socialism boarding on communism. Free special pass parking for the ultra lazy eventhough they don't have any money to spend. Dedicated surf zone at Swamis and D street for Beginners.... the list goes on and on.

    Council should put it to a vote of the people. Nothing less. This is a majorly defining issue for Encinitas. Much more the Prop. A issue.

  24. I believe in supporting local business. Buy your friends and family Ecke grown poinsettias this holiday season.

  25. Anonymous- It will take more than a few poinsettias along the 101 to get rid of me!!! But poinsettias in the center median of 101 would be better than what's there now!!! Dirt, weeds or dead flowers!!! Is the city even bothering to water the flowers that L101 bought and paid for???? Where is the outrage?? Why do you funky Leucadians NOT CARE??? Your highway 101 looks like, what it is, an eyesore!!! You turn out in droves(more on that later)for a council meeting about affordable housing, whining and pissing about overlays, but you could care less about the visual aspect of your community!!!!

    J.P. you stab Ecke in the back every chance you can, then tell us to buy his products because you support the local merchants!! That's like putting a bandaid on a train suicide victim, as my grandpappy used to say, "That dog don't hunt!!"

    As for affordable housing, doesn't Leucadia have enough as it is now!! Isn't that why Tortilla flats was built?? Or is Tortilla flats just a reflextion of Leucadia's 101. Tired, wornout, rundown!! Where's the sidewalks?? Where's the streetlights?? Where's the flowers??? More important where's the BEER???

    Staggerin down the 101, wondering where to put the bandaid, it's your RSPB!!

  26. tortilla flats in da houseDecember 02, 2006 11:25 AM

    Anyone who wants to see graffiti, come on down to tortilla flats.
    the new wannabe gangsters have ratcheted up the grafitti to a level that hasn't been seen in the hood for many years. Pretty much every weekend night someones fences, walls etc are getting painted. My neighbor said one of the kids doing the painting lives in one of the habitat for humanity houses. The city should revoke his families deed.

    p.s. yeah I buy pointsettias too, I voted against the ecke prop. but I support local business too. So what.

  27. I stab the Eckes in the back? Dude, you are so melodramatic. Are you a 12 year old girl?

  28. Irony alert. Most people feel prop A was the Eckes stabbing US in the back. Time to move on. Forgive and forget.

  29. I can forgive, but I won't forget lessons learned.

    And I didn't go to the parade. Maybe next year.

    Why don't you water the flowers RSPB? You don't seem to have much else to do besides stagger, shake and post here to disrespect people who love Leucadia and Cardiff, too.

    You are not real, and your comments don't make sense, except if you are CM, trying to improve infrastructure to benefit your businesses, including vacation rentals.

    That's okay, put don't put JP or the rest of us down in the process.

  30. Anonymous- YOU pay for the watering of the flowers through YOUR tax dollars!! Why should I do the job of the city!! They agreed to WATER the flowers if you Joe Citizen would foot the bill for the flowers!! You kept your side of the bargain, now it's time for the city to keep their side of the agreement!! Take off the rose colored glasses and see your community as it is, even worse how the city council wants it to eyesore!

    Yes J.P. I am a 12 little girl and I'm having my first menstrual period, but rest assured I'll buy all my Kotex locally.

    Staggering down the 101 melodramatically stabbing myself in the back, it's your RSPB!!!

  31. Last anonymous- You sound just as embracing as the last council member from Leucadia. Please- Pipe down. The people don't support your manic depressive disposition. Get a life out side local politics and do us all a favor. How can you help Leucadia become a better community

  32. Dude-Just say it. The travesty was Sheila! Lets get Kevin in.

  33. Okay, RSB made me laugh out loud on that one.

    Here is a question for you RSB. Why do you always criticize the people who don't like the city council when it's obvious that you are frustrated by Leucadia's neglected infrastructure? You always blame the people who post here for the dirt and weeds, not the city council who are really to blame. The city council has the power, why do you always defend them?

    RSB, the city council has been stabbing in you in the back all this time bro.

  34. J.P.- I am as critical of this council as I have been of all the councils! I have consistantly stated that none of the councils show any vision, ever!! What more do you want from me?? I have consistantly stated that every council has and will always stab Leucadia in the back. You can put all your eggs in the Teresa Barth basket if you want, I'll wait to see what happens. She has told me that she wants to maintain "Leucadia's unique sense of place" and what place would that be?? Last place in the mind and hearts of the city and the other communities of Encinitas. I have consistantly stated that Leucadia needs to become a destination for people to visit, NOT just 2 more lanes north and south when the I-5 is jammed.
    People that read this blog get very anger with me-RSPB, because I call for a decent Leucadia, if they don't want streetlights, sidewalks, and flowers in the center median then they don't have Leucadias best interest at heart. That's what this blog is all about isn't it??

    If people want to attack me on this blog, well go ahead. As Bob said, "bring it on, I can take it",I say it without the martyr syndrome though.

    If I criticize people that blog here it's because they sooo want to manitain the status quo, of an ugly & unsafe Leucadia!! You don't have to look any further than your surf buddies. Many don't want to fix the access to Beacons. Surfers will surf regardless whether there is a safe way to the beach, others of us would like a SAFE way to the beach!! What's so wrong with that??

    Surfers fear a safe way to Beacons will bring more surfers, hey if you don't want more surfers, stop reproducing and making more little surfers. Most new surfers are the offspring of current surfers, NOT cowboys from Nebraska that have decided to put down the reins and saddle and pick-up a surf board. Little surfers grow to becomes big surfers and then crowd your waves. There is NO mass migration of teenage boys from Ohio to become surfers in California. They are not crowding your waves, but they might want a safe way to the beach.

    In closing, it is far to early on a Sunday morning to be doing this blog and I only want to get a beer or 12 in me to soothe my headache.

    Staggering down the 101, with too much of a hangover to educated JP anymore this morning, it's your RSPB!!

  35. I'm still waiting to meet these Leucadians who are against sidewalks and landscaping.

  36. I haven't heard the word Kotex for many years. RSPB must be older than I thought.

  37. RSPB, native landscaping in the 101 medians doesn't need watering. As for my "Martyr syndrome" I suggest you invest in a dictionary.

  38. WAAAA,WAAAAA, Bob doesn't like flowers!! Poor Bob, noone is paying attention to him!!
    Maybe if you plant yourself in the center median we'll all see what a NATIVE species looks like! But when your dying of thirst,no,no,no water for you!!!

    JP, you say you've never met anyone opposed to streetlights and sidewalks, go talk with Bob. Bob opposes anything that involves concrete.

  39. Remember my rubber sidewalks post?

  40. I think RSPB's spelling is getting worse and worse. I wonder if this is intentional, or if he's really losing it.

    He's exactly as old as CM, I'd say.

    Let's plant you in the center median bum one. You'd probably make good fertilizer, and you wouldn't need water, either.

    Yes, native vegetation would be lovely. Charlie, you keep giving yourself away. Now exactly when was Teresa talking to a bum?

    I watched Bob speak at the last Council Meeting. Yes, on point, good job. Funny hat. Everyone did a great job, I thought, and showed great patience.

  41. Native landscaping is ugly! The street landscaping should somewhat match the neighborhoods with efficient irrigation systems and be drought tolerant. I like the landscaping on Leucadia Blvd. East of I5.

  42. The travesty was Sheila! Lets get Kevin in.


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