Thursday, December 07, 2006

"We make hundreds of decisions a year, this is one of them,"

Encinitas council debates deputy mayor's job: Teresa Barth takes oath of office

Funny quotes from the story about last night's city council meeting where Teresa Barth was sworn in. In her first official act, Barth nominated Bond for the mayor's job and Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan for deputy mayor. The deputy mayor generally is next in line for the mayor's post, which rotates every year among council members.

Two of Houlihan's supporters, Candace Kamada and Bruce Ehlers, told the council that nominations for mayor and deputy mayor should reflect the total votes the politicians had received.

That kind of process, Ehlers said, takes "the petty politics out of this and respects the vote of the people."

Councilman Dan Dalager said he agreed with Ehlers, and that he liked the idea of the mayor being seated based upon numbers of votes.

"It takes the Machiavellian intrigue out of it," he said.

But it was on Dalager's motion -- with support from Bond and Stocks -- that Bond won the nomination for mayor and Stocks won the nomination for deputy mayor.

In a classic Dalager move, he gave a good memorable quote agreeing with something and then voted the other way. Remember his zinger, "I'm not a credit card kind of guy." before voting for the $20 million bond debt. (He later said he loved the $20 million bond as much as his own family). I still meet people who voted for Dalager that think he was against the bond.

The best quote in the article belongs to Jerome Stocks,
"We make hundreds of decisions a year, this is one of them,"


In the Union Tribune story about last night, I learned that a representative from county Supervisor Pam Slater-Price's office said the board proclaimed yesterday “Christy Guerin Day”

Double Gosh!!


  1. Fuckin Stocks in the Mayor seat as incumbent into the next election. Too Bad. The only good thing is Stocks will likely hang himself in the eyes of the voters other than developers. Bonds has a good chance of stepping down. That dude does not look to good. I think he better enjoy his little time left on this earth appreciating some of Earth's simple pleasures and let some other resident with more common sense run for council. Time to step down old man. 12 years of riding on a fictious English special agent name is long enough. I voted once for 007 because I thought it was cute to have 007 on our council. Never again.... he's numbers are more like 666 to Encinitas.

    12/06/2006 9:43 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Three new fire stations at $20,000,000.00 for one fire hat and a few parties, seems like a pretty good deal for our fire department union. What next- a brass badge for 100% of their highest years pay after 5 years. Ever wonder why the hard hitting republicans Stocks and Bonds are all supported by the fire department? Answer-This town is so run by the fire department its sick. What's up stocks and bond? Forgot what republican's stand for. Oh yeah- Your the Bush type of republican. Meaning your going to sink our town into debt with all the government tit perks you'll give to your fire department bed buddies. I am surprised the fire department let Christy retire to the fat federal government tit.

    Find your integrity.

    12/06/2006 9:55 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Bond has been on Council 14 years, going on 16.

    I hope to God we can figure out how to have a referendum, come 2008, to have an elected mayor, and to set term limits. Say three terms, max, if two are too few.

    Twelve years is more than enough. I'd rather go with eight.

    12/06/2006 10:02 PM

    Anonymous said...
    Last night was depressing with the three men (Bond, Dalager, and Stocks) voting against the two ladies (Houlihan and Barth) on both motions. The first motion was for Bond and Houlihan for mayor and deputy mayor, the second for Bond and Stocks for mayor and deputy mayor. The three chauvinist pigs triumphed.

    However, the two ladies both looked radiant and poised. Maggie was as strong and confidant as I have ever seen her. A good omen. The men were scheming and conspiratorial. Bond was rambling and boozy, and very red nosed. Stocks, responding to Maggie's challenge, stumbled momentarily, and his voice actually cracked for a moment. He was like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. And poor Dalager! He glared and scowled, then gave his rehearsed remarks. He has sold his soul to the devil.

    12/07/2006 6:51 AM

    NoTaxLady said...
    Someone suggested it, it's time to consider a recall election for Stocks and Bonds.

    I am sure we can come up with a list of grievances that will sell a recall. What we need are replacement canidates.

  2. I agree. 8 yrs is long enough. Bond retired 14 years ago and has been making decision based on his out of date ideology. He has no positive vision for Encinitas in 20 years. What’s even worse is he has no understanding on how Laguna Beach and Del Mar developed nicely and Oxnard and Redondo Beach developed with free reign given to developers and ended up so crappy. No one should be a career politician. It breeds corruption and false egos like the Dukester and Duke Jr.

    Vote James out in the next election and let’s set 8 years as the term limits.

  3. Bond, Stocks, and Dalager, the three little chauvinist pigs, huffed and they puffed to blow the house down. But this time the house is a little stronger. I spoke with several people who normally don't attend council meetings. They were infuriated at the actions of the three little pigs. For me it was business as usual, but the usual has begun to change. The whole thing had the appearance of a last hurrah, especially the ramblings of Bond. His face was positively glowing with holiday spirit. If I had followed him home, I would not have had to use my headlights.

  4. "We make hundreds of decisions a year..." Stocks sounds like someone else we all know "It's work, hard work. Just working hard, ya'll know, hard work." I wish our little village was missing 3 idiots, thank God bossypants is off to play with the big boys. She should retire on full disability before she shames her children any further. What a scammer. Dalager is a little weenie who is familiar with the political truth that if you say something more than three times people begin to think it's the truth. Dalager is a weenie for not voting for Hoolihan in as Deputy Mayor. A little somokhouse weenie.

  5. I think that term limits might be the answer to some of our problems. Perhaps make it 8 or even 12 years, but not in perpetuity. Recalling was originally my suggestion, but after looking into it a bit further, I personally don't think it would be worth our time, effort or money. However,if others thought differently, I would not be opposed to helping out. Does anyone know what ever happened to Dennis Holz? I don't see or hear about him. anymore.

  6. Little Jimmy Bond was definitely under the influence. He went on and on about his college degree and his advanced degree (he graduated from National University) - no one there gave a shit about his degree - why was he rambling - he is again an embarrassment to the city. Those three fools are hard to even listen to. Arrogant little piss ants who do not listen to the people. Those three sure showed their true colors, again.

  7. Two year term limits for councilmembers and an elected mayor, is the answer. It's time to start preparing for a 2008 ballot inititive.

  8. Term limits?

    Teresa Barth for life!

  9. J.P. Teresa is great, I agree. But what if we have to continue having people like the 3 unwise men on the council forever? If they happen to add another when Maggie's term is over, what then? As far as an elected Mayor, I thought we couldn't do that Bob, because we are, or are not, (can't remember) a Charter City. I have to admit, I don't know what that exactly means so perhaps I am wrong.

  10. True dat.

    Today I made the decision to have a salad for lunch. It was just one of hundreds of decisions I made today.

  11. As a city we are not locked into our current form of governance. A vote of the people can change how we elect our leaders, set term limits, and modify our municipal charter.

  12. Encinitas isn't a charter city. It is a general law city. Encinitas follows the state laws for a general city. There are more general law cities than charter cities.

  13. Could you explain to me the difference between a charter city and a non-charter city? Thanks

  14. Encinitas Planning Commission, in a 3-1 vote, approved the Encinitas Artist Lofts at coast 101 and Encinitas Blvd. This is a hugh, out of place building set at the gateway to downtown Encinitas and Leucadia. Eighteen condos set over fifteen commercial suites in a three or four story plus a basement building that will overlook Moonlight beach.

  15. I thought the Coastal Commission would not let a building go over 30 feet? The paper states the 101 Lofts are over the 30 feet. What gives?


  17. In honor of Bossypants day I filed a bogus worker's comp claim and then got a job working for a sleazy congressman.

  18. In honor of Christy Guerin day I clubbed a priest.

  19. set at the gateway to downtown Encinitas ...

    Perfect, this what your council wants for your near future!

  20. Dr Lorri-
    Search the internet. Its an amazing place. you will find all you need to know about general law cities vs. charter cities.

  21. I can do that anonymous. Just thought, since this is the time of year where I attempt to persuade people life is worth living, that I could get a little help from other posters. Guess I was wrong. I couldn't even attend Teresa's shining moment because I was called out on a suicide attempt. And NO, I don't get paid extra for that. Most City employees make more than psychologists do these days. My hourly rate from insurance companies is about minimum wage. So I am grumpy and will stay off the blog, and helping change this City until I feel like it again. You have pissed me off! And yes, this is really me.

  22. Dr. Lori, take a deep breath. It ain't so bad. You seem like a fine person with a good heart. Good that you have a calling that is of service to others.

    There is nothing that will happen in the City of Encinitas that will spell the end of Western Civilization. Yeah, we all care about making this a better city for all, and we care about justice and fairness, but what happens here is small potatoes.

    I'm not saying don't be involved locally, we need to be. I'm just saying there is a much bigger picture that all this fits into.

    Take a break, you'll be back because we all need your imput.

  23. Dr. Lorri,
    You need to drink straight from the bottle, that's what I do at times like this!!!
    Don't go, we need you... to show J.P. that his over enthusiasim for Teresa Barth needs to be tempered.

    We need you... to help BOB with his passive aggressive issues, he is clubbing priests all the while telling us how Christmas is all about consumerism.

    We need you... to be the voice of reason while there are so many on this blog are out of touch with reality!!

    Don't go, Dr. Lorri don't go!!

    Staggering down the 101 wondering if Dr. Lorri will ever post again, it your RSPB!!

  24. Dr, Lorri,

    There is a reason firefighters make more than psychologists.
    #1 They risk their life regulary for the public good
    #2 Most have the same advanced degree as you have
    #3 They have a purpose in life
    #4 They have a better union

    You sure think a lot of yourself. I am glad you post because it gives us all another slant on the subject.

  25. Dear Dr. Lorri,

    Previous poster is probably Jerome Stocks or someone of his "ilk." I don't think a firefighter would say that most firemen have a PhD, that is, a Dr.'s degree in any field.

    Some people like to throw gasoline onto the flames. Someone here is trying to get you not to post, because you are effective, eloquent, and a concerned community activist. Maybe it's Glenn Sabine posting? More likely, Jerome Stocks.

    This is an emotional, sometimes depressing time of year for those who are stressed out, often due to economic reasons that mix with unhappy relationships.

    Bless you for going to the aid of a near suicide last Wednesday. Take a break if you will, but do come back.

    At least post anonymously, as many or most of us do.

    We love you. Pay no attention to the blustery idiot behind the curtain of his cowardice and his forked tongue.

    Please know that you are appreciated, acknowledged, and are a vital part of our community.

  26. Dr. Lorri, a Charter City is a City that has a charter, which is like a Constitituion. As Bob said, we can, by a referendum process, change the rules of governance for out city.

    Because the majority of cities in California are incorporated does not mean that Charters are not superior. I believe it is simply easier to become a city through a General Plan, which leaves more "wiggle room." But a Charter could be voted in which would allow for term limits, which could allow for an elected mayor, by a majority of the vote, overall, which could allow for an elected or appointed city attorney, rather than a contracted city attorney that works for other cities too, as Glenn Sabine does.

  27. Exactly. Our charter, if voted in, could maintain the general plan, and could insure that if zoning is to change, for example, this would also go to a vote of the people.

    A Charter is more specific than a General Plan, which seems to be changed with greater ease. A charter could have a kind of "bill of rights," which would make sure the ultimate control is with the people, the voters, not with developers and ambitious city officers, or staff, under the thumb of political "hacks."

    The problem with an incorporated city is that it is a corporation, and the power tends to become "pooled" and concentrated at the top. This might be "fun" for Council members who "pooh pooh" the citizens' concerns about conflicts of interests, etc.

  28. Might does not make right, and power hungry politicos have messed up our nation, recently, as is evidenced in the recent report that was released re the War we staged in Iraq, which war also does not have the support of the majority of citizens.

  29. Passive aggressive RSPB? I would say I fall under the category of aggressive aggressive.

    Once again I encourage to invest in a Dictioanry and Thesaurus.

  30. Correction- "Once again, I encourage you to invest..."

    Sorry about the typo.

  31. Roadside park bumDecember 11, 2006 9:13 AM

    I encourage you to invest in a "dictioanry " also "BOB".
    Staggering up and down the 101, wondering if "BOB" is as accomplished a writer as he wants us to believe, it's your RSPB.


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