Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mayor Bond Delegates Board Assignments from Vegas Baby, Vegas

Barth to represent Encinitas on many boards

Bond attended the meeting by telephone from Las Vegas.

"I felt it was important to have her on board and involved in as many (assignments) as she can," he said, "to give her the opportunity to gain some more information the rest of us have a little earlier."

Bond nominated Barth to serve on: the Santa Fe Irrigation District/San Dieguito Water District Badger Filtration Plant Committee; the Encinitas Cultural Tourism Committee; the Encinitas School District Liaison Committee; the San Elijo Joint Powers Authority; and the Association of California Water Agencies.

As an alternate, Barth will serve on: the Regional Solid Waste Authority; North County Dispatch Joint Powers Authority; North County Transit District and the San Diego Association of Governments.

Also on Wednesday, Bond returned Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan to the Encina Wastewater Authority's board, which Dalager had removed her from when he made nominations as mayor in 2004.


  1. Remember when David Meyer tried to pull a PR stunt and went to the press saying that Maggie had sunk one of Meyer's bids for a real estate project at the waste water board? Turned out that the press got into it and found Meyer was full of air.

    Funny thing was, Meyer never went after anyone else on the board. Hum, why not? What, aren't there like 7 or 9 members. The rest of the board looked at Meyer and thought he was coo koo. Even the ones that didn't like Maggie thought it was wack what Meyer was doing. It was all about the election and Prop A, the upzoning of Ecke land. Meyer is married to an Ecke.

    Meyer and Danny are good buds, so it made sense for Danny to continue Meyer's work against Maggie.

    Notice that no one objected, not even Danny, to Maggie's reappointment to that board. Guess they all knew she had not acted inappropriately otherwise they had the duty to object. They had a duty to object!

    Meyer was in it for the money, what was Danny's motivation?

  2. For Dalager - More money when he develops his properties.

  3. Cheers JIMM-

    I'm glad you found the lord in the dice. You are so MONEY.....Viva Las Vegas!

    Party with the Mayor.....Man your making me proud.... Black Jim Black.

  4. I'm glad Jim Bond did the right thing on this, from a distance. Funny picture, JP.

    I do notice that Jerome Stocks kept his SANDAG (SD Association of Governments) and gained Guerin's position on NCTD (North County Transit District)

    Jim Bond maintains his position on San Diego County Water Authority (is that SDCWA?) So he did a reasonable job of delegating authority, as he should, while still maintaining seniority for himself and Stocks.

    Bond does not seem as vindictive as Guerin was. I wish he would have gone along with Teresa Barth and Maggie Houlihan to put Maggie next in line for mayor on Dec. 6, but we must all work with what we have, for now, I'd say.

  5. I'll check but I am guessing he is in Vegas about the water robbing by Neveda and other water authority issues. Neveda is a state sipping from the river...big sips.

    As for his appointments...think he did great. Got Teresa onto a lot of important boards, some as an alternative, so she can get up to speed as quickly but as safely as possible. You think you get elected and magically you understand the workings of the various boards and commissions? Get a clue.

  6. What are you talking about when you say get a clue, Gil?

    The poster just said Bond did pretty good. The comment was about passing up Maggie as Deputy Mayor when she had been skipped over, before, from her turn according to popular vote.

    You weren't there on the 6th, so please, don't lecture us about getting a clue. I've got a clue about you.

  7. The Council seems to be much happier now that the bleached blonde ex-coppo is gone. What a fiasco she created during her reign. However, the Council would benefit tremendously by watching the Carlsbad City Council. I think they could learn a great deal about how to act professional in their role.

  8. Gil,

    In all your infinite (but fake) wisdom, tell us how much money is paid for the committee assignments and boards that the girls are on and how much money is paid for the assignments that were kept for the boys?

  9. You are right. The Carlsbad city council acts like a group of professionals. Unlike what this group of little boys with their little toys act like.

  10. what do I mean by get a clue? A lot of blogger seem to think that the best positions are saved for ? and nowhere in a either the NCT or this blog does anyone point out what Mr Bond was in Vegas for.

    Mayor isn't a popular vote position. It is a rotating appointment.

    As to me I can't imagine what sort of BS clue U have about me.

  11. Blogger, get over the compensation issue. The council gets squat for what they do. Time is money, and hopefully you want the council to be able to put the time into it.

    Gil, please ignore those that are trying to shoot at you for things other than what you write about. Gil I don't understand what you mean in the last part of your last blog. The titel of JP's post says it all.

  12. The mayor position is no longer a rotating position. That has been established by the the current council majority. Remember the count to three statement?

  13. Thats about all Bond can count too. He's starting to slow down quite a bit. I think he should retire from Council.

  14. If Bond is there working on the water issue with Nevada (Gil, you misspell that state everytime), then he could have said so.

    Hopefully he is there enjoying himself. He can write off his travel expenses now, if he makes one phone call to some water authority person. Maybe just by the fact that he was a teleconference mayor this past Wednesday?

    People, by human nature, are curious. JP and the article didn't state if Bond was there for biz or pleasure because Mayor Bond didn't let us know.

  15. Integrity counts, money mattersDecember 15, 2006 2:02 PM

    The money question is still valid. Were the juicier assignments in terms of political prestige and money reserved for the men? I was glad Mr. Bond (assumed name, by the way) kept Dalager's load light, though. Dalager is busy, busy with developing his properties, and his business.

    Compensation does matter, even though these guys are not making what the Enron crooks were, of course. Money always matters in politics, and that, folks, is what this is.

  16. Gil, why do you assume that someone's clue is BS?

    Maybe that's the clue, that you know a lot, have helped in many respects; but in some ways, you are full of yourself, full of BS.

    You are NOT a voting citizen. You are still a community member. However, please, your "kissing up" to Jim Bond looks as though you are trying to curry political favor.

    Do us a favor, and stick to your fine posts about no seawalls, and good comments about working with, instead of against the Coastal Commission to insure some kind of checks and balances in our City's dictatorial style.

    Whether for your ego gratification, or for personal gain, BS is still BS. And you brought it up. Makes good fertilizer, yes?

  17. Gil, if you would have been there, on Wed., the 6th, you would have heard Bruce Ehlers presentation, seen his chart that was shown through the overhead projector.

    The mayor's position has rotated, except for a few exceptions, so that the Council member receiving the HIGHEST NUMBER OF VOTES would become Mayor within two years of the election.

    The position of mayor does and has rotated according to popular vote. The sixth was a contrived EXCEPTION. As Glenn Sabine said, there are no bylaws, Council doesn't have to abide by Robert's Rules of Order. It can do anything it wants, that is, what three out of five want. Zoning questions, as of now, are one exception.

    Sometimes saying nothing would be preferable Gil, to commenting on that with which you are oh-so-noticeably unfamiliar.

  18. Yes, you seem to know a lot about some stuff, Gil. But don't be a Mr. Know it all. Because there was a "fix" for the problem of skipping Maggie, as Bond suggested on at the Council Meeting where Barth and Dalager were sworn in, 12/6/06.

    The obvious solution would have been for Bond to vote with Teresa Barth and Maggie Houlihan, be the big man. He would have still had his turn as mayor; Maggie would have been deputy mayor; which she deserved. Jerome Stocks didn't, as he got far fewer votes than Maggie. Council, including Jim Bond should honor the will of the people as signified by our VOTE.

    Instead James Bond bowed to political pressure, making sure that Jerome Stocks will be mayor when he runs for re-election in Nov. of 2008. That's obvious, too; obvious political maneuvering.

  19. Number of votes for a candidate currently does not matter. Only the number of council votes supporting the motion to make one of them the Mayor/Deputy Mayor matters. You only need 3.

    Sure, there was a tradition of rotation but there are no agreed to rules that require or compel the council to share the mayorship. The same person can be Mayor 4 years in a row. Get it straight and stop squabbling over this. Eventhough it is important it is coming across as petty.

  20. Since the Council does not use Roberts Rules of Order, I guess it would be OK for any of us to speak as long as we want, not just the 3 minutes allocated. Or we could speak more than 1 minute at the beginning of a Council meeting on a topic of our choice.If they tried to stop us, we would just ask Sabine for a ruling. It would be interesting what he said. Perhaps we can use their game to disclose things some of us know. After all, there are no rules according to Sabine.

  21. I couldn't care less about who should of been .... As I said in an earlier post, I am more concerned that maggie fully recover. I support her, she knows i support her, both now and if she decides to run again.(which i hope she does) Again, I expect her to garner the most votes because she is good for encinitas.

    i probably misspell Nevada cause i haven't been there in twenty years.

    And actually i was there on the 6th but not for the circus just to say good-bye to Ms Guerin after the cake and treats.

  22. Since Maggie is the council person that was passed over, thus causing the outcry from the blog about justice, fairness, what stipends do the boys get vs. the girls and on and on.

    It would serve these same offended bloggers to know that Maggie herself participated in a coup of sorts when she and Christy Voted to elect Jerome as Mayor, bypassing the then deputy Mayor Jim Bond.

    Thats a fact period. So when Teresa motioned to right a past wrong, very noble of her to do so, she could have just as eisly been speaking about Jim not Maggie.

  23. Gil: You play with the truth for your own aggrandizement and political motives. Actually you arrived late on the sixth after the council meeting was over and many had already left the cake and punch service in the adjoining room. A little more honesty and humility, and less inflated ego, would go a long way to restore your creditability. You really don't need to be an expert in everything to gain our respect.

  24. I think it's interesting that Maggie voted with Guerin to skip Jim Bond in favor of Stocks. Ironic. I wonder why they did this?

    Anyhow, Gil, when we saw you, you were hobnobbing with Jim Bond, after the party was over. That's fine, but you weren't there for the presentation about how the rotation has worked before, in a manner that supports the way the people have voted. How many votes did James Bond get in the election? Is that why he was passed over?

  25. Public Servants, not RoyaltyDecember 15, 2006 6:23 PM

    This is why we need an elected mayor, and term limits.

    As was stated in previous posts, the people can change the way we are governed. Jerome and Jim are not royalty, and neither was Bossy.

  26. Out of diplomacy, and with respect for tradition, Teresa Barth did nominate Jim Bond as Mayor, Maggie as Deputy Mayor.

    The Coast News, today, had an article about this. It isn't only the people on this blog who have been/are concerned about Council's proclivity to put their "might makes right" (a majority of 3) attitude before the intention and will of the people who elected each Council Member, to begin with.

  27. Jerome Stocks sounds like he's posting again, to me.

    Or is it just Aceti, coming back to haunt us like a ghost of Christmas past?

  28. Speaking of Christmas Past, I heard Encinitas Christmas Parade (and concert) mentioned on KPBS, the radio, this morning, re recent ruling regarding separation of powers, separation of Church & State.

    The City would be wise to let this issue drop, rather than getting caught up in divisive and unnecessary litigation, like SD has re the Mount Soledad Cross, ongoing.

  29. Might doesn't make RightDecember 15, 2006 6:34 PM

    I thought the letter to the editor in the Coast News re same topic, Christmas Parade, was bogus.

    We are grateful for our religious freedom; that is our birthright.

    That doesn't mean we condone government sponsorship of a particular religious tradition, even if it is the majority religion. Jesus sure wasn't in a majority when he was alive. And his culture and tradition was Jewish.

    Yeah, I agree with previous poster, MIGHT doesn't make RIGHT.

  30. Right - I make my LA sales runs on Weds. By the time I made my last sale in Azusa and drove back it was late. That's exactly what i said,"after the circus was over."

    Ego, yes, I know I'm a damn good grower to have survived in my field in this city for over thirty years. I brim with honesty and humility and if my creditability was in question I certainly wouldn't blog here to try to restore it.

    Hobnobbing, is that what you call a one minute exchange of salutations and a handshake with Mr. Bond? Well then I'm guilty. A gentle hug of Ms Guerin and wish for success in her new job was my other act that night. What was that, treason?

    I call it respect. Respect for those who choose to serve the community.

    Again, how many votes you get has little to do with anything other than getting you into office. You talk about Bruce's presentation of how it has worked before and then in the same blog talk about how it didn't work that way when maggie joined with cristy to choose stocks instead of bond. Afraid you don't make a very convincing argument about something of little importance.

  31. Bravo Gil- I dont agree with you on short term PB rentals for Encinitas, but I do love your straight forwardness and honesty. You are winning me over. I still don't see how short term rentals are good for maintaining the family orientated cool N. County coastal living which attracted me to Leucadia from PB 20 years ago.

  32. Gil, Pay no attention to anonymous naysayers!! They used to post under various names but are just a busybody husband and wife without real work, other than trying to put down those that disagree with them.
    Your investigations add much to this blog and help keep us on the straight and narrow,foucused on the important issues facing Leucadia!!

    Keep talking the talk and walking the walk!
    Is JP in Vegas with Mr.Bond?? 32 posts and no comments from our leader! Strange!!

  33. Someone posted that the order was changed when James Bond was skipped over and Jerome Stocks was made Deputy Mayor. This could have been because Stocks had more votes than Bond?

    No one explained this, but questions were asked about it. Bruce Ehlers said there had been a couple of exceptions. He could comment on this if he wanted to, to answer the question.

  34. He basically admitted who he is, before, Gil, when he said you were putting him down, when, instead, you had called Marvin a hedgetoad. ha ha.

    Bumhead, you could call everyone who posts here a busybody. You are a busybody BUM, and you post anonymously, and NOT just under your BUM persona, either. You don't have any REAL work, other than getting drunk and aggravating everyone. You are the drunken pot calling the kettle black.

    You are no one to judge. Or maybe you could, being a retired attorney. Why don't you donate some sidewalk to Leucadia. You have benefitted hugely from inflation and real estate speculation.

  35. RSPB doesn't like it that some people have figured out who he is.

    The only thing Marvin and Gil agree on, it seems, are the need for porta potties. Marvin wants a seawall, although no one's seen him at the beach, in years. He wants it to protect his holdings, and to make sure his rents are kept at an optimum level at the hotel rentals he owns.

    And he doesn't want any competition from the little guy on the short term rental front, either. He doesn't want to let his former clients in Sea Bluff, who bought in knowing that there were short term rentals anticipated, and encouraged, when the condos were built. The condo management spoke AGAINST the short term rental ban at Council, although the renters there would have been grandfathered as legal non-conforming. Charlie knows this, but he likes to stir it up.

    Coastal Commission and a lot of people came out AGAINST the short term rental ban. You lose, and so did Guerin, Jim Bond on that issue.

    Jerome Stocks saw the light on property rights.

  36. Can you spell hypocrite RSB?

    Many people post here anonymously, including you. Gil doesn't, because he likes others to know who he is, know that he is posting. He can go either way, as we all can.

    You, RSB, are no one to decide what matters to the citizens of Leucadia. overall. I care about the issue of whether I am being fairly represented according to the majority vote of the people, rather than three out of five council members.

    You only speak for yourself, period. Gil speaks for himself; he doesn't vote for Council Members, because he lives outside of Encinitas. So he doesn't feel as though he is being disenfranchised, as some of us do.

  37. Gil, "Talking Bumhead" are the ones I was writing about earlier. Pay them no attention, instead of being positive and looking for ways to help Leucadia and their neighbors they post here trying to get into verbal fights that don't benefit anyone other than their egos!!

    They are easy to spot. They have given up posting under various names to just post anonymously now, hoping noone will notice, well we do, still.

    I know the city has been planning and preparing for this weekends rain. Flooding in Leucadia is still a problem, sadly the city choose the cheapest-least effective drainage solution.

    I have and will continue to post under 1 name only-RSPB!

  38. Seems to me that it's easy for you, RSPB, to call people busybodies, imply someone don't work, when you are just speculating. You have admitted time and again you are a drunk and full of shit, staggering down 101.

    You are selfish and deluded. People, pay not attention to the blustering bum behind the curtain.

  39. Roadside Park BumDecember 16, 2006 9:23 AM

    Anonymous- there you go again attacking me for caring for the community in which I bum!! Gil is certainly within his rights to post here, as I am and you. I suppose as long as JP allows us the previlege. I don't know the rules and regs regarding sponsoring a blog.

    I'm glad you are so concerned with our local government, civic actvism is a hallmark of the democratic process, keep working hard to get your points across to this council and all future councils.

    Say hello to Dr. Lorri on behalf of everyone on this blog will you please. She doesn't have an easy job!

    Still no comments from JP, he is MIA!! Where is JP?? To quote a famous line, "The World Wonders?"


  40. This kinder gentler RSB is tripping me out.

    Can you guys see the newest post about roundabouts?

  41. You are within your rights to post, RSPB, and you have insulted more people here than almost anyone else.

    Guess you get worse and worse as the night goes on, and you drink more and more.

    Some days you start earlier than others. And you have insulted yourself more than anyone else here has.

    I personally know; I think everyone knows, we are all within our rights to post, to be anonymous, and to call you on your hypocricy. You don't always post under RSPB; Most people aren't going to swallow that.

    Who cares?

  42. Nobody ever said Gil couldn't post.

    From what I can understand, some people posting, and some speakers at the 12/6 meeting were frustrated, as was the audience, with Council not honoring the will of voters, thinking a majority of three Council members can show the voters disregard.

    Council can disregard the will of the people, but can also expect an inevitable political backlash.

    I'm glad we have the freedom to talk about it.

  43. JP, RSPB isn't kinder and gentler; he is just a bit less drunk (maybe), a bit more devious.

    He hates the idea of art, even the tile trashcans lots of us like.

    He is using this blog to get what he wants, more sidewalks which will support his commercial interests, allow him to raise rents. Don't kid yourself. And that's not to say that sidewalks along the west side of 101 are not needed.

    And Gil, Mayor should be by a "popular vote" position, and has been, in the past. Popular according to the vote of the people is better than popular according to a vote of three out of five Council members.

  44. RSPB is a big reason that so many people do post anonymously.

    He attacks people, personally, in ways that are unrelated to the opinions they express here, seems to me.

  45. Previous anonymous, you are right. Roadside Bum talks about other people, attacks them for having egos. Well, everyone has one!

    Charles Marvin/aka RSB has a huge ego. Someone with less ego wouldn't need to post under his artificial "caricature" persona. He could remain anonymous and still express his opinions. He wants people to hate the homeless, and he wants to stir up arguments.

    Dr. Lorri, on the otherhand, posts under her real name, because she has some expertise to share, and because she has been a community activist for some time. Her education and involvement give credence to her positions.

  46. Big Fucking Deal Anonymous- I dont see you posting under your real name. so who the fuck cares who is posting. Its a f;ing blog. Blog are note signed letters.

    Get some perspective in life. Once a loser always a looser. Mommy did't give you enough Tit time.

  47. Yes, I'm sighing too.

    I think that last potty mouthed post is by RSPB after he's had way more than one too many.

    Sounds like he's attacking himself. People can post anonymously, and people can and will speculate about who is posting anonymously. That's the nature of a blog that allows anonymous posts.

    It also allows people like the last anonymous to continue his harsh diatribes. Using personal insults makes the poster looks as though he feels his point isn't being made. He is "losing" the argument, so he (or she, could be a Guerin, as someone else said) resorts to bad language and personal attacks that have nothing to do with the subject of JP's original post.

    Oh well. Some good points were made; and most people are on to next.

  48. Someone suggested to me there a few here, like Aceti, the Guerins, RSPB, that are trying to drive away people who do care, who do make pertinent remarks.

    Otherwise, why would they post somewhere that they find others to be so lame and stupid?

    I don't think that will happen. All of those insults land right at the feet of the few bullies who can't have their way here.

  49. Yes, I'm sighing too.

    I think that last potty mouthed post is by RSPB after he's had way more than one too many.

    Sounds like he's attacking himself. People can post anonymously, and people can and will speculate about who is posting anonymously. That's the nature of a blog that allows anonymous posts.

    It also allows people like the last anonymous to continue his harsh diatribes. Using personal insults makes the poster looks as though he feels his point isn't being made. He is "losing" the argument, so he (or she, could be a Guerin, as someone else said) resorts to bad language and personal attacks that have nothing to do with the subject of JP's original post.

    Oh well. Some good points were made; and most people are on to next.. Some good points were made; and most people are on to next.

  50. You can get an elected mayor or you can elect five council members and have them decide the mayor rotation thing as one of their first working together decisions and the city manager position as their second.

  51. Roadside Park Bum said...December 18, 2006 8:58 PM

    Looks like RSPB just can't help himself, so he posts anonymously, and goes back to his foul mouthed attacks, or he labels others busybodies.

    Here's what he promised, before, I just realized:

    Roadside park bum said...
    To celebrate the return to the blog of Dr. Lorri and all the hard work the JP does here for us bloggers ( and because I scored a major bottle of Christmas hooch) I the RSPB am going to say only nice things about everyone and Leucadia at least until the new year, I am even going to be nice to BOB,( that won't be easy). Happy New Year BOB!!!

    Staggering down the 101 , hoping I don't spill a drop of my Christmas hooch, It's your RSPB!!

    12/14/2006 8:41 AM

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