Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tiki Spirit

Okay, these photos came out kind of crappy but I love tikis. Buy your loved ones tikis for Christmas.

See also Tiki Magazine.


  1. JP- i have a fertility Tiki for a bro-in-law to give back for Christmas. It worked thanks!

  2. Do they make Tiki earplugs so I can eat along HW101?

  3. I love the photos, JP. Thanks for sharing the sparkling lights.

  4. I love the lights. You may not be aware that L101 Mainstreet encourages business to get involved with "LITE UP LEUCADIA" in an ongoing effort to make Leucadia shine for the holidays. There are three cash prizes to be won.Check out Fred Caldwells poster, very cool. Please encourage any business you know along the Leucadia corridor to get involved. Its festive, non denominational, and so very cool when you are on the train riding by. Perhaps we will out shine downtown's Christmas parade one day. Lite up Leucadia!!!

  5. I can see the image of Roadside Park Bum in the Lights!! It's...it's........a...MIRACLE!!!

  6. So we are fighting a wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and drilling in Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico, for Americans to waste energy in the name of the baby Jesus.

    Tis the season eh?

  7. JP

    Are you some kind of religous right wing non-believer radical? All I have seen on your blog is christmas christmas christmas as a theme. How come you haven't had any blogs and PICTURES on Hannakah or Kawanza?

  8. I'm not Jewish or African-American.

    And tikis are kind of pagan dude. Don't blow them up like your Taliban friends did to those 10,000 year old Buddhas.

  9. Bob...Lighten up on this one.

    Since ancient times people have wasted energy by lighting fires and burning candles to symbolize hope, faith and optimism during the cold dark winters.

    Happy Winter Solstice

  10. Yeah Bob, throw some twinkle lights up on E St Cafe ya damn scrooge.

  11. Bah Humbug, Bob?? How did you get Jesus involved in this one??? I love the lights at Surf Hut Gallery that spell out PEACE.The winter solstice is a opportunity to reflect and be grateful for what is good with your fellow man and our great community. Light up Leucadia.It would be great to light up the park, however there is no power there.

  12. Roadside Bum could power it with his gas, that is, his flatulence.

    Ho, Ho, Ho.

  13. Bobobobobobobob - we should all keep bees and make beeswax candles to light our homes and
    offices. and have small bike generators so we can go online when we have the energy to pedal
    while we type. usually after we have finished our oak seed morning drink, ground out back on
    the rock and heated and brewed in our little solar still. wearing only hand sown clothing made
    from cotton that we grew or traded for, walking about in sandals made from palm fronds or oak
    bark we gathered from the local flora or shoes and cloaks made from animal by-products felled
    by old age or run over by the stone wheels on our pull carts. one man’s waste is another man’s

    we now live in a world that uses petroleum...for sooooo many things. Can we replace
    petroleum? not likely. can we learn to conserve the remaining world wide quantity until we
    stumble our way to the next earthling evolutionary level? now that’s the question isn’t it.

    i would not be surprized if jesus was not born on dec 25 in bethlehem but in the spring in nazareth, thus “jesus of nazareth.” the christians had to find a way to rope in all the worlds pagans who celebrated the winter solstice with celebrations starting tomorrow.

    so the winter solstice/holiday/baby jesus/ hanukkah/christmas/ ---------lights use energy but it
    seems healthier than the giant bonfires fed with timber slashed from our coastal forests and
    hauled in on our stone wheeled carts.

  14. hey ease up on Bob,
    He's no scrooge.
    I went to a solstice party at his house many moons ago and the wig titans were playing and there were all kinds of lights and burning stuff going around.
    merry xmas

  15. tortila flats in the houseDecember 20, 2006 7:35 PM

    Speaking of lights we are having the best year ever for people putting up xmas lights in tortilla flats this year. Of course this is because the graffiti taggers have been hitting every available space in the hood with so much graffiti that people are resorting to xmas lights as a form of lighting up their house to deter vandalism.

    Alas it doesn't work and this weekend you will see another 10 to 20 houses / walls/ cars/ signs/ telephone polls etc. all covered with the ENC t/f paintjob.

    If you want to see a neighborhood overun with graffiti and can't make it to san marcos or o-side come on down to Clark St. in the flats and check out the mess.
    feliz navidad

  16. Hey
    this ins't FESTIVUS what's with all you people and the "airing of the grievances".

    I have made a donation of 100 dollars to the Human Fund in JP's name for running this blog.

  17. George,

    What the hell is the human fund? Does that mean you bought RSPB beer for a week. He is human. How about Dr. Lorri an hour on someone elses couch? She is human. Maybe the human fund is for Gil to try and help his causes. He can use the bribe money.

  18. hey i love bob but i take neither myself nor him too seriously.

    winter solstice means spring is just around the bend. this is good cause the cold weather is playing havoc with the seedlings.

  19. hey i love, gil, but I don't take him too seriously, either. (He says he doesn't take himself seriously).

    Hope the seedlings make it, tho, bro.

  20. Sigh. Only if you didn't take yourself so seriously, Gil.


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