Thursday, December 07, 2006 Video of Barth/Guerin

The North County Times has been hosting videos of local events on their website lately.
Here is the video of Teresa Barth taking the oath and Christy Guerin saying a few words at Wednesday's city council meeting.

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Added: Logan Jenkins column about Del Mar and Encinitas mayor dramas,

Ignoble antics in North County councils

For deep-seated hostility, Del Mar's Machiavellian machinations don't hold a flickering candle to Encinitas'.

Politics – or, as newly installed Mayor Jim Bond said Wednesday, the computational skill to count to three – dictate the line of mayoral succession.

Most years, the council exchanges the gavel without a wave of nausea.

Not so this year.

In her first action as a newly elected councilwoman, Teresa Barth took a bull by the horns and nominated Bond as mayor and her staunch pro-environmental ally, Maggie Houlihan, as deputy mayor, thus putting Houlihan in line to follow Bond as mayor.

Houlihan and her supporters argued that she had been unfairly passed over in 2005 after drawing the most votes in the previous council election. They evidently believe that the selection of deputy mayors should reflect popularity at the polls.

A defensible theory perhaps. Escondido had a similar system before it went to popular mayoral elections.

But the political reality in Encinitas is as stark as a pair of brass knuckles: The only votes that matter are the three that command a council majority.

Though Houlihan has served as mayor in the past, the council majority declined to raise her hopes to become the mayor in 2008.

Councilman Jerome Stocks was the obvious choice to receive that bouquet of red poinsettias.

You never know where these kinds of maneuverings lead.

In 2008, ambitious coastal politicians could be looking at attractive options far beyond Encinitas, especially if Supervisor Pam Slater-Price decides she's ready to retire. Given a choice, it's much nicer to run in a large district as a mayor rather than a garden-variety council member.

In the Encinitas game of musical mayoral chairs, council members have a rough choice as to when they squat on the supreme seat.

That is, so long as they can count to three.

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  1. By the way, I would have gone with Stocks as mayor and Maggie as deputy mayor.

  2. There is a little problem with the vidio. From one that was there, Teresa got the standing ovation NOT Christy. That was an interesting bit of editing. I almost felt bad for Christy because no one but the usual Chamber, Dema, Fire Dept. (hey thanks for those new fire stations, Christy) got up to say goodbye. I say almost, because after the last two years when she has been so spiteful and mean to Maggie (for no apparent reason) she does not deserve anyone's sympathy. There are alot of people who are glad to see her gone. Next is Jerome.

  3. That editting is totally hilarious and blatant. The question is, who did the editting and why?

  4. Just ran across an ad in the Business Journal. Full page color by our friends at Barratt American. They are offering NO PAYMENTS FOR 6 MONTHS, NO MONEY DOWN and 100% FINANCING for 5 of their projects. Looks like the cracker box concept is a slow sell.

  5. that is not off topic.

    the president of barratt is allowed to write crack pot ideas and false propaganda in the space the north county times gives him. The film edit was clearly an attack on the one council person that is mostly likely to stand up to barratt' corrupting influence. The Times is under pressure or its owner has teamed up with barratt.

    Anyone know anything about the Time's owner?

  6. editting by Al Merrick

  7. Let Barratt, the Editor of the NCTimes, and whoever else is involved, be on notice. The Dude minds. This aggression WILL NOT STAND!

  8. white russians for all. The dude is on task get em boyz.

  9. Retire Fire FighterDecember 08, 2006 9:28 PM

    Yeah right- I got mine. Try 60% of my highest paid salary after 20 fun years. $48,000.00 FOREVER! And I am only 40 years old and am now I a mortgage broker. Life is good. Thanks Tax payers and thank you union. Thank God I did not work for Ford.


    Firefighters- Cake Job boarding on workfare or lottery. Firefighting has and could be mostly handled by low paid workers or volunteers.

    Cops- Hard Job and worthy job.

    Surfers- In tune with mother earth especially the ocean.

    Non Surfers- Better be hiking in the old growth forest or getting the hell out of suburbia to get in tune with mother earth. Otherwise your brain will rot.

  10. Many retirees (not firefighters) are living on $25,000 a year.

  11. Firefighters at 55 can retire with 35 years in PERS and get 90% of their highest paid year. For a Captain thats over $90,000.00 forever! What a great racket for them. With the constant retirment of Captains and Chiefs. This is a huge long term liability on Cities.

  12. No wonder the firefighters gave Christy a fire hat. The first ever. They were saying thank you to Christy for salaries, benefits, pensions and fire mcmansions.

  13. Hey Anonymous from the post before this one: How come you are giving Dr. Lorri such a hard time. She saved my life and I appreciate it. Now I can consume a little less White Russians each day and really enjoy them. You are being very Un-Dude. I think all of the posters should provide the answers she asked for as a Christmas present, not that I believe in such nonsense as Christmas, but maybe she does. Have you ever talked someone down from a bridge? She has, and that was me. I don't like too many people, but I like her. THE DUDE ABIDES.

  14. I also suspect some Council members and developers are spamming this forum, and the blog that goes with the NCT article, too.

    The fact of the matter is that Maggie should have been next in line as deputy mayor, as Teresa Barth said, because in 2004 Maggie got the most votes any candidate has ever received, for Encinitas Council.

  15. Bond and Stocks kept "proclaiming" that the mayor and deputy mayor serve at the pleasure of Council. Well, Council serves at the will and pleasure of the people, the voters. Council is honor bound to fairly represent their constituents. In this case, they did not.

  16. People can post here and put Leucadia down, or put Maggie and Teresa down, or put Dr. Lorri down, but these back stabbing nay sayers are political hacks, not necessarily members of the voting public in Encinitas, unless they are council members themselves, like Jerome Stocks. He has been known to post, throwing a wrench into the works.

  17. What happened on Wednesday, was not equitable, or in the interests of the majority attending, or the majority of the voters. I was there, too.

  18. What happened Wednesady was Teresa Barth made the boys sweat.

  19. The voters are fine with this activity. The voters elected Dan, Jerome and James Bond. Thus, they ARE representing the interests of the public. Stop to think about that. If the voters didn't want these 'antics' they would have voted for Bruce, Wilder, and Tom instead.

    They didn't, so stop your whining.

  20. Bogus previous anonymousDecember 10, 2006 9:32 AM

    A majority of the voters did not vote for Bond or Stocks, or Dalager, to my knowledge, due to the way we vote for two or three.

    Bruce Ehlers and Rob Wilder got plenty of votes, but not quite enough to deal with the vote split, and the power of incumbency.

    Because Bond and Stocks were elected, does not mean that they can ignore what the voters want until right before the next election.

    Stop your whining about whiners, anonymous. You are a jerk, trying to speak for "the voters," when you only speak for yourself, probably a Council member, or former one.

    The voters are not fine with the person with the most votes in Encinitas history, Maggie Houlihan, being passed over so Jerome Stocks can set himself up for re-election, as mayor, 2007-2008.

    Bogus. You are infiltrating this blog with your self-serving "comments." Don't presume to tell us what matters to us.

  21. Both times Stocks ran for council he finished in third place Behind Jim and Maggie and then Maggie and Jim.

    His next campaign will not end so well.

  22. both times bob ran he wound up near last place, then actual last place!

    Question: What do you call the candidate who places third in a vote for three election?

    Answer: Council Member.


    What do you cal he medical student that graduates last in their class?



  23. Sorry for the typo's, this post corrects them.

    both times bob ran he wound up near last place, then actual last place!

    Question: What do you call the candidate who places third in a "vote for three" election?

    Answer: Council Member.


    What do you call a candidate who places second in a "vote for two" election?
    Answer: Council Member!

    What do you call a medical student who graduates last in their class?



  24. The first time I ran for Council I placed 5th out of 9 with 11% of the vote. The second time I ran for counil I finished 4th of 4 with 18 percent of the vote.

    I don't have to be elected, to win.

    The first time I ran Sheila Cameron was not relected.

    The Second time I ran Dennis Holz was not re-elected.

    The third time I run Jerome Stocks will not be re-elected.

    And then everybody wins!!

  25. Roadside park bumDecember 11, 2006 6:04 PM

    When Bob wins, Leucadia loses, every time!!
    Staggering down the 101 wondering why Leucadia loses every time BOB wins, it's your RSPB!!


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