Friday, December 08, 2006

More holes in head, "Quality-of-life tax" proposed.

Agency explores quality-of-life tax

I thought taxes were collected to help pay for stuff that insures our quality of life already, right?

So, if they are proposing a new tax dedicated for "quality of life" then I can only assume that all the development and traffic we have been getting is no longer sustainable and our quality of life has been compromised. But how can a new tax solve our problems?

Regional planners are polling San Diego County residents to see if they would support a special "quality of life" tax to fund beach-sand replenishment, open-space purchases, habitat restoration and water-quality programs, an agency official said Thursday.

The funding source could come in the form of a sales, property, hotel or rental-car tax, and could appear on the county ballot in 2008, said Rob Rundle, principal planner for the San Diego Association of Governments, the county's regional planning agency.

It's easy to justify dinging the tourist with more taxes, but really, it's a pretty uncool thing to do. A new sales tax sends shivers down my spine. We are already paying almost 8% in sales tax. It should be more like 4 or 5%. We are getting reamed.

Rundle talked about the poll at a meeting of the association's shoreline preservation committee Thursday, while panel members were reviewing a cost estimate for a proposed regional beach-sand replenishment project. It would be the second such project this decade.

This makes me totally insane. Nobody wants to hear this but there is still too much sand on our local beaches. All that sand they dumped on us a few years ago was too much. It screwed up the quality of the surf. It buried the reefs and the kelp beds, it screwed up the quality of the sandbars at the beachbreaks. Non-surfers may not care about this at first, but they should. Surfing is a big part of the local economy. Good wave quality means happy stoked surfers spending money at local restaurants after they surf.

The reefs and kelp beds are extremely important. The kelp beds are just now starting to make a comeback. The entire coastline of Leucadia used to have thick kelp beds. Now there are just small patches returning. The reefs and kelp beds are where lobsters and young fish live. The kelp also slows down the wind which keeps the base of the cliffs from getting scalloped out. If these the kelp beds get buried in sand (again) it will spell doom for our local fish stocks.

The quality of sand they dump on the beach concerns me too. Our natural sand is fine stuff, black and silver and sticky. We don't need coarse crappy sand that is more like dirt.

Mis-managed sand replenishment will add extra irony to the so called "quality of life" tax.

Officials say another sand-spreading campaign is needed because as much as half the sand on some beaches has already been washed away by winter swells.

Uh, no. Well, maybe half of the original sand from the first project has been moved and distributed by natural forces but this is a good thing. Like I mentioned before, there is still currently too much sand in Leucadia. We can't just let bureaucrat golfers dump and all over our beaches all willy nilly.

The association has come up with a $24.9 million estimate for the second go-round. The project would aim to beef up the scrawny shoreline at Oceanside Beach, north Carlsbad, south Carlsbad, Batiquitos, Leucadia Beach, Moonlight Beach, Cardiff Beach, Fletcher Cove, Del Mar, Torrey Pines, Mission Beach and Imperial Beach.

The project is patterned after an inaugural $17 million effort the association spearheaded in 2001, when 2.1 million cubic yards of sand was dredged up from the ocean bottom and spread on the beach.

"It's the exact same project from 2001," said Shelby Tucker, an associate regional planner with the agency.

Rundle estimated the restoration could be completed in about 2 1/2 years, after devoting time to design the project and study its environmental impact, and to obtain funding for it.

To get the ball rolling, the committee voted unanimously to start looking for funding immediately. Panel members said the agency needs to begin by lobbying for a chunk of cash from Proposition 84, the new $5.4 billion bond measure California voters passed last month that sets aside money for water and environmental programs.

If a regional quality-of-life tax were to be established, that, too, could be tapped for beach restoration.

So wait, there is already money for this? But they want a new tax? These people never sleep do they? This sounds like a larger version of Prop C to me. Read: Leucadia!: "a fee with a name that made us feel good"

Open-space purchases, habitat restoration and water-quality programs; these things sound good. But what would the reality be? Just another layer of government isn't going to help preserve open space.

I think the best thing for open space is to start a private foundation made up of donations to purchase land. If you get the government involved you could be looking at eminent domain.

The association has authority to seek voter approval for up to 1 percent in sales taxes. Given the half-percent TransNet tax, the agency could put another half-percent quality-of-life sales tax on the ballot.

I don't know a single person who would vote for this. Even my super liberal hippie friends are going to hate this one.


  1. I am for quality of life, against this new tax. Good post, JP.

    Thanks, everyday, for caring.

    I also agree that there is still too much sand.

  2. I am for quality of life, sand, and the new tax. I am also for cutting out all the costly pensions for public employees. The public jobs should be no different than private sector. Cut out the Govenment welfare. Spend more money on public infrastructure and education.

  3. Hey, what's going on here? The CQL group in Cardiff, Citizens for Quality of Life, got this name first. And it's registered too. Now the bureaucrats are trying to co-opt it.

    We shouldn't need a tax so the city and county can give us back what they should not have taken away from us in the first place. We used to have clearer air, more open space, and uncrowded beaches. Are we suppose to pay a tax to get this back?

  4. I like it... the sand is so much less than it used to be just 20 years ago.

    JP- go look at some pictures in the 1980. Sand is also natures natural seawall protecting the coast line. The sand does not screw up the surf. Lastly, every citzen should pay for the maintenance of the coast since everyone benefits. Not just the coast city citizens.

    I'd vote yes and I know many other people who would. But I honestly do not think it would get a majority vote no matter how they spin it. I dont see people in El Cajon or San Diego voting for such a tax.

  5. I love the idea of a hotel and rental car tax for the sand replenishment program. It would benefit all that visit the beach

  6. Impose a huge tax on any up-zoning from the general plan and put it towards sand or roads. Not more government sloughs with ridiculous retirement program liabilities.

  7. Great post JP! Sand replentishment is a boondoggle, and SANDAG is not to be trusted.

    Vote no on SANDAG!

  8. temporary pleasureDecember 09, 2006 4:53 PM

    Oh, but did you get a chance to see or surf the sandbar just South of the Chart House when they brought all that sand in a few years ago? Insane for a week or two.

  9. There is a fickle spot I like to surf in the winter but it really works best if this certain rock formation on the beach is sticking at least 2 feet above the sand. This rock formation is buried under sand most of the year until the first few winter swells uncover it. I have'nt seen those rocks since they dumped all that sand. So my spot has just been a funky closeout for years. Plus I left a pretty good towel and a worn out pair of slaps next to that rock and I want them back.

  10. U simply can not pump enuf sand on the shoreline to preserve beaches, this idea makes as much sense(cents?) as pissin into the wind. Even the RSPB knows better than this.

  11. I loved the insane breaks all along the coast that just vanished with the sand. Please replace the sand.

  12. I am so happy I haven't seen that commy bitch Dr. Lorrie post. This blog has hope. Free reign to America and kill all the commie bastards. Flash the middle East!

  13. I say flash the middle east and give us sand!

  14. Just get over it for God sakes. Enjoy your own blessings and realize that you have no control. I love you hommies- Jesus.

  15. Jesus-

    I am with you. Let get Budda and cure world peace. What are all these folks stessing about.


  16. Chill and have a white russian. No hurry. Everything is exactly what it is. Walter did mention just last night at the bowling alley that he had a crush on Dr. Lorri. He thinks she is bitchin, and hopes to go out with her. But then Donny said " I Am A Walrus" one to many times and it pissed Walter off, so I am hoping Dr. Lorri will go out with him and help him with his unchecked aggresion. Anyone know where she is?

  17. I loved the insane breaks all along the coast that just vanished with the sand. Please replace the sand.


  18. Little Steve "I never saw a tax I didn't love" Aceti is involved in this.

  19. Steve Aceti and Pattinson? are spamming this blog with their moronic remarks.

    Aceti is all for sand replenishment, at any cost, including sacrificing the decent surf spots, messing up the kelp beds, whatever else goes down.

    He is a sand lobbyist, and he gets paid money to do his stealth campaigns. He lost on C, when he was honest (more or less) and used his name. Now he will try to infiltrate this blog to promote this new wrongly named "Quality of life" tax.

    Leave Dr. Lorri out of it; she'll come back when she's ready. This is a very busy time of year. People get depressed. Don't make it worse Aceti and Aceti fans, like the Guerins.


  20. Aceti better pray we get huge surf this winter and wash the sand away so he can justify his phony baloney job.

  21. Dan Dalager keeps complaining because he doesn't want anyone overseeing what he decides to do in closed sessions. When the City decided to front the money to produce the book tour charity event that was part of Dan's campaign public relations, not even the Council members all knew about it until the bills rolled in and people put in public information requests.

  22. rolling eyes at DanDecember 10, 2006 6:09 PM

    The citizens have a right to know how our taxpayer money is being spent, or mis-spent. We feel like Dan Dalager's paid "hobby" is being a council member, at our expense. He should stop rolling his eyes, groaning and making public comments about the watch dogs that help us to hold our Council to the standard of integrity mandated by the State and by the People for open and honest government.

  23. Roadside park bumDecember 12, 2006 5:59 PM

    JP, you have a hole in your head!!

    Happy stoked surfers spend $$$ in local restaurants???? Ok, but where does the $$$ go from there??? Karinas is owned by a women that lives in Chula Vista!! She takes your $$$ to CV and spends it there, not here. Same for Juanitas, owned by a family from Vista. Robertos is owned by a taco chain from San Diego. 100 % Naturel is outta business, I guess surfers aren't into naturel foods!!

    You really need to think more before you post things, people ARE paying attention here and while we're at it, let's ask where your materials come from?? Where does your foam come from?? Overseas?? The OC?? I betting NOT Leucadia not even Encinitas!! How 'bout your resin and fiberglass?? ( Do they still use fiberglass? I don't know.) Are your fins made in Encinitas,or are they shipped UPS??
    You can talk all you want about shopping locally, live it!!!

    The only locally owned and operated restaurnats I know of are Fulanos, Sub palace and Moseys(sp?). That joint next to the T-shirt shop!!

    Staggering down the 101 wondering where JP got his degree in Economics, it your RSPB!!

  24. Okay RSB, what do you suggest my friend? Make it a law that if you own a business in Encinitas that you must live in Encinitas?

    We go out of our way to use USA crafted materials at our shop. We do this for many reasons but here are two:

    1. USA materials are superior.
    2. We are thoughtful.

  25. It sounds like mr.roadside bum supports the new tax.


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