Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Leucadia Lights

More blurry photos of local business with holiday lights. I understand that there is a "Light Up Leucadia" contest in effect. I wish more places would compete. I think the city should wrap the big center median Eucalyptus trees on the north 101 corridor with white lights. That would be awesome.


  1. Thanks for the pics. Lets light up the whole corridor.

  2. Are these holiday lights or Christmas lights?

  3. If I am not mistaken -- E Street Cafe has a lovely set of holiday lights up??? Makes you go hmmmmm

  4. I just drove by E St Cafe. It has some really cool white lights in the trees. I took a photo but it came out horrible because I was in my car running the stop sign.

  5. tortilla flats in the houseDecember 20, 2006 7:30 PM

    We are having the best year ever for people putting up xmas lights in tortilla flats this year. Of course this is because the graffiti taggers have been hitting every available space in the hood with so much graffiti that people are resorting to xmas lights as a form of lighting up their house to deter vandalism.

    Alas it doesn't work and this weekend you will see another 10 to 20 houses / walls/ cars/ signs/ telephone polls etc. all covered with the ENC t/f paintjob.

    If you want to see a neighborhood overun with graffiti and can't make it to san marcos or o-side come on down to Clark St. in the flats and check out the mess.
    feliz navidad

  6. I am not responsible for the X-mas lights at E Street. The festivus elves hung those.

    I dress the Barbie shrine for Solstice.


  8. Hypocrite? Name calling from an alcoholic? Ooooo, that hurts.

  9. Roadside Park BumDecember 21, 2006 8:05 AM

    Bob, you can't drag me into an argument, I promised myself to be nice to all people until my bottle of CHRISTMAS hooch runs out!! Still some left, aren't you happy for me?? And what makes you think I intended the word for you?? Maybe it is for myself!!
    If you have a guilty concious about something, take that up with Dr. Lorri or you neighborhood priest. As the new year approches you might want to clear your chest of the chains that bind you!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New YEAR!!!
    -PS I like lights on 101, all lights on 101, helps me see better in the dark so I don't fall into the potholes and uneven sidewalks as I staggger about the town, drunkenly adding character!!!

  10. Funny you should mention guilt RSPB. That is gong to be he topic of my next book. A self-help book on guilt. Think it will sell well? Any ideas from this blog will be greatly appreciated. Happy holidays to all.

  11. Dr. Lorri,
    I'll buy your book!! How many aluminium cans will I need to collect to pay for your book??
    Glad your back!! Can't promise my behavior will last, but for now I'm being good.
    Happy New Year!!

  12. The title of your book will be; Pack Your Bags, You are Going on a Guilt Trip.

    You are welcome.


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