Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Search suspended for Hall property EIR report

ENCINITAS, Dec 20 - The search for the Hall property EIR report which has been missing since before the November election, has been suspended because of bad weather and will not resume until it clears, a local police officer said on Wednesday.

Crews are waiting for better weather to resume their search for the EIR report but experts say odds are slim they would it have survived this long.

Deputy Sheriff Tom Hilfiger of the Encinitas Sheriff's Office declined to say if future efforts would be considered rescue missions or if there was hope that the EIR report could be found at all.

"I am not going to use the word 'recover' because we will still be looking for it, but not as actively. We are standing down to a degree," Hilgiger said at an afternoon press conference at the site of the Hall property off Santa Fe Rd. "We have gone through the Roundabout several times with no luck." he added.

Hilfiger said searchers have yet to find clues that would lead them to the missing EIR report. "We didn't have any clues or anything leading us to the EIR report, so we're waiting for our next opportunity. It's strange because Dan Dalager promised it several times before the November election. It even appeared in all his campaign literature.

"We no longer have four, five, six teams waiting to bust out there. There are a lot of safety concerns," Hilfiger said. "The efforts are suspended. They're still open but we won't have any true activity until we get a break in the weather."

The EIR report was last seen by a trio of teenage skateboarders who did not recall the EIR dressed in proper overnight gear.

"The EIR report only had this thin blue windbreaker and no backpack and no water that I could see." said 15 year old Billy Snotgrass. "We yelled 'Hey fag, nice windbreaker' at the EIR report but the dude totally ignored us."

Cold weather has hampered search parties with temperatures reaching the low 30's at night.

"I totally had to scrape ice off my windshield this morning." said Officer Hilfiger.

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  1. JP...This is the best. LOL

  2. Keystone Council won't be forgottenDecember 20, 2006 8:36 PM

    Yeah, Jerome Stocks said we would have it by the end of the year too, at a Council Meeting. Looks like they can't "massage" the numbers to make it come out looking like they were right when they originally gave it a "negative impact declaration," as they do on so many, many projects, like a rubberstamp.

    They want to scapegoat the Coastal Commission, when Council is trying to coverup the health hazards. Also, the citywide traffic study is missing in action, too, which impacts the EIR. Traffic is one consideration that the Coastal Commission will also consider.

  3. It would appear that a lit of things are MIA, including credentials of all City Directors. As of today, I still haven't received everyone's, and half of the ones I have received do not qualify under existing City Qualifications. Looks like we still have "business as usual" at City Hall.

  4. the traffic circulation element should be revised to say that Encinitas is now auxillary lanes to I5 and a freeway for Carlsbad residents to avoid I5 and get on the 5 after the crush. The traffic circulation update will cause to much pain. No need to due anthing because nothing will improve.

  5. What do they work on beside how to pump up the retirement for the City unions and council and retire earlier? I see no progress on City issues. Let’s ask the City Manager what they are working on? Maybe they should have a work program that gets updated quarterly like other Cities have….

    Man- the retirement liability is going to bite the City just like San Diego is seeing the pain. We need to focus on reducing staff and looking at minimizing local government fat.

    What happened to the republicans in the office. Oh yeah, they were bought off by the fire union. Specifically Stocks and Bond-Sell outs to the tilt. Bond is just focusing on how to increase his govenment tit payout!

  6. Term limits- 3 max.

  7. Roadside Park BumDecember 21, 2006 8:08 AM

    Enc. Sheriff Deputy Tom Hilfiger can't find the EIR report, but at least he's well dressed!!

  8. Come-on, I'm from another country and I know what the hold-up is on the Hall property EIR. Until the hospital is built to six stories they cannot know how it will effect the Hall property. The consultants don't want to finish until that is settled.

    The city council is pushing hard to let the hosp[ital go to six stories. That will give the city more property tax money to spend on their pet projects. They don't give a damn about the neighborhoods they will destroy in the process because they don't live around it.

    I see it time and time again in the desert. It just takes one warlord to screw up the entire region. He lets in one infidel and we all go down hill. He doesn't care because he has his tent and 100 camels and goats. He has his doesn't care about anyone else. That is why I started Al Queda. I need to control my living spaces. Maybe your city council is taking lessons. Do you have an Al Jazera?

  9. Osama-you are right. We need an Al-Jazera here. In case others don't know what that is, it is the CNN of the Middle East. A great way of getting another opinion. Not necessarily completely accurate, however a good counter effort to local and national broadcasting in the U.S. who are too cowardly to really do the work they once did. Where is Edward R. Morrow or Walter Cronkite when we need them?

  10. I bet EIR says heavy environmental cleanup which equals huge costs. Danny's straggling in his little head trying to figure out how to make a positive spin on this dog. I say sell what land of the Hall property is needed to support the cleanup and building costs for a few ball fields. Put the money towards more worthy capital projects.

  11. I say we don't want to sell the Hall property land for development. Residential development would have to pass the EIR, too!

    Most of the folks at the workshops favored a more passive park, as JP and others have suggested. That is open fields that could support several different sports, not acres of dedicated fields for soccer only, or baseball only. Also, people wanted less hardscapes. Christy Guerin pushed her agenda through which was also Lap Dog Dalager's desire - RSC = Regional Sports' Complex. This would allow big competitions between other states, etc., and would be a traffic nightmare. The neighbors don't want the big lights, or the traffic hazards.

    This land should remain a park site because that is what we have been promised the high digit revenue bonds, indebting us for thirty years, are to go for, at least in part.

  12. Don't sell any of the land without a vote of the people. The city council that is indebted to developers should not have a sya in the disposition of the land by itself.

    The land should be opened up right now for a dog park. Then simply plant grass. We don't need lights or any other regional sports parks things. If Dalger wants more ball fields maybe we can put them on second street near his blad sharpening building.

  13. April 30, 2004. The city of Encinitas loses the lawsuit by the Citizens for Quality of Life. The judge writes a lengthy opinion detailing the city's violation of the California Environmental Quality Act. The city appeals the decision and later drops the appeal. The judge then awards CQL $54,000 in legal fees. The city appeals the decision and later drops the appeal. The city writes a check to CQL and is compelled to do an EIR, as required by law. This whole process takes 8 months.

    December 23, 2004. The city files a Notice of Preparation of an EIR for the Hall Property Community Park Development.

    Janurary 2006 to December 2006. The EIR is promised for early 2006, then changed to Spring 2006, and then to late Spring/early Summer 2006. On May 10, 2006, at the Budget Workship Jennifer Smith states the EIR will be available on July 21, 2006. The date passes and she moves the date to late August. In early September City Attorney Glenn Sabine tells Everett DeLano, attorney for CQL, that the EIR will be ready in three weeks. It isn't. In October Dan Dalager says the EIR is finished. This appears to have been a deceit by Dalager to garner votes for his re-election. Jerome Stocks comments after the election that the EIR will be available soon.

    December 22, 2006. One day short of a full two years the EIR has still not appeared. During the whole period the city has repeatedly blamed CQL for the delay and for trying "to stop the cleanup". The cleanup was completed years ago.

    Where is the EIR? My belief is that it has found shelter in an ice cave from the howling winds of deception and the heavy snows of untruthfulness and will emerge only when the winds subside and the snows thaw.

  14. Another funny post, JP!

    And fantastic comment, Jerry. Love your closing sentence, especially.

  15. I think the EIR is still at Bora Bora with Osama. Where you find Osama you will find the EIR.


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